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My Sister’s Friends

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This is not a quick jerk story. Neither is it hardcore sex. It is a story of a young man with Cerebral Palsy and how he finds learns about love through his sister’s friends. How much of this story is true I will leave for you to decide. Names have been changed to protect the guilty. It will be multiple parts. Constructive feedback is appreciated.

I’ve been reading on here for some time, but now I just have to share what happened to me!


I’m not 6′ 3″ and 190 lbs of rippling muscles. I might be close to 6’3″ if I didn’t have Cerebral Palsy, leaving me closer to 5’10”. I’m not complaining, mind you! I know a lot of guys with CP who have it a lot worse than do I. I can walk, albeit a bit awkwardly, but I’m not confined to a wheelchair, and my speech, while not really clear is understandable. But anyway, this story isn’t about all of that.

My parents are rather well to do, or as we would say, comfortable, so Dad had an in-ground pool put in our back yard when I was going into my teens. The idea was to use it for therapy, and I spend a good bit of time in the pool. My sister, who is two years younger than I, was interested in swimming, so while it isn’t Olympic size it is a large pool, in order to accommodate both of our needs and desires.

I just completed my sophomore year at a college here in town, but I don’t want to mention the name. It wouldn’t be very hard to figure out who we are if I did, and I don’t want to embarrass my parents or my sister. It is a well-regarded private school, not just a community college. Nothing wrong with a community college, don’t get me wrong, but with my folk’s dough they wouldn’t let me settle for that.

I do use a scooter for getting around on the campus just because of the time factor, as I don’t walk quickly enough to get from class to class on time, but other than that I’m mobile on my own.

Anyway, you don’t really care anything about all of that I’m sure.

This is about what happened two weeks ago the day after my sister’s high school graduation party. We are in a gated community, and the nearest house is almost a quarter of a mile away. My dad put a privacy fence around the pool and a good portion of our back yard also, so no one can really see what goes on.

The party had gone on rather late, and there were quite a few people there. Several of my sister’s friends from school attended, and Shellie, Jasmine, and Kate stayed over for the night. I’m not much of a party animal, so I made an appearance and circulated amongst the guests only as long as I thought was enough to be polite and then I called it a night and went to my room to do some reading.

I didn’t have to get up as early as during the school year to do my therapy before class, but wouldn’t you know it, right when I finally had the chance to sleep in and catch up on some rest I woke up at the normal time, wide awake, and unable to rest. I decided I’d go ahead and get a head start on the day and get my therapy out of the way, so I put on some board shorts, grabbed a towel and made my way to the pool.

I eased myself into the water and started doing my stretches. The cool water felt good to me as I did my workout. It might not seem all that strenuous to you, but to me it takes quite a bit of effort. We used to heat the pool, but after I started working out in it we learned it was better cool. That made it a little harder on the family I know, but I guess they love me or something, because Dad shut the heater off. My sister, Kay, doesn’t really mind, though because she is normally swimming laps. Mom and Dad mostly just use the hot tub now.

Anyway, as I started to tell you, I was doing my workout when Mom came out the back door. “Jared, your Dad and I are leaving now. We should be back late tonight. Don’t wait up for us.” I had forgotten they were flying up to Chicago for a conference. They wouldn’t get back home until the wee hours at best, which meant I was stuck with Kay and her friends. Don’t get me wrong. They were nice girls, and all as cute as a button, but I didn’t have anything they wanted, and I didn’t have anything in common with them either. We were polite to each other, but really didn’t hang together.

Because of my CP no girls were interested in dating me. On the surface I understand, but on the inside I’m just as much of a red-blooded male as anybody else! I liked girls, especially pretty ones, and I frequently was frustrated by their disdain for me. Cerebral Palsy is not hereditary, so even if we were to marry and have kids it wouldn’t be a problem. Of course, I am not tall dark and handsome, but I couldn’t even get any action from the ugly girls either.

Mom went back into the house, and hadn’t been gone five minutes, when the back door opened and Jasmine came out wearing a tiny little bikini and carrying a towel. She was on the swim team with Kay, but I never saw her wearing something like this! She always had on a one piece competition suit before. casino oyna She saw me in the pool exercising, and said, “Hi Jared. I didn’t expect to see you up so early.”

