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Hole in the Wall Ch. 02

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NOTE: Sorry for the long gap, but here’s the much-requested sequel to the first of Jillian’s escapades! She can’t help but up the ante this time, so I hope you enjoy it as much as she does. If you have any feedback, comments, or requests/suggestions, please let me know below. Enjoy!

As she looked across the bustling store, Jillian couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed. It was her Labor Day sale, the biggest of the year besides Black Friday, and the store had never been so jam-packed. Parents were back-to-school shopping with kids, teens were getting end-of-summer deals on swimsuits, and the well-prepared were buying winter coats a month or two early.

But despite all this business, Jillian felt a bit let down. Two weeks ago, she had discovered a glory hole between two of her dressing rooms, and subsequently had had an encounter with a stranger and his thick, mesmerizing cock. Since then, she had made a habit of, each day, checking back on the stranger’s dressing room every few hours, and each time she was sorely disappointed to find it empty.

Last week, she was excited to see it occupied, only to be let down when a young woman opened the door and stepped out, asking her friend if her shorts were too revealing.

Today, as she stood behind the counter, Jillian wore high-waisted blue jeans and a red t-shirt with no bra underneath. She’d accidentally woken up later than anticipated and, in her rush to open the store for the sale, had forgotten to put on a bra when getting dressed. The older woman was by no means small-chested, so every ogling stranger got an eyeful of her large, maternal breasts, jiggling freely with every movement in her thin shirt. Despite the wardrobe malfunction, she nonetheless continued her daily routine. Jillian gazed around the room at all the men shopping, as she had developed a habit of keeping track of the men in her store, trying to guess which one of them may have gagged her with his fat cock only two weeks ago. Before she could finish her headcount, someone tapped her on her shoulder. Her employee, Daniel, was standing next to her behind the counter.

“Hey, boss,” he smiled. “If you’re not busy, could you take some of these returns to the back? Everyone else is working a register.” He slid a large pile of folded clothes towards her, as she glanced over his shoulder. Past him, the three registers had long lines. Daniel was in front of one, having his customer wait while he talked to his boss, and the other two registers were being operated by the store’s other two employees; even though it sometimes resulted in her having to do menial tasks like taking returns to the back to be sorted, Jillian preferred keeping her staff small. She enjoyed how it allowed her to remain hands-on as the boss.

With a simple “Sure,” and a quick smile, Jillian grabbed the pile of returns from Daniel, who turned back to his line of customers at the register. Her hands full, Jillian rested her chin atop the soft sweatpants folded on the top of the pile, and stepped out from behind the counter, navigating her way to the back of the store, through droves of shoppers.

Entering into the dressing area, a row of stalls extended in either direction, with customers trying on matching outfits with friends, showing off new clothes for parents, and chatting loudly about their respective end-of-summer plans.

Jillian turned left, walking through the busy corridor, past occupied stalls, casino siteleri her eyes fixed on the small door at the end, marked “EMPLOYEES ONLY” where they kept any go-backs they had yet to re-tag and re-fold. Before she could make it to the door, however, her breath hitched in her throat, and she practically froze in place.

As she passed by stall after occupied stall, Jillian had almost forgotten to check the infamous dressing room she’d practically become obsessed with. Her arms full, she noticed the door was shut. If it were unoccupied, it would have been left ajar. Closed, Jillian noted, meant someone was in there. Someone, she wondered, who may be waiting for her with a swollen cock.

As if with a one-track mind, Jillian dropped the pile of returns on the ground, pushing them against the far wall. She trusted no one would try stealing anything left unattended, glancing around at the packed dressing area. Despite how busy it was, no one seemed to notice her, the owner, abandoning folded clothes to the floor.

Approaching the dressing room next door, Jillian quickly pulled open the door, slid inside, and, after taking one last look around the room to ensure no one was looking too directly at her, closed the door behind her, locking it.

