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Father On Lockdown With Daughter

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Covid-19 has been tough on me. The masks and social distancing aren’t so hard. I was never one for going out with a large group of friends. But I haven’t seen my wife in a while. She is a literary agent and flew to Canada before all of this started. Now getting back from there is proving to be a difficult task. The travel restrictions are killing us.

Whenever she gets close to possibly being able to come home, she gets covid like symptoms and has to quarantine all over again. It’s been a few months and I miss her dearly. I miss her rubbing my shoulders whenever she’d walk by my desk. I miss checking out her ass whenever I could. She has sent me sexy pictures and videos daily, but it isn’t enough.

We’ve been married for fifteen years. She’s 40 years and I’m 45. She isn’t chubby but she isn’t super thin either. I love her curves and her long brown hair. We are the proud parents of a 19-year-old. Our daughter Autumn is a college student. My daughter and I spend all our time together these days. I am working from home on my computer in my office. She is in her room doing virtual classes.

Our daughter Autumn is a beautiful girl. I’m sure she gets it all from her mother. She is small and petite. She has long bright blonde hair and light blue eyes. She looked forward to college being time away from home and a chance to have fun. But she is cooped up with me all day.

It hasn’t been all bad. We go out sparingly and have everything else delivered. We watch a movie or play Mario Cart together a couple of nights a week. She spends most of her free time Facetiming her boyfriend or having Zoom calls with her friends. She has always been very social and had many friends. Her Zoom parties are so large. I walk by sometimes and am amazed at how many little boxes with people in them are on screen.

She has been seeing this boy Todd since early high school. I hear that name a lot through the walls. She is always calling him or making him cute little videos. I even hear her making different kinds of videos for him. She is an adult so it is no longer my place to control who she is sexual with. As long as she is consenting and being safe. I won’t comment on anything.

Sometimes during the day but even more at night. I hear her moaning his name through the walls and I hear the light muffled hum of a vibrator. I’m assuming she puts it under blankets and pillows to block the sound but I still hear it. Our walls have never been thick.

It can make me uncomfortable when I will hear her gentle whimpers and vibrator sounds. Then five minutes later she walks out of her room saying “hey dad!” And gives me a big warm hug. I shouldn’t be thinking this but knowing that she just touched herself can be thrilling.

It’s just the horniness talking but these are thoughts I’ve had. Before the travel restrictions. I had a very active sex life with my wife. We did it all. We never became one of those married couples that have a dead bedroom. We fucked like animals. Even after she gave birth to Autumn, she still desired to please me. She sucked me off many times a day until her vagina was ready to be fucked again.

The first night we met, we were already very compatible sexually. For a while, we didn’t even say words or go on dates. It was just meet up and have sex. We eventually got attached to each other. The sex drive and naughtiness never decreased though. In fact, my wife’s sexual appetite has only increased as the years have gone by. We masturbate together on Skype most nights. Throughout the day she sends me various pictures of her body. I’ll tell her to take a picture of her pussy while she is on the train and she’ll do it. We like that kind of thing. We’ve had a lot of sex in public places.

We have explored many different fetishes and figured out what we like or don’t like over the years. For example, my wife enjoys being tied up and pretending things are being done to her against her will. I like when she tells me to get her pregnant. I had a vasectomy a couple of years ago so it’s all in fantasy. We switch a lot with the power dynamic. Nobody is the “dom” or the “sub,” Sometimes she is more controlling and sometimes I am. Other times we just have normal sex where nobody has a clear role.

One thing we both really enjoy is the fantasy of incest. I’ll pretend she’s my mom or sister. She pretends I’m her dad or brother. We delve fully into our fantasies during the act. She says things like “cum in your daughter’s little pussy.” She calls me “daddy” when we’re out sometimes and I’ll call her “mommy.” A lot of couples who have been together as long as us aren’t like this. But my best friend Jake told me that he only sleeps with his wife once a week at most. I can’t imagine that kind of life. But these days I’m starting to relate to him. This is the longest I’ve gone without sex since I’ve met my wife.

I find myself masturbating multiple times a day like when I was a teenager. If I had an office to go to for work and a lot of tasks to accomplish. I might be able to push tuzla eve gelen escort past this. But I work from home and my job is pretty simple. I’ve risen through the ranks so I essentially just assign work for other people and oversee that it’s getting done. My team is solid so there is nothing I can do to distract myself.

