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How to Stop Smoking Ch. 08

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John finally returned around 2 in the afternoon. He had taken the girls home and swung by his place to pick up some clean clothes.

The reason he had taken so long was the sisters. They lived way out in the rich section of town.

When they arrived, John had some tall explaining to do. He explained that he was only the Chauffeur and had been hired to give the girls a ride home.

Both girls picked up on that right away, but “Daddy” took some convincing. Finally John left, letting the girls do their own explaining.

When John arrived at his apartment, Joy had cornered him.

Joy, a redhead from Brazil, lived across the hall from him. John had put a heavy-duty fuck on Joy a few times and she has considered him her property ever since. She wanted to know why he was fucking every sweet young thing in town while she was working.

Joy danced at a very exclusive club in town. The tips she earned each week were enough to keep them in high style. It looked like a one way street. Joy had voluntarily paid the way for her and John several times and she felt that he owed her.

John, on the other hand, felt that how she spent her money was her affair. If she wanted to spend it on him, hell, who was he to argue? Finally, John convinced Joy that he had spent the night with his sister and her boyfriend.

Joy insisted on coming with him to meet us. John told Joy to get some rest saying that he would pick her up at 7 and bring her to meet us.

We passed the afternoon watching a little football and making side bets until it came time for John to go get Joy. He borrowed the car again saying that he’d be sure to fill the tank before he returned.

John returned around 7:30 with Joy. After we were introduced, Joy lit into us.

I finally shut her up by telling her that she was a guest in my home. That wouldn’t last if she kept that crap up. She had neither the right nor the privilege to question me and I wasn’t going to stand for it. Either she shut up or get the hell out.

What I hadn’t known about was Joy’s discovery of Mona’s panties. Mona had tucked them between the seats. In them was a note telling John how much she loved to suck his big black cock.

We all decided to order in for dinner. I felt that Ann had done her share of cooking and we all needed a little rest. Calling the Colonel, we ordered some of his breasts and thighs.

The conversation was a little strained during dinner. Afterward, when we were all relaxing with a drink, everyone loosened up some.

Joy apologized for making an ass out of herself. We all accepted the apology and proceeded to get better acquainted.

Ann asked Joy what kind of dancing she did. Joy, half drunk by now, told Ann to put on some music and she’d show us.

John kept shaking his head “No,” but Ann didn’t see him. She went to the CD player and put several selections on. Most of them were instrumental.

After the blouse hit the floor, all eyes were glued on Joy’s performance.

She stood flat-footed, – not moving a muscle and her hips were gyrating back and forth while her pussy imitated milking a cock. That woman had the loosest hips I’ve ever seen.

Well, this went on for awhile and finally the drinks got to Joy. She sat down on the couch and looked like she was ready to pass out. I told John to take her into the spare bedroom and put her to bed.

Ann and I cleaned up the mess, turned off the music and started for the Master bedroom. Before we got there, John came out and asked if I would take him home. He didn’t want to spend the night with Joy with her in that condition.

He wanted to go home so he could get his car and cruise some. I said I would take him and I asked Ann to stay and look after Joy in case she woke up. I doubted it, as much as she had to drink, but it was possible.

I dropped John off at his place and headed home.

When I arrived, I put the car in the garage and entered the house. The entire house was dark.

I knew that I had night lights, but there were no lights anywhere. The night lights were the kind that cum on automatically when it gets dark, but none were burning.

I headed down the hallway toward the Master bedroom intending on going to bed. Let the damned night lights wait until morning.

As I entered the bedroom, I could see a faint glow coming from the Jacuzzi room. I had already begun casino oyna undressing, so I continued until I had all my clothes off and put away.

Thinking I would surprise Ann, I got a surprise of my own.

Ann and Joy were both in the Jacuzzi. A bottle of wine was sitting on the shelf above their heads. They each had a wine glass in her hand and a smile on her face.

Joy had been pretending to be smashed hoping that John would do as he had in the past. Leave. That meant that she could get better acquainted with Ann and I.As she was talking, she was eating up my cock with her eyes. They invited me to join them and talk. I climbed into the Jacuzzi and leaned back against the wall.

As we talked, Joy asked several questions about last night. As Ann or I answered her, Joy was getting turned on by the conversation. She was one of those people that got turned on, not only by watching other people have sex, but by just hearing about it too.

I could tell Ann knew what I was thinking by the wry little smile on her lips.

Conversation waned and I pulled Ann to me. Telling her that I was getting turned on with all this talk about sex, I asked for some action. She eased over on top of me and began to nibble around my neck and ears. A cold chill passed up my spine and I felt her hand on my cock.

While we were busy petting, Joy disappeared. I looked around and didn’t see her. I had assumed that she had gotten out of the Jacuzzi when I felt a hot warm mouth on my cock. Now, I knew where she was.

