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The Four Sluts Pt. 10

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*Everyone involved in this story is over 18.


Sarah dabbed the last touches of her eyeliner. She was wearing a tight backless white dress that wrapped around her neck with a thin strap. The dress reached down low to her feet, with a slit down her left side so her leg was completely bare. The dress hugged her waist and front, leaving little to the imagination. An opening under her neck strap exposed a tight and raised cleavage, with her side boobs so exposed her nipples nearly peaked out. Her hair was down and straightened for prom.

She was afraid of messing up her make up the entire time her daddy was ass-fucking her. But to her luck it wasn’t a problem, and she was able to get it just right.

Her dad growled into her neck. “You look beautiful baby.” Sarah shivered as his slow strokes picked up with speed and power. He fucked her harder and harder until her building groans grew to moans and soon screams. He covered her mouth before she made too much noise. “Can’t let everyone else hear, right?” He filled her ass before moving her panties and dress back over.

Ben followed Sarah down the stairs a few minutes after her. In Ben’s living room Lizi, Rachel, and Lauren were all waiting with their families. It was prom night and they were all dressed and ready.

Lauren’s dress was black and long. It wrapped around her back and hung loosely on her arms and left her shoulders bare. The entire dress was sheer so you could see right through to Lauren’s olive colored skin. Only lace underneath the dress covered up a few areas. The lace just covered her nipples but left her entire cleavage, side, and under-boob showing. A thin strap of lace went down the middle of her stomach to cover up her the top few inches of her lower half. Her hair was held up in a sexy bundle.

Rachel was wearing a loose fitted backless blue dress that covered one arm and left the other bare. The dress opened up at her stomach and her sides as it tightened around her legs and hips. The loose fitting left much of her chest open, especially her cleavage. Rachel had her hair flowing down in waves

Elizabeth’s was probably the skimpiest. It was shaped almost like a two-piece, with a thinning triangle attaching the top to the bottom from the front. The rest of the back was bare. Her ass was hanging out even more than Rachel’s, and the front top was a tight fit that raised and squeezed her tits while exposing her cleavage. Elizabeth’s hair mirrored Rachel’s

Also downstairs were the girl’s dates. Rachel was going with Jack, Sarah was going with a boy named Samir, Lauren’s date’s name was Henry and Elizabeth was going with someone named Riley.

As the girls’ reputation grew they were getting more and more invites to parties and trips. Rachel had been to several parties where she was date raped, and Elizabeth had several videos online of her getting fucked at other parties.

But more than anything they were getting all kinds of invites from guys for graduation parties, prom pre- and post-games, and above all else beach weeks. The girls had the pick of the litter.

Except when their dates went to buy their tickets the seller wouldn’t give any to them. It had been something about needing proof of the identity of the person they were bringing. But when each of the girls had been presented to the register they had been declined. Apparently the tickets were sold out.

The eight of them found that hard to believe, but it didn’t take long for them to learn that there was a big hushed up fiasco about it. The Vice Principle, who was in charge of the dance had been withholding tickets to certain girls and only giving them out for certain favors. Two of the girls friends had already given him blowjobs, and they knew of at least one virgin he had coerced into fucking anally just so she could go to prom with her four year boyfriend.

At that point the girls went straight to the Vice Principle’s office over the course of four days one after the other to work something out. He brought Elizabeth to his home where he fucked her for three hours in his basement. He shared Rachel with several of the faculty in his office. Sarah gave him a free private lap-dance, and afterward he got her drunk and fucked her the rest of the night in his living room while his wife slept. He took several photos and videos of Lauren, which he shared with his friends without asking her. And while his wife was at work he fucked Lauren on his bed.

In the end the girls didn’t get their tickets. The Vice Principle promised he’d let them in as they passed. The girls assured their dates they’d be able to get in, without telling them what they had to do.

For prom Riley’s dad was letting them have a party before and after the dance. Riley had been asking Elizabeth for days, and she just kept telling that she’d let him know. Once he let on that his family had a really big house and pool, and were letting them drink Elizabeth immediately said yes. No one else had that pitch. It was of course expected that Elizabeth cebeci escort put out.

That was another thing. Elizabeth didn’t like that she was basically getting bought off. She really only let her dad to it to her, and even then she could be uncomfortable with it. But they wanted to go to a good party, and that was the blow she had to take.

