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Marseille by Night

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It was two weeks after she’d left for France. We were talking on the phone as we usually did about 10pm. When Marie suggested that I high-tale my ass over there and come see her. Well what’s a Guy to do? Especially when your girlfriend’s the most gorgeous thing you’ve ever seen. 5ft 4 tall, Blue eyes, Blonde hair (she thinks is messy) that when its in tussles and you wake up next to her and its all about, wow! Plus a body and ass that’s so sexy you find it hard to control yourself about her (which can be a real pain when your at family do’s or restaurant) and coupled with that she’s my best friend. It’s a no brainer. So of course that night I was at my computer searching the Internet for a flight to Marseilles soon as possible.

Two days later its about 10 o’clock and IM on the plane to Marseilles. Having already had a connecting flight to Paris, Which flew at 6:50 in the morning. Finally I arrived in Marseilles, it was 1 o’clock and I had to make my way to the train station at St Charles.I rang Marie to let her know I was here. She was going to meet me but not taking into account the time difference I rang her thirty minutes late (which I actually thought was thirty minutes early), needless to say she wasn’t too impressed as she had lessons to get out of and meetings to be back for. So feeling like a pleb I hung up the phone, not the arrival call id wanted to make.

Still I was so excited at seeing my Marie I spent the rest of the bus journey on the edge of my seat. Pulling into the station there she was. She was dressed casual in jeans and a T-shirt but wore the sexiest rye smile, that said “your late you pleb” but at the same time didn’t hold back her excitement or joy. If id ever began to forget just how amazing she was I was quickly reminded. I got off the bus as fast as I could and went straight to her to give her a big hug and kiss. I missed her so much and didn’t want to let her go and it felt so good that she wasn’t letting me go either. We had to leave pretty soon and get a move on, as she had to be back at uni to get to meetings.

I remember getting the metro and bus service, all the way to her uni I was filled with sheer excitement and felt like a kid on his birthday. We met up with her friends who she lived with Sara and Alison. Then she went into a meeting whilst I grabbed a bite to eat in the canteen, I was so excited at seeing her and then shed had to leave me alone for a while till she was finished. I was pulling my hair out just wanted her to myself but had to wait a little yet. (Not told her this before but I wanted to pull her into one of the empty class rooms or into a store cupboard and take her every which way.)

Eventually she came out of her meeting and we were off back to the flat. Back at the flat Marie showed me round and then pulled me into the bedroom to get reacquainted with a big snog and a hug. Needles to say my hands were all over her feeling her bum and roaming over her hips and sides whilst kissing her deeply. It was fantastic and we both had big grins as we explored one another’s body. We stopped shortly because of the other girls being there in the flat. As it turned out though they were going to sleep for a while so we decided that we’d do the same. It didn’t turn out quiet like that and sooner rather than later we were pawing once more at each other’s cloths trying to get them off. Undressed and being as quiet as we could we got into bed and started to kiss with a real passion, hands all over each other just wanting to grab a piece of each other. I started to kiss her lower and worked my way over here body. Kissing my way over her neck and then down over her chest taking her nipples into my mouth and gently sucking and licking them until they became erect and full. I continued down over her belly and ran my hands up and down her sides, which tickled her, and she squirmed from the soft touch. Slowly going even lower I came to her pelvis and softly kissed over it before going to the inner of her thighs and gently kissing there.I could smell her aroma which was light and intoxicating, my cock began to twitch. It was time and I wanted more than anything to get to her pussy and nuzzle into her sex and then work her into a frenzy. I started by licking along the length of her slit and teased her with my tongue slowly slipping inside her before pulling out and planting a kiss on her sex.

I moved up to her clitoris and slowly began to lick away and manipulate it till it had become swollen; I looked up to see her face but she had covered herself with a pillow. I was hoping she was biting the pillow because it was too much for her. I love to know that Marie comes when I’m down on her. That gave me motivation enough, so I started to work her a little faster, applying a little more pressure as I went, soon she was very wet and I could hear the muffled moans from under the pillow. With that I inserted one then two fingers into her and whilst licking her clit slowly moved my fingers in and out of illegal bahis her sex. It felt tight and I couldn’t wait to get my cock inside her, which by this time was full to its capacity and bulging with anticipation of sliding into her hot moist box. I removed my fingers and worked her clit hard, with that I felt her hands clasp around my head and pull me into her.

