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The Debauching of Grandma

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I still had two of the bedrooms in my Gran’s house, one for working and studying in and one as my bedroom. Since the Saturday I had caught her with a dildo in her pussy and she had come to my room to have sex with me, I had shared her bed. I still had work to do for my university course and i still had my summer job so we would often leave the house at breakfast and not meet up again until late in the afternoon.

One Sunday, after a lazy morning in bed we were sat in the lounge, reading. Gran was carefully dressed and made up, as she always was during the day and I had dressed in smart slacks and a clean white shirt. We were all going for a family meal at a local bar-cum-restaurant and Gran insisted that everyone should be smartly dressed when, as she said, we were on show. Suddenly, Gran leaned forward.

“Will you do something for me?” she asked, her face reddening.

“Of course, if I can. What is it?” I answered her, puzzled.

“I can’t say, it’s, nasty and dirty.” Gran carried on, “Watch this and you’ll see.”

Gran handed me a video in a plain case and almost scurried out of the room. I opened the case and saw that it had been played or wound forward until it was about half way through. I slid it into the player and switched the television on. A close up of a young woman filled the screen, sliding a hugely erect cock to the back of her throat and covering it in her slippery spit. As I watched, she pulled her head away and allowed the swollen knob to slide out from between her lips. Then she turned around lowered her self onto all fours, with her naked bottom lifted high in the air. The man positioned himself behind her and used his fingers to spread the cheeks of her arse, leaning over and spitting into the tight brown hole. Then he took hold of his cock at the base and rubbed his shiny knob in the spit, making it wet and slippery.

I watched, transfixed, as he pressed the head of his cock into the girl’s arsehole, pushing slowly but firmly. The girl squealed in pain, but he just pushed a little harder. The camera drew back so that her face appeared on screen, twisted in a grimace of pain, before zooming in for a close shot of the rim of his knob as it slipped into her arse. She screamed as the head of his cock passed her ring and he slid right inside her, pulling her hips back, so that the whole length of his erect cock slid into her arse. Slowly he eased his cock in and out of her arse, the only sounds on the video being the slap of his balls against the cheeks of her arse and her animal grunts as he rammed the hard rod of his cock deep inside her. I could feel the swelling of my cock in my pants as I watched him thrusting his cock deep inside the girl’s arse and listened to her screams turning to groans of lust.

The whole scene can only have taken a few minutes, until I saw a shudder ripple through the man’s legs and heard him grunt as his cock jerked in the girls arse. He slowly pulled it out, revealing streaks of his cum mingled with brown matter from deep inside her arse. Stepping back he moved away from her to let the camera zoom in on her arsehole, as it slowly closed, with his cum oozing out. The screen dissolved to black and then the snow that signalled the end of the recording.

Turning illegal bahis the television and video off, I stood up and went into the hallway. The kitchen and dining room doors were wide open and I could see that she was in neither of those rooms. Turning to the stairs, I mounted them quietly. Both of the doors to my rooms were wide open and it was obvious that Gran was not in either of them. Her, or perhaps I should more accurately say our, bedroom door was closed and I quietly pushed it open.

Gran was sat at the dressing table, carefully applying a layer of glossy, bright red, lipstick. It was a much brighter, tartier, shade than she usually wore and the thought of her on her knees with my cock in her mouth and the lipstick smudged and smeared over the two of us escited me, making my cock jerk in my pants. I stood behind her and rested my hands on her shoulders as I leaned over her to whisper in her ear.

“I’ve never done that before,” I told her, “put my cock in a woman’s arse, I mean.”

“I haven’t been done like that, ” she admitted, “your Granddad wanted to, he said it was called buggering, nut I wouldn’t let him.”

“So why now?” I asked.

“Two things, ” she confessed, “I never tried it and now I wonder what it would be like and the other thing is I don’t want to lose you to some young student who’s prettier and younger than I am. So I thought if I would do whatever you want, you would stay with me.”

“That’s daft, Gran, ” I laughed, “I love you and I’ll stay for as long as you want me.”

I straightened up and unfastened the button at the back of her neck, then the next one down and the next, until her dress was open to her waist. She stood up, holding the material to her chest and stepped around the stool. Gently I took the material from between her fingers and let her dress fall to the floor. Gran stood there, in front of me her dress in a heap at her feet. She shuffled her feet nervously in her high heels as I let my eyes slowly travel along her legs, and up her body.

The white corset was tightly laced and made her breasts balloon a little over the edges of the cups. The suspenders were fastened to black sheer silk stockings that contrasted with the milky whiteness of the tops of her thighs. A tiny pair of silk panties covered the neatly trimmed bush that hid her pussy. I pulled her towards me and thrust my tongue into her mouth, pressing her against me so that I could feel the rods in her corset against my belly and chest. She moaned into my mouth as I dropped my hands to the cheeks of her bottom and squeezed as I ground her pussy against the front of my trousers.

She reached down and rested her hands on the front of my trousers, feeling the heat of my cock through the material. Pinching the tag of the zipper, she pulled it slowly down, feeling my thick cock straining against the white cotton of my briefs. Then she unfastened the button and pushed my trousers down, so that they fell around my ankles. Her hands felt cool as she cupped them over my taut sac and ran her fingers along the length of my cock. She eased the waist of my briefs over the swollen head of my cock and pulled them down to free my cock and balls.