“I couldn’t sleep in. I always get up early for my therapy before school, and the brain just said it was time to get up. What has you going so early? I figured after last night you girls would be asleep all morning. I like the bikini, by the way. I’m used to seeing you in a one piece.”

Jasmine blushed a little and said, “I’m done competing, so I decided to be a little daring. It isn’t too little, is it?”

Asking a guy if a bikini is “too little” is like a sheep asking a wolf if he would like leg of lamb for dinner! I wasn’t sure if she was really concerned or fishing for a compliment, so I thought I would cover all the bases and said, “No, it is not too small. I like it.” That got a smile from her as she laid her towel down on a lounge chair.

“I guess I’m like you. I’m accustomed to getting up at 5:30 to get my laps in before school, and I just couldn’t sleep any more. I just decided to get up and get a little exercise myself. You don’t mind if I join you, do you?” Mind? Me? Jasmine was as close to a walking wet dream as I had. Let me tell you a little about her. Jasmine, who just graduated along with my sister and the other girls, was a very petite sweetheart of a girl. She was about four foot ten, and about as tiny as one could be. She had small tits, but what else would you expect on a four foot ten, ninety-five pound girl? They weren’t too small, just right in my estimation. Just enough to hold in your hands and cup, or try to get into your mouth all at once, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

She also has red hair (she says auburn) and a cute smattering of freckles. Did I mention I love freckles? Green eyes and a button nose complete the picture of the cutest girl I’ve ever seen. Would I like to date her? Is the Pope really a Catholic? I have eaten my heart out over Jasmine since she was in the eighth grade and started popping out her tits, but she, like all the other girls, never really saw me as a real guy. She was nice enough to me, and never participated in any of the bullying that happened, in fact would stand up for me, but never really saw me as someone to be interested in.

“Please, help yourself! Mind you, the water is wet this time of the morning,” I said with a laugh. I tried not to stare as she walked to the edge of the pool and dove in with a flat racing dive. She came up sputtering, wiping the hair out of her face. That’s something else that was different about her this morning. Normally she wears a swim cap to cover her hair and streamline her in the water. I thought it was adorable.

“I forgot you don’t heat your pool! It’s just like the lap pool at school!” She was standing near the shallow end, where the water came to the bottom of her bikini top. I noticed her nipples were poking out from the cold! Her bikini obviously was not lined, and she may have small tits, but her nipples were obviously large. I did my best not to stare at them, but it was difficult.

“Yeah, it is kind of a shock, especially when you jump in in the morning before the sun warms it. You get used to it, though. I get rather hot doing my exercises, and the cold water keeps me from muscle weakness.” She started swimming laps and I went back to my therapy, but it was hard for me to keep my attention on it. She didn’t know how I normally worked out, so instead of facing the wall as I did my stuff I kept my back to the wall so I could watch her. When she was doing the backstroke I tried not to drool. Fortunately, the water was still cool enough to keep me from a full hardon.

My exercises were nearly complete when I heard a window open upstairs in the house and saw my sister stick her head out. “Jared, did Mom and Dad leave yet?”

“Yeah. They said not to wait up. Their plane doesn’t leave Chicago ’till 10:40.”

“Cool! This is going to be a fun day!” With that her head popped back inside and the window went down. A couple of minutes later the back door opened and my sister, Kay, walked out with Shellie and Kate right behind her. They were all wearing bikinis and carrying towels. As with Jasmine, I had never seen them wearing anything other than competition one pieces, so this was a treat for sure! I was glad I had no plans for the day, because I had no intention of going off and leaving this behind! As for Kay, I know now why she wanted to know if Mom and Dad were gone. She was wearing a thong and a string top that barely covered anything. She isn’t all that well-endowed, probably a small B cup, but she had that toned swimmer’s physique that looked really good. Shellie and Kate weren’t quite as daring, but there was nothing about their bikinis that would keep me from watching them either! Kay spoke up and said, “We all wanted to get some sun. We’ve been swimming a lot, but most of it indoors, and we wanted a chance to wear something slot oyna else than those Speedos. You won’t tell Dad will you? He’d kill me if he knew I was wearing this! None of us dared wear these in public either, but no one can see us here.” No one, but me that is. Obviously, I don’t count. C’est la vie.

