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Bitten Sweetly

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I decided to wait for you, even though we’d made no plans. I know you’ll be here. You love to visit this small wooded area, with its immense old oaks even when you’re not on the hunt. I’m sure you can sense that I’m waiting.

I sit with my back to a tree trunk with my knees drawn up to my chest. The silver moon winks at me through the branches that shiver in the breeze. I chill ripples through me, and I can feel my nipples shift within my corset as they harden. I instinctively pull my jacket tighter around my full breasts, even though the chill isn’t from the air. In fact, this autumn night is a bit warmer than usual. The chill is from suddenly flashing to a memory of your soft, small mouth on my skin. It’s a shiver of longing that started with a tightening inside me. It’s been a while…

I hear your foot gently crush the fallen leaves about a yard behind me. I never used to hear you coming, but now it’s becoming a little game, and the game is just as fun as being taken by surprise used to be.

“Hello, darling,” you almost whisper, your voice like velvet. You sit beside me and nudge me as a way of telling me to straighten my legs so you can lay your head in my lap. When you’ve settled, lying down, I run my fingers along the raven waves of your hair, all the way down to the small of your back. You like to joke that you fit the part of the vampire perfectly, with your long, black hair and long skirts, and I always argue that your face is too sweet.

“I missed you, Aidan.”

Your deep blue eyes flash up at me. “I know,” you say with your doll mouth, smiling devilishly as I run my thumb over your lips, parting them a bit. Your mouth is irresistible. We meet in a kiss and I run my tongue over your lips before slipping it between them. As usual, you are alternately yielding and aggressive in your kiss, slowly awakening my desire with each twist of your tongue and gentle bite.

As we kiss, I teasingly slide my hand slowly up your ribs before taking hold of your lovely, firm breast. I like the way that some of it escapes my hand, and the fact that you don’t need warm clothing. I can feel your hardening nipple pressing up against my fingers through your thin violet sweater. You’ve told me before that you never realize how cool your skin is until you feel my touch, and that you love the heat of my hands and mouth almost burning you. It’s making you arch your back now, pressing that breast harder against my hand. My lips curl into a smile against yours, breaking the kiss. “Particularly eager tonight, I see.”

“Hmm” is your only response, your eyes closing as I begin to work on your nipple with my fingers. You seem to be enjoying yourself so much that I’m very surprised that you still my hand after a moment. “No, Amy, not yet,” you say. “Not here.”

I look at you in confusion. “But this is where we always…” You press your fingers on my lips, silencing me.

You sit up and look into my brown eyes with your large blue ones. “I’m ready to take you home, silly,” you say with a warm smile. The words send a warm ripple through me. “Do you want to come?”

You explained before that even after I’ve earned your trust, it’s dangerous to take me to your home. Your power allows you to travel much faster on your own than you could with me, making it harder for someone to follow you back to the home of all your vampire kin. You didn’t want to endanger me by risking leading a hunter to my home, either.

So we’ve always met here, since the first night that you decided you wanted my body more than my blood. We’ve kissed and touched, but the exposed area and weather never allowed for much bare skin. Now we’ll have a bed and walls and my mind wanders to all the things we could do with some comfort and privacy. Of course, you can tell what I’m thinking, and the wickedness that your smile takes on shows it. It’s surprising that even with your sharp little teeth, your smile is never menacing.

“I’ll take that as a ‘yes’,” you say, jumping to your feet in one swift motion. You take me by the wrist, pulling me up to my feet and leading me along behind you through the trees. Your steps are so quick that I hardly have time to admire your curvy silhouette and round ass, which presents itself even through your flowing skirt. I stumble on a root in the darkness, and you giggle softly, knowing that it’s because I was staring at you.

Soon, I can see streetlights through the trees, and we reach your car. It’s midnight blue, like your eyes, fast, powerful, and sleek, but not flashy. You unlock the door for me and I slip into the soft, black, passenger seat. A strange but wonderful mix of classical and metal blasts through the speakers when you start the engine, and we’re off before I’m even strapped in.

“I mixed it myself,” you say in response to my thought about the music. Looking at you, I can tell that you’re enjoying my surprise, as usual, and I’m enjoying watching your breasts bounce every time you shift gears.