I took that as a sign she was on the edge and with that I worked faster and harder to the point where my head threshed a little to ease the tongue fatigue. Her hips raised off the bed and she began to buck from the hips, she pulled me in harder and I was smothered by her but continued to lick away till she had finished. She lay back on the bed releasing her grip around me, I continued to gently work her but she grabbed the side s of my head and pulled me up to her, we kissed deeply and I could feel her heaving chest underneath me as we did. Her fingers ran through my hair and about my ears, I didn’t notice she had removed them as we kissed but was quickly aware of where they were when I felt her hands clasp around the shaft of my cock. She worked my member up and down getting me even harder if that was at all possible. She slowly parted her legs a little and the pulled on my member till it was at the entrance of her pussy. I moved up to accommodate her, then looked her in the eyes as I slid into her all the way.

With that I almost came as her wet hot pussy sheathed around my cock. I had to hold it there for a second till the moment passed and bury my head into her tussles to keep from going over the top. My cock became accustomed to its surroundings, with that I started to slowly work in and out of her. Everything about her was so beautiful from the way she looked as I slid my tool in to the hilt an pulled it back to the tip, to the smell of her body and the touch of her skin. I couldn’t help myself and with that I had to push into her hard and fast, picking up speed. I knew I wouldn’t last long but this was never going to be a long session any way. I pumped her as hard as I could and had to reach up and hold onto her shoulders so I could continue at such a pace. I felt my cock contract as I slid out. I thrust back into her with all I had, with that I felt my balls contract and my cock swell and become full to its brim, then with a moan as the feeling became to much I began to fill her with my cum and buck as I came.

It only lasted for a short time but I was breathing heavy and collapsed exhausted onto of her. I remained inside of her until my cock became limp and my breathing had calmed down. We kissed, hugged and told each other how we loved one another. Then laughed at the length of the session before se went to the bathroom to clean up, I watched her as she got up and walked away, she was so sexy her ass moving from side to side looked perfect and with that I felt my cock become hard again. She came back into the bedroom, god I wanted her again I and I was ready to. Once in bed and under the sheets she became aware of my rigid member and gave me a squeeze and rubbed me up and down. When she said

“Sorry hunny your gonna have to wait till later.” And gave me a sexy grin. Oh my life what a tease, I needed to be in her right now but it wasn’t to be and she was adamant about that. Ah well later it was then and in the mean time it was a good chance to snuggle up to her and fall asleep in one another’s arms for some much needed rest on my part.

I awoke some time later to the sight I loved so much, My baby sleepy eyed lay about me naked with her hair across me in that manner so befitting. She soon arose after me and we looked into one another’s eyes and smiled. “I love you,” she said. Which brought about a huge smile “I love you too” I replied. We snuggled up to each other and held on tightly as two people who are deeply in love doing.

It was getting time for dinner and the growls from my stomach let Marie know. “You hungry Babe” she asked. “Starving, need a big steak or something but if your offering id love to take a bite outta your sexy little ass. “I cheekily put forward. “Would you now you great hornball, well I’m not so there!” She retorted and got up threw her robe on and went to see what was going on for dinner but not before flashing me her backside and grinning smugly as she walked away.

When she came back she told me that her and the girls hadn’t been out on the town since they’d got there and so would I like to eat and then head out on a night out with them. I was shattered but knew how much it meant to her that we all go out get to know one another and see what Marseilles by night is all about. I agreed and spent the next hour pouring coffee down my neck so as to not fall asleep and be ready for what lay ahead. We ate soon after that and got ready to go out. I decided to wear dark jeans and my white short sleeve linen shirt, which I knew turned Marie on as she often told me how much she liked me in it. I was ready quite quickly and Adele sent illegal bahis siteleri me off to iron some cloths that she wanted to wear. Bloody typical, I fly thousands of miles to do house chores!