My wife will give me naughty tasks. Yesterday she told me to secretly masturbate and cum during a zoom meeting with the higher-ups. It was awkward and I came while looking at my regional manager’s cleavage. But the possibility of getting caught and my wife commanding it from me was exciting. I told my wife that she can’t wear any underwear today. She also has to wear a short skirt and “accidentally” spread her legs a little too much and let a few people see throughout the day. So far she has already shown two people her pussy. It’s exhilarating to me. It’s like getting high off sex.

“Dad!” my daughter Autumn shouts from her room.

“Yes, honey!” I say back.

I hear my office door open so I turn my swivel chair around. My daughter is standing there leaning on the door frame. She’s wearing a tight thin white shirt. I can see her nipples poking through the fabric. Her pink shorts are tight as well. She must not be wearing underwear because I can see the outline of her pussy. I try my best to focus on her face. God, my wife needs to get home quickly.

“I’m going to the store, need anything?” She asks in an exhausted tone.

“I think we’re low on milk and eggs,” I say

“I know, that’s why I’m going to the store. We also need more meat to freeze and some cases of water bottles.”

“Could you pick me up some chips?”

“Sure thing.”

Autumn is usually bright and cheery. She has that natural light within her that can make everyone around her happy. But right now she seems stressed and exhausted.

“Honey,” I say causing her to turn back around and face me. “Is something wrong?”

“I’m just stressed, dad,” she begins. “I’ve been cooped up in this house for so long. Who knows when this will end? I’ll probably graduate from home and then get a job from home. I’m supposed to be at parties drinking right now.”

“Hey! You’re 19, you can’t drink.”

“Come on, dad, when did you have your first drink?”

“That’s not the point.”


My daughter lets out a long sigh and walks away. My eyes keep dropping down to her ass. Her shorts are so short. I can see a good portion of her ass. I hope she doesn’t go out like this. It’s not my place to say anymore but I hope she covers up before she leaves. This is an outfit I would tell my wife to wear while she is out. I didn’t even know Autumn owned clothes like this.

Autumn made a juicy meatloaf and roasted vegetables for dinner tonight. We can’t go anywhere so we try to have dinner at the table every night. Whether it is homemade or delivery. We always eat together. It is a highlight of my day. Usually, she is joking and telling me crazy things her friends said or did. But today she is just quietly eating her meal. Taking small bites of meatloaf and not making eye contact.

“Honey, you have to tell me what’s wrong,” I say in the most comforting voice I can produce. “I’m here for you.”

“You want to know what’s going on?” my daughter asks putting down her fork. “My boyfriend has been fucking his roommate!”


“I was always suspicious of him having a female roommate. But I figured we have sex a lot so that should satisfy his needs.”

“This is a lot of information I don’t need to hear.”

“You asked!”

“I’m sorry, dear, continue.”

“I guess I can see where he is coming from but it doesn’t excuse anything. Like yeah, not seeing each other in person has been hard you can’t fuck other people. I would have been able to move past it if it was just sex. But I think he has feelings for her.”

I understand how she feels. My wife has fucked other men around me and I’ve fucked other women. But it was a decided agreement. There were no feelings. We were just using them to add to our pleasure. Even when she has another man’s dick in her mouth. I know she is still thinking about me. We’d usually be inviting other people into our sex life but that doesn’t seem like something we’ll be able to do for a while.

“So where do you guys stand?” I ask.

“Where do you think?” My daughter snaps. “It’s over!”

“Calm it with the attitude.”

“Hey, I’m sorry. You’re trying to help and I appreciate it. I don’t mean to be nasty I’m just upset.”

“I understand, honey. Look, I don’t have anything to add. You’re hurting and rightfully so, he was being a jerk. But it’ll get better.”

This little talk seems to help. She is smiling again and telling me about this multimedia project she’s working on. I’m just glad to see my little girl in a better mood. She’s a sweet woman and a good kid. She doesn’t deserve to feel like she’s anything less than amazing.

“How have you and mom been holding up?” Autumn asks while I’m washing dishes. tuzla otele gelen escort “She’s so far away. It must suck.”

“It has been rough, but we stay in contact so it’s manageable,” I answer and put a plate on the drying rack.

“Yeah, you guys definitely keep in contact. These walls are thin, remember?”

