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Man of Power Ch. 12

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At midnight, Vikas was on the open deck looking at the sky when he heard the sound of footsteps. Sony was walking towards him in her 6″ high heels marking her steps with the click-clack sound that works better than Viagra on men.

What added to her raw sex appeal was the fact that she was wearing the same tight dress that she had on at dinner, but now the long lace skirt was gone. The dress now ended just an inch below her well-rounded, shapely ass.

Coming right close to Vikas, she gave him a slow, tight hug in which she moulded her young body to his hard frame and pressed close until her full boobs were crushed flat on his chest. Vikas closed his arms around her soft, supple body and slowly caressed her smooth, warm back.

“Mmmmmm, it’s so nice to see you, Sir!” Sony whispered in his ear intimately.

“It’s lovely to see you, darling. You look scandalously sexy!” He looked at her as they parted.

“Thank you, Sir. My panties are still off, for your access.” She smiled seductively.

“We will see!” Vikas remarked casually and turned to the railing “The Moon should be up soon, I think.”

“Sure. We can wait. I am not in a hurry to go anywhere. ” Sony stood facing the same way, holding the top bar of the ship’s railing.

“Good. So, this modeling that you did, what kind of assignments, did you do?” Vikas led the conversation.

“It was mostly local products, two assignments were …ooh, it’s colder than that I thought…” She looked at Vikas suggestively.

“Sorry, hon, I don’t have my jacket this time.” He was in a shirt and jeans now “Do you want to go back and bring something warmer?”

“No, I don’t want to go back so far, it’ll take time. You can still help me, if you want.”

“Well, I can give you my shirt, if that’d help.” He offered.

“I don’t want your shirt, I want your heat.”

“How?” Vikas was sure she was suggesting something but he wasn’t sure what.

“Like this!” She picked up his hand from the railing, insinuated herself between him and the railing then put his hand back on the railing. Now she was between his arms, with her back to him. Both of them were facing outward and her body was between his two hands on the railing.

“Now come close and keep me warm.” She invited.

Vikas smiled “You are a very resourceful girl. I like that!” He moved closer so his body was now rubbing on her from behind as they stood and talked.

He leaned in and kissed the side of her neck where her neck met the shoulder. She tilted her head to give him full access to her neck but he stopped after one small kiss.

“So, you were telling me about your career here.” He prompted.

“Yes.” Sony took his hands and closed his arms around her body, at the same time moving her butt to press intimately on his crotch, while she talked “I got two assignments here in Jakarta, for local products. One was a print job in a magazine, one got aired on Jakarta TV.”

She moved her ass skilfully like giving him a lap dance while standing up. His cock was hard in his pants now. He pressed it between her ass cheeks and she opened her legs wider so he could hump her better.

“And how did you get these?” He moved his right hand to her chest and slowly fondled her breast.

Sony took his left hand and put it on her other breast “A girlfriend of mine knew a photographer. She introduced me. He made it clear he could get me a print job if I’d sleep with him.”

Keeping his hands on her chest, Vikas kneaded both her tits slowly, but firmly, causing her to moan softly in-between words. There were not many people on the open deck at this time. The few who were around, were in the less lighted areas of the deck, involved in similar activities. Sony tilted her head back on his shoulder and turned her face slightly so her breath warmed his cheek when she talked.

“And?” Vikas prompted.

“I slept with him. There was no doubt in my mind about that. I wanted to get into modeling and he could help me. I knew girls who were working in clubs, standing by the road and getting customers to fuck them. I had to sleep with only one and privately. If it worked I would be paid much more and join a well-paying field.”

“Mmmhmmm..” Vikas agreed and let her carry on. He let his right hand slide smoothly down over her flat belly and on to her bare leg. He caressed there slowly, letting his fingers play on her soft skin.

“Mmmmmm.” Sony moaned and continued “He fucked me when he did my photoshoot and then again when I went to pick up the pictures. He sent them to the magazine and I got a call.”


“Kind of. The magazine boss nailed me on his desk. He was married and he was good in fucking. I enjoyed that audition.”

Vikas continued to maul her tits with one hand and rub her bare thigh with the other. His fingers were playing under her short dress, so close to her bare pussy he could feel the heat of her cunt on his knuckles. She encouraged him by opening her legs.

“How did you get the TV spot?” Vikas asked.

