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The Conner Family Ch. 05

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“The Conner Family – Ch 05”
“Love Across Town”

The Conner Family Stories:
01-“A Gift On Christmas Eve”
02-“Gifts On Christmas Morning”
03-“Nightmares Of A Broken Promise”
04-“The Request”
05-“Love Across Town.” – current

She arched her back and spread her legs wider as she felt the welcomed tongue flick across her raised clit. Then the mouth clamped down and suckled upon it drawing it up as the fleshy nub slowly grew in size.

She could not believe how big her clit was getting. It had been awhile. She groaned as she planted her feet on the bed and pushed her groin willingly up at the mouth that was clamped to her cunt. There were several slow, sucking, wet lashes upon her engorged clit.

It was driving her to the edge. Another long moan escaped her lips.

The mouth between her legs seemed to swallow her entire clit, lips and all into its hot, moist, sucking orifice. Then the head shook back and forth adding more stimulation to her already hardened love button.

This was going to be good, she thought.

Then there were the fingers that began to slide into her very wet pussy. It felt so wonderful. “More,” she softly pleaded as she hunched her groin up harder against the mouth that was deliciously eating her out.

And those invading fingers began to rub that spot far back above her cervix. And she felt so delightfully full. Her lover knew exactly where rub. “Yessss,” she breathed into the semi-darkness as she felt the beginning of her orgasm quiver through her groin.

“A little more,” she pleaded.

Then she felt pressure on her anus and a probing finger pushed in.

She took a sharp breath, trying to adjust to the invader.

Then it hit her.

The orgasm rocked through her body as her stomach muscles contracted and her eyes rolled back. Her legs tightened up as the spasms coursed through her. She grabbed at the sheets with clinched fists. And she hung there shuddering for what seemed like – forever. And as the shudders eased she relaxed and slowly lowered herself down onto the bed with her legs splayed apart. She would have collapsed if she was not already laying upon the bed.

She blew out the breath she had been holding as one more shudder ran through her. Then she relaxed. She took a long deep breath and slowly let it out. And then another long slow breath in. This time she sighed in quiet contentment.

She opened her eyes and looked down at the smiling face looking back up at her. “Karen … ,” sighed Sharon. She took another deep breath. “That … was wonderful.”

“I’m glad,” Karen’s smile got brighter. “And we got two whole days.” She then crawled up to cuddle with her twin. “Sam’s sorry he couldn’t be here.”

Sharon wrapped an arm about her sister, pulling her close. “He’s a horny old fart.” She took another deep breath and exhaled.

“Yep,” replied Karen rubbing herself against her sister and she let her right hand drift across her sister’s warm breasts. “But he’s my horny old fart. You should feel lucky I like to share.”

Sharon snorted. “Yeah! Right!” She felt Karen kiss her softly on her right cheek. “You smell like pussy.”

“Course I do,” retorted Karen. “Been munching on yours for almost fifteen minutes.”

“Was it that long?”

“Hummmm,” whispered Karen, as she again kissed Sharon on the cheek. “Every delicious minute.”

Sharon sighed again. “Give illegal bahis me a few minutes and I’ll return the favor.”

“After dinner,” returned Karen. “Starting to get a bit hungry.”

“Yeah,” yawned Sharon. “Me too.

“Well,” began Karen, as she draped her right leg across Sharon’s to get closer. “I got spiced burgers made. Fresh green beans and carrots. A full salad ready. And some nice red wine in the fridge. Just need to cook the burgers up and select a salad dressing.”

“Sounds good.” Sharon yawned again. “And I brought over those DVDs Ken made from the home movies.”

“Really! Which ones?”

“From when we were kids,” replied Sharon.

“Wonderful!” exclaimed Karen. “We can watch them during dinner. Want me start dinner?”

Sharon shook her head. “No. I’d like to just snuggle for a bit.” She reached down and pulled up a sheet and blanket to cover them.

Karen kissed her sister again on the cheek. “Yeah, me too.”

“How long have we been doing this?”

“Don’t know,” replied Karen. “A long time.”

“Any regrets?”

Karen leaned up to look down at her sister. “No, Sharon. Not for one moment. You?”

“Only once.”

“When?” asked Karen, her voice carrying concern.

