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“Daddy, what are you doing?” I played swung back at him, to stop him from tickling me. I was standing at the counter, getting a picnic ready for the beach. My friends would be here in a short time to pick me up.

“Is your boyfriend going to be there?” he asked, standing directly behind me, tickling my sides through my white shirt, actually, one of his old ones.

“I don’t have a boyfriend daddy.” Giggling and twisting under his touch.

“Oh, and what do you call Tom?”

“Dad, he’s just a friend!”

“Is that what you call someone who you kiss and touch?” he reached around me, pulling me close against him, nibbling my neck and ear, pretending to be a drooling teenage boy.

“Dad, cut that out, I’m trying to get ready!”

“Ready for what? Dressed like this, you must be getting ready for one thing…”

“Dad!” I was shocked.

“Just look at you! You are gorgeous! You have grown up so sexy.”

I blushed and became aware of how close we were. His strong body was against my back, his hips just above the curve of my ass, and I suddenly knew what that extra pressure was back there. I stopped breathing.

“Soft, long hair, long legs…” I felt the palms of his hands on my hips. “nice hips and ass, narrow waist illegal bahis and fantastic breasts.”

I finally gasped as his hands followed the path of his words. His strong hands cupped each breast.

“You’re wearing a bikini under my shirt. That must drive them wild! It drives me wild.” His breath was against my ear and I trembled in fear. I think it was fear. It had to be, didn’t it?

He massaged my breasts, the nipples reacting. He pushed his hips against me and there was no mistaking what was there now. I could see he was wearing his housecoat, the one that flopped loose sometimes, the one that I could see his erections through when he went to the bathroom sometimes.

“daddy, please.”

“yes, I will please you.”

“No, that’s not…” my breath caught as he lifted my shirt up, his hands sliding over naked belly and back up to the breasts. He pulled the bikini down and under my breasts, giving them additional support actually and his fingers traced my erect nipples.

I was panting a little when he released me but kept me pinned against the counter as he freed himself from his housecoat, letting it drop to the floor. His hands returned to my body but went for my bikini bottom, his hand slipping under the waist band illegal bahis siteleri and over my pubic hair. His expert fingers probed and prodded, his free hand massaging my right ass cheek.

He was suddenly kneeling behind me, pulling my bottoms down.

“no, no…” but it too Late, his face pressed against my backside, his hot breath blowing on my now exposed sex. He spread my legs and my cheeks nad began to lick me, hard, without hesitation. My panting was almost loud enough to drown out the sound of my wet cunt being sucked and licked.

“Oh baby, you are so sweet. I need you. You know I need you.”

“Yes, daddy, I know.” I was able to answer. “But hurry Daddy, my friends will be here soon.”

He licked some more and then he stood. He pushed my shoulders forward with one hand, and guided himself in between my legs with the other. I accepted him eagerly. No slow entry here, he buried himself quickly, his hands pushing my shirt up my back so that he could see himself and touch my skin. He worked in and out in long strokes but finished each one hard so that my front hit the counter. He reached out and teased my nipples again. I reached back with one hand and pulled one of my cheeks over, letting him hammer home even closer.

I canlı bahis siteleri shut that innervoice out and went with the flow. We were calling to each other, making fuck sounds, telling each other how good it was, when I heard the car pull into the drive.

“hurry, daddy hurry, they’re here.”

He grabbed my hips and began to thrust madly, the first stroke taking me by surprise and I banged my head against the wall but then I pushed back. The car horn blew, I could here the music, the laughter.

“Please hurry, please cum, they’ll come get me soon.”

“so close baby, hang on, just a little more. Fuck, you are so hot!”

“oh, oh, oh daddy, I’m going to cum, I’m cumming, daddy!’

I had a quick but intense orgasm and it triggered his. He ploughed into my hole and held on tight as he filled me up.

I heard a door open and close. Daddy pulled out of me, grabbed his robe off the floor kissed me as I turned around and he dashed out the door and up the stairs. I picked up my bottoms just as Susan came in through the unlocked backdoor.

“You coming?”

“oh yeah!” I said, smiling from ear to ear. I told her to finish packing while I freshened up. I slipped into the main floor bathroom, peeed, washed myself up and put my bottoms back on. Back in the kitchen, Susan was just finishing closing the cooler lid and as she stepped away from the counter, she slipped.

“Oops, sorry about that, I must have spilt something.” And I smiled all over again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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