“I answered illegal bahis an ad for a modeling contest. I used the photos that the photographer had done for me. I managed to get into the finals. I got called into the station owner’s office. There were two more girls. He told us there would be one final round and if we did well all three of us will be selected. For this round we would have to report to his farmhouse.”

Slowly, Vikas kissed the side of her neck, just below the jaw line and Sony moaned.

“All three of us were ready and willing.” Sony continued “There were three men at the farmhouse – the TV station owner, the head of Advertising and the guy who was director of the ad campaign. They fucked the three of us all night.”

“Who nailed you?”

“No, no!” Sony clarified “All three of them nailed the three of us all night. They swapped us around like fuckmeat. And we were fuckmeat, to be honest. We got a very good, hard pounding that night. We were their whores and we knew it.”

“Did you get the ad?”

“Yes, I got two spots, actually. Both did very well.”

“Good. Seems like you were set.”

“I thought so too.” Sony said “But the stupid TV station owner got caught with another girl and it all fell apart. Normally, it’s not a big deal for a man to fuck around in Indonesia, but there was some political angles involved. He lost the control of the station.”

“Too bad.” Vikas remakred.

His fingers were slowly rubbing her bare pussy and she was moaning more in-between telling her story. Vikas pressed his hard dick between her ass cheeks and humped her with slow, grinding motions.

“Sir, you know you could just open your zip and enter me. My dress is very short and I will bend over on the railing…”

“I know, baby, but not here…” He said as he continued mauling her body “Carry on.”

Sony ground her ass on his dick and continued with a moan.

“Mmm…I tried my luck in Bangkok.” She continued “There are even more willing girls in Bangkok. But I knew what to do by now. I found a photographer who was looking for models for an ad project and went to see him personally in my shortest, tightest dress. It worked. He liked my look but he was hesitating, telling me I looked good but he will have to do screen test etc. etc. I told him he could fuck me every time he did a shoot for me or got me work. He told me I was selected.”

“Did that work well?” Vikas asked normally but his hand was now under her dress, and his fingertip teased open her pussy hole. Sony’s pussy juices leaked on to his hand and her own thighs.

“Oh god! Please fuck me, Sir!” She begged him “Please just enter me and nail me right here!”

“Not yet, baby, and not here.” He told her casually “Carry on with your story.”

But even as he said that he slid his long finger up into her soaking wet cunt. It penetrated very easily into her well-lubricated hole.

“God, you are torturing me!” Sony whimpered, then after a few deep breaths she continued “Yes, it worked well, for a while. He got me a nice portfolio. And I had a good print campaign for a Thai night club.”

She paused to take a breath while moving her hips to fuck herself on his finger.

“Did the club owner nail you?” Vikas asked.

“Yes, of course. His wife worked in the club with him so he could not fuck me there. He fucked me in the photo studio when my friend introduced me to him.”

“And then…?”

“I kept seeing the photographer friend. He used to fuck me regularly. He was quite good so I enjoyed it. But I wasn’t getting any more work there. I was good but there were girls who were hotter, and better connected. Then one day I saw an ad for this cruise company. I went for the interview, sucked the boss’s cock under his table…and got the job. That was 2 years ago.”

“And now?” Vikas asked as she stopped and moaned in his arms.

“Now I am going to be your bitch!” She said definitively.

“Oh really? Is that the plan?”

“Yes. It’s a big sign for me to meet you at this time. I will be stupid not to take it. I am going to leave this job and move to Bombay. This time I not going to just dabble in it. I am going to give it my all and become a model.”

“That’s great.” Vikas said “I am sure you will do it. And I will help you.”

“I know you will, Sir. But I want to be your bitch. You can fuck me any time you want, any place you like. I will only spread my legs for the men you approve whether they are ad exec’s or photographers or whatever. No boyfriends, of course. I will do only the projects and assignments you tell me to do and approve. I want to be under your complete control and guidance.”

Feeling his dick get harder and harder as she spoke in such submissive and determined tones, Vikas humped her from behind, his hands playing with her gorgeous, hot body very intimately.

“But you don’t need to sleep with me, baby. I will help you anyway. I have promised you.”

“You are a man of your word, I know that, and I know you will help me. But I very much want to be your illegal bahis siteleri personal bitch.” She declared.


Sony turned in his arms and pressed her big boobs to his chest as she looked up in his eyes “Because powerful men turn me on! And you are a strong, powerful man. In every way. On top of that you are so very sweet and kind. It just creams my pussy when I am near you, feeling your power. Please, please, fuck me Sir!”