Inside the small, dimly lit dressing room, Jillian’s eyes were glued to the small piece of paper taped to the wall. She knew what was behind it, or, more appropriately, what wasn’t: that section of wall had been carved out, leaving behind a hole the likes of which Jillian hadn’t seen since her days in a college sorority.

Discarding the paper, she took a deep breath, her eyes shifting from the hole in the wall to her reflection in the dressing room mirror. For just a moment, she hesitated.

I’m a mom, she thought to herself. I’m in my forties, am I too old for this?

Despite these thoughts, Jillian still found herself approaching the glory hole, feeling her mouth begin to water as she thought back to what happened last time, and then about what may happen this time.

Her tentative hand reached out, and Jillian inserted two fingers into the hole, tapping twice. For a second, she held her breath.

What if the person on the other side isn’t the stranger from before? She thought. What if they don’t respond, or worse, go up front and ask about the hole?

“Finally.” The voice from the other side of the wall was gruff and low, and Jillian barely heard it above the noise of the packed store, but it sent a shiver down her spine so fierce she felt her knees tremble.

For just a moment, Jillian thought she recognized the anonymous voice. She couldn’t be sure, but it seemed familiar. Do I know this person? She wondered, only for a moment, before she heard movement on the other side of the wall, and her train of thought was cut off.

There was the distinct sound of a belt being unbuckled, followed by a zipper being undone that made Jillian blush. After another moment that felt like an hour of waiting, that same, familiar, anonymous cock pushed through the hole in the wall, thick and hard, pointing directly at the mature woman.

Jillian purred softly as she grasped at the large cock at attention before her, running her fingers along the length of the smooth shaft. Last time she’d been in this position, she’d taken the member in her mouth; today, she had a different idea. Without wasting time on a second thought, she unbuttoned her pants, sliding the high-waisted jeans slot oyna down, as well as her sheer panties. They stretched around her wide, maternal hips, as well as her plump ass, which jiggled as she lowered her pants.

She held back from taking the pants off entirely, stopping once her ass was fully exposed, the waistband sitting just below the curve of her rear end. She wasn’t new to the world of glory holes, and after years of experience in college, Jillian knew that sometimes, it was helpful to be able to make a quick exit, and not worry about getting entirely redressed. Pulling on a shirt was one thing, having to slip back into tight jeans was a whole other challenge. With her pants hugging her thick thighs, she reached one hand down and tenderly ran two fingers across her slit; she was already dangerously wet.

Placing one hand on the heavy, waiting cock, she turned around, facing away from the wall. Last time, sucking the cock was enough to satisfy her cravings; this time, however, the woman knew she needed to feel the cock inside her. Jillian slowly guided the cockhead to her swollen pussy lips, trying and failing to stifle a whimper as the hard cock just barely penetrated into her wet warmth. Biting her lip, feeling her cheeks flush, Jillian’s quiet whimpers were drowned out by the noise of the busy dressing area around her, as she backed up, feeling the anonymous cock fill her, until her plump ass cheeks pressed against the wall between her the stranger, and she felt his cock throb inside her.

With another weak moan drowned out by the noise around her, Jillian shifted forward, moving away from the wall, feeling the cock slipping out of her. She stopped before it almost entirely fell from her pussy, before sliding back, feeling it push into her again. In no time at all, she had found a rhythm, bouncing back and forth on the anonymous cock, working herself into a tizzy. The strong cock pushed into her, and she could feel it spilling precum into her already-soaked pussy. She felt her velvety folds contracting around it as her orgasm grew.

“Oh my g-god,” she muttered under her breath, fighting back another whimper. She had slipped into an even faster rhythm, practically slamming herself against the cock, feeling it fill her up, inch after inch after inch. She was a typical, middle-aged mother who had to go to a parent-teacher conference tomorrow and a book club next weekend, but right now she was bouncing up and down on a stranger’s cock so feverishly that she could feel her plump ass jiggling with each thrust.