Pretty soon she had to cum up for air. When she did, she came up right between us. I reached for her tits as Ann kissed her. Joy’s breath started to cum faster and faster. She was still trying to get air into her lungs from being underwater so long.

Ann released her lip-lock on Joy and went underwater. I thought she was going after my cock until I saw the expression on Joy’s face. Her expression was a mixture of surprise and pleasure. And I knew exactly where Ann was. Sucking on Joy’s sweet pussy.

After sucking Joy’s pussy as long as she could hold her breath, Ann came back to the surface. Joy had a look of rapture on her face that turned to pain when Ann stopped sucking her.

My cock had been straining for pleasure, so I took Joy under the arms, lifted her up and settled her down around it.

As Joy felt my cock push at her pussy lips, she spread her legs wide and helped me put it in. When I was holding her out of the water I got my first good look at her. She was dotted with freckles all over.

They made you want to lick every one of them, hoping that one would cum off on your tongue.

As Joy’s cunt settled down on my cock, Ann moved over to get in a little foreplay. I put my arm around her and drew her near so I could get one hand on one of those magnificent breasts.

Ann started kissing Joy and playing with her pert little tits. I noticed Joy’s nipples didn’t get very large, but they were very sensitive. Just a touch and she started bucking in the throes of orgasm. After Joy’s first orgasm, we settled down to a slow rhythmic fuck. I stroked in and out of her real slow. The slower we moved, the more erotic it felt.

Ann was fascinated. Here was one girl that didn’t just fuck me and get off my cock. Joy stayed glued to my cock like it was the breath of life. After five minutes or so of this slow steady fucking, Joy began to move her hips a little faster. As each stroke of my cock went deep inside her cunt, the rhythm increased faster and faster. Soon we were both straining to pound against each other faster and harder than before. Joy again reached orgasm, but she still kept my cock buried deep inside of her.

I made a mental bet that John’s cock was really too large for her and continued the slow steady motion again. We stayed glued to each other for at least 10 minutes this time.

I had achieved two “false cums”, one on each of the first two fucks, and this one got me off 3 more times. By the time Joy reached her third orgasm, I was in seventh heaven.

Joy slid off my cock and asked if I would do her a favor. She wanted me to lie on the ledge so she could straddle my cock. This way she could get it really deep inside her. I climbed on the ledge and she climbed out and straddled me.

She placed the head of my cock at the entrance of her pussy. Then she lowered her body until my rigid slot oyna cock was embedded in her cunt. Then she leaned back against my chest and asked Ann to suck her clit while we fucked. Ann moved into position and began to suck away.

Ever so often, Ann would reach a hand down and fondle my balls. She was just checking to see if they had tightened up yet and if I was ready to cum. I wasn’t.

Ann licked Joy’s clit and played with my balls. As my cock slid out of Joy, Ann licked it. Soon, Joy reached another orgasm and, as she collapsed, rolled off me into the water. She came up and clung to the side of the Jacuzzi trying to regain her breath.

Ann decided that Joy had enough fun for awhile so she straddled me and pushed my cock into her cunt. She leaned forward so I could play with those huge tits with the big nipples as she fucked my cock.

I put one of her nipples in my mouth and gently gripped it with my teeth. As I playfully bit it, you could see alternately expressions of pain and pleasure cycle across her face. I had a feeling that Ann would like being tied up. I made a mental note to check that out some day.

Joy watched as Ann rode me. Soon, Ann achieved orgasm, but she kept right on rocking back and forth on my cock until I came. When I came, it was in torrents. I felt as though I had just drained my balls for the next month.

Ann crawled off me and slid into the Jacuzzi. What the hell, the water needed changing anyway, so I got in too.

We sipped some more wine, made small talk and tried to recover. These two girls had just given me one hell of a work out.

We decided to go to bed, so we all got out and took turns toweling each other off.

Both Ann and Joy got in a little extra sucking on my now flaccid cock as they reached it. I was at a disadvantage. Their pussies didn’t stick out like my cock did and I couldn’t get my tongue on their clits.

Ann and I headed for the waterbed in the Master bedroom and Joy asked if she could join us. She didn’t like sleeping away from home in a strange bed and company would ease her mind so she could sleep.

Neither Ann nor I objected. In fact, we were pleased. We might get some sleep tonight, but we didn’t think so.

Ann would have to go to work the next day and I would have to take her. We should have brought her car. That way I could sleep in.

We all got into the waterbed. I was in the middle just like a sandwich again. It didn’t take long for any of us to go to sleep. We had just had some strenuous exercise and were quite tired.

About two in the morning, I felt a mouth on my cock. I was really too tired and sleepy to respond, so I just lay there and reveled in the pleasure I was getting.

I didn’t know who it was for sure until I felt the fingernails rake down my legs. Ann. I might have known. She was giving me a good slow gentle suck as though she woke up hungry and wanted something to eat.

After about 5 minutes of her sucking, I reached my first “false cum.” This was getting monotonous. I was beginning to wish I hadn’t had that first treatment.

