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Control Ch. 02

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Mommy glared at me as I walked into the kitchen. She was cooking breakfast, eggs, biscuits, fried potatoes and sausage gravy, and I had to set the table before my father and brothers came downstairs. I was pushing my plan further along today, and my mother didn’t know I had an end goal I was working toward so she didn’t approve of the slutty way I was dressed. Hell, I barely was dressed.

I had on a plain white wife beater top and a pair of skimpy but plain white cotton panties. They were plain, but they were still the sexiest thing I owned and risking sounding uppity, I looked good inn them. My tits were huge and hung heavy, but were still taut and bouncy. Many girls with tits as big as mine looked terrible without a bra because they sagged horribly, but mine did not. My nipples pressed at the thin fabric of the shirt, which was thin enough that the color of my nipples was on display. The shape of my mound was visible between my legs for anyone who looked. And I wanted them to look.

But, Momma was not pleased. She glanced back over her shoulder, caught a glimpse, frowned and said “You look like a tramp. Go put some clothes on.”

“She looks fine” said my Daddy as he came around the corner into the kitchen. He grabbed my ass roughly and I kissed him hard on the lips pressing myself up against him, continuing the charade. He put his arms around me and kissed me back, a first, as he pulled me close.

“Is breakfast almost ready?” he asked her, turning to leave the kitchen implying ‘It had better be’.

“Almost” she said to his back as he walked out toward the dining room. He sat at the table and I placed a plate in front of him, and spread the others out on the table. I placed the napkins and the silverware, a plain but real silver set passed down through the depression. Not one piece was missing, and it had better stay that way. That silverware was one of the few valuable things we owned, plus it had belonged to Daddy’s Momma.

I finished the place setting as I heard the boys coming down the stairs. I left the dining room, and met them at the bottom of the stairs.

“Hi boys” I said, greeting them together with a quick kiss on the cheek, first one then the other, and briefly, almost accidentally, grazed my hands across the front of their pants.

They looked quizzically at each other, but continued down the stair toward the dining room. Everybody ate a hearty breakfast at our house because the day was filled with work and the fuel was needed. Plus, Daddy insisted we all sit together at meal time, even if you weren’t hungry.

Stephen and TJ followed me to the table and sat down, like Kings waiting to be served. But they were, momentarily Mommy came in from the kitchen with a plate of eggs and placed two on each plate while I went to get the potatoes. I bent low over each man’s plate, allowing my tits to dangle over their plates as I scooped the food. Mom left and came back with poker oyna the biscuits and I went back for the gravy.

After we had served the men, Mommy and I took our plates into the kitchen and got out food.

“What do you think you are doing?” she asked angrily but quietly as we filled our plates. Since Daddy was obviously liking my appearance, Mommy knew not to question me in front of him, but she was angry.

“I have it under control Mommy” I said as I skipped back to the dining room, tits bouncing all the way.

We sat down on either side of Daddy with Stephen beside me and TJ beside Mommy and began to eat in silence and in short order, everyone was finished. The boys and Daddy all headed out to work and Mommy and I began to clear the table.

She was still angry, and barely spoke to me, but she would thank me when I was finished. It would be much better for her.

We finished loading the dishwasher and washing the remaining pot and pans. She dried her hands on the towel and seemingly in one motion, put it on the handle to the dishwasher.

“I have to go the grocery store. Put some clothes on while I am gone.” She growled.

I wished she knew my plan. I wished she knew what I was doing to make her life better, but she would never let me if I told her. So, I kept silent.

She left in her crappy 1988 Chrysler LeBaron. It was ugly, outdated, and horrible, but Daddy kept it running. Of course, he and the boys had nice new trucks. That’s just the way it was.

I looked out the front window and watched her drive away. Time for the next step of my plan. I went to the kitchen and grabbed the bottle of vegetable oil and went to the bathroom. Searching, I finally found a bottle of hand lotion that was long and skinny, not the perfect size, but it would do for a start.

I went to my room and took off my panties and climbed onto my bed. Lying on my side, I spit on my fingers and searched for my asshole. I touched it with my wet forefinger and felt it withdraw from the touch of my finger, but I pressed on.

I rubbed my saliva around my anus to create some lubrication and then pressed my finger into it slightly. The resistance was fierce, but eventually, I felt the walls of my anus part slightly, allowing the tip of my finger to begin its journey into darkness.

Once parted, my finger slid in easily a couple of inches, but my fingers were small. I could feel my ass rebelling at the intruder, pressing firmly against my finger and trying to expel it. I held it where it was, moving in and out only enough to create a massaging sensation in my ass.

The feeling was unexpected. It didn’t have the tingle that I normally felt when Daddy of one of my brothers entered my pussy, but ti was pleasant. The rocking motion of my finger providing continuous sensation. The initial discomfort of my finger entering the forbidden orifice was overridden by the pleasantness of the stretching of the canlı poker oyna walls of my anus almost immediately.