“Not tonight.” He told her “But I will nail you tomorrow.”



“Will you start making me your bitch on this cruise?”

“Yes, if you want to be my bitch, let’s start your training from tomorrow.”

Sony smiled and pressed her lips to his. It turned out to be a hot, wet, breath-snatching kiss.


When Vikas got back to his stateroom, Kajal was already in bed. He opened the door with his key, undressed and brushed his teeth. Kajal didn’t stir.

He got fully naked and got in bed with her. Kajal stirred and turned to face him. She wrapped her arms around him.

“I can smell her perfume on you.” She whispered in his ear.

Moving her body closer to him, she rubbed his dick with her smooth, warm thigh. It got hard quickly. Kajal manoeuvred herself even closer and guided his head to her pussy hole.

“Please fuck me, baby!” She whispered in Vikas’ ear.

Vikas entered her with a smooth, slow stroke and started fucking her with deep strokes as she lifted her leg and wrapped it around his waist. He kept his hard, huge cock deep inside her and only moved his hips to fuck her. Kajal moaned and clung to him tightly. She kept smelling his neck as he pushed herself more and more urgently onto his cock.

They came together, in a huge, hot explosion of fluids. Kajal’s body jerked in his strong embrace as the hot orgasm rocked her body.

She started to pull back so she could lick him clean, Vikas stopped her by grabbing her buttocks.

“Now sleep!” He whispered in her ear.

“Oh God!” Kajal moaned and tried to sleep with her husband’s semi-hard dick inside her sloppy wet pussy.

It didn’t work very well. Within an hour she was wet again and begged him to fuck her again.

This time he got on top of her, pinned her down and nailed her hard. Kajal held on the sheet with her small fists and spread her legs wide for him to fuck her as deep as he wanted.

After that intense session, they were both able to sleep.


“Okay, I will be a captain.” Sony said.

“I am on your side.” Guddu said promptly.

“Me too.” Hemant chimed in.

“Me three.” Prakash said quickly.

“Who will be the other captain?” Sony asked.

“Of course, Jiju will be the second captain.” Rhea said “I am on Jiju’s side.”

“Hold on! Hold the horses!” Vikas said “Okay, I will be a captain. Fine. Sony can be the other team’s captain. That’s also fine. But then, captains will pick the teams. You can’t just pick yourself.”

They were all in the sports area of the ship which was quite impressive even if you didn’t take it into account that it was on a ship. Guddu and Prakash had proposed that they play cricket because they had a big family. Everybody had agreed that cricket would be fine for this morning’s sport. Now they were dividing teams.

Sony and Vikas stood side by side and everybody lined up in front of them.

“I won’t play. You kids play, I will watch.” Sonali said first.

“Mumma, you can be the umpire.” Rhea suggested.

“Yes, I can be the umpire.” She agreed.

“Okay that’s one player out so we are…” Vikas counted “nine people. We need one more to make even teams.”

“No problem. Evelyn!” Sony called out loudly and a minute later Evelyn joined the group.

“You pick first.” Sony said, looking at Vikas on her left.

“No, no, ladies first!” Vikas replied with a flourish.

“Okay. I pick Guddu.”

Guddu danced his way to her and stood on her right.

Vikas said “I pick Rhea!”

Rhea’s dance was equally jubilant as she came over, hugged Vikas and stood on his left.

Thereafter Sony picked Prakash, Hemant and Ameesha one by one. Vikas picked Kajal, Shriya and Evelyn.

“We still ended up on her team.” Guddu said “There was no use of all this delay.”

“Doesn’t matter.” Vikas replied calmly “It’s not about the result. It’s about the process. Now, you will listen to your captain, because she picked you, and my team will listen to me.”

“I thought you wanted some of us in your team. But you didn’t pick any of the three men.” Prakash said.

Vikas laughed in his face “Why would I pick you losers? I need a team that can win the game.”

“Oh yeah?” Prakash and Guddu both said.

“Hey! Hey!” Sony came between them “Save the sledging for the game. Captain, do you want to do the toss?”

“Sure.” Vikas took out a coin “Where are you coming?” He said to the others canlı bahis siteleri crowding around “Only the captains do the toss.”

He looked at Sony and gestured with an exaggerated flourish “Captain?”

“Sure, captain!” She said and followed beside him.

“You guys set up the pitch.” Vikas called out behind him.

