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The Cabin Ch. 03

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As always, comments are always welcome. Thank you all for reading and letting me know what you think of the story. As the story progresses, so does the action with Dave and the girls. Who knows? Maybe it’ll become a family affair including Mom and Dad!

Chapter Three

“Chels?” Angel says calling her back. “Are you okay?” she asks and then puts her on speaker phone while she gets herself dressed.

She laughs. “Yeah, I just literally can’t get my car out of the ditch on the side of the road. There’s a shit ton of snow and it’s still coming down pretty heavy,” she says.

“We’ll be right there, cuz!” I call out as I put my hiking boots on. “I’m going to get the snowmobile out,” I tell her.

“Good, the car might be stuck here for now,” she says. “Until the snow stops and we can figure something out. Where are your parents?” she asks.

“They’re in town getting groceries,” Angel answers and then pulls a heavy hoodie over her head.

“They may not make it back if they don’t head back now; they were closing down the road on my way up. They even stopped me, but I told them I was almost to my destination and didn’t plan on going anywhere until after Christmas,” she explains. “They set up a roadblock after that.”

Angel and I exchange a look; I’m concerned but she has a devilish smirk that makes me shake my head. I know exactly what she’s thinking. Mom and Dad are gone, we can get away with more lewd acts like we’ve already done.

“You guys still there?” Chelsea asks.

“Yea, cuz, I’m heading to the garage now, I’ll be there in a few minutes, okay?”

“Good, hurry! My engine stalled when I fell in the ditch and I can’t get it started and it’s fucking cold out here!”

“I’m coming!”

“Angela, stay on the phone with me?” Chelsea requests.

“Of course, we have a lot to talk about,” she says stopping me in my tracks. I turn to face her and shake my head, pointing at her with a threatening finger. All she does is grin back at me, raising her eyebrows and then eyes her phone reminding me that our cousin is stranded in the snow and needs my help.

I sigh and slam the door behind me as I leave the house and then open the garage. There on two stands are our snowmobiles; Dad and I share one while Mom and Angel share the other. Dad is always good about maintaining the sleds, so I do my visual inspection and check the fluids just in case he hasn’t been or didn’t get to them yesterday. Seeing the empty oil bottles in the garbage, though, tells me that’s what he worked on yesterday when he wasn’t trying to keep it up for Mom. I double check anyway; I don’t want to fuck it up trying to rescue my cousin from her icy tomb.

I manage to get it out onto the driveway, and it fires right up. I drag the tow sled to the back of the mobile and hook it on so we can bring any luggage up as well.

With the engine warmed up and ready to go, I hurry down the road and find her halfway down, snow beginning to rise up the side of her passenger’s side door; the driver’s side is what’s stuck in the ditch. No wonder she wasn’t able to get herself out; if she’s hurt at all, she probably can’t get the door open to get out. I dig away the snow blocking the door and lean against the side of the car to get her attention.

“Unlock the door!” I shout through the closed window.

Seemingly only having one good arm at the moment, she sets her phone down and pushes the door lock button. When I hear the click of the lock disengage, I heft the door open, which takes a few tries due to the angel and the ice building up in the frame, but I finally get it open and hold it there.

“Hey beautiful,” I say, and she smiles at me painfully. “Can you move?” I ask.

“I think so,” she says and then does her best to struggle to the open door. The car isn’t completely on its side, but her door is pinned against the other side of the ditch. Clutching her left arm against herself, she fumbles her way over the center consul of her small station wagon and then again into my waiting arms. She’s a little taller than Angel but has a similar build and weighs next to nothing like my sister. I pull her out of the car, cradling her in my arms as I carry her to the snowmobile and set her on the seat.

“Do you have a bag or anything in there I can get to?” I ask her.

She nods. “It’s against the hatch in the back; there’s also a cooler with some food in there as well,” she says.

“Are you okay?” I ask her from my squatting position, looking up into her hazel eyes.

“I am now,” she says and then winces. “Except my shoulder really hurts,” she laughs.

“We’ll check it out when we get up to the house, okay?” I say and she gives me a small, closed-mouth smile. “I’ll be right back,” I say and then retreat to the back of the car.

I take a deep breath, trying to push thoughts of my cousin away. You already ate your sister out and she blew you, you shouldn’t be getting used to the idea of using your two favorite people as sexual objects.

