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This story is 3 early ones I wrote smashed into 1 long one. As always, thank you to Eviant the most wonderful editor ever for helping me.


Her first apartment, god she was so excited!

Nina lightly jogged up the stairs of the two story building to the apartment on the right. Each of the five buildings in the complex had four apartments and this one was her’s. She had just picked up the keys from the management company and had hurried right over just to be able to walk into her own place.

She had been 22 for one month and had graduated from college two days after her birthday. For the first two years of college, she lived in the girls dorm. From there she had moved into a small house on campus with three other girls for the remainder of time. Even there, as the house was still on campus, a house matron had been assigned and checked in on them periodically.

But now, she was all on her own. No parents, no roommates, no one to watch over her shoulder. Her job as a research assistant for a big company in town was totally awesome and paid wonderfully, so getting her own place had been top priority. Pausing at the top of the stairs, she took a deep breath and nearly quivered in anticipation. Gently sliding the key into the lock and turning it, Nina pushed open the door.

The open room was empty of furniture, which made it look huge to her eager eyes. White walls and tan carpet were unimpressive, but sliding glass doors to a tiny balcony thrilled her. The kitchen was a decent size and an eating area would fit a small table and a couple of chairs.

The bathroom, that was bigger than anything she’d had since leaving home, was tucked behind the kitchen and could be accessed from there or from inside the bedroom. The bedroom itself seemed huge to Nina after having to share space for so long. Windows on two walls let in tons of light.

Giving a squeal, she twirled in circles through the apartment. Her hazel eyes were shining and sparkling and rich brown hair with blond streaks was flying around her shoulders. She had a nice body with full, lush breasts, a tiny waist and gently flaring hips. At the moment, that body was dancing in happiness, long legs carrying her quickly through the rooms.

With a final quick look around, she headed out, carefully locking the door behind her again. She pulled out her phone as she danced down the stairs and dialed her brother’s number. In short order, she had him and a few of his friends heading over to help her move.

Since she had most everything packed up, it was only a matter of having the guys move the big stuff for her in her brother’s truck. She loaded boxes into her little VW convertible car, stuffing it as full as she could. Sharing hugs and a few tears, she said her good-byes to her former roommates, promised to have them all over for dinner soon and walked over to give last minute instructions to the guys.

Her brother, Nate, and his friends Jake, Craig and Sam were two years older than she was. Nate was still in college, as he was going to be a lawyer. Jake and Sam were out of college and Nina wasn’t sure what they did, but whatever it was, they still worked out and maintained nicely toned bodies. Craig was also still in college and was studying to be a doctor. He may not have had the same big muscles as the others, but Nina thought he was still pretty damn cute.

Nina organized the unloading and placing of furniture like a little general. Bouncing up and down the stairs, she drew the appreciative looks of her brother’s friends. At the same time, she was admiring bulging muscles and cute male butts as they carried her things.

She leaned against the wall in the bedroom out of the way while the guys set up her bed. They had all worked up a light sweat and Nina pulled out the front of her pink scoop neck t shirt and blew air between her breasts to help cool her off. Catching the eye of one of the guys and making sure her brother’s back was to her, Nina pulled down the top giving him a quick peek of her round perky boobs.

Jake gave her a quick wink and a big smile. He had tons of big muscles and thick dark hair with light blue eyes. Nina licked her lips and smiled back, giving her breasts a squeeze while he watched. Watching the guys had made Nina horny, but she was afraid that they just thought she was Nate’s little sister. If teasing them was all she had, she’d enjoy it.

Soon, the men had done all they could with the furniture and migrated to the kitchen. Nina didn’t have any beer, but she handed sodas out to all as they stood chatting. Feeling a hand on her ass, she looked over her shoulder to find Jake giving her a caress as he talked with her brother who stood on the other side of the counter.

Smiling to herself, she pressed her hips back into his hand in encouragement. The hand explored her round cheeks and then slipped lower to rub between her legs. Nina’s breath caught and she subtly shifted, opening her legs wider. Her tiny white shorts easily allowed a finger to slip inside and explore the moist valley. She escort dikmen couldn’t believe this gorgeous guy was feeling her up and it made new moisture coat his finger.

