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What Mothers Are For Pt. 08

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Copyright 2021 Charlie Flemming

I called work on my cell, Terra answered after two rings, “Dan,” My number was on the work caller ID, “what do you need?” She said, sounding friendly, but I knew it was just the voice she used on the phone and would probably get very mean very quickly.

“I’m not going to be able to come in tonight,” I told her over the phone, “My ride kinda walked out on me.”

“Goddammit Daniel!” She said, there was that boss I knew and didn’t love. “You know we’re doing a lot to make it so you can have a full-time job and still go to school! You can’t keep missing work!”

“What the hell are you talking about?” I said, getting mad, “I’ve been there every day I was scheduled since I started working there. This will only be a one-time thing, I swear.”

“Never mind that,” Terra said, trying to cover up her bald-faced lie about me missing work. I could hear her shuffling papers around, “Okay, here’s what’s going to happen,” that’s Terra for ya, always trying to control everything, “I’m going to come and get you so you don’t miss work. But I can’t leave until about 4:30, so expect me there at 5.”

I grumbled something under my breath that she couldn’t hear about how she was a bitch who had no business coming over to my house for any reason, but I accepted her offer. I didn’t want to miss work, really, I needed the money and so did Mom for the bills.

I wasn’t looking forward to seeing Terra anytime soon, true I would have seen her at work but then I didn’t have to share a car ride with her. I decided to distract myself with my homework, or would have except I forgot my book bag in the back of my Aunt’s car. Dammit, I was frustrated. I decided the best choice was just to veg out in front of the TV while I waited for my least favorite person to come over and take me to work.

After a bit though, I heard voices coming from outside. We lived close to a few other houses, but we definitely didn’t live in suburbia, and hearing voices that close could only mean that someone was in the driveway. I figured it must be Terra, she probably only told me she would be later to fuck with me. She was a totally crappy person to me basically every second I was near her, so I really wouldn’t put something like that past her. Instead, it was Mom. She had just pulled in and was gathering groceries from the back of her car, and Aunt Chelsea must have been circling the block or something because she pulled in right behind her as soon as she was out of the car.

I couldn’t really hear them, but I cracked the window in the dining room and got down low so I could hear them. I really didn’t want to piss off Aunt Chelsea anymore so I figured it was probably better if she didn’t know I was still there. Of course, if she caught me spying that would probably be ten times worse, so I would have to be sure not to get caught. Still, I listened in from there, I was scared what my aunt and mother might say to one another and had to be sure things didn’t go against me.

“Oh hello Chelse,” Mom said casually to her sister, “Want to help me take the groceries in?”

Chelsea seemed distracted by something but seemed to mumble something in agreement, but I couldn’t hear from where I was.

“Cool, thanks sis,” Mom handed some groceries to my aunt and they both walked towards the front door. They would see me when they came in from that small perch so I moved around into the living room and got behind the couch, which was out of view from the kitchen and dining room where Mom took the groceries as I heard them talking.

“Thanks for helping me put these away,” Mom said to her sister, totally cheerful, “so, just in the neighborhood?”

I heard Aunt Chelsea sigh, “No, I’m not. I want to talk to you about something but I’m not sure how just yet.”

“Hmm,” I leaned up to see over the top of the couch and saw Mom in the kitchen as she thought about this, “well, what kind of drink does this problem call for? Tea, wine, or something harder?”

Aunt Chelsea looked surprised by the question, then laughed and Mom laughed with her, I wasn’t sure what was so funny, “Oh,” Chelsea said after a minute, “If you have some tequila I wouldn’t mind a shot…”

A few minutes later, and Mom and Aunt Chelsea were taking a shot each of tequila, “Bottoms up.” Mom said as they drank.

“Whoo!” Chelsea said as she put the drink down, “How about another?”

“Alright,” Mom grabbed her sister’s shot glass and started pouring more tequila for both of them, “But, um, before we take these, uh, shots, uh, how about you tell me what it was you came over to, to talk to me about?” I could tell mom was already a bit tipsy even after only one shot. She never could hold her liquor.

“Hmm, how about we take this other shot first?” Chelsea said completely sober, I guess she got all the alcohol-tolerance genes from their parents and Mom just got the more sexually liberal genes. Well, I definitely wouldn’t want that reversed. “Then,” Chelsea continued, “I’ll tell you.”

They did their second kaynarca escort shots and Mom was all smiles and rosy cheeks. “Hmm, nice and toasty,” she said as the alcohol settled in her stomach, “So what do you want to talk to me about?” Mom said, giving a somewhat drunken smile to her sister, I had to say though, even a little sloshed my mother was still sexy.