More and more, Jillian felt her orgasm building up, stronger than anything she’d felt in a while. As she desperately tried to hold in another loud moan, Jillian knew she was fighting a losing battle. The cock in her pussy felt so amazing, she couldn’t hold back, but the dressing area around her was packed, and as loud as it was, a woman cumming on a fat cock would be louder. As she continued to bounce on the cock, getting closer and closer to the edge, she thought fast and yanked her thin t-shirt off, letting her loose breasts bounce free. Balling up the top, she stuffed some of it into her drooling mouth and bit down just in time, as she felt her orgasm burst.

As she began to cum, Jillian’s whole body shuddered, rocked by one of the most powerful orgasms she’d had. Her legs wavered, and she could feel her knees buckle, but she stayed on her feet, unable to continue bouncing on the stranger’s shaft as she felt her folds canlı casino siteleri contracting and tightening, spasming in bliss around the throbbing cock inside her. She moaned, practically screaming, her voice almost entirely smothered by the shirt crammed in her mouth. She grabbed at her own bare breasts, desperate for something to hold onto as her body quivered.

Jillian let out another smothered yelp when the stranger on the other side, not content with how she’d stopped bouncing on his cock, began to fuck her, rapidly pumping his cock in and out of her dripping pussy as she moaned into her drool-soaked t-shirt, her ass pressed against the thin wall between them.

In a state of absolute euphoria, Jillian almost didn’t hear the two knocks on the wall, signaling the stranger was ready to finish. Still weak from the mind-blowing orgasm that left her whole body shaking, she opened her mouth and dropped her shirt to the floor. In an instant, she shifted forward, letting a moan slip from her lips as the throbbing cock slipped from her pussy, before turning around and dropping to her knees. Without hesitating, Jillian did something she hadn’t done in years, and wrapped her large tits around the about-to-burst cock and, as if they had coordinated, the stranger on the other side of the wall began to fuck Jillian’s tits.

Her breasts were soft and supple, and as she squeezed them around the thick cock, they jiggled with each thrust. The cock was covered in her fluids, which served as the perfect lubricant as the stranger thrust faster and faster, feeling the MILF’s soft skin around his member.

In no time at all, there was another, more prescient knock on the wall, still soft enough that Jillian was sure she was the only one in that crowded room who heard. The man on the other side of the wall let out a stifled grunt, and Jillian felt him continue to fuck her tits as he began to cum.

The first couple of shots felt hot on her bare skin, erupting from her cleavage. Three more ropes decorated her chest, and many more splattered across the bottom of her chin. Dipping her head down, she caught a few shots of cum in her hungry, open mouth, tasting the sweetness as it splashed across her tongue. Some spilled out across her lips, dribbling down her face. With a few more pumps between her plush breasts, the pulsating cock spilled a heavy mess of cum across her tits, before it stopped thrusting, completely drained.

Jillian could faintly hear the stranger panting, trying to catch his breath after blowing his load across her torso. She glanced down again, and watched as the heavy cock slowly slid from between her cum-covered breasts, retreating back through the hole in the wall, leaving the slightest stain of fluids around the hole. She heard the sounds of the stranger situating himself, zipping up, and a belt being done, before the door on the other side opened, and the man walked off.

Sitting back, Jillian turned and got a look at herself in the dressing room mirror. Her jeans still around her thighs, her ass exposed and red from clapping against the wall, her shirt was bunched up on the floor next to her, and her mouth, chin, and breasts were glazed in cum. Her cheeks were bright red, and she was still panting. With each breath, her bosom would heave, and the cum on it glistened in the pale lighting.

Last time this had happened, Jillian had made sure to swallow as much cum as possible, and then changed her shirt before returning to the storefront. Now, the changing area was packed full of customers, she had no change of clothes, and was topless, covered in a stranger’s cum.

How am I getting out of this one? She thought to herself.

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