I never considered that she could be hearing me through the walls. I hear her masturbating and moaning. When her now ex-boyfriend would come over I would hear them having sex sometimes. I don’t know how it never crossed my mind that my own daughter could be hearing us as well.

“What are you saying?” I ask cautiously.

“Come on, dad,” she says crossing her arms and facing me. “I’m an adult now. You guys are freaks and it’s okay. It’s sweet. You guys hook up like you’re still twenty.”

“Autumn, we shouldn’t talk about this,” I say putting the final dish on the rack.

“You say that but you walk around with a raging boner most of the day. Times must be rough.”

I’m not hard right now but I quickly put my hand over my crotch. Autumn just giggles and puts foil over the leftover meatloaf. I know lately, I’ve been horny. But I didn’t know she paid attention to that sort of thing.

“Can we change the subject?” I ask loudly.

“Dad, it’s okay,” she says grabbing my hand. “I think we’re both just cooped up and horny. I mean you were eye-fucking me earlier today.”

“I was not!”

“You were and It’s okay. I’m not mad. “

“You’re my daughter.”

“These walls are thin. I know you like that.”

My god, how long has she been listening to us? When my wife gets back we’ll have to invest in some soundproofing or learn to quiet down. I feel disgusted with myself as a father. It’s one thing to have that quick fleeting thought of your own daughter. But for her to notice. It’s not right. This isn’t something she should have to be okay with and I won’t let it happen again.

“I’m so sorry autumn,” I say in shame. “I swear it won’t happen again. As you said, it’s been a while.”

“What if I want it to happen again?” Autumn says stepping towards me straddling me.

My daughter is standing way too close to me. Our genitals are practically touching through the fabric right now. Her blue eyes are looking up at me. She’s giving me the same expression my wife gives me when she wants me to have my way with her. It’s fucked up that right now she looks most like my wife. Desperate and naughty.

“Hey!” I say taking a step back but she just closes the gap and steps closer. “What are you doing?”

“You and mom fuck other people all the time,” she says feeling my cock through the pants. “You get what I’m saying?”

“You’re my daughter!”

“You keep saying that but your dick is only growing. It feels as big as it’s looked.”

I take quick steps back and hold my arms out so she can’t get any closer. My hands press against her breasts. She looks down at them and smiles. I drop my hands so she closes the gap again and puts her hand down my pants.

“Come on, just treat me like any one of your whores,” my daughter says while stroking my cock. “I don’t want to replace mom. I just need something right now. I don’t know, maybe it’s because of the breakup and lack of sex. But this is what I want right now.”

I pull her hand out of my pants. She tries to put her other hand down my pants but I grab that one too and pin them up against a wall. The look on her face is telling me that my trying to stop her is only encouraging her to try more.

“Is this what you do to mom when she’s being a bad girl and pretending to be me.” She says and kisses me on the lips.

“Enough!” I say and pull back.

“This isn’t going to happen! I’m your father and that’s just wrong. And yeah we do have fun with other people sometimes. But my wife, YOUR mother, has a say in all that.”

“So ask her.”


“You guys are kinky fucks, just ask her. I bet it’ll get her wet. I can hear her wet pussy through the walls sometimes.”

“Autumn! You’re being disgusting.”

“You guys are being disgusting every night. I thought it was gross at first but eventually, I liked it.”

How long has my daughter been enjoying the sounds of her parents making love? Have we corrupted her? When I’m pleasing my wife. We can say some pretty nasty things but it’s all a fantasy, right? If I asked my wife how she would feel about this. I’m sure she’d be disgusted.

“I’m going to my room, goodnight,” I say walking away.

“I bet you ask her,” my daughter replies giggling.

Later that night, my wife and I are having our usual Skype session. She likes to be slow and tease me. She is topless right now and her hair down over her shoulders. She’s in bed and resting her back on some hotel pillows. We’re not talking about sex right now. She’s just updating me on a difficult client.

“Can I tell you something that happened earlier?” I ask quietly. “I don’t want you to be mad at me or disgusted.”

“Tell me,” my wife says suspiciously.

We tuzla sınırsız escort have no secrets so I can understand why she is on high alert. We are open and honest with each other about everything, not just sex. Divorce rates may be high but our marriage is rock solid. We never let a small thing build into a big problem. If something is upsetting us or on our minds. We discuss it then and there. Both of our parents got divorced and we learned from their mistakes. But the situation with our daughter. This is something I’ll have to handle extra delicately.