So she didn’t really know what to expect as they rolled up to Riley’s place. It was definitely a nice house. It could easily fit a hundred people for a party. It had a huge backyard and a nice pool with a waterfall. The patio had a sunroof and a barbecue.

They hung out with the families as more people started to arrive. It wasn’t long before there were about thirty of the girl’s friends from class or soccer. They parents flustered over their kids, especially the mothers, which the girls found a little awkward as their dads gave them hungry looks from afar.

It was a relief when the bus had arrived and they were allowed to clamber on. As the girls were walking out of the house their daddies said bye to them, telling to be behave and be good dates. Elizabeth got a surprise squeeze of her ass as she was hugging Riley’s dad. She gave him a flustered and confused looked as he gazed hungrily at her body. Elizabeth wondered if his wife or son had noticed.

Once on the bus the excitement continued. The bus driver gave them a talk about no drugs or alcohol and how they had to behave to which most of them ignored. It didn’t really matter since none of them had any of that anyway.

All of the couples were sitting together. Most of them were random asks from friends to friends but a few of them had been between couples. Jack had already had quite a bit of Rachel so he was tamer with his flirting. But Lauren, Elizabeth, and Sarah’s dates weren’t so patient. They were dropping heavy hints, or flat out fondling them. It wasn’t long before the four of them were making out heavily with their dates.

Elizabeth was sitting on Riley’s lap as they swapped saliva, grinding hard on his cock. Sarah was full on straddling Samir while Rachel had one hand down Jack’s pants and another on her breast, while he was fingering her. Lauren was rubbing Henry’s dick as the two of them kissed.

The divider was down so the driver could see it all, and while he should have been stopping them, Rachel’s nipples might have mesmerized him. Some of the girlfriends were rolling their eyes or looking at the four couples disgusted, but most of the guys snuck jealous looks over.

When it was clear that Sarah was about to sink Samir’s cock inside her pussy the driver cut it off there. Sarah blushed intensely as she pulled away from Samir. The teenagers were forced to wait patiently until they arrived at the country club.

The driver leered at the girls as they clambered out of the bus. The line was long but moving fast. After about ten minutes the girls were at the front of the line, where several teachers, including Vice Principle Hearthstone were checking tickets.

Hearthstone wasn’t a tall man. He was old and his hair was receding and grey. He was thin and wore glasses. The girls shuddered when they remembered their times taking his cock. It had been obnoxiously large, so fucking him had been addicting, but the sight of him made them recoil. They wondered how many girls he had taken advantage of with that ticket scam.

Sarah moved on through with Samir, Elizabeth went in with Riley, and Rachel was led in by Jack. But when Lauren’s turn came her date was allowed through but she was stopped. Henry turned to argue with Hearthstone.

Hearthstone shrugged. “I’m sorry son but she doesn’t have a ticket in the system.”

Lauren’s friends obviously wanted to argue, but they couldn’t exactly say anything knowing that their tickets weren’t in the system either. “I thought we had this sorted out.” Lauren said to the Vice Principle.

He shrugged. “I guess I changed my mind.” He whispered. “Maybe you can change it back.”

Lauren’s skin crawled. Bu the looks on her friend’s faces made her want to get in all the more. “You guys go ahead, I’ll meet you in there. I promise.” The rest of them reluctantly left.

“What do you want?” Lauren asked.

Hearthstone grinned. “Ms. Bates, can you handle this?”

“Yes sir.” Ms. Bates was hardly listening.

Hearthstone grabbed Lauren’s wrist, “Come here young lady. You need to be taught another lesson.” He dragged her up the stairs of the country club and into the bathroom. At least four chaperones watched as they walked in the men’s room. The bathroom was fancy, with silver gilded mirrors and stalls, and classical music playing.

Hearthstone shoved Lauren onto the sink and fondled her big tits. Lauren gasped at his wiry touch. “I’m going to have you again.” He growled lowly, looking at her slutty cleavage. He dove his lips at her neck and kissed her. Her skin crawled as his crotch rubbed up against hers, and his teeth nibbled at her neck.

He cebeci escort bayan undid the back zipper and pulled away from her. “Take it off.” He demanded. Lauren peeled off the dress and draped it over a stall. She wore no bra or panties, and was naked. He assaulted her tits again, this time kissing and sucking on them. Lauren moaned loudly as her small nipples were stimulated. “Oh fuck, yes. Mmm, that feels good.”

