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Charlie Ch. 02

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This is the second chapter in the Charlie series. This series is completely fiction, the people, places, and events are figments of my imagination (or fantasies) and are purely for the joy of the reader.

I had only been home for a few days when I got a text from Casey seeing if I wanted to meet for coffee. Obviously I accepted. We scheduled for the next Saturday morning. It was the longest nine days of my life. I hadn’t been but three weeks since Sarah’s graduation party but we had already planted the seeds to a long lasting friendship.

The coffee ‘date’ arrived and I ended up showing up twenty minutes early because I was so excited to see Casey. I missed the comfort that I felt when I looked into her eyes. That feeling was settled when we sat drinking coffee talking about anything and everything for what seemed like no time at all but four hours had already passed before she got a serious look on her face and just stared out into nothingness.

“What’s that look for?” I asked

“Just thinking about the future and stuff.”

I had an inkling and asked, “Like Collin future and stuff?”

“Yeah, partially” Casey said, “thinking about the future sucks.”

“At least you have a boyfriend, I still haven’t had a steady girlfriend yet” I said looking up in to her eyes and suddenly getting a feeling that everything would be ok.

The rest of the summer flew by and we were always together during the next two years of school it seemed. We still had separate groups of friends but would ditch them at any time to be together. I never wanted to admit my crush on Casey but I would hug her and linger a little longer than a friend would or flirt with her and she would always give me ‘the look’. I didn’t mind, I got to have my fun and then I got to stare right back into those eyes. Plus you know me, I like to tease.

Saturday coffee dates became a weekly occurrence for us. We talked about everything. My girl crushes or who else I might have an interest in pursuing if they weren’t straight, and I would always teasingly ask her if Collin grossed her out enough for her to give me a chance (I was never actually joking, I just played it off that way) she always rolled her eyes at my repetitive teasing.

One Saturday towards the end of senior year she showed up with the biggest smile on her face. It was contagious so naturally I was smiling when I asked, “What happened to you?” adding a chuckle at the end.

“Last night, after nearly four years together, Collin took my virginity”

The smile was instantly wiped off my face.

“Ew, gross, straight sex” I said making an icky face trying to cover my reaction to the news.

I think she noticed and said, “I have to hear about all your girl crushes!”

“Yeah but I never follow through with them, none of them feel like the one” I said looking deep in to her eyes and knowing already who the one was.

I know it’s selfish of me, but I always hoped that Casey and Collin would break up. The last few weeks of school were gone in the blink on an eye by and Casey and I were inseparable. Collin stuck around and once graduation came around, both Casey and Collin ended up accepting jobs not too far away from Tucker while I was about an hour away.

It was our graduation day that I remember most vividly as the day that Casey kissed me for the first time. We had planned a meeting spot for after the graduation ceremony and she was already there waiting for me. She ran up to me, hugged me, and kissed me of the cheek. I don’t know what was said after that. The only thing I recall is the burning sensation that was the outline of her lips on my cheek. I couldn’t help it, I kept touching the spot and I probably had a dumb grin on my face for the next week.

The grin on my face didn’t subside until I got a call from Casey three weeks after graduation saying that said Collin had proposed and that she had said yes. Life was a blur after that, nothing mattered, I didn’t even respond to Casey most of the time. I was numb but threw myself into my work to get my mind off it.

The shock to my heart lasted a few weeks but I eventually got over the initial shock and started responding again with the response that work had been crazy (I worked at a hospital in the administrative section so it was partially true). I figured I didn’t want to lose her friendship so I would just deal with it. Deep down I think I always knew that Casey and Collin would end up together.

Casey and I were still close; we shared all of our problems and desires. I would never admit it, but on their wedding day I shed a tear because my heart had been slowly and methodically torn in half by the beautiful bride without her even knowing what she was doing to me. When I went to congratulate them, I hugged Casey and held on a bit longer than was necessary but I had to pull myself together and put on a face that said ‘I couldn’t be happier for you right now’.