Chelsea sighed, a little frustrated, and then grabbed the bottle from the table and took a long swig straight from the source.

“Don’t hog it all!” Mom complained as she reached for the bottle from her sister’s hands but Chelsea slapped it back down on the table and Mom ignored it.

“I’m not, your such a lightweight I had to do that to catch up!” Chelsea explained and they both had a laugh. Sisters, am I right? “Anyway, I came over to yell at you for being such a slut for your own son, no less.”

Chelsea calling Mom a slut again made me want to run out from the couch and smack her but I held back, no reason to give up my cover over something so petty, but even though we fucked earlier I was still pretty angry at her for abandoning me here and not taking me to work like she said she would.

Mom surprised me and just rolled her eyes, “Oh please, I’m not a slut for being a good Mom.”

“I don’t know Beth, mothers aren’t supposed to be giving their sons blowjobs, let alone do it in the middle of the dining room in front of his sister! And me! I mean, have you no shame, sister?” Chelsea said, starting to sound pretty sloshed as well now.

Mom smiled at her sister, “Of course I do, and I’m holding back. I mean, it’s not like we’ve fucked or anything, though trust me, I’ve thought about it.” Mom seemed to daydream for a minute, “I mean, you’ve got to admit, my son has a giant dick. I bet he could make me cum for days.”

Holy shit! I couldn’t believe it, Mom said she thought about fucking me! I was so fucking surprised my mouth was wide open and my cock was rock hard in my pants. I never expected to hear Mom say such a thing about me, I mean, blowjobs are one thing but she talks about those like they’re her “motherly duty” or something, but actually fucking my mom! God, that thought made me horny.

Chelsea seemed distracted by the thought of my dick as well, “Yeah, it really does feel good when he’s fucking your pussy.”

Mom gave her sister a funny look. If she hadn’t been drinking she might have noticed exactly what her sister said, “You mean, you think it would feel good, right?”

“Um, actually,” Chelsea said as she cleared her throat, “I kind of have something to admit.” Chelsea took a very deep breath before continuing, “You see, I picked your son up from school today, and on the way over here we-“

Uh oh, I thought, this couldn’t happen. I knew Chelsea was just trying to start some shit between me and Mom by admitting that we fucked in her car on the way over. I did the only thing I could think to do, I stood up and cleared my throat.

“Oh, son,” Mom said, surprised and did her best to hide the shot glassed (behind the tequila bottle), “Um, we weren’t drinking or anything.” Mom didn’t like her children to see her drunk, probably because she only drank on occasion and when she did it was usually just a glass of wine.

“Aren’t you supposed to be working?” Chelsea said, turning in her chair and glaring at me with pure hatred.

“Well, I would be if my ride didn’t pull out at the last second,” I pointed out as I walked around the couch and over to them.

As I did, Mom noticed the erection in my pants, “See what you did, Chelsea?” She drunkenly and angrily said to her sister, “Dan needs stress relief because of you arguing with him.” She looked at me with naughtiness in her eyes, “Now come to mommy and I’ll do whatever you need me to do in order to get all that nasty stress out of your system.” As she said this last part she was already undoing my pants and reaching in to fish out my hard cock.

I glanced at Chelsea, but she was silently watching Mom’s hands in my pants. She seemed to want to see my dick as much as mom did.

But then there was a knock on the door and Mom froze with both her hands on my hard cock in my pants, “Um, who is it?” She called.

Then a familiar voice called out, “I’m here for Dan.”

I cringed, I had completely forgotten that Terra was on the way over, “Shit, it’s my boss.” I said as I reluctantly took mom’s hands off my cock and zipped my pants up, “When I tried to call off work she insisted on driving me in.”

Mom cocked an eyebrow and glanced from me to her sister, “You mean, the boss?”

I nodded.

“What? I don’t know what either of you are talking about,” Chelsea said as she glanced between us and to the door.

“Hello?” Terra called from the door, “I know your in there, you just talked to me a second ago.”

We ignored her for another minute as we talked, “It’s Dan’s boss from the factory,” Mom said, “She’s probably the primary source of stress for Dan, from what I’ve heard.”

Chelsea glanced at me, and orhanlı escort I said, “yes, more than anything else. She’s a real slave-driver, especially to me.”

Chelsea cocked an eyebrow, “Oh really? So in a way, she’s the one who started this whole stress problem of yours.”

“Yeah,” I said with a sigh, “I guess I should let her in.”