Then I remembered that I had fucked more in the past two days than I had in the previous year.

It was then that I felt two mouths on me. One sucked my cock while the other sucked on my ball sac. Joy had me by the balls. She would suck one of them in her mouth, roll it around with her tongue and ease it out. Then, she would take the other one in her mouth and repeat the procedure. This went on for a few minutes and I had another “false cum.”

Joy and Ann switched positions with Ann taking over the stroking and sucking of my balls and Joy sucking on my massive cock. As Ann stroked my ball sac with those fingernails, a shiver went up my spine.

When the two had changed position, they had moved their pussies within reach of my probing fingers. I put a finger in each pussy and began to play with both clits. I stroked their clits with my thumb as I moved my fingers in and out of their pussy.

After a few more minutes and another of my “false cums,” I was ready to explode. I pulled Joy over on top of me, inserted my cock in her pussy and started pounding away. In less than a minute, I was coming deep inside her. When I had finished coming, Ann moved in to help her off me.

As Ann settled Joy down on the bed, she began licking Joy’s pussy, determined to get every last drop canlı casino siteleri of cum I had spent. Joy leaned back to enjoy Ann’s tonguing.

I watched for a few minutes and decided that Ann deserved a little something for starting this.

I pushed Ann’s hips around until I could get her legs opened and moved in with my tongue.

As I started slowly working on the pussy lips, purposefully staying away from her clit, I could feel her start to respond. After teasing her awhile, I took her clit between my teeth and nibbled on it a bit. Then, I sucked it into my mouth and wriggled my tongue on it. Ann began to have spasms. She was coming. I kept up the slow licking and sucking until her hips began to buck out of control. Ann was coming.

We cleaned up and went back to bed to sleep for the rest of the night. Soon, we had again drifted back to sleep. I was still in the middle, with my arms wrapped around Ann and Joy holding onto me.

When the alarm went off, I thought I had been shot. I was in the middle of a nightmare. It was about being in front of a firing squad for fucking some General’s wife.

Ann and I got out of bed, leaving Joy to sleep. While Ann cleaned up and got ready for work, I cooked breakfast for her. It was the least I could do.

She knew that I was going to return to the house. She also knew that Joy was still there and she would want to fuck. And that I would probably oblige her.

I felt a little guilty as I dropped her off though I knew that I would make it up to her. Ann said that she was going to her apartment tonight and wanted to be alone. We said goodbye and off I went.

When I arrived home, Joy was in the shower. I poured a cup of coffee and waited on her to cum into the living room.

Finally, when she had gotten squeaky clean, she put on my robe and came in to get her a cup of coffee. As we sipped our coffee, we chatted and I had a chance to get a good look at her.

Some broads look fantastic in dim light, but look like hell in the naked light of day. Joy was not one of these. She looked great. I’d guess that she was about 29. She had a very well kept body that was strong and athletic.

As we talked, my oversize robe draped open. Joy was a true redhead. Her pussy was wet and gleaming as it peeked at me through the folds of the robe.

I asked Joy if she wanted to go home. She replied that right now she wanted to go into the bedroom and fuck. Taking her hand, I let her lead the way.

When we got into the bedroom, she untied the robe and let it drop. I was right. There was not one square of inch of her skin that was free of freckles. Tiny strawberry dots all over her.

She began working on my shirt and then removed my pants. As she unzipped them, she reached in and fondled my cock. It was still soft so she squeezed it and played with it a little while.

After she had my pants off, that only left my jockey shorts which she removed in a flash.

As she bent to pull them down, my cock was within reach of her hungry mouth. She put the crown in her mouth and gently sucked on it. As I became hard, she let go and finished taking off my shorts.

She stood up and moved closer. I embraced her and gave her a long, searching kiss reaching for her pussy. It was wet already.

I decided on some acrobatics, so I lifted her right leg and placed her foot on the dresser. Then I took my cock and guided it into her pussy. As it started to invade her, I found her pussy was very tight. The position of her leg up in the air prevented her pussy from opening wide.

I managed to get the movement going though and the feeling was one of being gripped in a vise. The least little movement was a feeling of total eroticism.

After fucking her this way until I reached one of my “false cums,” I decided to try something else. Reaching for the leg that was still on the floor, I pulled her ass up so she could wrap her legs around my waist.

Holding her with my hands cupping her ass cheeks, I pushed her away, then pulled her to me. Now this really had my cock in a vise. It was fantastic.

It only took about 3 minutes for me to reach another two “false cums.” I could feel my balls tighten and my cock had swollen to it’s maximum size.

My legs were getting weak, so I laid her down on the waterbed and began to pump her in earnest. After a couple of minutes, I began to cum. I think that I spurted a cup of cum in her before I was finally drained.

We rested awhile. After cleaning up and getting dressed, I took Joy back to her apartment. I then drove back home and went to bed for a rest.

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