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Measuring Windows

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Janet was feeling down. Glen was accusing her of being “unfaithful”, of cheating on him, which in the broad sense was true. He didn’t mind her having sex with other men when he was there, but he’d found out that Ron, from next door, dropped in once in a while and he was furious.

Men could be such assholes, she said to herself. They wanted things their way or not at all. She loved Glen in her own way, but having relations with other men was important to her mental health. A couple of months ago there had been that fine young man who’d worked on the wall by the garden, and fucked her as she lay face down on the picnic table on the deck. But he’d finished the job and moved on. Man she could use some of that right now.

She wandered into the bedroom, opened a draw and fingered some of her best lingerie. Suddenly she had an idea. She tore off her jeans, her sweater and underwear, and ran into the shower. She had a nice long hot shower, making sure all her special places were clean. When she’d dried off she walked into the bedroom and looked at herself in the mirror.

“God I look good.” She thought as she examined herself in the mirror, then sat down on the bed, reached into the draw of her bedside table and took out her vibrator. No, first I’ll have a little smoke to get myself in the mood. She lit up a joint and sucked in the heavy sweet smoke. That’s more like it.

She lay back, spread her legs and put the vibrator on her clitoris.

“Aaah.” She sighed “That’s heaven.”

Then she remembered — “Oh shit, that old man is coming to measure the windows. What time is it?”

She looked at her watch, “He’ll be here in fifteen minutes.”

She and Glen had decided to have double pane windows put in. They’d gone to the shop and met this nice older man who’d been recommended, and he was coming today to measure all the windows in the house. “What fun it would be to dress up in my nicest underwear and tease the old guy.” She thought.

Quickly she dressed stockings, garterbelt, heels, black bra and panties — those flared panties would appeal to an old guy. Then a short skirt and blouse. NO! A black negligee. She wouldn’t button it all the way, and as she walked the split in front would reveal as much as she wanted.

She was still putting her makeup on when the doorbell rang. She’d make him wait a couple of minutes while she finished the job. Nice, very inviting. For a woman of forty plus, Janet was absolutely yummy, she knew it and flaunted it. A natural red head, nice slender body and really nice legs, she’d always wished she had bigger breasts, but men liked what she had, and always paid a lot of attention to them, she liked that.

She looked herself over once more in the mirror before buttoning up the negligee, making sure it was unbuttoned half way up her thigh. This was going to be fun, she just hoped the old guy wouldn’t have a heart attack, then she heard the doorbell again.

“Come in, Mister………..” As she opened the door she found herself facing a much younger guy. “Who are you?” This was a pleasant surprise, instead of the old fellow, whose name was now driven from her mind; there was a man of about twenty-five. Nice looking guy, Latin or Italian probably.

“Hi! Mister Seidel couldn’t make it, he’s sick, and he hoped it was okay if I came by myself instead.”

“Uh well….yeah, I guess so.” She was speechless. She felt naked in front of a much younger man than she had expected, and probably as a result of smoking the weed, couldn’t think straight.

“My name’s Rick.” He went on. “I was supposed to help the boss do the measuring, but he said maybe you could give me a hand. Just holding the tape at one end, that sort of thing. But you’re not dressed for it, so maybe we’d better postpone it.”

She looked Rick over for a couple of minutes. He was nicely built, a little short, but then she had heels on. He was quite handsome, with a wonderful smile, and nervous, but she wasn’t going to postpone this! He had the sort of build she liked, not really muscular, but then not fat, in fact, just right.

“No no, that’s okay, if you just need someone to hold the end of the tape. Come in.” She could think of something she’d like to measure! This WAS going to be fun.

Rick had got the truck ready that morning, then old man Seidel said he wasn’t feeling good, so Rick could do the measuring for the windows himself, he said, and if necessary the woman at the address could probably help by holding the tape. It should be an easy job though, he thought.

Rick had only been working about four months and had made an impression on the boss, but this was the first time he’d gone out alone. He still lived at home with his parents, but paid more than his share of expenses, so didn’t feel like moving out and was saving a lot this way. He was a shy kid who’d had only a couple two girlfriends, he really liked girls only he was too shy to ask them out.

He had no real hobbies unless you count working out at the gym, hiking, mostly with buddies, bird watching, oh and, of course, masturbation. göztepe escort He loved watching girls or looking at magazines, then jerking off. He was always careful not to leave any evidence around for his mother to find, though. His mother thought he was such a good boy, but his father knew better, his only fear being that he would turn queer like his uncle Freddy.