Gran knelt down in front of illegal bahis siteleri me, pushing my briefs all the way to the ground, as I struggled out of my shirt. She took hold of my balls and circled the base of my cock with her finger and thumb, guiding my swollen knob between her bright red lips. Her mouth was hot and her lips soft and slippery as she took my swollen cock into her mouth. She slid her head forward on my cock until her lips formed a bright red ring against my heavy balls, then drew back, smearing the greasy lipstick along my cock until it looked as though I had dipped it in blood.

I clenched my fists tight, fighting my urge to grab her head and hold her still as I pumped my cock into the back of her throat. Gran rocked back on her heels and put her hand over her mouth for a moment, then darted her head forward, sliding my cock deep inside her mouth. Her mouth seemed bigger and her tongue swirled around my cock. I felt my cock gripped by smooth hard ridges and realised that she had taken her dentures out and was sucking me between her gums. I could feel her gripping me tightly and caressing the head of my cock as she slurped and slobbered all over my manhood. She drew back leaving my cock red and slimy, then stood up and sucked hard on my nipples, first one, then the other.

I reached down and tugged on the waist of her panties, snapping the elastic and tugging them away to expose her neatly trimmed pussy hairs. The soft bush was dripping with her juices and I could sell her excitement as she rubbed her dripping pussy against my cock. Reaching between us, I loosened the laces of her corset, freeing her large, springy breasts. I took her nipples between my fingers and thumbs and pinched them, pulling and twisting until she moaned against my chest. A flick of my fingers undid the suspenders and I unwrapped the corset from around her waist, leaving her naked, apart from her shoes and stockings and her pearls.

Pushing gently, I spread Gran across our bed and knelt between her outspread legs. Leaning forward I ran the tip of my tongue through her closely cropped bush and along the lips of her pussy, pressing it between them to tease the tip of her swollen clit. Gran moaned in the back of her throat almost growling as I played the tip of my tongue along and between the lips of her pussy. I slid my hands along her thighs, over the tops of her stockings, and used my fingertips to open the cleft of her bottom. I ran the tip of my finger back and forth along her pussy until it was wet and glistening, then slowly pressed it against her arsehole, pushing and twisting a little. Gran’s deep moan reached a higher pitch as my finger slipped into her bottom and stretched it ever so slightly. I stopped pressing for a moment, until she reached down and pressed my hand against her, pushing my finger deeper.

Her clit was swollen and hot against my tongue and I lapped at her, lashing the hard bud and sucking her into my mouth. She arched her back, pushing her juicy pussy against my mouth and her hot, tight arse harder onto my probing finger. Her pussy gushed over my finger, making it slippery and wet, helping it to slide in and out. My cock was hard and throbbing as I tasted her and lapped at her pussy, canlı bahis siteleri I moved my mouth away and lay beside her.

“Are you ready? Do you still want to try it? ” I asked, as gently as I could, trying to keep my voice even and controlled.

“Yess, ” she hissed, “I want you to do it to me, I want you to bugger me.”

Even as she told me that she wanted me to bugger her, she was turning onto her belly and lifting her arse into the air. I slid off the bed and stood behind her, between her legs as she bent over the edge. Holding the base of my cock, I used my hand to spread the cheeks of her bottom and pressed the head of my cock against the tightly puckered ring. She moaned as I pushed against the rim of her arsehole. I could see her anus stretching as I pushed against it and see beads of sweat on her back as she tried to relax and accept my hard swollen knob. I eased off a little, with the head of my cock almost inside her arse, and let her get used to the feeling of my cock pressing against her back passage. The head of my cock was pressed into her bottom but the rim of my helmet had not gone inside yet. I pushed a little harder and watched as her arse opened and the whole of my knob slipped into Gran’s bottom.

“Aaaaaaah!” Gran cried as the head of my cock slipped into her arse, followed by; “Oooooh” as she felt her tight ring gripping my cock behind the rim of my knob.

Even if she had begged me to, I could not stop now and I just leaned forward feeling my cock sliding into the heat of her arse. I could see her hands clenching into fists as she gripped the sheets. Her crimson lipstick stained the pillow, where she had bitten into it to muffle the scream as I broke her in. I gripped her hips, feeling the trembling of her thighs as I pushed my cock all the way into her. She turned her head to look at me, over her shoulder, and I could see her mascara streaked down her cheek and her lipstick smeared across her mouth.

I began to thrust into her, pulling my cock back until it almost slipped out from between her cheeks and then pushing it back in, feeling it filling her arse. She began to relax and push back at me, forcing herself back onto my cock. I looked down to see my hard cock buried between her cheeks and the tender ring of her arsehole dragging along my cock as it slid in and out. Gran’s cries had changed to grunts interspersed with quiet mutterings. I leaned over her so I could hear what she was saying, between grunts.

“Oh God, I’m a dirty whore!” she mumbled, “Fuck my bum, bugger my arse! Aaaaah!”

Her mutter became a shriek as I rammed harder into her bottom and then pulled her against me so that she could feel the swelling of my cock as I spurted into her bottom, filling her until my cum oozed around my cock and smeared across her cheeks. I could feel my cock softening and shrinking as it slipped out from her bottom and flopped out against my thigh.

Standing, I left the bedroom and showered quickly, realising we were supposed to be going for lunch in half an hour. By the time I had dressed, Gran was in a fresh dress, with a tightly laced corset and her face freshly made up. We walked down to the pub to meet Mum and the rest of the family. Gran was very restless and fidgety, and Mum kept asking her if she was alright. Gran just smiled but we both knew the reason she was having trouble sitting still was that she still had my cum oozing out of her arsehole and her anus was still tender and sensitive.

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