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A Different Way Ch. 04: Working Girl

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Kasia and I had a long conversation about how to handle Friday night, which would be my first attempt at managing the Club.

“Are you sure I can do this, Kasia?”

“Is my Lady unsure?”

“Oh. golly, Kasia, of course I am. You have seen how I get. I like to please, and commanding is not natural for me.”

I saw a smile flit across her face.

“On the contrary, Lady Em, you have that quality, it just needs to be developed and nurtured. Would you trust me if I said I had a way to help?”

As she said that, her hand was under my chin, lifting it so our eyes locked.

“Would you, Em? Would you trust me?”

The blushing was, I hoped, cute, but hardly the stuff of which mistresses were made. I suddenly felt quite inadequate to the task.

“I, I don’t think I can do it!”

“That was not what I asked you, Em. I asked if you would trust me?”

“Oh totally, Kasia.”

“So, is Lady Em wanting her tutor’s help?”

She looked at me, knowingly. And I intuited what she wanted:

“Yes, Miss Kasia.”

She held my face between her hands. Our eyes locked:

“Em, you promise faithfully to do whatever I tell you for the next hour or two?”

I felt my drawers flood. This was so much more me. I wanted to submit.

“Yes, Miss Kasia,” I said, breathlessly.

“Oh ho! Do you think ‘Miss’ enough for total obedience, girl?”

Then, to my surprise (and thrill) I felt her hand strike the back of my skirt.

“No, Mistress Kasia, forgive me.”

Her smile was that of a thousand candles.

“You will be my good girl, Em. I want you naked – now girl!”

I don’t think I had ever undressed so quickly in my life. That she was still in her maid’s outfit somehow added a frisson to the fact that here I was, Lady Emily Hervey, submitting to my own maid in my own bedroom.

“You have no tits, do you Em?”

“No, Mistress.”

“Uncover those of your new Mistress, girl!”

I helped Kasia out of her maid’s dress, exposing her bustier which thrust her tits right in my face.

“You want to bury your face there, do you not girl?”

“Yes, Mistress Kasia.”

“You will wait a moment, my girl. First you will finish undressing your Mistress.”

I did as she instructed. Unlacing her bustier, her big tits fell free; but I resisted, instead kneeling to remove her drawers.

She lifted her legs and stood, in her glorious nakedness.

“You will kiss my arse little Em. Show how obedient you are.”

Quite how any of this was going to help me manage the Club was a question lost in the feelings shooting through me. I did as she told me.

Her arse, as she called it, was perfectly peach-like, and as I kissed her cheeks, I felt my own juices trickle down my inner thighs.

Then, she bent forward, parting her legs so that I could see her rosebud and pussy lips; the former winked at me; the latter glistened with her nectar.

“Do it, girl, you know you want to!”

As Kasia spoke, she wriggled and pushed her arse into my face. I knew I should have been disgusted; but I was delighted. Gripping her cheeks to pull them apart a little, I used my tongue to tease her. She whimpered.

As I heard her and felt her shake, it came to me to take her pussy with my fingers. I wanted her. I took her.

“Oh ho, oh, oh!”

Moaning, Kasia sank to her knees, bending forward onto all fours.

That enabled me to push my tongue more firmly against her rosebud, and to curl three fingers in. As I began to stretch her, she groaned and pushed back, fucking herself on my fingers until she squelched. If she was enjoying that so much, I thought, how about a fourth?

As all four fingers went in, she squealed in pleasure, grunting, and pushing herself back harder:

“Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me hard Lady Em, Lady Em fuck your girl!”

Always happy to oblige, I not only did that, but spitting into her rosebud to make that wet, I pushed my tongue against it.

Kasia jerked hard, gyrating her hips as though she wanted more and more. I thrust my face firmly into her cleft cheeks, so she smacked herself against me as she pushed and grunted.

“Oh, oh you, you, you!”

