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Carrie Returns

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Carrie, Anna, Julie, and Hannah continued there “tutoring sessions” up until the end of the school year. They did well on there history finals although they never went to the library to study, just to fuck. Anna had left for home shortly after school let out and Carrie really missed her. She couldn’t understand why, maybe it was the taste of her pussy or the way Anna licked her cunt. Hannah also wasn’t around much after school let out because none of the girls remembered to get her phone number. Julie on the other hand lived in town like Carrie did.

Julie and Carrie were lying out in the sun by Carrie’s pool. Carrie wore a plain white one piece bathing suit, nothing fancy. Julie walked out of the small pool house in a skimpy pink string bikini that practically covered nothing. Carrie felt teased. Her mom was baking in the kitchen so it would have been impossible to lounge naked in the hot sun. Julie watched Carrie’s mom as she washed her hands and walked out of the kitchen. She grabbed the tanning oil and handed it to Carrie.

“Hey Carrie, will you rub some of this on the back of my legs” Julie winked at her. Carrie looked around to find her mom. She was no where in sight. Julie flipped onto her stomach as Carrie oiled her hands. She started at Julie’s ankles rubbing hard, working up to her thighs. Julie moaned softly as Carrie rubbed the inside of her thigh. Carrie started feeling that familiar tingle in her cunt. She wanted to fuck Julie. As she got closer to Julie’s clit Carrie slid her oily fingers under Julie’s bikini bottoms. She began to rub her clit fast, it started to harden at her touch. Julie felt her pussy getting wet. She began to rub her nipples.

Carrie could feel her own pussy getting wet at the smell of aksaray escort Julie’s cunt and the tanning oil. She wanted to please her own burning desire but she was too scared that her mom would catch them. She squeezed another finger into Julie’s bikini bottoms and pushed her thick fingers into Julie’s soaking snatch. She shoved her fingers in and out of Julie’s cunt till her moaning got loader. “oh god baby” She moaned. Carrie knew that if Julie didn’t cum soon she would get louder and get her mom’s attention. She forced her fingers as far back as they would go and started rubbing her G-spot. Julie bit her lip as she felt her cum ooze out. Carrie loved the aroma of Julie’s juices. She removed her fingers from Julie’s soaking vagina and licked them clean.

Carrie laid back on her chair while Julie recovered from her orgasm. The patio door slid open and mom stepped out. “I’m going to the store do you girls need anything” “No thanks mom, um will you be long?” Carrie asked hopefully “Well I have more errands to run so I’ll be gone for a good two hours, you two be good, and Carrie no boys over while I’m gone please.” Julie giggled. “If she only knew” she thought.

Julie heard Carrie’s mom’s car leave the driveway and before Carrie knew it Julie straddled her waist. “come on sexy while mommy’s away the girly’s will play” with that she shoved her tongue into Carrie’s mouth. Carrie moaned with pleasure as Julie caressed her nipples and squeezed her heaving breasts. “get undressed and get into the pool and I will be right back.” Carrie requested. Julie giggled and began to undress while Carrie disappeared into the house. Julie dived into the pool and swam across to the shallow end. The cool water felt aksaray escort bayan good against Julie’s naked body.

Carrie walked out of the house naked holding something strangely familiar in her hand. I was a strap-on, something they were both well-versed in. Only this was not the same cock that they used the first time they fucked each other. This one Carrie bought on her own. it was shorter than Julie’s only Carrie’s was at least 3 inches thicker. Carrie tossed it into the middle of the pool. Carrie met Julie in the middle of the pool. The water went up to their breasts. Carrie wrapped her arms around Julie’s shoulders and licked her neck. Julie sighed feeling Carrie’s warm tongue. She worked her fingers to Carrie’s cunt while Carrie flicked and sucked her nipples. Julie could feel Carrie’s snatch growing moist and wet although they were in the water.

Julie felt around with her foot for the strap-on, she dipped into the water to pick it up. On her way up she realized that they were deep enough in the water that the buoyancy made Carrie feel like a feather. Julie took advantage of Carrie’s weightlessness and shoved her hand in her cunt practically lifting her out of the water. Carrie screamed with delight. Julie quickly put the dildo on and dipped back under the water. Julie spread Carrie’s legs open and moved Carrie’s hand from her cunt. She lowered Carries snatch onto her tongue and sucked while Carrie bounced up and down on her mouth. She could hear Carrie’s moans of pleasure though her head was submerged. Julie knew she couldn’t hold her breath forever so she sucked faster and harder to bring Carrie to climax. It only too a few seconds and Julie’s mouth began to fill with hot sweet escort aksaray cum.

When Julie’s head finally came up Carrie pushed her against the pool wall and wrapped her legs around Julie’s waist. Julie could tell she was having problems getting the thick cock in her and holding onto the wall at the same time. She grabbed the dick and helped guide it into Carries pussy. Julie held Carrie’s tight ass and helped her while she bobbed up and down on the thick cock inside her. “Have you fucked yourself with this one yet baby” “no uhhhhh god, I was waiting for you ohhhhhhhhh”. Julie became really aroused by the thought of fucking Carrie with her own cock. Carrie’s body began to shutter with ecstasy. Julie could feel Carries cum flow into the water.

Carrie pulled the strap-on off Julie and attached it to her own waist. Julie walked over to the shallow end dragging Carrie behind her by the penis. Julie didn’t want to be fucked in the cunt, she wanted the cock in her ass. She put her hands and arms on the deck of the pool and spread her legs to offer her tight hole to the large cock waiting for her. Carrie stuck 2 fingers into Julie’s ass to prepare it for a proper fucking. She pushed the thick head into Julie’s perky hole. Julie tensed with pain for the first few seconds but soon started moaning with pleasure. Feeling the thickness inside her made her fingers instinctively trail down to her vagina. Carrie pulled her hand away and said “No no allow me” Carrie inserted 4 fingers into Julie’s melting cunt. Julie moaned louder as her cunt began to swell with cum. she let out a long satisfying scream and Carrie rubbed the cum into her clit.

Carrie and Julie emerged from the pool, Julie put her bikini back on while Carrie put away her toy. They laid out on the pool deck in each other’s arms for a good hour before Carries mom pulled into the driveway. The whole time Carrie could not get Anna out of her mind. She wished she were there in her arms instead of Julie. What was this feeling she felt for her young friend…

To Be Continued…

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