Not much changed in the next two years. I worked the same job and hung out with other people that ankara escort I met at the hospital. Somehow I ended up being the only chick in a group full of guys. One evening at the bar, one of them brought up the ‘fresh out of college’ new girl that just got hired. I was told she was gorgeous. While I was not hiding that I was a lesbian, I also wasn’t advertising it around the hospital so only a few of my closer buddies knew.

The gossip that I heard was that the new nurse had turned down dates from the majority of the guys that I talked to. Her ‘ice queen’ status intrigued me and I had formed my own theory as to why. It was three weeks later that I finally had a conversation with her.

She was standing near the coffee vending machine hitting it and looking frustrated.

“You don’t want that shitty coffee that bad do you?” I asked in a friendly manner

She stood up straight and responded “No, I just need caffeine!”

She looked exhausted but the guys were right, she was gorgeous. Petite, my guess would be five foot one, hazel eyes, thin but with curves in the right places, and wavy dirty blond hair. I thought I’d take a chance and tease and flirt with her while still getting some information about her all in one.

“With a body like that, you so tired because your boyfriends keep you up too late last night?” I asked with a mischievous grin on my face. I think she was shocked that a complete stranger would be so up front with her.

“Don’t have one” she replied with a questioning look on her face. (I guess ice queen fit her pretty well)

“Charlie” I reached out my hand to shake hers “sorry, I’m the unofficial comedian here at the hospital. I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable” I said, a genuine apologetic look on my face.

I added “let me make it up to you, I buy you a cup of real coffee, after work? I know a great place about a block away.” (Smooth right?)

She furrowed her eyebrow trying to make up her mind.

She sighed very heavily as the pent up stress left and replied with, “that would be lovely.”

“Cool, meet me in the lobby at five”

“I’ll be there”

Before I left my office for the evening I put on some perfume, straightened out my shortish hair, and grabbed my jacket. She was already waiting in the lobby when I got there.

“By the way, my name is Lindsey” she said finally accepting the hand shake I offered her earlier.

We made idle chit chat on the way to the coffee shop, placed our orders, and picked out a table to share. Lindsey was the first girl that had sparked something deep inside of me since Casey. It turned out that we had a decent amount in common and I was interested in what could possibly blossom if we were to take our relationship farther.

I took a chance and asked her “So do you know your nickname around the office?”

“Yeah, ice queen. Flattering isn’t it?” as she rolled her eyes.

I liked her sense of humor, “So you already told me you didn’t have a boyfriend, why won’t you go out with any of the guys at the office, I know a bunch already posted that offer?”

She hesitated and looked into my eyes and saw that there was no malice in the question, “To be honest” she said, “I don’t bat for that team.”

“Join the club!” Was my response.

Her eyes widened a bit and then a smile of understanding crossed her face.

“And you’re single?” she asked.

“Yeah” I sighed, “forever alone” I added with mock sobbing.

“We should hang out this weekend; you can show me around the city, I’m still new here”

“Like on a date?”

“If that’s what you want”

“I’d like that very much but don’t laugh at me if I’m a bit rusty, I haven’t been on a date in over two years”

“Deal” Lindsey replied with a sweet smile.

We exchanged numbers and went our separate ways for the night. I was tired after a long day at work and although I played it cool during coffee, I realized after I left how tense I was. I took a deep breath to try to relax a little more, letting the stress of being alone with another woman for the first time in ages slip away.

Just before I went to bed that night I got a text that said “Thanks for the coffee”

“You’re welcome, I enjoyed getting to know the office Ice Queen as a sweet little sexy thing”

“Haha. It was nice to actually open up to somebody. Don’t have many friends here yet”

“You’ve got me now! Anything you want to talk about, I’m your girl!”

“Thanks, I appreciate it! Getting late, sleep tight”

“Thanks, try to keep warm Ice Queen”

“Shouldn’t have a problem with that anymore”

“Night, talk to you tomorrow”

The next week was the first time I was legitimately excited since way before Casey got married. I couldn’t stop texting Casey about the date. I think she was excited for me too, she had known I hadn’t quite been as open with her since she got married but I was starting to open back up again and I think she liked that the old me was reemerging. The date was escort ankara scheduled for Saturday night and it couldn’t come fast enough.

