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Same Time, Same Place

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I had the most beautiful dream about you, schones Madchen. A night-time dream that was born from many a daytime fantasy. Du bist mein wandelnder feuchter Traum, and here is the story.

It is a warm night at the end of a long hot day. A cool calming breeze blows through the open window. I lay beside you in your bed, just watching you sleep. I don’t know how I came to be in your timezone, and the details do not matter. I am here, and I am with you.

Your short soft hair falls across one side of your face, your big pretty eyes are closed in peaceful slumber, and your full lips are slightly open, as though inviting me for a soft kiss.

I gaze at your beautiful face, calm and content, always so pretty. My eyes follow the outline of your body down past your graceful neck, over your naked shoulder, and to the curvy form wrapped up tightly underneath the sheet. One leg is straight down, and the other over the top of it, bent at the knee and tucked up below your tummy, you lie facing towards me. I see one perfect dainty foot with pink nails poking out from the bottom of the sheet. I know you’re naked underneath, you’ve told me that’s how you sleep sometimes, so in my dream, it is the same.

I reach out hand and trace my fingers over your shoulder, past the side of your beautiful natural boob, and down along the dip of your waist, and up again over your hips. You make a little murmer as my hand moves over your thigh – you must feel my fingers against your body. You shift over to lie on your back. I was hoping to see the outline of your voluptuous bottom teasing me under the sheets, but you settle on your back. That’s just as good because now the sheet has dropped down and your full breasts are beginning to show. I can see top half, the nipples are covered up, which is driving me crazy. How are you managing to tease me like this in your sleep…? It’s as though you know exactly how to turn me on, even without knowing you are. Magisch!

The sight of them is making my cock stir, and my erection begins. I want to pull the sheets down to look at your huge boobs, but I also want to take my time. I like that you are both exposed and covered. Just like your carefully cropped photos, always ready to tease. Sexy and modest at the same time, which is such a turn on for me.

Your boobs will be there when I come back to them, for now there is so much more to discover of you, inside and out, and I want to know it all. I want to stay up all day and night taking to you, to know your personality, your loves and your hates, your moods, your seasons, and what turns you on, because I especially want to turn you on.

One day I may get the chance to do it for real, when I am not dreaming. Or maybe you are meant to stay in my dreams only? I will find out, it may take time, but I will find out.

So for now, I leave your big boobs half covered, your areolae and nipples safe under the sheet. I can make out your form in the dimness, the little bit of light coming through the window is enough for your form to entice me. Below your flat tummy, I see a small dip where the sheet has moulded kaynarca escort into your crotch and the gap of your thighs. My mind is unravelling at the thought of what is there, and my erection is now growing much larger. Would you notice I wonder, if I touched you there? If it was quick, thought the sheet, without asking? Is it wrong?

It is wrong, and I won’t. I gently hold your hand in mine, this may be all I can do, and then I will wake up and the dream will be over, maybe never to happen again. But then, I feel your hand move within mine, and I look to your face. Your sleepy eyes are looking at me, and a little smile appears on your lips. You know what I’m thinking, I can tell. Under the sheet, you move your knees apart, making space between your thighs. Your half open eyes are smiling at me, then they close, while your mouth continues the smile. So then, I have your permission. Now I can begin exploring your body, and enjoy giving you pleasure.

I squeeze your hand gently, and run my other hand down over your tummy, closer towards your honey pot, then slide my hand around it and along the top and insides of your thigh. You exhale slightly, you are still half asleep. I will wake you slowly and lovingly with my touch, and attention. My hand keeps rubbing over your inner thighs. First one, then the other, my fingers moving near to your pussy, but not touching it. You are still breathing softly and your head starts to move to the side a little, as your body responds to my touch. As my big hand moves along your lower tummy, slowly moving down, and down again, I make contact at last, and my fingers rub you through the sheet, one circle around your slit, then another, and another. I continue, over and over, and the sheet begins to feel damp under my fingers and you let a little sigh escape your lips, still sleepy and still looking angelic.

Touching your body feels electric, and the more I do it, the more my lust begins to overtake me. I must see you with my own eyes, I must. I move down to the end of the bed, and raise the bottom of the sheet. It’s dark and I cannot properly see, but my beautiful girl, I can smell you. Your aroma tells me your pussy is more than ready for my attention, and I must obey its call.

Everything about you is divine, even touching your feet gives me a thrill, and I must come back to them before our time together is over. Right now though, I want to work my way up your smooth legs, and creamy thighs to my midnight feast. My head and shoulders are now under the sheet, I move my way slowly and surely along your calves, feeling their smoothness against my cheeks, kissing them first one, then the other, moving slowly upwards from side to side. Your legs are cool against my cheeks and lips, and as I move slowly up your thighs, I can feel the heat from your crotch. My kisses turn into licks, I am close now, I can still smell you, stronger and fuller. Your body begins to move a bit more now, but you are still not fully awake. I’m glad, because I want you to wake up to the pleasure of me devouring you.

I push my nose right up against your orhanlı escort lips, and breathe in deeply, enjoying the lush scent of your womanhood, licking and kissing all around your slit, breathing gently against it. Arousing us both as I do it.