He’d been expecting an older woman, and while this woman was more than ten years older than him, she was a knockout. Besides, she was hardly dressed, and he felt the warmth rising in his crotch. He brought his tools into the house, and followed her, and it seemed that he could almost see through the black thing she was wearing. In fact when she stood in the sunlight by the window he could see the outline of her body, and what she had on underneath that black thing.

He felt almost sick with excitement and was torn two ways: one, to just stand and watch her walking around the house, the other to find a place to jack-off. He wanted to do it while he watched her, or to go off somewhere, anywhere, take out his cock and rub it briskly, until it squirted and the sperm flew. No! No! He thought, first get the job done, then there’d be time for sport.

She was talking to him as he stood there in a daze.

“………and then let me know when you need help, or should I help you right away?”

“I’m sorry I didn’t hear what you said.” As he blushed.

“My, you seem to be miles away, probably thinking about your girlfriend. Shall I help

you right now? I’ve got nothing else on.” This WAS going to be fun!

“Yes…..I mean no. I don’t need help with the small windows, but when I get to the big

ones and the sliders I might have to call you.”

“Would it bother you if I sat and watched?” Janet loved to watch a man at work.

“Oh God. ” He thought, would it bother him. “No, I wouldn’t mind if you watched.” But

I could watch you all day, standing just where you are beside the window, where I

see what you’ve got on. Bra, stockings and a garter belt, or is it pantyhose?

“Good,” She said, “Well I’ll just sit over here and read, and you call me when you need me.”

“Okay, then I’ll get to work.”

There were three small windows in the living room, then he got to the slider.

“If you have a step stool, maybe you could hold the tape at the top, and I’ll take the reading at the bottom.”

She went to get the step stool, set it by the sliding door, and he handed her the end of the tape measure. She stepped up on the stool with her feet on the lower and upper steps, and as she did her negligee fell away from the knee on the upper step. Rick stared at her beautiful leg, revealed all the way until the stocking top and the tab on the garter were showing. Then he went down on one knee to read the tape, his nose inches away from her knee.

He could smell her perfume, see her thigh. He felt dizzy.

“Okay, that’s 87 inches — I mean 78 inches. Wait, stay there, I’ll have to remeasure.”

Janet smiled as he went down again, so close to her knee, to her thigh, to……..She mustn’t think of it, not now.

“Right, 78 inches. Now if you’ll hold the end of the measure just inside the bottom of the frame…..”

“Like this?” As she went down on one knee and her negligee fell further open, and Rick saw the stocking top and garter.

Yes, oh yes, he thought, but said, “Yes that’s fine, just hold it there while I check it out.” And he gazed at her lovely thigh.

“Shall I stay just like this?” Janet asked as she smiled at him.

“That’s perfect.” This was driving him crazy and he loved every minute.

Rick continued to measure all the windows, and Janet helped with the bigger ones and each time Rick saw more or less of her underwear, but was more settled down, now. Soon he’d be free to enjoy himself. To find a wooded spot, maybe up the hill across the way, take out his cock and find some relief. After all he’d seen today it would be wonderful, and he’d remember this beautiful woman, and imagine he was fucking her. He’d imagine those wonderful thighs were wrapped around him while they kissed and fucked.

She was speaking to him again. “……….you are in a daze today, aren’t you. I just asked if you’d like a cup of coffee or tea, or maybe a glass of wine. I’m going to smoke a joint, myself, but I’m sure you’re not allowed to do that.”

“A joint? You mean marijuana?”


“I’ve never done that.”

“Would you like to try it?”

“I shouldn’t.”

“I’ll go and get it while you make up your mind.”

Soon Janet was back with the cigarette already lit up.

“Here.” She held it out to him. “Just draw it in deep, hold it as long as you can, then let it out.”

He did as she told him to do. Nothing.

“Sit down. It takes a few minutes at first.” As she took another drag, sitting opposite him, legs crossed, and negligee loosely falling away from her knee.

He took another drag, then looked at her, feeling a little lightheaded kurtköy escort now. He realized that he could see her panties.

“Do you know I can see your underwear?” He said. “And I’ve been able to see your underwear every time we measured together.”

“Could you? And what do you see now.” As she uncrossed her legs and spread them slightly apart.”

