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Witch Problems: Lesbian Triangle

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It had started at Lughnasadh , the Pagan Harvest festival. Our coven decided we could do the rites sky-clad if we so wished to show our acceptance of our own bodies. It quickly became a point of pride that we should all be naked to show our commitment to the mother goddess or our coven or the trees or something. I’m not really clear as to why anyone thought all of us getting naked on campus was a good idea in the first place. Others felt that as it was a female-only campus, with no men there to act creepy, it would be a great experience in body acceptance.

The campus feminists decided they would hold a protest against us. Something about the separation of church and state should prevent us having a religious festival on or near campus.

Everything the campus feminists did tended to have a level of scope creep that would destroy most clubs. Plus, the group was fractured by social cliques with many of the women who ran the group acting like queen bees who would not and could not get along with the other queen bees who also ran the group.

Within days their plan been changed, modified, re-planned, then over-planned with such continuous and uncontrolled growth in the protest’s scope that it was now a naked protest against us as well as naked counter protest against their own naked protest. They had managed to involve the lesbian voter alliance, the University Wiccan Council, D.I.V.E.R.S.I.T.Y, the tuzla escort union of campus sororities, the Jewish women’s gunowner club, the Occult club, the society of Mages, and I was not sure how many other.

The day of the Harvest festival a large number of women had taken peyote, mescaline and mushrooms for the religious ceremony, to honor the goddess and nature, or because they liked to get blitzed on psychedelics. Which, in retrospect, might not have been the best way for both sides to start their protest.

The event had quickly spiraled out of control, everyone screaming at each other, then shoving and hair pulling. I had a tiny militant lesbian with a bright red mohawk and a nose ring jump on my back and attempt to wrestle me to the ground. She could not have weighted more than 80 pounds and was no more than 5 foot tall. I knew she was a militant lesbian as she had the words ‘militant lesbian’ written on her bare chest in lipstick.

My roommate was able to pull the militant lesbian off me around the time the fire department showed up to break up the riot and put out all the fires.

The three of us decided to talk out our differences over pizza but quickly remembered that due to being naked none of us had any money on hand. We made our way over to her apartment to pick up some cash. Once there we found there already was two hot pizzas waiting for us plus a pitcher of Sex on the Beach pendik escort slushies.

We chased away some orcs that were trying to take our slushies away. We were on some good mescaline.

I am not sure why the militant lesbian and I started kissing but we did. I couldn’t remember much from that night but the memory of that taste of cold strawberries, basil, and a squeeze of lemon from the slushies in my mouth juxtapositioned with her warm tongue as we frenched would make me wet for months after.

The three of us were on our sides, laying on a folded out sofa bed, My tongue was flicking across the tiny dyke’s pierced clit. My roommate was between my thighs fingering me hard. I stopped for a second to watch as the lesbian’s bright red mohawk disappeared between my roommates outstretched legs and felt more than I heard, my roommates whimpers as the lesbian went to work on her.

After a while we switched partners. I started on my roommate’s soaked pussy as the tiny dyke’s tongue worked indescribable magic on my greedy cunt. I was not sure what she was doing but she sure did. She had a cold bottle of vodka in me and her hot mouth on me, mixed with the peyote and mescaline I was on, the sensations were surreal. I followed her lead and used a cold beer bottle on my roommate with wild abandon.

Each of us started pinching the other women’s nipples. I am not sure which of them orgasmed first aydınlı escort but it triggered my own rhythmic contractions. I rolled on my back with my legs splayed out, gasping for breath for what seemed like an eternity.

The three of us woke up the next morning. We quickly realized we were in the wrong apartment. My roommate and I had thought we had gone to the militant lesbian’s apartment. She had thought we had taken her back to our place. We were naked in some random guy’s apartment. We quickly stole some clothes and make our way back to our dorm rooms. Our phone number on her arm and the militant lesbian’s phone number written on my arm using some pen we had found during our search for cleanish clothes to wear.


A few weeks before Halloween the strangest game of dungeons and dragons the guys had ever played occurred. Soon after the pizza was delivered these three naked women walked in the back patio door. Joe, Steve, and Dave had LARPed as Orcs as they were going to dress as orcs for Halloween. The next thing they knew these women started eating their pizza and drinking all their mead, which had been made using sex on the beach slushies.

These women were clearly on something. Steve folded out the sofa bed so they would have somewhere to crash for the night and sleep off whatever they were on. The next thing the guys knew the nude coeds were having an all women orgy. The next morning while they were at church, the women stole their pants.


Another tale of Morgana’s younger years. More to come this October with the Amorous Goods Season 02 (2021) Author Challenge. Please vote.

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