I felt suddenly as though I was in control. Kasia was desperate for her orgasm, and I could feel her begin to tremble. I was starting to recognise the signs.

“Do you need to cum, Kasia?”

“Yes, oh yes, yes, yes!”

“Do you want Lady Em to allow that?”

“Please, please Lady izmit escort bayan Em, let your Kasia cum!”

I said, in all innocence:

“Good girl!”

Which seemed to set off a huge explosion of passion. Her pussy gripped my fingers, her rosebud opened and closed; my hand was coated as she groaned and came. Her knees gave way, and my fingers slipped from her as she collapsed onto the floor, her right hand going to rub herself.

I watched, wondering quite what had happened there.

Kasia turned, looking at me, her eyes still glazed.

“Do you see, Lady Em, do you see what you can do when you take charge? We started with you as my girl, and I ended as yours. If you can do that with me, you can do it with others. Do you see, we build you up.”?

I gazed at her, a little bewildered, not least by the change in our roles – and in myself. She was, of course, right, I had done a cat in a pan turn from submissive to dominant, and had enjoyed both. I obviously looked puzzled, as she turned to kiss me.

“Do not worry, lovely one. Your Kasia can deal with you when you need to be a little slut, but do you not see how as Manager, you can be so powerful with these ladies. You will be for your Kasia won’t you?”

The thought sent conflicting emotions surging through me. The fact that I could not quite work out what was happening added to the erotic thrill. Was Kasia my maid, my teacher, or my Mistress? Was I her Mistress or Maid? It seemed we flickered in and out of roles which had no real definition, except that our instincts brought us to where each of us needed the other to be. It was quite remarkable.

I had seen enough of the Club to know that usually ladies who liked to submit did just that. I assumed that ladies who liked to take control were much the same. As an escort, Kasia might, of course, be paid to take on whichever role a client wanted; but was that true of a client? What about a Manager?

“I see the wheels of your mind whizzing, my lady Em?”

I tried, as best I could, to explain.

“You are right,” she giggled. “We defy categorisation. As an escort, yes, I play the role needed; but you are not an escort, Lady Em.”

“So the clients, the ladies, do not act as escorts?”

“No, my lady, how would it be for a fine lady to be a dirty little whore like your maid?”

The teasing way she uttered the words had the usual effect on me. But if I blushed, I also tingled.

“Oh ho! I am seeing into your naughty mind, Lady Em.”

“What do you mean, Kasia?” I queried, knowing full well that our mental empathy made it highly likely she did know. That meant I told her.”

“Is there are reason why a fine lady cannot be a dirty little whore?”

“Only this, my lady, that each of the whores would need someone to fix her up with a client.”

“Oh, you mean that I’d have to get Lady M or Lady Mags to?”

“Well, my lady Em, on the nights you were in charge, no.”

“So, it could not be then?”

Now Katia did look like the cat who had the mouse just where she wanted it.

“If I were in charge of you, if you were my dirty little slut, then only we should know. Would you really let your Maid use you like that?”

As she looked deep into my eyes, she spanked me!

“Fuck yes! Yes, I would, Mistress Kasia.”

“Such a good girl for me. So you accept that I may want to whore you out?”

Hearing her give words to my thoughts sent little shocks of pleasure through me.

“Your dirty little whore, Mistress.”

Her hands lifted my face to hers.

“Ladies are not usually whores, but for you, my lady Emily, when you manage, we shall perhaps make the exception. I shall mask you, so no one is sure. But you will have to go with who I say, you know that?”

“Yes, Mistress Kasia.”

“But also, Lady Em, you will take charge too. You have done so now; you will do so again!”

That was the challenge – and the excitement. Kasia and I seemed aligned in some strange, inexplicable way. The way each of us anticipated the other’s words even, suggested that there was a flexibility between the two of us that might allow for pleasures unsuspected.