“Now I can really see you panties.”

“Would you like to kiss me? I’d like you to.”

Rick got up, now feeling quite lightheaded and carefree, leaned over Janet as she sat with her head back, and kissed her. It felt as if she was sucking him into her mouth, and soon their tongues were entwined, meeting, exploring each other’s mouths.

He went down on one knee, his hand fondling her breast through her clothing. Their mouths were still locked together as she started to undo her negligee. Now his hand was on her bra, kneading her tit, so she undid the clasp in front and his hand was on her soft breast.

Rick’s mind was a complete fog. This situation was beyond his wildest dreams as his hands and mouth moved automatically to their natural targets, her mouth and her breasts. These weren’t the firm breast of girls he’d touched in the past, but soft mature breasts. However the nipple responded in the same way as he rolled it between his thumb and finger, and soon stood erect.

Janet too was in a daze, but she knew where she was going. She wanted this young man, and could imagine his hard cock sticking out from his pants. She could imagine it already dripping and wanted to feel the smooth head in her hand, in her mouth……….sliding into her vagina. This was going to be a wonderful morning.

They went on like this for several minutes, as his mouth found her tit, sucked on it, then nibbled the nipple, and she was making soft contented noises.

“Oh, sooo nice. That feels so good. Aah yes.”

Now his free hand slid down her body to her silky panties, where he found the leg and slipped his hand in. He found her soft pubic hair, then his fumbling, exploring fingers found her moist slit, and there at the top, her clitoris. He started to rub it gently.

She gave a huge sigh. “Oh God, that’s it. Right there.” She felt his hesitant fingers rubbing her most sensitive spot, then penetrating her vagina. She wanted his cock in her, she wanted everything, NOW, but held back, enjoying the moment.

“Just as minute.” She said. Then raising her buttocks she pulled her panties over her knees, over her feet, almost in slow motion, and threw them across the room.

Slowly she opened her legs, inviting him to continue, to do what he wanted with her now-open cunt. Rick didn’t need a second invitation, but stood up, pulled off his pants, then looked at the spot between Janet’s spread legs. He’d never seen a woman’s vagina before because all his lovemaking had been in darkened places. It was open, showing the red inner labia, waiting for him. It looked bigger than he’d thought.

“Shall I…..can I…..lick it?” He asked hesitantly, as he gazed at her open crotch.

She watched him in amusement, even spreading a little wider for him.

“Never ask a woman that. My cunt is open for your, for my pleasure. Do what you want with it!”

He fell on his knees between her legs, as she lay back with her eyes closed, and felt his fingers opening her, then his tongue hesitantly flick out, lick, then start to lick in earnest. For Janet this was heaven, she always loved to have her cunt licked, but this young man would need some instruction.

“There right at the top, lick my clit. Not too hard…….Aaah that’s it.”

Rick wasn’t sure at first if he really wanted to do this. Her musky smell was strange, almost unpleasant, but very compelling.

“You can spread it with your fingers. Yes, like that. Oh..oh, yes good. Rub inside a little bit. Aaah so fine.”

Rick was getting into it now. Her smell was inspiring him, and his fingers stretching her opening wider, brought more of her internal odor out.

Janet was getting inspired too. “That’s it! Stretch it wider! Fuck me with your fingers.” She wanted more. “Harder, lick harder. Stretch it wider, harder with your fingers, harder, harder!”

And she gave a huge groan as she reached an orgasm.

“That’s enough! That’s enough! Stop! Fuck me now.”

Rick stood up between her legs.

“Don’t I need a rubber?”

“JUST FUCK ME!” Janet almost screamed. Where was his cock?

Rick ripped his shorts off, fell on his knees in front of her gaping hole, and shoved his dripping cock into it. In his mind he was thinking that it was big, maybe he shouldn’t have stretched it so much. But now he was ramming his cock into it.

Bang ..bang..bang..he went. It felt so good, he’d never really enjoyed fucking so much. But then, suddenly, uncontrollably, he felt the surge deep in his cock, in his balls, and knew he was coming. He didn’t want to come so quickly, but he couldn’t control it.

He started to shoot inside her.

“Ah..ahh…aah..Oh God that’s good. I’m sorry.. pendik escort ah… yes. Oh you’re so good.”

Then he lay still between her legs, which she wrapped around him.

“That was quick, my little lover. I hope you last longer next time.” She said quietly.