All three girls took a dive into the water and Shellie and Kate both came up exclaiming about the cold. Kay, of course, was used to it. They all stood up in the shallow area with goosebumps on their arms, and glory of glories, all of them had their nipples poking out the tops of their bikinis! I was there in the water with four gorgeous sets of nipples poking out bikini tops! I know, I know, one of them was my sister. OK, so it was, but she has tits too, and rather nice ones from what I could see. You are talking to a guy who has never had a chance to see a real live boob before, and here were four sets poking themselves out at me. Cold water or not, my cock was hard! I tried hard not to stare, but I couldn’t help letting my eyes wander to and fro as I finished up my last exercise. The girls started swimming back and forth enjoying the freedom of the pool without worrying about a meet or preparing for one. I started my doggie paddle, enjoying my surroundings.

As the girls swam and became acclimated to the water temperature and warmed themselves up their nipples quit poking quite as much, but they still left a nice little bump. I had acclimated to them as well, and my cock had quit poking quite as much and was now just a bump. That doesn’t mean I wasn’t enjoying things still, just that I wasn’t showing it externally. Inside I was all churning emotions, but dreading the rejection, albeit unspoken and probably even unthought and certainly unintentioned. Not as much rejection on their part, more an act of neglect, not even noticing me as a man, especially as a man with desires and needs who would love nothing as much as to express his appreciation of their beauty and womanly charms.

After half an hour or so of swimming around it was still early in the morning and the sun was not high enough to really do much sun-bathing, but just swimming back and forth without the need for training was starting to bore the girls. We had a ball in the pool, one of those rubber inflatables kids use for kickball and stuff, and the girls started throwing it around. Kate said, “Let’s play water polo.”

Well, four people don’t even make up a water polo team, as Kay pointed out, neither did we have a goal. Kate said, “We could play it kind of like three on three basketball with a line we have to take the ball back over before we can score. We could use those two laundry baskets end to end as a goal. It isn’t quite as wide, but we don’t need it that wide with just four of us.” Kate jumped up out of the pool and grabbed the two baskets, taking some towels out of them and putting them on the patio table. She set them end to end on the side of the pool and they agreed on two vents on the sides of the pool as take-back points and started playing. Kate and Kay were against Jasmine and Shellie.

I had quit pretending to swim and was just floating in the water watching. They were going at it with each other ducking and pushing while trying to keep up with the ball and throw it into the baskets. Jasmine piped up after a few minutes and said, “We need a goalie. This is too easy. Jared, why don’t you play goalie for us?” Me, actually joining in the game with them? That meant I could look at them all I wanted without being accused of perving! Of course, I agreed, but I had to ask them to move the goal closer to the shallow end so I could get my footing once in a while. I could swim somewhat, but I couldn’t tread water well enough to be able to play with them.

Jasmine jumped up out of the pool and moved the baskets around to the side of pool and we started playing again. I was on neither team, but was to prevent any scoring that I could from either side. Remember I told you I would be about 6’3″ if I didn’t have CP? Well, my arms are that length, as are my legs, except they are twisted making me shorter. Even with my inate awkwardness playing goalie was not as much of a challenge as I had thought it would be, and I had fun being included in a sporting activity. As for watching the girls, have you ever been in a pool with four girls wrestling over a ball in the water? It was amazing! Every once in a while they would get in close to me trying to get to the goal, and would actually be up against me, trying to get the ball to the goal. Once I was defending against Kay and Kate came up behind me and wrapped her arms around me trying to push me out of position. She had her boobs rubbing against my back, and I kept feeling her legs brushing against mine as she tried to push. Another time Jasmine tried to go underwater and between my legs with the ball, and I swear my hand brushed across her breast as I reached down to block her. There was a lot of other physical canlı casino siteleri contact as well, and I didn’t shy away from any of it.