Her brother declared that it was time to leave and moved to get closer to Nina. Jake quickly pulled his hand away and scooted over away from her just a bit but Nina saw him quickly lick the finger that had just been in her pussy and her stomach gave a hard clench. Nina’s brother gave her a hug and a quick slap on the butt and made her promise to call him if she ever needed anything or even just got scared in her new place alone.

Hugging him back, she looked over his shoulder at Jake and blew him a kiss. Jake smiled and toasted her with his soda. As everyone called out good-byes and Nina thanked each man in turn, she whispered to each that they should return very soon but without her brother. Each promised they would and copped a quick feel before heading out.

Once they were gone, Nina dropped down in the single chair she had in her living room. Thinking to herself that furniture shopping was top of the to do list she began to daydream about how to decorate her new place when her cell phone rang. Picking it up she noted the caller ID was blond haired, blue eyed Craig, the future doctor.

She quickly answered the phone thinking that maybe he had forgotten something. To her surprise he asked if she meant what she said about the guys coming back without her brother. With a smile she assured them that she did. Craig told her not to get too comfortable, as they were going to pick up a pizza and then be right back to her apartment.

Hanging up the phone, Nina gave an excited squeal. Remembering that she was all sweaty and sticky, a horrified shriek erupted from her before she jumped up and raced to the shower. Pulling her hair into a loose bundle on her head, Nina took a fast two minute shower and then toweled off in record time.

Zipping into her bedroom she rummaged through boxes and pulled out a short sundress. Skipping a bra or undies, as she hoped she wouldn’t be in them very long, she jerked the dress over her head. Nina had just skidded back into the bathroom to run a brush through her hair when she heard a knock at the door.

Taking a deep breath, she tried to control her excited breathing and walk calmly to the door. Excitement had her eyes sparkling and her nipples rock hard. Opening the door, the three men lounged in the hall, Sam with his dark hair and wickedly pretty green eyes was holding a pizza box and Jake had a pack of beer. She stepped aside and gave a grand sweep of her hand to gesture them in.

As Sam and Jake set down the pizza and beer on the counter, Craig grabbed Nina close and gave her a hot kiss. Pulling her hard against him, he gathered the short skirt in his hands and pulled it up revealing bare ass cheeks.

Easing back a little, Craig looked into Nina’s eyes and spoke softly, “Make sure that you understand what’s about to happen. And you say no right now if you don’t want it to. There’s no games here, little girl. You extended the invitation and we’re here to fuck you. Is that what you want?”

Nina thought her head was going to explode from the excitement. “Oh yes.” She ground her hips against his. “Fuck me now. All of you, please. It made me so hot watching you today but I didn’t think you’d want Nate’s little sister.” Reaching over to Jake, she ran her hand over his chest while leaning into Craig’s arms.

Sam had pulled his t shirt over his head and dropped it to the floor, his muscles rippling as he walked over to join the cuddle he said, “Girl we been watchin’ you for years, just waiting for the time when we could get in your pants.” He laid a hand on her bare ass and gave a little squeeze.

“Oh god,” Nina moaned, her knees nearly giving way as all the male flesh surrounded her. Jake quickly reached down and picked her up, lifting her high in his arms. Turning, he headed for the bedroom, the others following close behind. Once there, he gently stood her on her feet again and in one move, pulled the dress over her head.

Shuffling noises behind her told her that the other guys were getting as naked as she was. Jake, cupped her large breasts in his hands, gently caressing while kissing her deeply. Hands once again roamed her ass and slipped in between her legs. She could feel hard cocks pressing against her and a mini orgasm swept through her.

Jake stepped back and let Craig and Sam take Nina. They laid her on the bed while he jerked his clothes off. Craig piled her pillows behind her so her torso was supported but Sam went straight for the pussy. He buried his face between her legs, lapping at her smoothly shaved cunt.

Craig lay beside Nina, playing with her boobs and sucking her nipples. Jake moved in close, his thick big cock standing proud. A little nudge on her lips and Nina happily took him in her mouth. Jake groaned and tangled his fingers in her hair as her hot little mouth and quick tongue slid over him.

It wasn’t long before escort emek the multiple assaults had Nina quivering and shaking from her first, hard orgasm. Sam carefully caught the excess cream from her pussy with his tongue, bathing her clit as well. In some kind of unspoken agreement, the three shifted smoothly to new places.

