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Male Model’s Tale

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An Englishman in his early sixties answers a small ad in a photographic magazine whilst visiting Taiwan. The result is beyond his wildest dreams.


I felt a little nervous as I rang the door bell of her apartment.

I had been in Taiwan for a week or so and last week I was in my hotel room reading the small advertisements in the back of Photographer Monthly.

My eyes fell on a small ad which read, “wanted; friendly male to pose for amateur female artist/photographer. Amateur, older English man would be preferred. Please contact Sumi for further details.” The advertisement included a phone number for the magazine which I wrote down on a piece of paper.

I had never done anything like that before but somehow felt intrigued and had an urge to call this Sumi and find out some more.

I left it for a few days but eventually picked up the phone and dialled the magazine number. I left my name and phone number with them and they said they would pass it on and that Sumi would no doubt be in touch.

A few days went by and then, one evening the phone rang and it was Sumi.

“Hi Harry I’m calling about your response to my advertisement my name is Sumi.”

“Oh hello, Sumi, I was just curious about what you would be wanting because I have never done anything like that before and am not sure if you would be interested in a sixty year old man although your advertisement did say ‘older man preferred.’.”

She was quiet for a moment and I was expecting her to tell me not to bother when she suddenly broke the silence saying, “Sixty years old is not a problem provided you are willing to pose naked.”

Now it was my turn to be silent as her words sunk in. Suddenly I felt a weird feeling of excitement as I tried to imagine how I would feel to be naked in front of a woman I had never met before.

My thoughts were interrupted as she said, “Hello, are you still there?”

“Yes,” I replied, “sorry, I was not expecting the naked part.”

“Oh, never mind, I understand if you don’t………………..”

“No, no,” I interrupted, “I don’t mind; really.”

Sumi sounded relieved as she said, “great! Maybe you could come round so that I can see what you look like and perhaps take some test pictures?”

“Yes, that would be great,” I said.

She then gave me her address.

I felt nervous as I waited for her to come to the door. Suddenly it was opening and I was greeted by an attractive and petite young Asian woman in her mid thirties with a beautiful welcoming smile. Somehow I had been expecting her to be a lot older. Not only was she much younger than I was expecting but much more attractive.

My eyes felt compelled to check her out. She was wearing a shirt with the top buttons unfastened which revealed glimpses of blue lace encasing what looked to be very nice breasts. She was also revealing a shapely pair of legs by wearing quite a short skirt. She was bare foot and I also noted bare legged.

“You must be Harry, please come in.”

I entered the apartment and followed her to a large living room.

“Please sit down Harry. Would you like a beer or something?” she asked.

“Yes, that would be nice,” I said as I sat on a large couch.

Sumi fetched us both a beer and we were soon drinking and chatting which made us both feel more relaxed.

As we were talking Sumi picked up her camera and pointed it at me.

“Do you mind if I start to take some pictures? It will help you get used to the camera.”

I felt strange at first as she continued to talk while she walked around me taking pictures but I was soon getting into the role of being a model.

Looking back now I realise that she was trying to find the courage to take the next step.

As she walked round me with the camera, bending a stooping, I could not help but notice the regular glimpses of her breasts down the front of her shirt. Was she doing it on purpose I wondered? Surely not, after all she is only interested in her art.

I was feeling relaxed now. I suspect the beer and her pleasant company had helped.

I could hear the slight tension in her voice as she said, Harry could you stand up please. I did as she asked and listened to the camera shutter clicking as she took more pictures.

The tension in her voice increased as she said, “Please look into the camera and take of your shirt.”

I did as she asked, enjoying a slightly sensual feeling as I unfastened the buttons one by one and then pulled of my shirt.

“Not bad for an old guy!” She exclaimed with a large grin.

I found my self posing, holding in my belly and illegal bahis flexing my chest and arm muscles as Sumi took more pictures. At one stage she stooped low on the floor to take a picture looking up at me and I could not only see her tits covered by a pretty lace bra but most of her shapely thighs revealed by the short skirt as it rode up her legs.

I could feel my self becoming aroused which was not helped when she said, “Please take off your shoes socks and trousers.”

I could sense that Sumi was becoming more confident now. The tension in her voice was now almost gone.

I sat for a moment to take off my shoes and socks. I then stood up and unfastened by belt. I tried to suppress the images in my head of the view down her shirt and the way in which she had (accidentally?) showed off her thighs. I could feel my cock was already semi-stiff and felt reluctant to take of my trousers in case I offended her.

Sumi sensed my hesitation and said, “Come on then Harry, don’t be shy, get them off, you did know that I wanted a male model to pose naked.

I slowly pulled down my trousers and then kicked them off of my feet. I stood in front of her in just my underpants, very conscious of the fact that my arousal was causing a very obvious bulge.

“Very impressive Harry,” she said as she took more pictures. After a short while it was obvious that my semi-erect state had not offended or upset her. In fact she seemed very pleased as she asked me to pose in various positions which would accentuate the bulge.

I also noticed that she was quite often pointing the camera directly at my bulge and using the zoom to get close up shots.