The ride is short enough that I don’t get to pull up your skirt and caress tokat escort your thighs as I’d hoped, but long enough that I got a chance to tease you in other ways. Your house is an old-fashioned brick one, set a bit back from the road, behind a yard full of trees, at the end of a long drive. I’m surprised to find that we’re riding in the only car at the house. “I thought you lived here with eight others.”

“I do,” you say, “but it’s rare for us to need a car.”

I should have thought of that.

A pleasant puff of warm air hits me as we walk through the large front door and remove our shoes. There’s a lovely smell of cedar and burning wood inside, and in the light, I can now see the deep pink of your nipples through your sweater. All I can think of is pulling that sweater off of you and taking them into my mouth, feeling your smooth, bare skin with my hands. It’s almost too much to bear…

Beyond the small front room, there is a large living room, where the fireplace is lit. The floors are smooth, polished wood, with a deep green area rug in the center of the room, and there are three large sofas, a television, and several bookshelves lining the walls. Nobody who’s into those typical horror books and movies would think of this as a vampire lair. I was never into that dramatic stuff.

The two men sitting in the living room look at us with curiosity, but don’t stare. You take me by the hand, leading me across the living room, into a hall, and up a wide staircase. It’s almost torturous to pass the doors in the hallway, wondering which one leads to your room. Finally, you reach for the doorknob at the very end of the hall and close the door behind us. Your room is quite large, with its own small fireplace burning and an armchair in the corner. Your bed is large and downy, covered in blue velvet blankets and wrapped in matching curtains.

You put your hands on my hips, drawing my eyes away from the room and to your eyes. I am a bit tall, and your eyes are just an inch below mine. You press your hips into mine, giving me the treat of having your beautiful dancer’s body against my slightly thicker one. “I’m glad you like it,” you say before giving me a lingering kiss and leading me to the bed with the swaying of your hips.

When I get to the bed where you’ve already laid down on your back, you pull me on top of you, sliding your hand up to the back of my neck and pulling my face down to yours. “Now I’ll show you just how eager I am,” you say. Your kisses are passionate. It feels like you’re manipulating the soul inside me with your tongue, shaking things up so that my lower stomach seems to knot up from wanting you, and not just your body.

I only feel you squirm beneath me for a second before you push one of your thighs up between mine, beneath my skirt. The delicious pressure creates a single throb that starts in my clit and ripples outward, eliciting a small gush of wetness and forcing a rough breath through my lips. The moisture intensifies the sensation on my smooth lips as you begin to work your thigh against them.

Getting hot from my excitement, I take my jacket off, throw it aside, and lean down to take your nipple between my teeth. I’ve teased you through fabric so many times that I just didn’t think about it, but as soon as I realize we’re not in the woods, but in a bed, I pull your sweater up so quickly that your breasts bounce before settling back against your ribs. Your red-pink nipples scream for my attention, and I’m only too happy to oblige.

As I lower my head, my deep red hair makes a wonderful contrast against your porcelain skin, which I’m seeing bare for the first time, but this thought flees quickly as I squeeze both of your breasts in my hands, hungrily licking and sucking at their undersides. I suck your soft flesh between my teeth and gently rake my teeth across your skin. You taste so good. My mouth wanders up to the insides of the delicious mounds, sucking and nibbling, leaving deep red marks on the delicate skin that fade only because of your supernatural ability to heal. Your heavy breaths are building into a moan.

I reposition my hands to cup your beasts, giving me access to your nipples. I lightly circle one with the tip of my tongue, and the other with my fingertip. Your breaths get even closer to a moan, but I let you writhe, your legs squirming, arching your back in an attempt to get closer to my mouth and hand, before I wrap my lips around one cherry peak and pinch the other, making you gasp before finally releasing the low moan that had been building in your throat. I roll one between my fingers, flicking my tongue across the other between my lips. You moan each time I pinch, pull, or bite, still writhing and driving your thigh into me, slowly building the ache in me.

You push my shoulders back, making me sit up, and pop open my black satin corset with amazing speed. The sudden release makes my breasts bounce, and the touch of the air sends chills up my sides to my very responsive nipples.