Jake moved between her legs, sliding his cock through her wet valley, coating himself in pussy juice. Craig popped up and moved his slender but longer cock into Nina’s mouth and Sam settled into to play with tits. Jake slowly and carefully entered her tight snatch, Nina gasped and rocked against him, urging him in deeper.

Using both hands, she crammed Craig’s pole in her mouth, trying to distract herself from the awesome feelings invading her body. When Sam bit a nipple and caused new ripples to flash through her, she reached down and grabbed his cock, stroking hard. By this time, Jake was fully in her cunt, and starting to pump.

“God girl, you are tight,” Jake moaned.

“Sweetest damn pussy I’ve tasted,” Sam added in.

“Sucks cock like a pro too. I may not get any pussy if Jake takes too long I’m gonna blow down her throat,” Craig wheezed, his hands in Nina’s hair, guiding his prick in and out of her mouth. The three men loved Nina’s body. Jake’s hips slammed into her, his cock swelling and filling her tight tunnel. Sam’s hand covered Nina’s on his pole, stroking his rod while he sucked and nibbled on her flesh. As they all moved together, Crag threw back his head and moaned, veins standing out in his neck as he lost the battle and shot load after load of hot jizz down Nina’s throat.

Nina worked quickly to swallow it all down and when the spurting stopped, she laved the rod with her tongue to clean him off. Watching that pushed Jake over the edge and with a loud grunt, he began shooting streams of cum into Nina’s hot box. Feeling the hot jets erupting inside her pushed Nina into another orgasm and she arched back with a scream as the waves crashed over her.

“God, fuck it!” Sam exclaimed and raising up, grabbed Nina’s head and shoved his cock between her lips. After only a couple of strokes he began to unload into her mouth. Nina wasn’t able to keep up as her own orgasm had her shaking and gasping and his spunk began to dribble down her chin.

Craig recovered first and going into the bathroom, retrieved a small towel for Nina to use to clean up. After wiping up the leaking jizz, the four relaxed on the bed for a few minutes. Sam cuddled down with Nina and the others sat, stroking her body. Once everyone caught their breath the guys took turns using the bathroom to clean up a bit.

Nina took her turn and then pulled her dress back on. The guys pulled on their pants and the four headed in for food. Nina didn’t have any plates unpacked, so they just stood around and ate pizza straight from the box and washed it down with the beer.

None of the men could resist touching Nina for long. Hands brushed her bare ass under her skirt, or flicked her hard pointy nipples. She relished the attention, giving kisses between bites of pizza and running hands over bare chests and the slowly rising bulges in their pants. Finally everyone had eaten their fill and they pulled Nina back to the bedroom declaring that they were ready for round two.

As the teasing touches and kisses had kept Nina’s excitement going, she was also ready for more. She quickly found herself naked again and surrounded by strong male flesh.

“Ever had all your holes filled at once?” Jake whispered.

Nina shivered at the thought. She shook her head and felt her pussy flood from the thought. “All three at once?”

Jake smiled. “Wanna try it?”

“Oh god, yes! That sounds so fucking hot.” Nina moaned and rubbed her body against those around her.

“Do you have any lube?” Craig asked, ever the concerned doctor.

“Umm, oh god it’s packed. Wait, I know where.” Nina pulled away from the men and hurried to a box stacked against the wall. In no time at all she had it ripped open and a black cloth bag in her hands. Fumbling inside she triumphantly pulled out a small bottle and held it up with a happy squeal.

With chuckles, the guys pulled her back to the bed. Handing off the bottle to Craig, the three men began taking turns kissing and fondling Nina. The four writhed together bringing the passion level back up high.

Sam slid down on the bed and pulled Nina on top. After holding her close for a moment and enjoying the feel of her body against his, he maneuvered her around so that his hard prick was pressing against her sopping pussy entrance. Nina lifted her hips and took him deep inside, tunnel walls squeezing him tight.

Craig moved behind her and after using the lube on his long cock, he carefully coated her asshole as well. Sam held her close and Craig gently used a lubed finger to open her ass. Pressing inside, he let her adjust before adding a second finger. Nina gasped and moaned, her hips twitched wanting to fuck, but Sam held escort eryaman her still.

Jake ran his hands over her hair, trying to calm her down. Nina grabbed Jake’s cock and pulled it to her lips, lashing him with her tongue. Craig continued to work his fingers in her ass, making a bigger and bigger opening to help her adjust to taking his penis.

