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A Dirty Dog Does Germany Ch. 06

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You don’t often run across really beautiful women that are attached to soldier boys, especially in Germany, but Kelli was definitely the exception. She was runway model material, and before marrying Rob, she had planned to get into modeling. She had a few head shots done but had never really pursued it.

Kelli also attracted a lot of unwanted attention from horny soldiers and this often became a sore spot between her and Rob because he would sometimes accuse her of flirting and egging things on. This usually occurred after he had a few Stuttgarter Hofbraus and let the alcohol do the talking. For the most part she never seemed to make it a point to try to garner any more attention that her stone good looks would gather without effort.

They partied at my apartment occasionally, and Mandi and I had partied at theirs, usually with 3-4 other couples. Kelli would drink her share of beer, and sometimes they would split a bottle of Jagermeister (long before it became cool in the US). But Kelli always seemed to stay just short of getting drunk, always coolly in control, while Rob would get “puke on his shoes” drunk.

Kelli had long, wavy blond hair that framed a face that was acutely feminine, soft but with a noble nose and jaw line. She had a slender model’s body, little in the way of breasts, just slightly more hips that one would expect from a runway model, but she was definitely a doll. Once while we partied at their house, I had a few moments to talk to her, and broached the subject of modeling.

Kelli had actually talked to Mandi about the same thing, and Mandi had offered me as a potential photographer. At the time, I had been into amateur photography for about 10 years, and not only had 4 really nice camera bodies in 35mm, I had acquired a medium format Mamiya and did some nude photography of Mandi in black and white that she kept hidden but adored.

Kelli was more or less flattered by the offer but also blew it off. She seemed preoccupied with Rob and his childish games. It was the first time I got the impression that they could be having trouble. Rob had taken German in school, and got along well in the little village where they lived. They often had meals with the landlord or other neighbors. She always felt left out like a third wheel since she spoke little German and Rob didn’t seem to care if she learned anything or not.

One afternoon, Rob had to pull 24-hour duty at the kaserne, and asked me to take some of his equipment and things to his apartment so Kelli could start cleaning it. It was about a 30 minute drive to their apartment, but I obliged. When I got to the apartment, I knocked. I heard a short scramble of noise, and then the door opened. I got a glimpse of Kelli disappearing up the stairs in to the apartment. I followed, my arms full of his military stuff, and walked into the living room. Kelli had taken a seat in a large chair near the door to the balcony, and was turned away from me.

“Where should I put this stuff?” I asked.

She just motioned me to put it on the sofa. I looked a bit more closely and noticed for the first time that she had red eyes and a red nose, and it dawned upon me that she was crying. I took a couple of tissues from a box nearby and walked over to her, and reached out to gently dab at her eyes and cheeks. She turned away at first, then slowly turned back. She must have been crying for a while. Her face was puffy and swollen, and her eyes were a wreck. Plus she wasn’t wearing make-up and looked terrible. I had never seen her like this.

“So, would you care for a sympathetic ear?” I asked.

She looked down at her knees, then back to me.


I quietly asked, “Got a beer in the fridge?”

She gave me a Mona Lisa smile and replied, “Sure.”

I went over to the refrigerator, got a beer, and asked if she wanted one. She just waved me off. I took my beer and went over to where she sat, and sat down in the floor next to her legs. After a sip of beer, I decided to pry.

“Okay, what is up with you and the crying?”

She looked out the window for a couple of seconds, sighed deeply, and finally spoke in a quiet, small voice, “Do you really want to hear this?”

I shrugged, but answered, “I’m here, aren’t I?”

She seemed to ponder things for a few moments before saying, “I know I look a mess, but earlier I just felt so lonely, and wondered what I was doing here in the middle of Germany, with no one who even speaks English within miles. Then I realized that Rob had CQ tonight, and I would be alone even longer. I would rather be fighting with him than sitting here alone.”

I wasn’t sure how to respond, but told her, “You’re not alone now. And you can come stay with Mandi and me if you would like. Why are you fighting?”

She hesitated for a while, and after chewing her lower lip for a few seconds, finally looked at me and said, “Oh, it’s just the same old shit. He lives in a beer bottle, and then gets angry and jealous over nothing. He brings his German friends around and then yells at me later because gaziantep escort they stare at me and stuff, and say things in German I don’t understand. I don’t know if they are making fun of me or what, but a lot of times it seems awfully funny to them.”