They weren’t just playing the normal way, but much more like water rugby as the game originated. They were pushing, shoving, dunking, tackling, doing whatever they could to get at the ball. Jasmine is a good bit smaller than the others, but she more than made up for it in quickness. Shellie was wearing a strapless top, not as big as a tube top, that kind of criss-crossed between the breasts, cupping them nicely, but when Kay dove at her trying to get the ball away she backpedalled quickly and Kay missed the ball. Her hand, though, caught her top just at the criss-cross and pulled it down and off.

I was looking at the first breasts I had ever seen in my life! I was in awe! I don’t think Shellie even thought about me being there. I mean after all they didn’t even think of me as a guy. She just dove at Kay, saying, “You want to play it that way do you?” and grabbed at Kay’s top. Kay backpedalled furiously, but Shellie with a forward lunge had the advantage, and she grabbed at Kay. Kay saw she was not going to get away, so she turned her back to try to swim, but Shellie grabbed her arm and then pulled the bow tying the back of Kay’s top. Then just to complete things also pulled the top string and yanked it away. Now I was looking at two sets of boobs, yes, I know, one of them was my sister’s, but it was a very nice set of tits, and it was only the second pair I had ever seen.

Shellie swam away quickly with Kay chasing her, going to the ladder at the far end and climbing out. She had not pulled her own top back up yet in her hurry to get away from Kay. The girls obviously were accustomed to horseplay among themselves, and weren’t unused to such things, except, they had forgotten about me. Jasmine and Kate were both facing away from me watching Kay chasing Shellie across the yard, and I think they had forgotten me also until Jasmine backed up in the water and bumped into me. I was totally embarrassed, because needless to say, I was hard as a rock watching all that was going on, and Jasmine backed right square into my cock. She giggled when she felt it and kind of wiggled up against me more firmly. I was blushing furiously, and wanted to bury myself somewhere when Jasmine called out to the others. “Hey guys, I think Jared likes this!”

Kay quickly covered her breasts with her arm as her face flamed, but Shellie just laughed, then stopped and slowly turned her back toward me and pulled up her top. She handed Kay her top as she caught up and Kay hurriedly put it on, also with her back to me. They came back to the pool with Kay holding her head down, obviously embarrassed, but Shellie seemed totally unfazed. “Did you like, Jared?” she asked rather saucily.

I was still red, but I felt the blood rush to my face with the question. “What do you think?” I sqeaked, and then blushed again at my voice cracking.

Jasmine pressed up against me again and said, “He liked it! I think he still likes it!”

I may be twenty years old, but seeing my first set of tits, and then a second pair, even if they were my sister’s, was not something I was going to forget anytime soon. Shellie jumped into the pool, and asked, “Haven’t you ever seen a girl’s boobs before, Jared?” My silence and blushing face was answer enough. “You really haven’t? I’m honored to be your first.”

Kay said, “I think I’ve had enough swimming for now. I think I’m going to get a little sun.” She walked away from the pool and grabbed a towel and dried herself off. I couldn’t help watching her as she toweled off her body and then dried her hair. Her boobs bounced back and forth delightfully as she wrapped her hair in the towel the way girls do, but guys have no clue how to accomplish. The other girls started to climb out of the pool also, but Jasmine made it a point to reach around behind herself and grab my cock and give it a squeeze. She looked me in the eye and then winked before climbing the ladder. I swear she wiggled her hips a little more than normal in doing so. I pretended to need to do some more stretches before I got out, but really I had to let my cock subside a bit before I could dare show myself.

When I got out of the pool I started to go to the house. I wanted to go jerk off and relieve the pressure built up by all of the hijinks of the morning, but Shellie patted the chaise lounge next to her and said, “Don’t go running off! Sit here by me.”

“OK.” I sat down and leaned back. I felt totally out of place there with four cute girls in bikinis lying in the sun, but I didn’t want to appear churlish and walk away from them. I really didn’t have anything to talk about with them, so I just laid there soaking in some sun and let the conversation flow around me. At first the conversation swirled around about the upcoming concert at the convention center. Our city is fairly large, but not of a Chicago or St. Louis size. We’re still large enough to draw a lot of the middle upper tier bands and acts, plus we have a Chamber of Commerce that does a great job of promoting us, so we can count on some good stuff going on.

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