“I’ve got to make this count. Who knows if I’ll ever get to fuck that ass of yours again?” He said as he pulled his dick out of his pants.

“So you’ve never done this before?”

He scoffed. “Please, I’ve been doing this for years. Girls get desperate during prom.” He grabbed her full ass and sat her down on the sink again. Putting his hands on her knees he spread her legs to expose her wet pussy. “Someone’s a slut.” Her pussy had been wet from the drive over, but she couldn’t say anything as he rubbed his eleven-inch monster along her pussy folds. Her cunt was definitely getting revved up at the feeling of his hard-on.

Kissing her full on the lips Hearthstone jammed his cock inside. She yelped in pain as his balls slapped on her skin. She could feel the tip of his cock on her cervix. Her legs wrapped around his hips and drew him in. She was starting to forget that he was sixty years old with receding hair and liked to use girls.

The Vice Principle didn’t waste his time thinking about her pleasure. He slammed inside of her repeatedly. He growled in her neck and fondled her tits while she held herself up. His cockhead was scraping along her walls and stretching her hole out. Lauren screamed and bit on his shoulder as her cunt was assaulted. “Oh fuck, shit that’s hard! Oh my god, oh my god you’re too big!” Her screams could definitely be heard outside of the bathroom, and she wondered if anyone was listening. She was nearing an orgasm as he continued to go balls deep with each stroke.

He pulled out just when she was about to hit her climax. “No, please, put it back in. I’m begging you I need it again.” She grabbed at his dick and stroked it, hoping to entice him for more.

Ignoring her he pulled her off of the sink and spun her around. Then he squirted generous amounts of soap onto his hands. With one hand he slathered the soap on his rock hard erection. With the other he stuck his fingers in her asshole and lubed up her sphincter. Lauren moaned and bit her lip. When he was satisfied he pulled one of her ass cheeks out of the way, lined up his cockhead with her puckered hole, and grabbed her shoulder with the other hand. Very unceremoniously he slammed his throbbing member into her ass. Lauren screamed out loud, “Oh my fucking god that’s huge!”

As he reamed her insides the gooey soap bubbled up from her hole. It soaked her cheeks and dripped down her thighs as it mixed with her sopping juices.

Hearthstone took hold of both of her tits and held them tightly as he pressed her to his torso. “Your dirty little hole needs cleaning doesn’t it slut? I wonder how many cocks have been up this tight little ass.” He switched to her arms and he could see her back arch as her head and eyes rolled back in the mirror.

Her tits were bouncing perfectly and he could see her legs shake. He had the perfect view. Two boys came in from the dance to pee and he watched as the two of them took their time, inches from her naked and used body. When they went to wash their hands they were mesmerized by Lauren’s bouncing globes. Lauren was acutely aware that she was fully nude, while Hearthstone was still in a full suit. She was the only one without clothes and humiliated for it. Fortunately the boys didn’t stay too long.

“Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god.” She was almost crying at this point, but her hands gripping her tits tightly told the Vice Principle she was in ecstasy. Finally she gave a loud scream as she reached her climax. Hearthstone could see several chaperones watching by the corner in the mirror.

Hearthstone pulled out of her ass. Lauren was breathing hard and he wiped the soap from his dick.

He slapped her ass hard. “Bend backwards.” Lauren literally bent over backwards so her hands were on his chest. But that wasn’t far enough for him. He continued to lead her down until her hands were steading her on his thighs. Her face was level with his still fully erect member. Hearthstone then slammed his cock as far up her throat as he could. As she was arching her back for him he was deep throating her balls deep and without care. As she choked and gagged on his meat he could see the veins in her throat pop up. His hands found her tits and he held them as he face fucked her viciously.

Finally he came inside, filling her mouth to the brim with a thick and heavy load. He slapped her tit before she could swallow. “I want to see it bitch.” Lauren opened up her mouth and fondled her breasts, pinching her own nipples. She was still bent over “Yeah, yeah. Good. Now let it out, I want to see it go down.” escort cebeci He let her stand up, and watched in the mirror as Lauren let the semen drip out of her mouth and down her chin. It dripped onto her tits until it fell in a healthy stream down her cleavage. Her chin was stained, and the top halves of her tits were plastered. Even her nipples were dripping in the white juice.