It’s a bit keçiören escort of a struggle to get the hatchback door open but when I do, I spot her bright green duffel bag right where she said it’d be on top of a medium-sized cooler. I carry her bag up to the trailer behind the sled and then wrestle the cooler out of the back. Why does she have so much stuff jammed into her little car? She didn’t use this trip as a way to get away from her ex-husband did she?

The cooler is too heavy to carry up to where I parked the mobile, so I leave it next to the ditch and then drive down to heft it onto the trailer. With nothing more than a couple bungee cords to strap the bag and cooler down with, I take it slow back up to the cabin. Chelsea holds onto me with her good arm, resting her head on my back to block the cold breeze from her face. When we reach the top of the driveway, Angel is standing there, hopping up and down with her arms crossed in front of her in her hoodie and black leggings.

“What’s she doing outside if she’s so cold?” Chelsea asks and I chuckle.

“It’s Angel, did you expect anything else?” I ask and then help her off of the snowmobile. “She hurt her shoulder when the car slid into the ditch. Take her inside while I put the sled away,” I instruct Angel who walks Chelsea into the house.

I take her bag and then the cooler into the kitchen before disconnecting the trailer and returning it to its spot in the garage and do the same for the mobile. When I return to the warm house, I find Angel inspecting Chlesea’s arm; she seems to be able to move it well enough but it’s definitely bruising. In fact, it’s bruised way worse than I would have thought.

“That was from crashing in the ditch?” I ask suspiciously; to me it looks worse than that small crash would cause.

“I’ll be fine, Dave,” she assures me. “It’s just a bruise,” she says.

I sit on her left while Angel remains on her right. “Cuz,” I say gently. “I don’t like how this looks,” I say and then look at Angel who remains silent but the look in her eyes agrees with me. “You left him, didn’t you?” I ask.

“Dave, please, this is supposed to be a fun vacation, right? Not a pity party for me,” Chelsea says trying to pull her zip-up hoodie back onto her shoulders.

“That fucker hit you,” I say softly, though the anger in my voice is still there.

“And what are you going to do about it?” she snaps. “He’s in Oklahoma, you’re here. It’s not like he knows where I am,” she says trying to zip her hoodie up again.

I reach up to hook her chin with my finger but she flinches involuntarily. Then she looks at me apologetically but can’t say anything. She looks like she might start crying so I gently pull her into me and she finally allows herself to fall into me, lying across my lap, resting her head in the bend of my arm. Her body shakes as she begins to sob; she’s gone through more than she let on to everyone. I look to Angel and her eyes are wide and then she lowers herself to the floor, stroking Chelsea’s dark hair gently.

“He was such an asshole,” she cries. “He refused to get help after his tour and just insisted we get married. I don’t know what happened over there; he never talked about it, but he skipped out on his mandatory therapy. He was angry all the time; there was nothing I could do to calm him down. Sex wouldn’t even work; rough sex didn’t work for him,” she sits up and takes a few deep breaths to allow herself to speak better. “And then I came home from work one night and found him with a platoon buddy. My heart shattered. I just left, I didn’t say anything. I left and went to a friend’s house and she and her boyfriend helped me pack up my stuff and I left. I stayed with them for a few days until he could be served with the papers,” she says.

“How were you able to leave the state?” I ask her.

“I gave them my number and any address I might be staying, this one and,” she looks from me to Angel and back again, “your parents’ house in Littleton,” she concludes.

“Of course! They’ll let you stay as long as you need to,” Angel says. “Especially when they hear the whole story; Mom will get her best lawyer on it and help you every step of the way,” she says.

“Dad might make you get a job,” I grin at her, “but he’ll let you stay.”

Chelsea laughs, wiping her tears away. “Thanks,” she says. “I haven’t laughed in a while.”

“So, you have everything you own in that car?” Angel asks.

Chelsea nods. “Anything I cared about that I could fit in that little Subaru,” she sniffles through her laugh and almost starts to cry again. I automatically reach my arm out and she scoots closer to allow me to hold her; she wraps her arms around me as well, her head on my shoulder.

“Do you want to get freshened up?” Angel asks. “We’ve got plenty of hot water,” she says.

“That sounds amazing,” she replies happily sitting up again.

“I’ll show you where everything is. Dave do you want to grab her bag for her?” Angel requests.