“The first time,” answered Sharon. “When Mom discovered us fooling around.”

Karen stated, “When we were thirteen.”

“Yeah. I thought you were going to wake up Mom and Dad,” sputtered Sharon. “You were moaning so much. But I couldn’t stop. You tasted so good.”

“And you did too,” returned Karen. “Still do, Sis.”

“Then you screeched,” muttered Sharon.

“And we did wake her up!” laughed Karen.

“Then the door opened and Mom was standing there!” stated Sharon. “I thought she was gonna whale on us really good.”

Karen chuckled softly. “I remember her just standing there in the doorway looking in at us.”

“And both of us naked in the moon light,” added Sharon, chuckling also.

Karen squeezed the breast she held. “All Mom did was shake her head and told us to keep it down.”

Sharon added, “And then she had that silly grin on her face. Then she left.”

“Then their bed started squeaking,” chuckled Karen. “Sharon. I have no regrets. You’re my twin sister. How can I not be in love with you?”

Sharon gave Karen a loving kiss on the mouth. It quickly turned into a tongue probing moment.

Karen raised up, breaking the kiss.

“Thanks,” whispered Sharon.

“You’re my sister. And I love ya.” Karen paused looking at Sharon. “So who’s a horny little tramp?”

Sharon and Karen looked at each other smiling. Then they both started giggling. “We are!” they exclaimed together.

“Feel better?” asked Karen.

“Yes!” Sharon hugged her.

After a few minutes of laying together, Karen asked. “What do you think Jennifer and Kenneth are doing with the house to themselves?”

“Screwing their brains out,” sputtered Sharon.

Karen laughed. “Speaking of being naked,” she said as she tweaked Sharon’s left nipple. “What about Jen and Ken skinny dipping?”

“They weren’t alone,” chuckled Sharon.

“Yep,” agreed Karen. “All five of them. Bare ass to the world. You still got those pictures?”

“Sure do,” replied Sharon. “And the negatives. In the safe at home.”

“How many did we take of them?”

Sharon chuckled. “Enough to blackmail the lot of them several times illegal bahis siteleri over.”

Karen started giggling. “But Pam’s a lawyer.”

“Then we’ll start with her,” declared Sharon. “That will keep the others in line.”

“Good!” stated Karen. “Then our retirement is all set.”

Sharon chuckled. “And there we were watching them sneak out to the pool butt ass naked.”

“While the four of us were up in your bedroom. Butt ass naked too.”

“Considering everything,” said Sharon. “They were well behaved growing up. And … they have turned out pretty good.”

“Well, neither of us were well behaved,” sputtered Karen. “So I don’t know where they got it.”

“Where else but their Dads,” returned Sharon. “Couldn’t have been from us.”

“Really,” muttered Karen. “I’m surprised Mom and Dad didn’t lock us in the basement.”

“And loose the key,” added Sharon.

Karen snorted. “Or sell us to a circus.”

“See the Baker Twins on Expo,” declared Sharon. “Two nights only!”

The two hugged each other as they laughed.

“At least they got to see the kids grown up,” said Karen.

“I remember,” said Sharon. “Before they headed home that time. And how they said how proud they were of us and the kids.”

“Seems we did okay too,” added Karen.

“Yeah we did.”

“But I do love movie nights.” Karen suddenly sighed and hugged Sharon. “I do miss Bob.”

Sharon hugged her back, leaning her head on her sister’s shoulder. “Me too. Those first couple of years were bad.”

“I know, Sharon.”

“It got easier when Ken moved back.” Sharon sighed. “I was no longer rattling around in the house alone.” She looked up at Karen. “What really helped was having the movie nights with the kids and the grand kids over. That helped a lot.”

Karen added, “And the sleep overs.”

“And of course our famous Sunday brunch,” laughed Sharon.

Karen laughed with her. “Say, do you think that Jen and Ken. You know. If they ever … “

Sharon looked at her sister. “Before?” She shook her head. “No. Don’t think so. They were both good kids growing up. I trusted Kenneth to always do the right thing.” She snorted. “Now Sue and Pam were another thing.” She paused a moment. “Bob had better luck with them then me.”

