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69… It’s Not for Everyone

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Blaine was dying to ream the shit out of Hailey’s asshole, but was always reluctant to tell her what he wanted to do. She was such a sweet little thing in both personality and appearance that he struggled with such primal and impure thoughts. Her innocent looking smile and softness of heart were what endeared him to her, as did her petite, smoking hot body and porcelain-like skin. Her diamond shaped face and strawberry-blonde hair gave her the appearance of a princess; one who was sent directly from the heavens to mesmerize the men of this earth with her beauty.

Her gentle nature and her desire to please made their lovemaking both romantic and sensual—an experience that felt both magical and spiritual at the same time. And although he thoroughly enjoyed each and every one of their encounters, Blaine couldn’t fully repress his carnal side—the side that yearned for Hailey’s flesh, and for her ass.

He felt torn by his dilemma. On one hand, just thinking about violating her in such an obscene manner was a sin he believed could only absolved through penance. But on the other, his primal side felt no such inhibition, and yearned to slowly and tortuously pry into her shitter and fill her virgin poop chute with his manhood and seed.

He’d broached the subject in his brain many times before, but never could bring himself to speak his desire, even though the words were firmly planted on this tip of his tongue. While in the throes of their passion he tried, but something inside of him always held him back. But one evening, following a romantic dinner and sensual shedding of clothing that migrated from light fondling into a full-fledged 69, Blaine came up with an idea to appease both his conscience, and his animalistic side.

Blaine loved eating pussy and getting his dick sucked at the same time. If he could spend hours in this position, pleasuring her with his tongue and feeling the warmth and slickness of her saliva on his cock, he would. He loved how she always worked him slowly with both tenderness and care, gradually increasing the sensation on the gaziantep escort underside of his shaft as she gently fondled his balls with her hand. He loved circling her clit with his tongue and flicking at it with the tip, then plunging it into her sopping wet slit to taste and probe her canal. But most of all, he loved fingering her opening and massaging her G-spot until she lightly trickled, dripping her sweet love juice on his chin and down his throat.

Blaine was a romantic at heart, enjoying all the sights, sounds, smells, and tastes of passion while in the throes of it. But on this night, the animal had reared its ugly head, and his conscience had acquiesced to its demand. All he could think about was destroying Hailey’s unblemished, lily-white ass.

He grabbed at both of her ass cheeks and squeezed hard while he flattened his tongue and ran it vigorously back and forth over her pussy. Hailey jumped and let out a yelp as she felt the force of his tongue press into her sensitive twat, then went right back to work caressing his cock with her mouth. She settled into this new sensation easily, but the pressure Blaine was applying was awakening her from within.

He forced his tongue back inside her slit and pressed hard into her, pulling her ass down over his face to nuzzle her asshole with his nose. Hailey yelped again while continuing to lick his balls and suck on his cock, but the pressure Blaine was applying to her nether regions was becoming intense. As he whipped his tongue all around and over her pussy, she found it harder and harder to concentrate on him. The sensation that was building within her was becoming more pronounced.

He then lifted his chin up, dragging his tongue from the outside of her slit over her tiny puckering hole, and began methodically rimming it.

“Blaine, babe. What are you doing?” she asked while sighing and resting her head in his groan as her breathing became more labored.

“Just go with it,” he replied as he inserted two fingers into her pussy and massaged her front wall while continuing to apply escort bayan his saliva to her asshole with his tongue.

Hailey had never experienced a rim job before but she quickly learned she liked it. The feeling of a warm tongue sliding over her tiny hole was exquisite. Her nerve endings were quite sensitive, making her quiver under Blaine’s tongue.

He dropped his head back and rested it on the pillow while he continued massaging her front wall with his fingers. He could hear her sighs and moans while he watched her now glistening asshole pucker and quiver from his touch. As it pulsed, he could see a small fissure of saliva bubble out from inside, then quickly get sucked back in.

His cock was rock hard in her hand and his balls were tightening. The sheer excitement and anticipation of penetrating her ass was consuming him, and that just made him stroke her pussy harder.

Hailey tried her best to keep working his cock but her body was failing her. Her legs began trembling as she dropped her torso onto Blaine’s abdomen. She rested her head on the mattress in the space below Blaine’s groin, and held onto his cock with her hand, gripping it tighter with each moment that passed. Her trembling became more pronounced as Blaine vigorously massaged her, engorging her G-spot to epic proportions, while continuing to lube the outside of her asshole with his tongue.

He dropped his head to the pillow and could see her hole now contracting rhythmically, in sync with the motion of his fingers rubbing her canal. His cock was as firm as a tire-iron and was ready to pry open her virgin ass. He was about to push her forward and take her from behind when Hailey began to wail.

Her body had completely tensed up and her pussy contracted hard around his fingers. A jet of fluid quickly shot out of her slit and crashed against Blaine’s chin. At the same time, the force of the expulsion involuntarily opened her sphincter, and a sludgy stream of shit spewed out of her ass.

Blaine saw her hole open but didn’t have enough time to react, so closed his eyes in horror and winced as he felt her load drop onto his face. The next wave then struck as Hailey’s pussy contracted again, spewing more of her love juice onto him and making her body tremble hard. She could no longer hold herself up under the force of her orgasm so dropped her ass down onto Blaine’s face.

With his eyes closed and his lips pursed tight, he shrieked as he felt her weight on top him, turning his face into a hearty mud pie. He growled under his breath but dare not open his eyes or mouth. Just then, his orgasm hit.

While in her throes of her orgasm, she inadvertently squeezed his cock tighter, and jerked him forward, forcing his load out of his body in ropes. His streamers were launched into the air and rained down on her arm, shoulder and the back of her head. She was still pressed down on his body and face as Blaine drew in a muffled breath of rotten air. The smell of what he knew was smeared all over his face, in epic Dirty Sanchez style, overcame him and quickly settled into his gut. Without warning, it wrenched.

With eyes and mouth still closed and both hands on her ass pushing upward in an attempt to free himself from her weight, the acidic contents of his stomach were ejected and splashed against the back of her ass. It had nowhere to go but down and showered his face and neck.

Hailey shrieked in horror as she lifted herself off him and quickly turned around to assess what had just happened. She felt the wetness all over her ass but had no idea of the clusterfuck that awaited her. Blaine was a cesspool, with both vomit and shit covering him from the neck up. She put both hands over her mouth in horror and began to sob.

“Oh Blaine,” she mumbled while tears streamed down her eyes. “What did I do!”

Blaine could only muster a few sobs of his own as he blindly reached for the bedsheet and pulled it up towards his face. He wiped as much of the monstrosity from his eyes, nose, and mouth as he could, but was clearly still in distress.

Hailey quickly ran to the bathroom, turned the shower on, and called out for him. But Blaine just lie there sobbing with a clean part of the bedsheet over his head. It was then that he understood who had truly won that battle in his mind.

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