“Of keçiören escort bayan course, I’ll be right there,” I say and then kiss the top of Chelsea’s head. “You’re going to be alright,” I tell her and then I stand up; she stands as well, hugging me tightly.

“Thanks, Dave,” she says, still holding back tears.

“Anytime, cuz,” I say and then Angel takes her down the hall to the bathroom while I get her bag and set it on Angel’s bed; that’s when I get a call from Mom. “Hey, Mom, what’s up?”

“Did your cousin make it up there yet?” she asks worried.

“Yeah, I had to get the snowmobile out to rescue her, though. She slid into the ditch halfway up the drive,” I tell her.

“Is she okay?” she asks concerned.

“Yeah, she’s in the shower now; she hurt her shoulder a little but, Mom, when you get here, we really need to talk about what we can do to help her,” I say.

“We will,” she says sounding like she may already know something. “I haven’t heard anything, but from what my sister said, it really wasn’t good, but she wasn’t in any position to take her in. She’s only got a single bedroom apartment, so we’re going to put her up until she gets on her feet,” she says.

“Mom, he was abusive,” I say. “He hurt her,” I add angrily.

“I had a feeling,” she says. “But, Dave, you need to put that away for now and just love your cousin, okay? She needs you and your sister right now. Just give her whatever she needs,” she tells me; if only she knew the kind of thoughts I’ve had lately and the way my sister has been acting, she’d know just how crazy that sounds.

“Okay, Mom,” I say.

“So, the other reason I called is because they already closed the road to get up to you. Even though we have snow tires and chains, they’re not letting anyone up at all,” she says. “So, your father and I had to get a room here in town.”

“We kinda thought that’d happen; Chelsea said they just barely let her through, and, of course, she couldn’t even make it up our drive in her little Subaru,” I say. “We should have plenty of food; Chelsea had a cooler of food as well.”

“Okay, good. Take care of each other, check in with me every so often, okay?” she requests.

“Of course, Mom; hopefully they’ll let you through in the morning,” I say.

“We’ll see. They said the snowplows are a day or two away still. Even if they get the main road, it’ll be a while before they get to the service roads and private drives,” she says.

“Okay, keep me posted on that, maybe I can try and use the quad with the plow attachment if the snow’s not too deep,” I suggest.

“Just do what you can, but mostly just try and keep each other entertained,” she laughs.

“I don’t think that’ll be a problem, Mom. Be safe, we love you,” I say.

“Love you too, baby,” she says and then hangs up.

Poor Mom; sexually frustrated and stuck with the one making her that way.

“What’d Mom have to say?” Angel asks as I put my phone in my pocket and turn to see her standing there completely naked again.

My jaw drops and I stammer, unable to speak.

“You act like you didn’t just see me like this an hour ago,” she laughs.

“What the fuck are you doing?” I demand. “Our cousin is in the shower; she could come out here any second!”

“Then we better be quick,” she says rushing forward and shoving me into the couch.

She straddles my lap before I have a chance to protest, but do I even want to? It’s not like we haven’t already performed oral on each other; we might as well take this as far as we can, especially while our parents are gone. I let go of all my inhibitions and welcome her mouth onto mine again. I suck her tongue into my mouth and she does the same as she grinds her sex into my waist.

“God, I’ve wanted this for so long,” she says and then resumes kissing me again, rising up and down as if she’s already riding my cock. “I’m still so wet,” she says and then slides off my lap and onto the floor where she tugs at the waistband of my jeans.

“Calm down, I still have a belt on,” I remind her and she growls in frustration, attacking the belt ferociously. “Angel,” I bark at her and she looks up at me timidly like a wounded animal. “Relax,” I say calmly and unfasten the belt and then my jeans, lifting my hips so she can slide them off my waist and down off my legs. “Mom and Dad won’t be back until tomorrow at the earliest; Chelsea is going to be in the shower for a while,” I say suddenly confident in what we’re about to do.

“You’re just hoping she’ll join in,” she says with a wink. “I do too,” she says and then begins to lube up my cock with her saliva, bobbing her head up and down my stiff cock; she’d gotten it as hard as a rock by straddling and grinding into me as we lustfully made out a few seconds ago.

“Oh fuck,” I gasp as I let my head fall back into the couch. Once she’s satisfied that he’s slick with her saliva, she straddles me once again and takes hold of my steely pole to aim it escort keçiören into her waiting fuck-hole. She slowly impales herself until my entire length and girth has stretched her to nearly her breaking point. She looks down at me painfully, her mouth wide open as if she can’t handle my entire cock being buried inside her.