Now, to finally allow myself some pure joy… I place my lips against yours, and kiss you, tasting your pussy for the first time. I give you more gentle kisses before my first long luxurious lick from bottom to top, taking your little button into my mouth for a little suck. Now you move quickly with a little gasp. And another little gasp as I lick you again. I’ve awoken you… now your treat (or rather, MY treat) continues. I lie with my whole body between your legs, my arms now under your thighs my hands holding your hips at the side as I continue my long slow licks all up and down your pussy. Kissing and licking, licking and kissing. Your thighs have begun to close around by head, your feet sliding back and forth on my back. You taste like honey and cream and all I want is eat my fill, and devour you passionately, as no man or woman has ever done. My mouth is yours, and I will not stop until you are satisfied.

Your moaning increases as my tongue enters you, and finds a home nestled in your warm insides. You move a hand to the back of my head, grabbing and pulling my hair, while your other hand rubs against your swollen clit in a circular motion.

I’m still underneath the sheet so I drag it off while I keep munching upon you, looking up I see your face between the mounds of your large breasts. Your mouth is wide open, panting and gasping, your eyes close tightly, then open large, and close tightly again with each probe of my tongue. I will be addicted to your taste before long, so I hope you mind mind if I eat your warm succulent pussy every day.

As you writhe in pleasure, squeezing your big full breasts with your hands, I keep my full attention on your pussy and clit, not slowing down, even when you wrap one beautifully toned thigh around my neck and begin to squeeze my head closer into your crotch. I can feel your other leg wrapped around my back and you begin to convulse as you cum, which twists both our bodies around to the side. As we roll over you grind yourself into my mouth, covering my face with your juice while you squeal in orgasm. You gasp deeply again as you quiver and shake while I am still between your thighs, drinking my fill. I can feel you beginning to convulse again, and I help you along my sliding my thumb into your pussy while my fingers massage your clit. You shake and quiver again, gasping and groaning, wild and in heat!

Your panting becomes slower as your orgasms begin to subside, your legs relax from around me, and I feel naked without you attached to my face like that… I’m already looking forward to doing it again. You lie flat on your back, still panting, unable to speak yet.

I lie alongside you, my arm across your tummy, underneath your heaving breasts. Oh God, your boobs, how have I not paid them attention yet?! There is still so much of you I want to savour, slowly, bit by bit, tepeören escort and then savour you all over again. I lean over and take the nearest hard nipple into my mouth, giving it a gentle swirl with my tongue, and a firm suck. While I’m doing that, I reach over to the other nipple, and rub it gently.

You’re still breathing very heavily while I nibble on your boob, I don’t notice your arm moving down, but I do notice as soon as you touch me. Your hands are like a jolt of sexual electricity, sending my already engorged cock into overdrive, and stiffening me almost instantly. Within seconds I am completely rock hard in your small hand. The blood is pumping through my cock so hard that it throbs in a little bobbing motion.

With a little toss of your head, you motion for me to lie down. I do so, with my head on the pillow. You lie beside me, hand firmly gripping my swollen manhood, your thumb rubbing over my helmet. You know how much pleasure your giving me, your confident expression says it all, and I am completely at your mercy. You look me straight in the eye, while you stroke me. It amazes me that your small hands can give such a firm grip, and manage such long strokes from base to tip. You spit on me for lubrication and keep stroking.

I have been allowed into the bed of this beautiful young woman, vibrant and exciting, whose juices I can still taste in my mouth, and now she is stroking my cock. My brain cannot fathom how lucky I am in this moment, and this dream must not end until we have done absolutely everything together.

You don’t stop stroking as you lean in to kiss my mouth. A lovely lingering kiss, with your full thick lips pressed against mine. I could make those lips my next meal, so full and luscious, just like every part of you and your sensational curves from head to toe. You are an artists drawing come to life, Every womanly part of you that I have seen, touched, and tasted, has aroused me like no other. And here you are, kissing me, stroking me, letting me enjoy you.

Our lips and tongues are pushing against each other, with deep passionate, lustful kisses while your skilful hand strokes me firmly and steadily, I notice you insert your fingers into your still-wet pussy, and rub your juices over my shaft for some extra lube. God how fucking hot you are with these little things you do!!

You lean back over me, and casually drop your boob into my mouth as you pump me harder and quicker. I will not need much more of this as I can feel the pressure in my balls building up to boiling point. My left arm begins to twitch, I know I am close, and you sense it too, so you move yourself back to kissing me, slowly, passionately, your eyes closed and your breathing hard… and… and my balls cannot contain themselves. Hot fire erupts from my balls, through my cock and spurts into your hand in thick hot wads of cream. A larger spurt comes, travelling upwards at an angle and landing on your right arm and right boob.

You keep stroking me, slowing down only after a few more thick ropes of cum spurt out onto us both. A beaming smile fills your face, and you light up like the sun. All I want to do now is lie in your bed, smelling you all over me, and looking at your beautiful face.

The dream is not over. We have many things to learn about each other.

Why don’t we start right now?

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