Friday night came with the slowness of Christmas Eve for a child. We caught a hansom to the Club, and on arrival, were greeted inside by young Lucy, whom I had met on my previous visit. She was clad in the usual escort outfit of scanty knickers, stockings, heels and bustier. Mentally, I licked my lips. I could izmit eve gelen escort see from the way she greeted clients and escorts alike that she was an enormous asset.

“Now, Lady Em,” Kasia said, “it is time I changed. I believe that Lady Mags and Lady M have an outfit for you as Manageress.”

“Oh Kasia, I, I couldn’t wear anything like that.”

She smiled.

“Of course not, Lady Em, you don’t have the tits!”

That put me firmly in my place.

But there was, indeed, an outfit for me. It was nothing like as overtly sexual as Kasia’s bustier, skimpy knickers, stockings, and heels. Kasia helped me into it, and we both thought it suitable. So used was I to having most of myself covered, that to be in a black silk dress which finished midway down my thighs, was in itself a thrill.

“Bend Em!”

I bent, as Kasia had suggested.

“Oh ho, yes, Em, I can see your knickers!”

In place of the usual drawers, I was wearing those knickers which had been specially imported from Paris. They covered the essentials, but not much more. The hold-up stockings made my legs look, and feel sexy, but I went for the lower heels. I liked being petite and saw no reason to change that. Kasia applied a little make up and declared:

“My lady Em looks the perfect hostess. Shall we go and start?”

“I think so!”

And so we launched the great adventure.

The escorts were lovely to a woman. All of them were, of course, attractive, but they had about them a quality of character which, I soon realised, made the Club the success it was. A very bubbly brunette, clearly from the Colonies by her accent, Stella, was one who caught my eye from the start; it was clear that I had caught hers, from the way she cast glances at me. She was about half a foot taller than me, I’d have put her at five foot five, slim, with rather pert, small breasts, with legs which the heels and stockings set off well, Stella was a favourite with our Ladies.

She seemed to be good friends with another of our popular escorts, Tara, who was just a bit taller, but with breasts which matched Kasia’s, and an arse which looked as though it was just inviting my face to press in there. Tara was older than Stella, and it was interesting to watch the way in which she tended to mother her. That was a quality I noticed a few of the older women had; it helped make the Club the friendly place it was.

I swiftly spotted those escorts who would, as I told Kasia when she was on one of her breaks, be useful in helping to keep things moving. I had noticed on my visits that while a single hostess could make people welcome, what she could not do was to be everywhere and do everything. Lucy, who tended the bar, needed assistance, and I was delighted to be able to help bring our ladies together by asking one of the Molly Boys, Erica, to help out.

Erica was another colonial. A handsome young man, he delighted in wearing female finery, and had impeccable manners. One could quite tell which of our clients – and escorts – had a strong non-sapphic side by their reaction to Erica. She was a delight, and while decidedly sapphic myself, I could see in her charm and sparkle, that she was capable of bringing those qualities to the Club.

The same was true of Dusty, who was just one of those delightful women who made everyone feel at ease. Her green eyes shone with a kindness which radiated from her. Another of our large-breasted ladies, Dusty always had a good word for anyone, and she was, I soon, discovered, adaptable, and, like Kasia, could play whatever part her clients needed.

Over the next few weeks I brought them together as a team, and Mags herself noted the change.

“Em, you really are a natural at this.”

Our clients were an eclectic and self-selecting group, but two stood out for me. One was Lady Anne Yorke. Blonde, blue-eyed, and busty (a girl could get a complex working with so many well-endowed women, so it was a good job I already had one!), her husband was a vice-admiral, which, given her own love of vice, seemed apposite. She had about her a natural authority, and I found myself drawn to her. She would take me under her wing, when things were quiet, and I soon found her a ready source of advice – and comfort.

The other client was young Lady Beccy. Most of our clients were women between thirty and sixty, some, like Lady Rose, with whom I struck up a friendship, were at the older izmit otele gelen escort end of the spectrum, Lady Beccy was, at twenty, at the younger end. She intrigued me.