“Funny, Jennifer always listened to Sam,” added Karen. “You know she listened to me and all. But on the important stuff she always did a sit down with Sam. And Brian liked to come to me.”

Sharon asked, “How did Jen do with the news that they were adopted?”

“Well.” Karen sighed. “You know they got into the airport about midnight and then here way late due to the storm,” stated Karen. “Brian went right to bed. But Jen and I sat up just talking for about an hour. I told her then. Before the others, so she could be ready for how everyone else would react.”

“How’d she take it?”

Karen looked at her for a long moment. “I would say relieved.”


Karen nodded. “Yeah. She had just survived the plane crash. All her injuries pushed her right out of the Navy. Her future was gone. And you’ve seen her scars. The burns.” Karen suddenly pouted looking at Sharon. Her eyes filling with tears. “Sharon, I almost lost my baby!” Then she started to cry.

Sharon hugged her close.

After several minutes Karen took a deep breath and let it out. She nodded. “I wanted her to know that canlı bahis siteleri no matter what she would always be my daughter. That would not change. Not ever.”

“I told Ken the same thing,” added Sharon. “Why was Jen relieved?”

“Kenneth,” stated Karen simply. “I think.” She took a deep breath. “Because no matter what had ever happened in their lives the other has always been there. Look at all the mail they sent.” Karen took another deep breath and let it out slowly. She leaned against Sharon. “The next day, after she woke up, all she did was pace. She could not sit down for long. She was lost. I could see it. And so could Sam.” Karen sighed heavily. “Everything she had worked for for so long was gone. Everything she was aiming for was taken from her. She only had one thing she could hold on to. Something she always had. Ken. Sure she had us. But… ” Karen looked at Sharon. “You know how they were growing up.”

“I know,” replied Sharon softly. “They were closer than us.”

“Yeah. They were.” Karen nodded. “And they had just spent those three months living together,” stated Karen. “Just the two of them. You know, Jen told me she could only sleep if Ken was in the same bed with her. Holding her.” Karen sighed. “She said it was the only way she felt safe.”

“Like they did growing up,” added Sharon.

“Sharon, they became a couple during that time together.”

Sharon sighed. “I know, Karen. Ken, buried himself in his work when he got back. He was glad to be home. But… “

Karen said softly, “But he left his heart with Jennifer.”

“Yeah,” agreed Sharon. “He did.”

“You know, Sharon, I always worried when Jen went out with someone else,” stated Karen. “But when Jennifer was out with Ken, I didn’t worry. I knew she would be safe. I knew my baby would come home. And with Kenneth with her in Florida, I knew he would take good care of her. I knew she’d be okay.”

“Like he always has,” added Sharon.

“Yeah!” Karen smiled. “They always took care of each other.”

“From sprained ankles to chicken pox,” said Sharon. “And Ken’s broken leg.”

“Yep!” Karen snorted. “But just watching her just pace around the house last Christmas Eve. I knew they had to be together. As did Sam.”

“So what about your ring?” asked Sharon. “How did you ever think of that?”

Karen snuggled closer. “That was all Sam’s idea. I thought it was perfect. It was the one thing that would let Jen know we were okay with how she felt about Ken. About the two of them being together.”

“Did Brian tell you he gave Ken a deadline?”

Karen chuckled. “The scamp! Not a clue! He skyped Sam’s computer so we could all watch.” She shook her head. “Our kids planned all that.”

Sharon laughed. “A typical Conner plan.”

Karen chuckled. “Better than the average ones.”

“Brian just told me to stay quiet and he made the call,” stated Sharon. “Then we sneaked downstairs and watched while he held up the phone.”

“I cried watching,” stated Karen. “And Sam was perfect.”

“How so?”

“As we watched them, he hugged me and said Jen was going to be okay.”

“How’d he know?” asked Sharon.

“She’s Daddy’s Girl,” replied Karen, as she settled down next to her twin sister. She sighed. “Always has been.”

Sharon said softly, “Now she belongs with Ken.”

Karen kissed Sharon’s cheek. “She was Daddy’s Girl. But her heart always belonged to Ken.”

“They were lucky we found them after that tornado,” sighed Sharon.

“No, Sharon,” whispered Karen. “We were the lucky ones.”

The End
“Love Across Town”
“The Conner Family – Ch 05”

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