Sony and Vikas walked a few metres away out of earshot. Sony was wearing a pair of very short denim shorts that covered her shapely ass very insufficiently, and a tight halter top with a sports bra. her long legs looked great as she walked.

“I want to nail you after the game.” Vikas said facing her as they stopped.

“Any time you want, Sir.” Sony agreed “But I will be sweaty and gross after playing cricket.”

“Don’t they have showers on this ship?”

“Oh, so you don’t want to fuck me right after the game? I thought you were the kinky type who liked sweaty girls, which is fine. It’s your choice how and when you want to do me. Should I call you after I shower?”

“No, I will have to send the family away first. We will anchor at Jakarta city right?” Vikas asked.

“Yes, Sir.” Sony replied.

“What time?”

“About noon.”

“Okay.” Vikas said “I will send the family to the city, they will have lunch there. I will stay back. I will come to your stateroom. I will nail you there, then we’ll have lunch together.”

“Sounds good, Sir. Will you nail me again after lunch?” Sony asked looking right into his eyes.

“But, of course. This is your training to become my bitch.”

“Can’t wait.” Sony licked her lips, then looked towards the pitch “They are ready. Shall we toss?”

“Yes!” Vikas held out the coin “Tails I will fuck your cunt first.” he said casually.

“And if it’s Heads?” Sony asked.

Vikas paused and looked into her eyes.

“Oh, I get it!” Sony blushed and smiled.

It came up Heads. Sony said “Good thing I am good at sucking cock.”

Picking up the coin Vikas said “We’ll bat first.”

“Yes, boss.” Sony said. They walked back to the others.

Sony took her players into a huddle to make strategy. Vikas did the same at the other end of the pitch.

“I know I have all girls on my team.” He said to his team “But I know you are all active girls. Rhea, you have played in college, right?”

“Yes, Jiju. I will kick their ass.” Rhea made a fist.

“Good. Evelyn, what about you?”

“I play every cruise, Sir. I think I am good now.” Evelyn said.

“Excellent!” He turned to Kajal “Any skill, jaan?”

“Not much, I played some in college, but I wasn’t very good.” Kajal admitted.

“No problem. Shriya?”

“I have three brothers, they always needed me to make the teams even.” Shriya said “I can do both bowling and batting.”

“Great! And I was on my college team. We won the inter-college up 3 years in a row.” Vikas gave them his credentials “Here’s the plan. I will save Shriya as my surprise weapon for the last. I and Rhea will open, then Evelyn will follow then Kajal. And Shriya in the end as I said. We need to try to make a 100. They can’t beat that.”

They broke the huddle. Rhea and Vikas padded up. All the equipment was genuine cricket kit except that they were playing with a tennis ball. The hard and heavy cricket ball was considered too much of a health and safety hazard on the ship.

Vikas faced Guddu for the first over. The first two balls went blank, then on the third one Vikas hit a four. Then again a four on the fourth ball.

“What are you doing, idiot?” Hemant called out to Guddu who didn’t reply except for a scowl.

On the next ball, they took one run and Rhea came to face the bowler. She survived the fifth ball and managed to hit it for one run on the last ball.

The over finished and Rhea came back to face the next bowler. Sony took the ball and started getting for her run-up.

She came to Vikas and asked in casual, low voice “What do you want me to wear Sir?”

Vikas also kept his expression neutral as he replied “Something very skimpy that I can fuck you in without taking it off.”

“Sure. I have just the thing in mind.” She smiled and walked away for her run-up.

It was only a 10-over match. Vikas’s team played well and managed to make 91 runs. Vikas and Shriya were not out. He was right in keeping her as a secret weapon. The guys’ faces were a study when she hit her first four. She made 24 of the 91 runs herself. Vikas made 32.

For the defending team, Sony and Guddu came to open. Guddu got out in the second over on Vikas’ ball when Shriya caught his ambitious stroke that he was playing for a six.

Three balls later when Sony was the runner and Hemant was on strike, Vikas was about to bowl when he came over to Sony and said softly “If you win this match I am going to spank your ass.”

She replied unfazed “I must try harder to win then.”

Even though it was a short match, it turned out to be quite exciting. Sony’s team was just about to lose when Prakash hit a six on Kajal’s ball in the last over, on the last ball. Evelyn tried for a catch but just missed it. They needed 2 runs, they got 6. They were jubilant.

After shaking hands with Vikas, Sony turned to her team and declared “Come on, I will take my team for ice cream.”

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