All the time I was trying hard not to become fully erect because I knew that, if I did, the head of my cock would peep out from my underpants.

“Turn around please Harry so I can see your back.”

I turned around and heard the camera clicking.

“Mmmm, nice, Harry, now please take off your underpants.”

Oh, what the hell I thought. Here goes.

I placed my thumbs in the waistband and swiftly slid them down over my legs and pulled them off.

I was now completely naked with this woman I had only met for the first time thirty minutes or so ago.

“Nice bum Harry. Please place your hands on your hips and move your feet part about two feet.

I did as she asked.

“Just lean forward a little.” I sensed her kneel down and realised that she must have taken a shot from behind of my balls hanging between my legs.

“Mmmmm, nice; now turn around so I can see what you have been hiding!”

I glanced down at my cock, still slightly embarrassed by its semi-erect state and worried about her reaction.

I then slowly turned around and stood before Sumi completely naked.

I saw her eyes move immediately to my cock as she exclaimed, “very nice Harry.”

It felt strange at first to be standing naked in front of her as she started to take pictures of my cock. Almost dream like and not the sort of thing that happens every day to a sixty year old man.

Gradually I started to get used to being naked in front of this young woman and posing for her in different positions; all of which seemed to emphasize my cock.

“I want you to sit back on the couch and then recline and try to look relaxed.”

I sat down and then put one leg up onto the couch as I leaned back on a large cushion.

I could sense the slight tension return to Sumi’s voice as she said, “I suppose I should explain what I want from you Harry. I want to paint a male nude but because I am quite slow at painting and still learning the finer details I thought that it would help if I had a selection of pictures to use as a reference.

“I see.” I replied.

“However,” she continued, “I want to paint something different from the normal classic nude paintings. In the classic paintings the man’s penis and testicles are usually obscured or made to look insignificant.

I want to paint a nude man in all his glory. I want to paint him in a classic and artistic way but proudly showing his fully erect penis!”

I gulped as she finished her sentence. Not sure where this would be going next.

I saw her face blush a little and she sounded a little awkward as she said, “can you make your self erect for me Harry?”

I just thought, oh what the hell, why not!

Her expression looked eager as I moved my hand down and wrapped my fingers around my cock. I started a slow wanking action and as my cock swelled to full stiffness in my hand Sumi was eagerly clicking away with the camera.

Watching me do this had obviously given her more illegal bahis siteleri confidence as she said, “That is great Harry. Now lean right back with your legs apart so I can capture the full glory of your testicles and erect penis.

I leaned back still holding my cock and opened my legs. Sumi moved around me with her camera taking shots from different angles but always focussed on my cock.

“Now please let go of your penis and let me get a clear view of the whole length.”

I let go and moved my hands away.

Sumi took a few more shots but then stopped. I looked up at her and noticed she was either deep in thought or hesitating about asking me something.

I asked her if there was a problem.

“No, not really,” she replied, “but I am not completely happy with the way in which I have captured your testicles. There was a long pause before she suddenly blurted out, would you mind if I touch you? I mean touch you to help arrange the shot?”

“What ever you wish Sumi, I really don’t mind,” I said, as I lay back naked, erect and relaxed.

She put the camera down and came next to me. I was still lying back as she moved my arms down by my side. She then asked me to turn a little and lay partially on my side.

I then jumped a little as her small hand suddenly moved between my legs.

“I want to move your balls a little, I hope you don’t mind” she said as though it was nothing unusual.

It felt good as her cool hand lifted by balls out a little.

I could feel that my erection was not as big as it was as she said, “Harry, I want you fully stiff again but I don’t want you to move from this pose. Would you mind if I touch your cock?”

Would I mind! I thought, trying not to show any excitement and trying to remain as professional as I could.

“No of course not,” I replied, “please go ahead.”

I looked down and watched her small fingers wrap around my cock. It grew completely stiff in a few seconds.

“Can I pull your skin back Harry? I really want to see your cock in its full glory.”

I think I just grunted rather than answering coherently.

The feeling was very erotic as this amateur artist, whom I had only just met, gripped my stiff cock and pulled back the foreskin to reveal my shiny purple head.

“Fantastic!” she shrieked excitedly as she quickly got up and grabbed the camera.

As she took some more shots my foreskin slowly slid back up and partly covered the head again.

“Oh dear I need to pull your skin back again,” she said.

Maybe it was my own arousal, I’m not sure, but I sensed a playful note in her voice.

“Please be my guest”, I said, wondering how she might react to what I had in mind.

She put the camera down again and moved next to me. She had her back to me facing away as she leaned down and gripped my cock again. I felt her pull back my foreskin and start to slowly wank my cock.

I had been trying to suppress my lustful thoughts and desires ever since arriving. At his very moment, with Sumi gripping my stiff cock I could not resist any longer.

My head was full of conflicting messages; common sense telling me to control my self but my lust seducing me to take the risk.

My lust won.

I reached out with the arm that was nearest to her and ran my hand slowly up under her skirt. At any moment I was waiting and half expecting for her to object or scream or something; but nothing.