I didn’t mind really and really didn’t mind when she ammerged from her room ready. She wore her denim skirt which shows reaches down to the top of her knee and shows off all the curves of her sexy behind, then reveals just enough of her legs to get your pulse racing and yet still leave you guessing as to where they lead. The top she wore was nothing less as exciting as the skirt. Virtually see through except for the covering of her breasts. It was a very fine and light pink lace which came down over her shoulder revealing her soft and delicate skin, giving a hint as to what was beneath but leaving much to the imagination.

It seems to me that’s how Marie likes to show her self. She doesn’t make things so obvious that there’s no mystery but at the same time she gives you good starting point from which to wonder and boy does she pull it off. Talk about jaw dropping, I didn’t want to go out now just wanted to get those cloths slung about the room and her into a nice warm bed. Except that wasn’t to be.

We finally got onto the streets of Marseilles and one of the lively spots of the town. There were rows of cafes which had large seating areas put out onto the pavement infront of them, which were bustling with people. All about the place was a sense of life and good times. We were in and out of bars and cafes talking all night, taking in the atmosphere of the View Port. One thing I noticed was the number of men who stopped to stare at the girls. None more so than Marie, whether it was because she was the only blonde and stood out from the other two girls, who were dark skinned and brunette or simply because she was so hot, I don’t know.

It did get to me a little all these guys leering at her but then I felt rather smug cause all these guys wanted my baby and she was mine. I don’t need telling how gorgeous and sexy she is but when a whole host of guys cant take their eyes of her it’s a pretty good reminder. I took great pride in kissing her and pinching her bum, not because I was showing her off as a trophy or anything because I do that any way, just felt a bit more smug this time. I’m sure Marie likes it as well knowing that men find her desirable and gives her a certain confidence that’s irresistible. We ended up in a club for the rest of the night and after many more drinks and a bit of dancing it was time to be heading back home to the flat.

We all staggered in the flat and after a short chat wrapped things up and decided it was time for bed. Marie went into the kitchen and got us some drinks whilst I went into the bedroom. Her balcony windows were open and I stepped out to the view of Marseilles by night. It was gorgeous; all about us were hills, mountainous ranges and the hotels and apartment buildings that were set on them. Every buildings shape could be just made out by the few remaining lights which shone from the rooms and off in the distance was one of the more prestigious apartments lit up in all its glory by search lights at it foundation. I was relay taken in by the view and didn’t notice that Marie had come up behind me,

“You like that?” she asked, as she wrapped her arms around me and squeezed me gently. I turned to face her and said, “not as much as I like you “. We the kissed deeply.

“I’ve missed you so much, “she said.”.

” I’ve missed you too, I love you so much”.

“I love you too” And with that we kissed again more deeply than before and embraced one another. Adele then whispered in my ear “The girls are all in bed, get undressed and wait for me. Be back in a second, I’ve got a surprise for you.” I certainly wasn’t going to be told twice and was undressed before shed left the room. She didn’t come back for a while so I decided to sit outside on one of the patio chairs and take in the view once more and relax. Marie came back in the room quietly as not to rouse me and with that she popped out on the balcony. Within an instant my cock sprang into life as I took in what was before me.

Marie had an ivory silk crop top nighty on and nothing else. I looked up and down in amazement as she stood there cross-legged biting her finger seductively. The silk top she wore lightly flowed over her breasts and revealed a little flesh at the bottom.I could also see her nipples poking through the shiny material, she looked amazing.

“So what do you think?” she asked, then stooping over to whisper in my ear said, “I see he likes it” she took my now throbbing member in hand and gave it a squeeze. I stammered and tried to tell her how mind blowing she looked but my words failed me and tapered of in to a jittery ramble of nothing. She stopped me there, her lips millimetres from my ear so that I could not only hear but feel hear heaving breath on me, “just relax hunny, I’ve wanted to do this since canlı bahis siteleri you got here.” And with that she removed her whispers from my ear and began to kiss me about the neck.