I sat my hand on a blue jean clad knee, and gently patted it.

“You should never feel bad about people falling all over themselves looking at you. You’re just flat beautiful! Except for right now, and you look like hell,” I teased.

She brushed away some stray hair almost shyly, and then smiled broadly, saying, “Well you’re sure a lot of help.”

I chuckled and told her, “Just trying to make you smile.”

She sighed, and then her shoulders seem to relax. She fiddled around with the loose shirt she was wearing, fidgeted a bit and finally looked out the window.

“Are you sure it would be okay to stay with you and Mandi tonight?”

I softly replied, “You are always welcome, especially now. You don’t seem to want to be alone and I don’t think I could leave here without you. Mandi would kick my ass.”

She chuckled at this, and said, “If you aren’t in too big a hurry, I’ll get cleaned up a bit and grab some clothes.”

“I’ll just guard this beer and you can take your time,” I joked.

She stood up quickly and off she went, almost bouncing. I sat in her chair, enjoying the view, but a few seconds later she called out to me.

“Hey, I don’t want to be alone back here either. Can you drink your beer in here?”

I called back, “Sure,” and took my beer and headed toward the back of the apartment.

Kelli was in the bedroom, pawing through some clothes. She selected some things, and then passed me and went into the bathroom across the hall. She grabbed a bag and as she did, began telling me some thoughts she had pondered before I arrived, and began to talk almost incessantly, letting her mind dump all the sad thoughts. She began working on her face as she prattled on.

She seemed quite comfortable just talking away, and didn’t seem to care if I was actually listening. I watched as she applied her make-up, noting the differences between her and Mandi when doing the same chore. She steadily talked at the same time. I sat on the end of the bed and made myself comfortable, grabbing another drink of beer.

She seemed to finish quickly, threw several items into a small bag, and then without missing a beat, reached under her shirt and unbuttoned her jeans. She slid them down her legs and kicked them off. Even though she had a button front shirt on, she grabbed it like a pullover up and over her head, tossing it with the jeans. She had yet to stop talking.

I got a good look at her body. She had long, beautifully proportioned legs, perfectly shaped, and flawless. As I had guessed, she had little for breasts, barely an A-cup, with large puffy areole topped by tiny nipples that were at rigid attention. She was wearing some miniscule panties that covered little, and since there were no tell-tale signs of hair peeking about, I assumed she would either be completely shaved or tightly trimmed. I enjoyed the view.

She continued her monologue as she slipped on some casual pants and a sweater suitable for the cool evening weather. She quickly slid her feet into some low heeled pumps and grabbed her make-up bag and returned to the bedroom. She paused talking for a second to throw some additional clothes into a small tote bag, and after a quick glance in the mirror, she fluffed her hair and turned to me with a smile.

“All ready!” she exclaimed.

I downed the remainder of my beer, headed to the kitchen to ditch the bottle in the trash, and motioned her to follow me. She grabbed her keys and I took her bag. She locked up behind herself and accompanied me to the car.

After hitting the highway back toward Heilbronn, she said, “I bet you thought I was never going to shut up, didn’t you?”

I glanced at her and replied, “You needed to talk, and I was there to listen.”

She patted my arm in a gesture of gratitude, and leaned back in her seat. We rode along quietly for a few minutes, when she suddenly sat up straight in the seat. She looked at me and suddenly got red in the face. She put her hand over her mouth for a minute.

“Did I change clothes in front of you?” she blurted out.

I shrugged and said, “Yes. Why do you ask?”

She blushed deeply and said, “You must think I’m terrible. I was just talking away, and feeling better, and I got so comfortable I didn’t even think about it. I hope you weren’t embarrassed or something, or think I’m crazy.”

I laughed and told her, “No such thing. I figured you were comfortable, and it didn’t bother me too much.”

I smiled with a twinkle in my eyes, and she blushed yet again.

I continued, “Don’t worry about it. All I saw was a beautiful woman who had some worries and needed not to be alone. Actually I found you to be quite beautiful, and I think we should definitely get together and shoot some pics for a portfolio.”