“I’m real sorry,” Rick answered. “I was so worked up, I couldn’t stop it.”

“That’s okay.” She whispered. They kissed. He wondered how she could kiss him after he’d been licking her, but her kissing was more tender now, more loving.

“I hope you’ll be able to come back in a few minutes, I’d like you to make love to me many times.”

“I don’t know,” He said nervously, ” I’ve never tried to do it more than once.”

“Then I’m going to have to teach you if you’re going to be my lover.” She smiled at him.

“Your lover? “

“Yes, my lover. I have several lovers, and love each one when he’s with me, fucking me.”

Other lovers? What sort of woman was this? But it excited him to think he could become her lover. He started to pull out of her and she opened her legs to release him.

“Be careful! Don’t drip on the floor.” She called softly.

He stood up and again gazed at her red vagina now lying open but with a white glob of his sperm oozing from it. It made him think of what she’d said, that she had many lovers. Did they all look at her cunt, did they all see their come dripping out of her red hole?

“Didn’t your mother tell you it’s rude to stare?” as she closed her legs.

“I’m sorry.” He said as he reached for the Kleenex she offered him. “It’s just that I’ve never really seen………….”

“…..A woman’s vagina?” She finished the sentence for him. “A woman’s cunt after you’ve used it?”

“I’m sorry.” He said, and Janet laughed.

“Silly boy, they all do that.”

Janet took a kleenex, wiped herself off and got up.

“Let’s go back to the bedroom to have some more fun.” And she took his hand and started to lead him down the hall, but before they got all the way the doorbell rang.

She told him to go on down to the bedroom and went to the door.

Was it another of her lovers, Rick wondered. Maybe her husband? In either case he’d have to leave, he was sure. But no, it was the postman.

Damn, Janet thought, this mailman had a way of showing up at the most inconvenient times, as she opened the door.

“Package you have to sign for ma’am.” The mailman told her. He could have just left it at the mailbox with a slip, but he liked going up to the house, he never knew what he’d see. This time he noticed there was a glass company truck parked outside, and when she came to the door she had on a see-through robe thing. What now? He wondered.

“Okay.” She said as he handed her the package and then his clipboard. “Where do I sign.”

“Right on that line.” He told her. She tried to sign holding the clipboard in her hand, but couldn’t hold it steady. She put her foot up on the wicker chair on the porch, to rest the clipboard on her knee, and her negligee fell away revealing her knee, then as it slipped more, her thigh, stocking top and garter. The mailman felt dizzy, because as he moved slightly to the right he could see pubic hair.

“Did you know your robe was undone?” He asked Janet as he took back the clipboard.

“Oh, thank you.” She smiled as she glanced down and started to button it up.

He stumbled down the steps in a daze, got in the van and drove off. He knew what he had to do. He’d drive up the hill to the wooded area beyond the houses, take out his cock and jack off. This woman was wonderful! She never ceased to tantalize him, to tease him, though he thought it wasn’t intentional. He had to be more careful though. Last time his wife had asked what the sticky stuff was in his shorts when she did the laundry.

When she went back to the bedroom Janet found Rick had her vibrator and was playing with it.

“Naughty boy! Who said you could play with my toys?”

She laughed as she took it away from him. “There’ll be time for that later. Right now I want you to hold me and kiss me.”

She took her negligee off and hung it up, then started to take her stockings off.

“NO! Don’t do that, I love your legs with stockings on. They’re beautiful.”

“Aren’t you men funny. Nearly every man likes me to keep my stockings on. And my heels too?”


She lay down beside Rick and kissed him, then reached down for his limp penis.

She held his cock while they talked.

“Do you have a girlfriend?”

“Not really.”

“Then what do you do, masturbate?”

“Sometimes.” He lied. He jacked off all the time.

“There’s no harm in that, in fact that’s what I use my vibrator for.”

“You’ve had lots of men?” He asked her.

“Well, I suppose so. Depends what you mean by ‘lots'”

“You said that you have several lovers, boyfriends, just now. How many is that?”

“Let’s see…………I’m not sure who to count, do I count you? Maybe four who I see now and then.”

“How many do you think you’ve had altogether?”

“You are getting inquisitive. Perhaps a hundred or a hundred and fifty. Do you want names too?”

“No, sorry, I shouldn’t ask so many questions.” But his mind was racing. She’d had that many men and he was just another.

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