I moved my hand higher and higher until it was only inches away from her knickers and between her legs.

I was convinced that at any minute she would turn around and slap my face but nothing. She was still facing away from me and wanking my cock very slowly and gently.

I moved my hand up the last few inches and brushed the tips of my fingers against the silky fabric of her knickers. The whole section of fabric between her legs was soaking wet!

I moved my whole hand between her partly open thighs and gently gripped the flesh of her wet cunt through the soaked fabric.

I could feel my lust taking me over as I touched and squeezed the wet softness of her cunt through her knickers.

Any fear of rejection was suddenly gone as Sumi moaned softly before lowering her mouth down over my stiff cock. I felt her hot breath and the warmth of her mouth as she licked the shiny purple head of my cock.

I paused for a moment, enjoying the wonderful sensations of her tongue licking my cock before quickly getting up from the seat. She looked round at me, momentarily startled at my sudden action as my cock slipped from her mouth.

I roughly pushed her forward until she canlı bahis siteleri was leaning forward and supporting her self with her hands gripping the back of a chair.

I reached under her and frantically unfastened the buttons of her shirt with one hand. At least two of them got ripped off and hit the floor in my rush.

With her shirt unfastened I reached inside and squeezed each of her tits in turn. With the other hand I felt for the fastening of her bra through her shirt, quickly found it, and with a skilful flick of my fingers it was undone.

I roughly pulled the bra cups away from her tits and held the soft naked flesh in my hand. I squeezed and felt them; seeking out her nipples. Wow! Finding Sumi’s big stiff nipples was a great feeling. I could not resist pinching and pulling them while my other hand was urgently lifting up her skirt.

I moved round behind her as I lifted her skirt up over her bum. With one quick strong pull, I grabbed the waistband of her knickers and pulled them down around her knees.

My hand swiftly returned between her legs, my fingers seeking her wet hole.

I ran the tips of my fingers back and forward in her wet slit before sliding one finger deep inside her. She moaned as my finger slid easily into the hot wet flesh of her cunt.

I moved up closer. My cock was now so hard it was almost painful.

I reached between us and guided my stiff cock to its target. I could feel the hot wetness of her cunt on the head of my cock. Her soft flesh opened as I pushed forward and entered her. I pushed my stiff cock all the way inside her and then paused for a few seconds, enjoying the feeling of her hot wetness engulfing my cock. I leaned over her back and put both hands inside her shirt.

Gripping a tit in each hand I then started to fuck her doggy style.

I was fucking her with almost animal like thrusts. Deep and meaningful as though my life depended on it.

I relaxed the grip of my hands on her tits and just lightly held her nipples so that I could enjoy the feeling of her tits swinging back and forth beneath her with every thrust of my hips.

I sensed that her arms were hurting supporting her weight and my animal like thrusts. I paused for a moment and withdrew my stiff cock. I turned her around, smiled, swiftly pulled off her knickers and lifted her up off of her feet.

She instinctively wrapped her legs around my waist and then I lowered her down a little and felt my cock sink back into her wet hole again.

I fucked her like she was a frog clinging to a large tree. I could not believe the urgent need I was feeling to satisfy my animal lust with her.

Still with her legs wrapped around me and my cock buried inside her I walked to her bedroom.

I somehow managed to lower us both down onto her bed with my cock still inside her.

Her bra and shirt were still tangled around her arms as she lay on her back beneath me. I lifted my body a little and pulled the clothing away from her tits to get a good look. She looked so sexy and her nipples looked big and stiff.

I reached down each side in turn and lifted her legs up. I then folded her legs back down her sides until her knees were almost touching her tits. This is how I wanted her. I wanted to just fuck her as deeply as I could. I wanted to feel every inch of my cock inside her.

I started to thrust deeply and slowly, savouring the feeling of this sexy woman as the head of my cock pushed toward her womb.

I could feel my excitement rising and wanted to fill her with my spunk. I started to thrust harder and faster. My head was buried in the pillow next to her ear. I could taste the salty sweat on my lip as I said directly into her ear, Sumi, I hope I was a good model but now I’m going to fill your lovely cunt with my spunk.

I could feel the sweat covering my body as Sumi started to moan louder and louder. She was thrusting her cunt toward me with each of my downward thrusts, forcing my cock deeper and deeper. I could feel my spunk rising and my fucking was becoming more and more urgent. By now my hands were holding her bum cheeks, one in each hand, pulling her against me. I moved my fingers around and found her arsehole. I ran the tip of one finger over her tight little hole and heard her start to moan louder and louder.

I could feel I was about to cum and was shouting in her ear, “Here comes my hot spunk Sumi, all for you,” With one movement I pushed my finger deep into her arse. She was screaming and writhing. Her orgasm shook her whole body as my hot spunk then flooded inside her.

We remained joined in a sweaty heap for some time. Sumi slowly let her legs relax and fall down as my cock started to soften.

I could feel my spunk starting to trickle from her well fucked cunt as I said with a smile and a laugh, “Am I the sort of male model you were looking for?”


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