Beccy was shy at first, but I drew her out. She knew, she said, that she would have to marry a fine gentleman, and her parents already had their eyes on a suitable match, but she had, she told me, “thoughts” about women, and the Club had helped her to explore her sexual feelings. There was something very special about talking with her as she began to bloom.

The first evening passed so quickly that I was surprised when Kasia came to my table.

“Lady Em, you have been so engrossed I need to remind you we have about twenty minutes until closure.”

“Thank you darling, and will we have time for fun, ourselves?”

Kasia smiled.

“Oh I am not thinking Lady Em is ready for me this evening!”

“Why is that my dear?” I said, a little taken aback.

“I cannot think that you would be liking to lick my pussy tonight!”

“But my Kasia, you know I delight in that!”

“After I have been with Erica, Lady Em?”

I had seen the two of them disappear into one of the rooms on the ground floor where staff could rest. My surprise must have shown:

“I like to help Erica out, Lady Em, but as my pussy is full, I think it will not be for your eating tonight. But Lady Kate is free, so I may get her to clean me out!”

She giggled in that alluring fashion she had when she was being mischievous.

It was a delight to thank our escorts for their work, and it was clear that for many of them, work was also a pleasure. I was careful to respect the privacy of clients, and though I was told much, I revealed nothing; but it did help me match escorts and clients in a more effective manner.

Once back home, Kasia set out my night things.

As she undressed me for bed, she caressed my shoulders, kissing the back of my neck. Already aroused by an evening immersed in an atmosphere of loving lust, it took but little to make me whimper. My dress slipped off my shoulders, and she kissed down my back, sending shivers through me. I was already moist; now I was wet.

Kasia pulled my drawers down and bent me forward, telling me to part my legs; I did so.

“So, Lady Em, I am going to lick and kiss your sexy arse.”

Hands on my knees, I pushed my arse out so she could massage it. She ran her tongue down my crack, teased my rosebud, and then slipped her fingers to my wetness.

“Oh ho, Em is a wet girl for me!”

“Oh, oh, I am so wet, Kasia!”

She pressed her tongue against my hole. I tried to relax it, but her fingers touching my clit made relaxation out of the question. I felt the tension start to rise, like a million bubbles inside me. I knew I was not far away from an orgasm. Then she stopped.

For a moment I stood there, legs apart, bending at the waist, showing her everything; my rosebud felt wet, my pussy ached.

“All fours, now!”

I got onto all fours.

Kasia walked slowly in front of me. She looked down.

“You look good down there, Lady Em!”

Her emphasis on my title sent little waves of excitement through me.

“Do you want to cum, little Em?”

“You know I do, Kasia!”

“There will be two conditions and I may consider allowing it.”

“Just name them!” I groaned, feeling all shivery and orgasmic.

“You will masturbate yourself to it.”

“Yes, Mistress Kasia!”

“That is a good girl!”

“And you shall do so looking at my pussy!”

So saying, she slipped her dress off and pulled her knickers down. I could see they had a sticky substance on them; I knew it was not her juices – I had seen them often enough by now.

Kasia sat in front of me, her legs open. I could see that her pussy had been well used, the lips were reddened – and she was leaking. Viscous white liquid trickled down into her rosebud.

“You will cum for me Em, or you will not for a week!”

The dilemma was acute. I did not want to be anywhere near her pussy with it in that state, but I was desperate to orgasm.

“Yes, Mistress Kasia!”

Kasia began rubbing her own pussy. I could see her unhooded clit as she rubbed herself. I rubbed myself in time with her. I was so sensitive I could only press around the area; my clit ached so much.

She was smiling.

“Look, I rub Erica’s cum on my clit, you are sure you are not wanting it on yours?”

I shook, I was totally sure, but the teasing and the tension made me groan. I rubbed myself urgently, as she did. We came at the same time.

As my senses slowly returned, I could see her smiling.

“You see, Em, when we go here, you will never know what might happen!”

In that was much of her appeal.

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