Your tokat escort bayan arms pull me back down and the sensation of your cool skin on my hot breasts is so amazing that my hips involuntarily grind into your thigh. You grab firmly onto my ass and move my hips in the most wonderful rhythm, my pussy throbbing and gushing through my panties. The movement rubs my breasts against yours, our nipples brushing, driving me closer and closer to the edge, until your kiss on my neck drives me over. I can hardly believe this has happened so fast, but I’m certainly not disappointed. A warm rush radiates from my sex just before the blissful convulsions draw moans from my lips, and you slow your motions, bringing me down from the peak.

A moment later, when it’s stopped, I roll off of you with a sigh, though I’m far from spent, and caress one of your breasts. I give it a lingering squeeze before moving over you to lie between your legs on my stomach. I pull your skirt up above your hips, and your wonderful scent hits me. I can see that your panties are soaked through, and I caress your thighs, teasing myself as much as you. I kiss them, working my way up before sliding your panties off. Your lips are smooth, hairless, and glistening. I caress the soft tuft on your mound, enjoying the sight and smell of you.

I run my finger up and down you wet slit and I can see that it makes your stomach squirm even though you control your hips. Your hands reach down and you start to run your fingers through my hair. I run my tongue lightly over your swollen lips to tease before kissing them, sucking and licking them as if they were the lips of your mouth. When your playing with my hair starts to become gentle tugs, I plunge my tongue in deep and rotate it inside you. Oh, I love how it makes you gasp.

I suck up your nectar, which is now freely flowing, and move my tongue more vigorously. You thrust your hips into my mouth, allowing me to go deeper, but I won’t let you finish so quickly. I slide my tongue out of you and up toward your clit, circling it playfully, replacing my tongue with just one finger in you, knowing it’s not nearly enough to drive you over the edge. I slowly work my way closer and closer to your clit, eventually flicking my tongue across it.

You tug on my hair once again, and I finally give you what you want. I plunge a second finger into you, working it in and out. Your hips fall into synch with my hand almost immediately. “More,” you whine, and I add a third. My hand is soon soaked. I plunge my fingers into you with slow, deep strokes. You whine, and I know you want it harder. I wrap my lips around your clit, sucking it and flicking my tongue wildly, burying my face in you. I drive harder into you, increasing my pace and pushing another drop of nectar from you with each plunge.

I look up to see you biting your lip and squeezing those lovely breasts of yours. It only makes me fuck you even harder. You moan and arch your back, letting me know that you’re on the brink. I gently bite your clit and you moan deeper. I feel you throbbing and squeezing my hand as you come, seemingly trying to suck it deeper, and you pulse in my mouth. I suck gently on your clit and fuck you with slow, deep strokes until you’re still, inside and out, then I lick you clean before starting on my fingers, a job that you soon insist on completing. Already, the mischief is back in your eyes.

You turn me my onto my back and remove my skirt and panties in one swift motion before settling between my thighs like a poised cat. I’m almost amazed at how well you tease, running your hands up my thighs and then caressing my stomach while your kisses on my hips work closer and closer to my pussy, making it ache once more. Of course, you’re so good because you know my thoughts, but I don’t care about the intrusion. You can probe as deeply into my mind as you wish, as long as you find the perfect way to please me, like you always do.

Just before your mouth meets my dribbling lips, you look up at me from between my thighs. “Amy?” you purr, making me look down into your eyes. “I want to drink you.”

I can feel you in my mind, assuring me that you won’t bite my pussy, suggesting other areas. “You know I have no objection to that,” I say, smiling down at you.

You smile with your eyes before lowering you mouth once again, teasing my lips with flicks of your tongue and very light kisses. The tip of your tongue slides along my slit, giving me something like a chill, but more pleasant. You dip the tip of your tongue into me, wetting it before giving my pussy a good long lick, stretching out your tongue to lick my lips, wetting them in one firm, wonderful stroke. I can feel the wetness seeping from me, and I’m sure you notice it, too. You dip one finger into my juices before exploring, touching and teasing every little part of my pussy with that finger until it finally settles on my clit with gentle pressure and light circles.

Now you focus your attention on the areas around my pussy, kissing escort tokat my hips and thighs while your finger works on my clit. I can feel your sharp little teeth press against my skin as you kiss your way up my inner thigh. You settle your mouth on a spot high on my thigh. Licking and sucking, your kisses grow more passionate on that spot, and when the teasing makes my hips start to wiggle, you finally pierce my skin. The sharpness of the bite makes my nerves dance in excitement, and I throb with longing.

