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Angela’s Chores (750 Word Project)

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“Mom, I want to go see my friends! The pool just opened.”

“You can go see your friends,” said Angela’s mom, “But you know the rules. Are all of the chores done?”

Angela considered for a moment, then gasped. “Oh! Sorry, I forgot. Can I do that later though? Emma’s already waiting for me.”

Her mom shook her head. “No, sorry dear. Brad is up in his room. Take this sandwich up to him. You can leave as soon as you’re done.”

Angela took the sandwich on a plate and then rolled her eyes.

Her older brother’s room was directly at the top of the stairs and to the right. Angela busted in without knocking. “Hey Brad.”

The older boy swung around in his swivel chair upon hearing the door. “Hey Angela. I didn’t think I was going to see you this morning.”

“Don’t you start too,” his little sister said, “Mom just chewed me out for trying to leave early. Like everybody’s problems need to be my responsibility. Can’t I just have a day?”

Brad nodded. “Yeah. Mom can be… overly strict at times.”

“Whatever, momma’s boy. I never escort bayan hear you arguing with the rules.”

“What can I say? I’m a pushover.”

“Uh-huh. Just take your sandwich.” Angela shoved the saucer at him. He put it on his desk and to the side.

Angela knelt down in front of her brother and pushed her hair back and out of the way. “Just try not to take too long this time, alright?”

“Aren’t you forgetting something?” Brad asked.

“Shit. Sorry.” Angela stood up. Grabbing her red tank top at the hem, she pulled it up and over her head. Tossing her top to the side, she then unclipped her bra and threw it off too. She remained standing for a second, giving her brother a second to ogle the pert, rosy nipples on her baseball sized tits.

“Do I need to get my pussy out too or is this okay?”

“This is fine,” said Brad. Reaching out, he cupped both of her breasts and squeezed them in turn. Her nipples sharpened to points, but Angela’s face didn’t betray any of the excitement she might be feeling.

“I think tuzla genç escort you’re plenty hard now,” she said, gazing at the portrudence in his basketball shorts. “Can we get going?”

“Fine, okay.” Brad stood up and pulled his shorts and boxers down and out of the way before retaking his seat. “Please continue,” he said with a magnanimous sweeping hand gesture.

Angela knelt again and, after assuring her hair was out of the way, began her chore.

Brad got his dick sucked by his little sister every morning when he visited home. It was a family tradition and they’d had this arrangement ever since she turned eighteen, but it never got old. Partly because one never fully tires of having their dick sucked, but also because Angela was truly an artisan of her craft. Whatever their mom had done to prepare her for her family duties, she deserved a medal.

Before Angela, their mom had served this purpose. Now everyday, Angela made the rounds. Anyone who hadn’t been laid that day was welcome to her services. To simplify the issue they tuzla kendi evi olan escort had made a schedule: Brad in the morning, Mom at midday, and Dad in the afternoon.

Usually in their family, one’s responsibility to siblings or offspring ended after that sibling or offspring got romantic partners of their own. But as Brad watched Angela drag her tongue up the underside of his cock, and then felt his cockhead touch the back of her throat, he thought maybe he would never date again.

“Jesus Christ Angela,” Brad gasped. With one hand he shoved his sister’s face into his crotch, forcing his dickhead to the back of her throat right before cumming ropes. She gagged violently, but didn’t try to pull away.

When finally Brad released her, she quickly licked the end of his cock and then wiped her mouth. “Cool. With my sisterly responsibilities done, I think it’s time to dig out my swim suit.”

“Angela, honey,” said a voice from the door.

Angela and Brad both turned.

Their mother stood in the doorway. She had stripped down to her underwear, lacy black panties and a low cut bra. As she stood there, she began pulling down the lower garment. “Sorry dear, but it’s just about noon. If you could take a couple minutes before you go…”

Angela groaned. “Jesus Mom, but you take forever!”

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