Lindsey and I had been texting all week. I came to the conclusion that she was definitely my type, not only could I have stared at her gorgeous petite frame for hours, she had a head on her shoulders, we had the same sense of humor and I could see my heart being repaired and consumed with her. We had talked about what we were looking for out of a relationship (not specifically ours) and it was pretty similar.

Saturday finally arrived. We had decided to do dinner at a fancy restaurant and then see a movie afterward. The restaurant Lindsey picked was a little hole in the wall Italian place that I drove by almost every day and never noticed, how she found it, I have no idea. I was told it was some of the best food in town but I don’t really remember being able to taste too much. I was too mesmerized by my date.

It was approaching spring time but there was still a chill in the air. I have never been one hundred percent comfortable in my body even though others told me they would kill for it so I was wearing a nice pair of black skinny jeans and a nicer top that I had tried to get to show off what little cleavage I had. I looked good. Straight hair, makeup all done and the shirt actually worked.

I told Lindsey I would pick her up since she still wasn’t so keen with directions around town. I arrived right at seven that evening (right on time for once). She lived in a small but nice apartment complex.

As I knocked on her door I hear a soft “I’m just finishing up, come on in!”

So that’s exactly what I did. I was surprised at how big her place was on the inside compared to what it looked like on the outside. I sat down on her couch in her nicely furnished living room waiting for her to make an appearance and what an appearance she made. She slowly emerged from the hall into the living room and I have no idea how long I stared for.

She was in a short but still modest skin tight black dress that had no decoration except for the extra fabric that let the neckline dip far down between her perfect breasts putting her cleavage on display that put mine to shame. Her hair was slightly curlier than normal and she was wearing this subtle green eye shadow that perfectly highlighted her hazel eyes. Her lean muscled legs were on display due to the heels she was wearing (if I would have worn heels that high I would have already fallen on my face but she pulled them off with the greatest of ease).

“You got some drool on your chin” she said seductively walking towards me (my chin wasn’t the only thing that was soaked). She leaned her face in close to mine as she took my chin between her thumb and pointer finger. I was helpless, I was paralyzed, my brain had shut down.

She tried not to giggle as she kissed me lightly on the cheek “thanks for the best compliment anybody has ever given me” she said.

It took awhile for my brain to reboot and process what she had said “Wha, oh *cough* uhh yeah you’re welcome *cough*” was my response (smooth, right?)I could tell she wanted to laugh at my reaction but I already had told her that I would make her pay if she teased me about being rusty on dates.

“Ready to eat? I’m starving!”

All I could manage was a slight nod as she reached for my hand and waited for me to lead her to the car. My brain started functioning almost normally and I had enough common sense to open her car door for her. She smiled because I think she knew how shocked I was at her appearance.

We drove in comfortable silence for most of the way until I could finally form words, “You look gorgeous” was all I could manage.

She knowingly smiled at me and intertwined my fingers with hers. The drive to the restaurant wasn’t far and I wish it was longer. My hand felt cold and empty when we made it to the restaurant. We were seated immediately right in the middle of the crowded area. Not ideal but we dealt with it. I honestly couldn’t tell you how the food tasted; I was too entranced by Lindsey.

The date went great. My brain had finally recovered but there were numerous occasions when Lindsey had to draw my eyes away from her chest. What could I say, it was a major distraction.

A thought crossed my mind more than once and I finally worked up the nerve to ask, “would you like to skip the movie and go straight back to my place and have a glass of wine and watch a movie there? I have a pretty decent selection!”

“Are you sure I can trust you?” she asked, “your eyes have been devouring me all night” she said with a smirk on her face.

“I can’t promise anything” I responded

“Okay” she said shyly. I was ecstatic. That means that the date had significantly improved since I picked her up at her apartment.