She escort bayan finally quit blushing, and asked me curiously, “You really think I could get a job modeling?”

“From what I have seen, definitely. What do you say?”

She frowned slightly, then softened.

“Well, Mandi said you were a pretty good photographer. I don’t think it would hurt to give it a try.”

I smiled at her and said, “Good. We’ll work out the details some time. I will put together some scenarios that we can shoot in, and you work on picking out what you want to wear. I will also give you some ideas about that too.”

She thanked me and I pooh-poohed her gratitude, and we settled into some middling chat until we arrived at my apartment building. Mandi was getting some food together when we came in, and greeted Kelli warmly. She also looked at me curiously when she saw the bag I was carrying, and it was not the good kind of curious!

“I took some of Rob’s equipment home for him since he has Staff Duty tonight, and Kelli didn’t seem to be in a mood to be alone tonight,” I quickly explained.

Mandi eased the scowl at me and turned to Kelli. “He can be sweet sometimes,” Mandi told her, “But he can also be a snake. Just like the one that got Eve into trouble!”

Kelli chuckled and smiled at Mandi. “I’ll be careful around him,” she quipped, and she and Mandi had a good laugh at my expense.

Later, after dinner, Mandi and Kelli split a bottle of wine, and Mandi excused herself and headed for bed. I followed and tucked her in and returned to see Kelli opening a fresh bottle of wine.

“Party mood, or cry in your wine mood,” I asked quietly.

“Neither, really, just sort of needed a little buzz.”

I told her I would be back, and went to the spare room to make sure everything was set up for our guest, returned to the living room and stepped out on the balcony to grab another beer. After I put some music in the CD, Kelli sat down in a chair close to me.

“So what do you have in mind?” she asked.

I was shocked, and almost lost my usual aplomb. All kind of things raced through my head, but I played it cool and careful. I grabbed a sip of beer and looked into her eyes.

“About what?” I casually queried.

“About a photo shoot. What did you think I was talking about?”

I kept my eyes on Kelli and softly answered, “Sorry. That conversation is a few hours behind us. I was completely clueless.”

She smiled softly and said, “Sorry. I do that too often, assuming the person I am talking to knows what I am thinking.”

“I’m not sure I would want to know what you’re thinking!” I quipped.

Kelli smiled at me with a sexy leer, saying, “You might get embarrassed if you knew what I was thinking right now!”

I parried her thrust with, “You can never embarrass me. But if you want to try, have at it!”

Kelli started to say something, got a bit red in the face, and closed her mouth, thinking better of it.

“Speak!” I told her.

She smiled shyly this time, and said, “Let’s just talk about photos.”

We discussed what to wear, what shots she wanted, where to shoot. The “where” was tough since she hadn’t been out and about all that much. Then we got into a discussion of when. Kelli was eager to get started and since it was almost fall, she was eager to get going on any outdoor shoots.

I cautiously asked if she wanted Mandi to join the sessions, and she hesitated for a moment, and then said, “No, I think I just want to do this between us. That way if I don’t like the pictures, or my clothes, or anything else, we can work it out without any additional involvement.”

I was very cool with this, and agreed that it would best to not involve anyone else until the finished product came out. We set a time for the next time I had to pull a 24-hour duty like Rob was on that night. He would be at work, Mandi would also be at the video store, and I would have the day off. I would pick a location to do the first shoot.

After we made all the arrangements, I headed for bed, shooing Kelli off to her room first. I fell into bed and slept like I was dead.

The day before our first shoot, I arranged with my runner to get some nap time early in the evening and let him have a long dinner break. He covered things for me so I got a nice nap. I didn’t want to fall asleep over my camera!

I got home as Mandi was leaving for the video shop. She kissed me goodbye on the way out the door. I quickly changed into some comfy clothes and called Kelli. She was working on her make-up and was almost ready. I jumped in the car and headed out to pick her up.

When I got there, she was dressed in a loose shirt and shorts, along with some sandals. I left her standing at the door and headed straight to her closet where I pulled out several items. She stayed quiet, watching me curiously. I had her grab all her bathing suits, a teddy or two and some other lingerie. When I was satisfied, I told her to grab everything and we headed to the car.