“Oh my god,” she says. “It’s definitely not my first cock, but it feels like it is.”

I chuckle. “Thanks,” I say accepting the compliment. “I’m not hurting you am I?” I ask.

She nods. “Yes, but in the best way. I can take this pain all day. Fuck, I’ve never felt so full before,” she says.

The entire time she’s been fitting me inside of her, my hands have been slowly roaming her body, squeezing her perfect ass, spreading her slightly to help her fit me deeper inside; but now that she’s taken me to the hilt, she seems too scared to move in fear that it’ll cause her more pain.

“It’s good that you’re on top,” I tell her. “You can control everything this way. You don’t have to take my entire length each rise and fall,” I say in just above a whisper as she looks down into my eyes. “You decide how much of me to release each time you rise up,” I say lifting up on her beautiful ass, “and how much to take in each time you fall,” I add helping her slide back down.

She nods at me as if I’m teaching her how to have sex, when she’s already admitted to not being a virgin. She could be taking the advice of someone still more experienced than her, or she’s acting as a sub, obeying my every word.

“You’re in complete control,” I repeat and she nods again, slowly beginning to rise and fall on my rigid member, only taking a little more than half of me until she’s used to how I feel inside of her.

Her pussy is so tight, though, I wonder how long it’s been since she last fucked anybody, or if it was merely toys she’d used to pop her cherry. Then again, being almost three years younger than me and only three years out of high school, how many opportunities has she had? I don’t think about her being with any other guy, though and just imagine that she’s giving herself to me for the first time. She’d said we should make it quick due to our cousin being just down the hall, but neither of us seems to want to rush this.

Heat radiates from her pussy and through my cock as she takes more and more of me inside her again. Sometimes she revels in the feel of my entire length being inside her and just rotates her hips, keeping us completely connected. When she does this, she locks her lips onto mine and we kiss like lovers; and I’ve never loved anyone more than I love Angel.

Soon our passion takes over, though and she whispers in my ear to take her completely, meaning she wants me to take a more dominant position, so I simply roll us sideways and twist us slightly so I’m on top of her, sliding my meat in and out of her pussy with long powerful strokes.

“Don’t hold back,” she says.

I kiss her and thrust into her harder but I don’t increase the speed, only the power behind each thrust. Her legs wrap around my waist; I kiss down her neck and maul one of her heaving breasts with one hand while embracing her body with my other. She bucks her hips into mine to match my powerful thrusts into her cunt and she begins to grunt and groan each time I slam into her.

“I want you to cum inside me,” she whispers in my ear and just the words bring my orgasm closer. “I want to feel you explode inside me,” she adds. “I know you blasting me with your seed will skyrocket me into my own orgasm,” she pleads.

Where the fuck did she learn to talk like this? I wonder as I drill my cock into her pussy harder and faster, picking up the pace.

I lift myself, propping my upper half up with my hands planted on the couch on either side of her chest, watching her magnificent tits bounce as I slam my cock into her harder and faster. She begins to whine and wail as I pound her sweet pussy, my cock begging for her to coat him with her orgasm juices while her pussy begs for my cock to fill her to the brim; and it’s been long enough since I’ve had real sex that I just might do that.

“Cum in me, brother,” she says reminding me of the taboo our act is committing, and that sends me over the edge as I explode inside of her, grunting with each canon blast of cum deep into her womb. She cries out as well as her pussy clenches around my cock as if sucking the baby batter right into her.

A minute or so later, I realize I don’t hear the sound of the shower anymore and Angel seems to realize it as well as her eyes light up like a deer on the road at midnight. I swear I hear footsteps patter back down the carpeted hallway before Chelsea calls for Angel.

“Angela?” she calls out.

“Yeah?” she calls back while I’m still buried deep inside her.

“Can you bring me my bag?” she asks but it doesn’t sound like an actual request, more of a reason for Angela to come see her.

“Didn’t Dave put it on my bed?”

“Oh, yeah, then,” she sighs frustrated. “Wanna come talk to me?”

“Be right there!” Angel says and then grins up at me. “Kiss me,” she requests quietly and I oblige with my own grin. “Thank you, now let me up before she gets even more suspicious,” she says and I pull out of her and then quickly put my underwear and jeans back on.

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