I did so and Terra walked into the house and saw Mom and Chelsea at the table, “Hmm, better than I expected,” she said, “Of course, I expected you to live in a trailer with smackheads or the like.”

Mom did not like Terra right away, “Wow, so this is Terra, I’ve heard a lot about you.” As Mom said this she stood up and shook Terra’s hand. Terra cringed as if she had to touch some slimy bug. This made me angry but I felt like I couldn’t do anything, I definitely couldn’t stand up to Terra.

Terra broke the handshake and then grabbed me by the arm like one might a misbehaving kid, “Come on Danny, I came here to take you to work, and that’s exactly what I’m going to do.” She started to drag me to the door. But then Aunt Chelsea reached up and grabbed Terra’s hand and stopped her in her tracks towards the door. Terra turned, looking ready to attack my aunt, “What is the meaning of this?” She shouted.

“Look, Lady,” Aunt Chelsea said, “You’ve obviously got some beef with my nephew. But I don’t care what it is.” Aunt Chelsea stood up and glanced at Mom, who was currently pouring herself another shot, which made me think I should probably stop her since Mom usually doesn’t drink so much but I seemed to be stuck so it didn’t matter much, “Well,” Aunt Chelsea continued, “You’re one of the greatest sources of my nephew’s stress and because of this I think you should know how Daniel’s stress is treated.”

“What I don’t have to-” Terra started but stopped when Chelsea then reached down and put a hand on my crotch, grabbing my big dick through my pants. Terra gasped, “What are you doing?! I thought you were his aunt!”

“And as his aunt, it’s my duty to help with his treatment,” Aunt Chelsea glanced at Mom again, I think she expected her to get up and help her deal with my horrible boss. Mom, however, was drinking down her shot of tequila and then licking salt off her hand and didn’t seem to be paying any attention to us for the moment. Chelsea turned back to Terra, “And as the leading cause of his stress, I think you should help with his treatment as well.”

With that, in front of a very surprised Terra, Aunt Chelsea got down her knees in front of both of us and pulled my pants down. My cock jumped out and hit Chelsea in the face but she soon grabbed my large, veiny dick with both hands and started jerking me off, slowly, in front of my boss.

“Holy shit, look at the size of that thing!” Terra said in surprise before shaking her head as she realized who she was talking to, “Never mind!” She shouted, “I’m taking him to work!”

She tried to pull me away from my aunt but that was when Mom seemed to snap out of her drunken haze, “Oh you most certainly are not!” She said this so sternly and motherly that Terra let go of my arm and spun around to look at her. Mom got up from her chair and walked over to Terra, “My son deserves to have a happy and healthy life and the one thing that helps him relieve all the stress from work, stress that you give him, I might add,” Mom said and she put a hand on both of Terra’s shoulders, “That you should learn to take care of my son for when he needs his release while he’s working for you. It’s the least you can do.” As Mom explained this she removed Terra’s jacket, revealing that she was only wearing a ripped top as an undershirt.

Terra was spellbound, it seemed, as Mom continued to undress her. As she did this, Terra seemed to be downright drooling over my big dick as Aunt Chelsea jerked me off. Pre-cum started leaking from the tip of my dick and Chelsea stuck her tongue out so she could start licking it off of my cockhead. When Terra saw this she started to moan, “Oh fuck, you’re his aunt!? That is so fucking hot!” Damn, I never knew Terra could ever get so horny!

Aunt Chelsea felt emboldened by this and took my cockhead into her mouth and started to suck the rest of my cock into her wet, vacuum-like mouth. “Fuck yeah, Auntie,” I shouted, “That feels so fucking good.” I glanced back over to Terra and saw that Mom had taken off her shirt and bra, she had some great big tits too, I reached up and started fondling one, just to see what Terra would do.

Turns out she just started moaning, “Holy shit, pinch my nipple, please?” And I did and her moans became quite more guttural and much less in a language that could be understood, “AAAHHhhhh, Ooohhhoh,” She seemed to be cumming just from me manhandling her tits, it made me wonder just how much sex Terra got in her life at the moment, and maybe this was why she was so mean to me all the time. Mom was on her knees and taking Terra’s pants down to her ankles. As soon as Terra’s full, hairy pussy was in view, Mom started to lick it. Terra began tepeören escort to moan even louder.

God this was making me hot, “I think I want to fuck some pussy now.” I said as I was gripping Terra’s tits while staring at Mom licking her cunt as Aunt Chelsea sucked my dick. “Any takers?” I asked but I was staring right at Terra, who had yet to look away from Chelsea blowing me.