After a few teasing licks on the wound, you seal your lips against my skin. Your tongue massages the skin, strangely soothing the sharpness of the pain of the bite and encouraging a sore, stinging kind of pain. You slip your hand under the back of my knee and slide it up along the back of my thigh until it’s on the side opposite your mouth. You press my thigh harder against your mouth, kneading the back of it with your firm hand.

The ache in me deepens, becoming so strong that I think I would die if I lost your touch. You work your finger a little faster, making my hips buck a little, then you replace the finger on my clit with your thumb. You move your finger, sliding it into my hot, aching sex. Each time you suck at my wound I can feel it strangely pulling at my pussy and stomach. As you suck harder, you slide another finger into me and work it hard. I can feel myself reaching the edge now, and I’m sure you can, too.

You bite down again in the same place you had before and work your fingers harder still. Your nails are digging into the back of my thigh as I begin to come. The pain of your nails and the bite blends with the ecstasy of my orgasm, creating an agony so sweet that I smile as I scream.

You return to licking the wound languidly, stilling your fingers inside me, licking until the blood no longer flows freely from it. You then turn your attentions to my still aching pussy and your dripping fingers. You run those wet fingers up my belly to my chest. As you lick me clean, you offer your fingers to my open and gasping mouth.

You pull your fingers from my mouth and kiss my lips. “I have a gift for you now,” you announce.

I sit up to watch you crawl over to a pillow and reach beneath it. You pull out a long, curved toy for two with a devious smile and wave it at me. It’s lifelike, but black, with a slightly bumpy texture and a somewhat bulbous head at each end. Again, I know you can see where my mind jumps to and I know you’re very pleased.

You push me down into the pillows and gently push my legs apart to sit between them. I try to watch, but when you slide the head of the toy along my wet slit to tease me, my back arches and I let out a low sigh. You keep sliding the toy back and forth, back and forth, wetting it and warming it with my body heat. You start to let it dip into me ever so slightly with each stroke. I push my hips into it, begging for more, but instead of giving in, you pinch and tease my nipple, torturing me even more. Soon, I’m groaning in frustration, and you finally push it inside of me, slowly sliding in about seven inches. I’m nearly shaking with desire.

Now you finally straddle me, the exact position I’d imagined when I first saw the toy, and slowly slide down on the shaft, bouncing lightly a few times before settling down as far as you can go. This pushes it slightly deeper into me to where your lips just barely brush mine. You fondle my breasts, enjoying the tension that you can feel and see in me while starting a very small grinding motion that slowly builds up to thrusts.

It’s become too much to bear now. I take hold of your hips and thrust as I pull you down on me. Finally, the sweet sensation of your pussy pressing down on mine. My orgasm begins immediately with a deep cry, and you ride me through it with long, firm strokes.

Just a few seconds after I’ve finished and slowed down, you start to bounce more vigorously. I can see it coming upon you, and I thrust in time with each bounce to make sure that you’re getting fucked deeply. When I thrust and pull your hips down onto me so hard that my nails dig into your skin, you tilt your head back and moan. I feel your juices pour out of you and onto me. No longer bouncing, you just let me work my hips as you come.

When your body relaxes and it’s over, you lean forward. Again, the sensation of your cool skin on my breasts almost drives me mad. You push my hair back and kiss my neck. I can feel your breath when you whisper in my ear, “Can I make you mine?”

“I’m already yours.”

“But can I make you mine forever?”

I take a moment to think, wrapping my arms around your waist and pulling you closer. I’ve thought this over many times before, and though I try, I can’t think of any other life that would make me happier. “Yes,” I whisper, stroking your hair.

Permission given, your teeth pierce my neck slowly but firmly, and my hands squeeze at your back as you bite down. You cradle the nape of my neck in your hand. Slowly, you begin to grind into me again, and I’m filled with a dreamy yearning. Faster and faster you go and harder and harder you suck. I don’t know if I’m getting dizzy from the pleasure or the loss of blood, but I don’t care. Each time you grind into me, you clench your jaw a little and our soaked lips slide against each other, tormenting me.

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