Finally, he pulled his fingers out and pressed the head of his pole to her back door entrance. Nina moaned and pressed back against him, slurping harder on Jake. Because of his diligent work, Craig was able to slid inside fairly easily.

Nina wailed around the cock in her mouth. The sensations filling her were incredible. Sam’s cock in her pussy began to move with Craig’s in her ass. One went in as one pulled out in perfect rhythm. Her whimpers got louder and louder as the pressure inside her built. She tried pulling Jake’s cock even deeper in her mouth, trying to devour him.

The triple assault was amazing not just to Nina but to the guys as well. Sam could feel the pressure from Craig’s prick as they pressed together into Nina. Craig loved watching Nina try to take Jake’s entire cock in her mouth, spit beginning to drip from her chin.

Her tight ass, slick with lube gripping him hard, Craig began to pound into Nina unable to control his movements anymore. Sam just lay back and let the motions from Craig carry Nina on him. Rolling a nipple between his fingers, he felt Nina’s tunnel walls starting to contract around him.

As Nina’s muffled screams came from around Jake’s cock filling her mouth, Craig gave a shout and began to empty himself once more into Nina. He continued to grunt as wave after wave of jizz erupted into her ass. Nina’s own orgasm seemed to pull more and more from Craig’s cock. Finally it stopped, and Craig slipped weakly from Nina’s ass.

Jake pushed Nina’s head off his prick and he quickly moved in behind her. Seeing the wide, open ass hole just beginning to ooze cum, Jake slammed his rod home. As Nina screamed again, he could still feel the contractions of her orgasm and in only a few hard strokes, began his own explosions. His grunts joined her wails as he left his deposits.

Sam had finally had enough and with a moan of his own, began filling her pussy with his juices. Another small wave crashed through Nina as she collapsed onto his chest. She could do no more than gasp as his big rod slammed her pussy. The combinations of jizz and pussy juice were making obscene, wet slapping sounds.

The four sat and laid around the bed catching their breath. Finally, Jake picked up Nina and carried her to the bathroom. Craig got in the shower with her to help hold her up and the others washed her clean. They even helped her wash her hair and afterward, toweled her dry. Nina languished in their care and as her legs felt like complete rubber, her appreciation was complete.

Sam rummaged through her things and found an extra big t shirt and a pair of panties. They helped her dress and set her in the chair in the living room. Craig got her another drink and sat with her while Jake and Sam quickly remade her bed with clean bedding they found in a packing box. They returned to find Nina lightly dozing so Sam carried her to bed.

They each gave her loving kisses and caresses before leaving the room. The men gathered in the kitchen to clean up and briefly discussed if they should just leave or not. Craig volunteered to stay as his classes the next day were late and the others had to go to work in the morning. After a few ribald jokes of Craig getting his pussy time, Jake and Sam left.

Craig did a little more tidying of the kitchen and living room and then decided that sleeping was a good idea after all. He quietly entered the bedroom and after striping off his clothes, carefully climbed in beside Nina. She turned to him in her sleep and cuddled up. Craig pulled her close and with a deep sigh, drifted off.

Nina woke the next morning tangled up with Craig. Memories of the previous evening made her smile and her pussy tingle anew. Rubbing up against Craig, she let her fingers drift over his morning wood. When he shifted onto his back, Nina slid down and took his long slender cock in her mouth. Worshiping him with her tongue, she bathed and sucked his rock hard member.

Craig came awake quickly when Nina’s hot wet mouth settled around his cock. Burying his fingers in her hair, his hips jerked in response shoving his prick farther down her throat. Nina took it in stride, sucking him harder and massaging his heavy balls.

With a groan, Craig pulled Nina up. She quickly slid up his body, dragging her breasts over him, making her nipples contract and tingle. Their lips met in a hot kiss as Nina rubbed her wet pussy over Craig’s hard cock. He took her breasts in his hands, squeezing her nipples and rolling them gently. Lifting up, she offered a nipple to him and he sucked it hard into his mouth.

Moaning with pleasure, Nina raised her hips and slipped his cock inside her tight tunnel. Slowly she slid her hips down, moving as slow as she could, squeezing him hard. Craig gasped and grabbed her hips trying to urge her down but Nina just giggled. Still moving slowly, she sat up and braced her hands on his chest and in one strong fast move, buried his pole to the hilt in her pussy.

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