As a way of answering, Terra leaned in and kissed me, shoving her tongue in my mouth and we were kissing while my aunt sucked my cock and my mom ate her pussy, I grabbed her and pushed her and myself away from my horny family and I pushed her down on the kitchen table. I felt as either Mom or Aunt Chelsea lined my cock up with my boss’s pussy and pushed it in a few inches.

Terra started moaning into my mouth like a horny slut, she stopped kissing me long enough while I started fucking her to announce, “Holy shit I’m already cumming on your amazing cock! I haven’t been fucked in so long! Just fuck me, Dan!” I didn’t have to be told twice as I started thrusting as I kissed her and my big dick stretched out what felt like a pretty damn tight pussy. If she hadn’t had sex in a while I suppose it made sense that her pussy was so amazingly tight. I loved fucking my boss, too bad this probably wouldn’t last and she’d go back to being mean to me.

I stood and positioned Terra to the side of the table so I could fuck her while standing. Doing so allowed Mom and Aunt Chelsea access to Terra’s giant tits, and they both got on the sides of the table so they could suck on her nipples. Terra moaned out in pleasure as I plowed her pussy and my mom and aunt licked and sucked on her tits.

“Oh fuck, I’m already cumming again! HOOOLLYYYY SSSHHIIITT!!!” She shouted as her whole body started to tremble as she came harder than I’d seen any woman cum so far. Jesus this was hot and I could feel myself start to cum, but I used all my power to hold back. It was so much I pulled out of her pussy. I was so horny I didn’t care, but I wanted more pussy.

I grabbed Aunt Chelsea and pulled her over so I could bend her over and push her head into Terra’s pussy. Aunt Chelsea started eating her cunt without even being told. Mom was so turned on by this she stood up, took her clothes off, and sat on my boss’s face. Terra started licking and tongue-fucking Mom’s cunt immediately. As she did this I took Chelsea’s pants down so I could stick my dick in her cunt from behind. God this was fucking hot, I thought as I sunk my dick into my Aunt’s pussy for the second time ever only a few hours since we first fucked.

All three women started moaning loudly as their pussies were assaulted. I fucked Aunt Chelsea while she ate Terra who ate Mom. God, this was so fucking hot, not to mention Chelsea’s tight and hot pussy as I slid in and out of her, determined to cum.

“I’m gonna cum,” I announced as I felt a familiar feeling in my balls, I pulled out and ordered, “Everyone on the ground, I’m going to cover your faces!”

Mom and Aunt Chelsea didn’t need to be told twice, and the two of them practically tour Terra off the table to force her on her knees in front of me. She had cum so much in such a short amount of time that she didn’t even seem to know what was going on exactly. She quickly found out as I positioned my cock in front of her and came all over her face. The first shot hit her in the forehead and started leaking down, forcing her eyes closed as cum dripped over her eyelids. The next shot I hit her in the chest and sent streaks back and forth over both of my boss’s gorgeous tits.

I re-aimed and started cumming on Mom’s face as well, salvo after salvo covered her features with my purely white goo and fell down onto her heaving breasts, I aimed again at Aunt Chelsea and gave her the same treatment and a moment later I had three cum-covered sluts in front of me.

“Wow, shit,” Terra said, “I’ve never seen anyone cum so much.” She licked her lips, “And so tasty, Jesus Danny, is there anything to do with sex you aren’t amazing at?”

Mom was wiping cum off her face with her hand and shoveling it into her mouth, “MMmm-mmm,” She moaned by how tasty she found it, “No, my son is just amazing at sex. God, I think I’m going to have to fuck him too!” She said and giggled. I just remembered that she had quite a lot to drink before this started, still, my hard cock twitched at the thought of fucking Mom, not even hinting at wanting to go down again

“Holy shit,” Terra said in surprise, wiping the cum out of her eyes so she can open them again, “Will you? I really want to see a mother fuck her son! That would be so hot!” Terra said as she started to finger fuck herself, I guess I wasn’t the only one who was ready for more action.

Mom glanced from Terra to my cock and then back again, “I can’t. I’ll suck him off for his stress release, of course, but I can’t fuck him.”

“Even though he just fucked his Aunt?” Terra pointed out, “I mean, this isn’t that much different.” As she said this she took the hand she wasn’t fingering herself with and started feeling one of mom’s tits, not even caring that it was covered in my cum and she was getting it all over her hand. “Even though he fucked me too?” Terra obviously wanted me to fuck Mom almost as much as I did.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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