“Good, now put on your dress like that.”

“It’s going to get stained.”

He roughly grabbed a fistful of her hair and she yelped. “You want to get in the dance or what?” Lauren obediently put her dress back on. Only if one looked closely in the light could you see the glisten of the man juice.

Lauren left Hearthstone in the bathroom under some stares and was able to make it to the dance. She found her friends dancing in the crowd. The country club floor was cleared of tables to be turned into a dance floor. Ribbons and lights hung from the ceiling, and in the center was a raised platform for the DJ and for people to dance on. At opposing sides of the room were tables full of appetizers and drinks.

“Hey, got it figured out?” Henry asked her.

“Yeah, it took some convincing but I offered to just pay for another ticket. No big deal.” Lauren liked to give men sex, but she felt ashamed about it going out with Henry, and for prom no less. Plus she didn’t really like Hearthstone anyway.

But it was over with, and now she could give Henry the attention of the night.

Electronic and pop music was thumping loudly. Lauren and Sarah were able to put their stripper skills to good use for their dates. It wasn’t long before both boys’ dicks were rock hard along the cracks of their date’s asses, nestled comfortably in the soft and supple cheeks. Rachel and Elizabeth didn’t know how to dance as well as the other two, but they knew how to move their hips just how the boys liked.

The dance was long, and the hall was hot from the mass of human body heat. The guys went to get the girls a drink every so often, but eventually they all needed to take a break. A couple of the guys went to the bathroom and the girls relaxed at the tables nearby.

Elizabeth was getting punch when her history teacher Mr. Hans was munching on crackers with cheese.

“Oh hey Mr. Hans.” Elizabeth eyed her teacher up and down. He was a tall man with greying edges and distinguishing facial hair. He had deep brown eyes and was tall. Elizabeth had been trying to get in bed with him almost all year, but couldn’t get around to it.

“Hello Elizabeth, enjoying the dance?” He gave her a light smile.

“Oh yeah, it’s been a blast.” Her smile was less light, and more suggestive. Thinking about Riley made her feel a little guilty, but she couldn’t help herself. She’d always been a flirt.

“That’s good. I bet you’re ready to start you senior year though.” He said.

“Yeah, I’m really excited for your European history class.” She licked her lips after taking a sip of punch.

“I’m sorry Elizabeth but I already told you, that class fills up fast, and I’m not sure I’ll be able to get you in with your grades.”

Elizabeth pouted with her big blue eyes and risked a quick touch to his chest. “I know my grades weren’t great, but are you sure there’s nothing I can do for you.”

Mr. Hans looked uncomfortable. “I’m sorry I’m not—”

But Elizabeth cut her off. “I have a lot of talents I could put in for you, they could make up for my grades. And I can put in so many hours for you after school.” She took his hand and lightly brushed her nipple wit it, which was beginning to pop out. “I think I could be a very good student for you.”

Mr. Hans continued to brush her nipple with his hand. “You really want to be in my class?”

She giggled. “Well what I really want is your dick, but your class is fun to.”

“That would be extremely against the rules. I could lose my job.”

“Mr. Faral already fucked me, and Mr. Smith fucked my friend Lauren. And Sarah and Rachel have both had sex with their math teacher for grades. I’m not even asking for that.”

Mr. Hans looked apprehensive at first, then looked around to see if anyone was looking. Then he pulled her in and grabbed a handful of her tight ass. Elizabeth moaned at his touch. His hand was half on her dress, and half cupping the bottom of her bare ass cheek.

Moving quickly the two of them went to the outside balcony. There was a flight of stairs that went down, but it was roped off to the kids. Luckily with no one around they went down the stairs to the floor patio.

There were a few metal tables, chairs and couches. But for the most part it was bare.

Once downstairs Mr. Hans picked Lizi up and kissed her. Lizi wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled him in with her legs, while she used her hands to pull his face in. She could feel his erection rapidly growing against her increasingly wet cunt.

But unable to contain herself she scrambled off of him quickly and peeled off her dress and threw it on a table. Elizabeth was standing bare ass naked in front of her history teacher, and he was close behind. When they were both nude Mr. Hans shoved her up against the wall and raised her flexible and smooth leg out of the way. Her pussy was sopping wet and his cock easily slid inside.

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