Her touch was fantastic and I began to notice she had put a perfume on id bought her. Her kisses roamed about me gradually working their way over my chest taking my nipples in mouth before moving over my stomach. She kissed about my sides whilst her hands explored my chest her nails occasionally digging into me. Slowly she worked lower and was at my pelvis. I couldn’t believe it; Marie wasn’t shy when it came to the bedroom. She enjoyed sex very much but was a little apprehensive when the re was a possibility of others being about and able to see. The balcony opened up to the view of many other hotels. Only had smoked glass screens blocking the next balcony along and one of the other girls was only inches away separated by a thin wall.My cock was rigid from all of the possibilities but non more so from the smouldering look Adele had.

She took it in hand and slowly worked it up and down. This is it I thought she’s gonna suck me off. I love it when Marie sucks my cock; she can be down there for ages and have me right on the verge off cumming for as long as she wants. She was now on her knees between my legs and was watching my cock as she stroked it along its full length. Marie looked up and smiled and then her face was turned downward, I closed my eyes and leaned back in anticipation of what was about to happen but instead she moved it to the side and took my balls into her mouth. I let out a gasp as she sucked and used her tongue on my balls and continued to pump my swelled member.

After a short time she released the hold on my balls and still holding the shaft of my cock licked up and down slowly teasing me. As she reached the top she swirled her tongue about the head, which had swelled and became purple.She did this again but as she swirled over my helmet she sealed around it with her lips and went down the length of my cock taking it into her mouth. I couldn’t hold back and let slip a very faint “oh Fuck, Yes”.

At first she went slowly taking my member gradually further into her mouth with each plunge. Her hair fell over the top of her and whether because it was in the way or because she wanted me to see, she pulled her hair back and ran it behind her ear. I was lost completely as the sound of her muffled breathing and occasional slurp rose into the air. Slowly she began to pick up the pace and the long slow strokes that enveloped my cock were replaced with the frantic bobbing of her head. I was squirming in my seat and thought I would blow my load at any time. She had taken the base of my cock in hand and began to pump vigorously as she sucked the head, all the time digging into my chest or legs with her nails before removing them to hold and squeeze my balls. I thought that was it, I couldn’t take any more and was going to come. At that moment though she slowed right down and went back to the long slow strokes she stayed like this for a moment and the pulled her self away kissed my head and then stood up.

“Did you like that?” she asked.

“Yeah” was all I could muster and sighed heavily as I said it.

“Well, its not over yet baby “and with that she pulled out another chair. She turned and faced it opposite to where I was sat and put my legs up on to it. Then turned back to face me and grinned “Oh boy are you in for the time, oops sorry, I mean ride of your life.”

Oh my word. I know its not much but those few words defiantly sent my pulse racing, brought a smile to my face and made me want her more than anything. She moved to the side of me so that her pussy was right in front of my face and I took in the aroma of her sweet smelling sex. Then placed her hands on my shoulders, leant down and gave me a long kiss whilst straddling over my out stretched legs. Still kissing me she reached down and took my cock into her hands and slowly began to pump me. I was as hard as hard as I had ever been and pleaded with her to put me inside her. With that she moved my member to the entrance of her pussy and slowly sank down. I twitched and moaned as the head of my cock touched her parted lips and sighed deeply as she applied pressure to break ground. She was wet but very tight and as my member was swelled beyond its limit, it was hard for her to take me in. She pulled up and I felt the head of my cock being released from her tight grasp.

“Do you want me to go down on you?” I asked

“No, I want that long fat cock inside me right now!” she replied mater of factly, to which she lent over me and from beneath my chair she pulled out a small tub of Vaseline. Marie had placed it there when she had first came into the room but I was too dumb struck by her beauty to even notice. She lifted the lid took a splooge of the Vaseline into her hands and then worked them together, spreading the slippery applicant evenly across her hands.

Once more she reached down and starting from the base worked the Vaseline up my length. For a minute one hand after another grabbed my cock and coated it all the way to the tip. I was horny as every and dying to get inside my baby.

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