I had picked our first location at a small park, small as in less than 0.25 acres, but it was in a very private place with a lot of trees and shrubs in the area. It had a single approach to it and you could see any cars approaching from at least 2 kilometers away. It also had a large stone fire circle where one could actually build a fire. This was rare in Germany. I had loaded some wood for a fire as one of my backgrounds.

I had previously gotten plenty of film for all the cameras, including extra film in medium format for the Mamiya. I found it at a small camera shop in downtown Heilbronn. I asked the owner if he had any problems developing pictures of nudes, or sexual content. He was apparently a dirty old bastard who developed pics to go in swinger magazine ads, and was quite happy to oblige (this was pre-digital days).

I also loaded some wine and beer in a cooler and some cheese and bread for refreshments. I was so wired about having some time to spend with Kelli I didn’t miss any sleep from the previous night. I saved some time by coming into the little park the back way through some of the one lane roads that ran though the fields of crops.

When we arrived, I quickly built a fire, as Kelli opened a bottle of wine. She handed me a beer and sipped her wine. I got my tripod out and set up the Mamiya, and decided on the first set of clothes for her to wear. When I handed her the clothes, Kelli looked around and asked me where she should change clothes.

I pointed to the car and said, “Right there by the car. It’s not like there is anyone around to watch.”

She started to say something, and then was silent for a minute. I puttered with the cameras until I noticed that she hadn’t started changing.

“What’s the problem?” I asked.

She looked at me a bit strangely, and then finally said, “We’re like, out in the open here.”

I laughed at her discomfort, then softened a bit and picked up her wine glass. As I handed it to her, I gently said, “Look around. You can see for a long way, and you have plenty of time to get something on if we do see a car approaching. And by the way, get rid of the underwear too. You will be changing clothes often enough that you won’t need to wear anything that will get in the way or make lines until we’re through.”

She looked almost aghast for a moment, and I thought she was on the verge of backing out.

“Drink your wine,” I told her, and continued, “And quit worrying about changing clothes and all that. If you ever do get a modeling job, you will change clothes around several people, most of whom will be bored to death and will pay little if any attention to you at all. Now get on with it or I will pack the camera equipment and forget it.”

Kelli looked like a little girl who had just been caught stealing cookies, but finally turned and moved over to the truck of the car, and after looking all around the horizon, began to strip off the clothes she was wearing. She seemed to be more worried about having someone drive up as opposed to dropping her clothes in front of me, which I was glad to see.

When she was down to bra and panties, I walked over and reached into the trunk, picking up some cute high heels. I handed them to her and told her to wear those with the first set. She sat the shoes on the ground and with some hesitation, finally got rid of the underwear, standing behind the car naked except for her flats.

I got busy laying out my Cokin filter set for some specialty shots, and carefully observed her without being too obvious. As I thought, she was almost completely void of pubic hair, and the miniscule breasts had rigidly erect nipples. When she turned her back to me to put on a skirt, I got a nice view of her ass. It was slightly pear shaped, trim, and not a flaw to be seen. I got a glimpse of a little puckered butt hole as she bent to pull the skirt over her feet.

Once she was dressed, I helped her get her hair fixed, and we got busy with the shoot. She found out it was actually hard work, and by the third set of clothes, she was ready for a break. We sat by the fire, sipping our drinks, and I got out the bread and cheese. We ate in silence for a few minutes, and then Kelli broke the quiet.

“This would be fun if it wasn’t so much like work!”

I chuckled and then fussed, “It wouldn’t be so much like work if you were a little more cooperative and give me the looks I need.”

She worked her mouth into a pout and quipped, “Well, you’re the slave master here.”

I laughed out loud and replied, “You don’t want to see me as the slave master. I can be very, very rough, and much crueler.”

She teased me with, “Oh, you’re not so mean.”

I took a measured bite of bread and cheese, and then replied coldly, “You don’t really want to push it, girl.”

She took this in stride, quietly finishing her cheese.

After knocking down the last of my beer, I smiled at Kelli and asked, “Ready to get back to work?”

She looked at me calmly and replied, “Whenever you are, sir!”

I walked to the back of the car and picked out the next clothes for her to model. I motioned her around to me and held out the clothing, saying “Let’s make this quick. We still have a lot of film to burn.”

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