I pulled my finger out and began to plunge it in again, but the resistance was mighty. The invader had been rejected and was not going to be allowed back in without a fight. I spit on my finger again, and again pushed until I felt the walls of my anus open and my finger went in, maybe a little more easily.

I pushed my finger a little deeper, until my index finger was as far into my ass as it would go without taking some of its brethren with it. My second finger touched the rim of my ass, and I began to rub around the edge of my index finger, trying to get my asshole ready for a second visitor.

My ass was having none of it. The resistance was greater than it was for the first finger, and the pain was greater too. But, as I pushed harder and I felt my asshole relax a little as the finger slid in, the pain was outweighed by the sensation of stretching. The pain was tolerable so I pushed harder.

My second finger went up to the first knuckle and I stopped there. I began pulsing my fingers in and out, only millimeters at a time at first, but as it grew more comfortable, I began to push deeper. Soon, I was fucking my ass with two fingers, but they were drying out and the friction was becoming uncomfortable.

I pulled them out and spit on them again. I noticed that my fingers had an odor to them. If I had thought about it, I should have expected an odor, but it didn’t smell like I would have thought. It was not the smell of…well, you know, but a musky, earthy odor.

I spit on them, and went back to my ass, which was again, saying no. But the first one went in easier this time, followed shortly by the second. There was little pain, and soon I was fucking my ass with two fingers. I began to spread my fingers, trying to prepare the way for the third and what was to follow.

I had always heard that anal sex was painful if you didn’t prepare properly, and I knew I would need lots of preparation.

So, I began to try the third finger, and it went in unexpectedly easily. I held the first two fingers still and moved the third in and out, and it was rather easy. I played with my ass for several minutes, first two fingers, then three, then one, and then three again. I pushed slowly, I began to push aggressively, I fucked my ass with my fingers, never forgetting to keep spitting on them when they began to dry out.

I thought it was time.

I reached over beside my bed and picked up the bottle of lotion. I had chosen it because the bottle was about an inch, or maybe slightly more, in diameter and about six inches long with a rounded screw on cap.

I poured a little vegetable oil on the bottle and rubbed a little around my asshole and steeled myself against what was to come. The cold head of the bottle touched my asshole and I inhaled sharply. Slight pressure. A Little more internet casino and I felt my ass begin to part and suddenly there was sharp pain as the shoulders of the bottle applied their pressure to my resistant asshole.

I stopped right there and let myself get accustomed to the feeling. The sharp pain began to subside shortly and became more a feeling of pressure, so I pressed a little further. More sharp pain. I held it there. Then a little pulsing of the bottle. I didn’t really move it, just applied pressure then relieved it until I became comfortable. Then in a little more and the bottle was in my ass. Just past the shoulders, but there was nothing left but the smooth sides of the bottle.

I pushed it further in and it was easy. Further and soon I had about five inches of the bottle in my ass. I wouldn’t go any further. I pulled it out and tried again, but it was nearly as painful as it had been the first time. So, I started the whole process again. I repeated it over and over again until I could pretty easily get the bottle into my ass.

The feeling of the entire bottle in my ass was an unexpectedly wonderful pressure. I liked it much more than I would have thought I would have. So, I continued. I pulled the bottle out and reinserted in repeatedly until it became fairly easy, then I would use my fingers, forcing as many as I could into my suddenly burning ass.

It felt like it was on fire, but I liked it. Three fingers was pretty easy now, so I tried the fourth and with a little effort, it went in too. I was now sliding four fingers in and out of my asshole. And, I was liking it.

I could also feel how wet my pussy was getting. That I had not noticed until now, but it was undeniably, and massively, wet.

I kept sliding my four fingers of my left hand in and out of my asshole, and touched my clitoris with my right. It felt as if I had been shocked. Electricity surged through my body immediately.

Without a second thought, I began to rub my clitoris while I fucked my asshole. In no time, I felt an orgasm building within me. My legs began to tense and finally to clamp together, trapping my hand in my groin. I began to moan, and fucked my ass harder as the wave overtook my body.

My entire body tensed and then released. Suddenly. And I felt a wave of euphoria envelop me. I removed my fingers from my ass but continued to slowly caress my swollen clitoris. I touched myself tenderly and sensually as I became more and more relaxed.

Then I stopped and lay there. Thinking about my plan. A smile crossed my lips as I heard my mother come back in the front door.

How long had I been? I didn’t know, but I grabbed the lotion bottle and the bottle of vegetable oil and sprinted for the bathroom.

I had to clean off the bottle of lotion so that no one would ever guess what it had been used for. After cleaning it well, I placed it back on the shelf and put the bottle of vegetable oil on the bottom shelf, behind the stack of towels, out of sight, until I could sneak it back into the kitchen.

I started the water and jumped into a hot shower and let the steamy water caress my body.

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