“It’s about our daughter…” I say in a hushed tone.

“Is she okay?” my wife asks nervously. “Did she get sick? What’s the matter?”

“No no…she’s okay.”

“So what’s the problem. Is something school-related going on? Is the whole virtual thing not working for her?”

“Well, it does have to do with being stuck at home.”

My wife keeps prying for answers that I don’t want to give. For once I wish I could just sweep this under the rug. But I know my daughter will make a move again and we need a plan. We have to sort this out together.

“Well…she’s been stuck at home for so long. Her boyfriend is sleeping with his roommate so she’s really down.” I say.

“Todd cheated!?” My wife exclaims. “That asshole! I thought they would last.”

“The distance and the lack of affection…it’s been taking a toll on her.”

My wife’s expression changes from caring to inquisitive and suspicious. She puts her hand underneath her chin and her eyes look intense. She doesn’t speak or even utter a sound. She just is giving me that “continue” face.

“Well…she….she made a move on me,” I confess.

There is a long pause and my wife just looks at me. She doesn’t look upset or angry. But she doesn’t look happy. Just serious and stern.

“Did you fuck our daughter?” She asks directly.

“No!” I say honestly. “I turned her down. But she did reach down my pants.”

“That’s good, I suppose,” my wife says emotionless. “So our little girl is horny is what you’re saying?”

“Yes…why’d you put it like that?”

“I don’t know, I’m sorry.”

For a second she makes a genuine expression. For a moment I saw that familiar look. The same look my daughter gave to me earlier. This is turning my wife on. I know it is.

“Honey… is there something you need to tell me?” I ask.

“I’m just glad you turned her down, I guess,” she says monotonously.

“Honey, what’s wrong with you?” I ask in a slightly judgmental tone. “You…you like this. This is our daughter.”

“I don’t like this, you’re wrong.”

Maybe we’ve been taking our fantasies a little too far. I may call her my daughter sometimes in bed but this is another level. My wife is blushing and her face is turned away from the screen.

“Baby, hey, I’m sorry for reacting that way,” I say apologizing. “We don’t judge each other and I’m sorry. Let’s talk about this, judgment-free.”

“No judgment?” She asks facing me again.

“Pinky promise.”

We hold our pinkies up to the screen and giggle.

“Maybe…possibly…in a way…the thought of you fucking our daughter has come to mind sometimes.” She says embarrassed.

“Can I confess something too?” I ask.

“Go ahead, babe.”

“You’ve been gone for so long…sometimes I do check her out. Earlier today she was wearing a tight shirt and no bra.”

“Does our little girl have nice titties?”

“Small but nice- wait!”

“Oh shit, sorry, yeah, let’s move on.”

We let ourselves go too far. We need to keep this fantasy a fantasy. But it’s obvious that the idea is turning us both on. Maybe we should face it in a healthy way.

“Stop, we don’t do this,” I say pulling the computer closer to me. “We don’t brush things under the rug, right? So let’s just say it. We think the idea of fucking our daughter is hot. What do we do with that?”

“You’re right, it’s a fetish and let’s just deal with it,” my wife agrees.

“You want to indulge ourselves for a bit?”

“Let’s do it. Did it get you hard seeing our little girl’s breasts?”

“Very. I saw the outline of her pussy through her tight shorts too.”

“You did?”

My wife’s hand is between her legs. I can’t see her pussy but she is obviously rubbing it fast. I scoot the laptop off my lap and between my legs. I pull my dick from my boxers and start masturbating as well.

“I bet her pussy is nice and tight,” my wife says moaning. “I bet our daughter has a delicious pussy.”

“I bet she does,” I say quietly because I’m aware our daughter can hear us.

“Why are you talking so quiet? Do you not want her to hear you?”


“Fuck that. Say it out loud. Say you want Autumn’s pussy.”

“I want Autumn’s pussy!”

This is going too far already. We’re headed down a dangerous road. We like to indulge our fantasies but this is something that can change us forever. But it feels too good to stop. My wife starts moaning loudly and the screen shakes. She came faster than she normally does. I continue stroking my cock because I want to cum as well.

“Stop touching yourself!” My wife demands so I quickly let go of my cock.

My wife has an excited almost deranged look on her face. I’ve never seen her this excited. She has a wicked look in her eyes and I’m scared of what she is going to request of me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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