When we pulled up to my place, a small house that I had already paid off with the savings I had, I couldn’t wait any longer. I turned the key in the lock, let Lindsey ankara escort bayan walk in the door first and as soon as I crossed the threshold of the door, I put both of my hands on her shoulders to make her stop walking.

She obliged and I slid my hands from her shoulders down to around her waist and embraced her with my hips pushed up against her ass and my breasts pressed up against her upper back. I pressed my lips to the side of her neck.

“Thanks for understanding earlier…and not teasing me” I said softly, my lips brushing against her neck as I bent my head down. She turned to look me in the eyes, my arms still around her waist and before she could speak, I brought my lips softly to hers.

We both groaned. I had been anticipating our first kiss ever since she kissed my cheek earlier in the night. It was a deep long kiss filled with pent up passion. We just stood in the entryway, embracing and kissing. Our lips were sliding against each others; my tongue snaked out and caressed her lower lip begging for entry.

She obliged and slightly opened her mouth as her tongue peaked out and made contact with mine. This set me on fire. I slowly pushed her against the wall, all of my weight pushing against her and my hands slid down to her hips and stared to dig my fingers in. She arched her hips into mine and I pushed hers back against the wall. My right hand slid up between us and started to massage her tit. I slid my hand into the deep v of her dress and gently massaged her breast with the palm of my hand stimulating the tip of her nipple.

I slid my hand up to her shoulder and pushed her dress off and away from her shoulder. I repeated the same action on her other shoulder so that she was completely nude from the waist up. Her excitement showed in her hardened nipples. Her chest rising and falling as she sucked in deep breaths from how turned on she was.

I touched foreheads with her, my breathing just as fast as hers “bed?” I asked

She pulled me in for another deep kiss as I backed her towards my bedroom, my hands on her hips guiding her backwards. We bumped into the couch and a few other things on the way, every time giggling. When we finally reached my bedroom, I pushed her until the back of her knees were pushed against my bed never losing the lip contact. I pushed her on her shoulders so that she fell gracefully on the bed.

Her eyes looking up at me, I slowly began to unbutton my shirt. My fingers slowly working down the buttons until they were all undone and I pushed the shirt off my shoulders and reached around my back to unhook my bra and let that fall to the floor as well. Although my nerves had taken over for the first part of the date, I was confident in my love making abilities, it was like riding a bike.

Lindsey’s legs were still hanging over the edge of my bed as I slowly crawled up over her half naked body. When I reached where the dress ended and the flesh of her torso began, I began to kiss up her stomach and up between her breasts. I concentrated my kissing, sucking, and licking around and under her breast, making sure to pay special attention to the sensitive area right under her breast and along her ribcage. By this time she was sighing and moaning with almost every suck or nip.

I began to kiss up around her neck and sucked her earlobe into my mouth. I could feel the shiver that ran though her body. My mouth searched for hers as my body settled on top of hers and between her spread legs. With my left arm supporting me, my right hand made its way down to her leg and pulled it up and hooked it on my hip. My hand was stroking her toned thigh and pushed her dress up to her waist.

My hand was massaging the back part of her thigh and moved up to cup her ass in my hand. Moan. I shifted my hips off to the side and maneuvered my hand to cup her pussy though her sexy almost nonexistent panties. Gently rubbing her through the thin material her hips began to gyrate underneath me. I could feel her wetness though the material and needed to take it to the next level.

I slid my hand up enough to get my fingers under her panties. I wasted no time as my middle finger slid down her soaking slit. Her gyrating hips pushed my finger deeper as she was moaning. I made a quick but gentle swipe at her clit and then plunged my finger into her pussy with no resistance.

Her hand pulled my face to hers as I added a second finger into her pussy. I crossed my fingers while still inside of her and began to curl them upwards to stroke the soft and spongy but very sensitive area. She sucked in a deep breath as a look of pure ecstasy crossed her face. Her internal muscles were clenching at my fingers and I could tell that she was close to release. Normally I was a tease but not tonight.

I slid down her body while still keeping up the assault from my fingers in her pussy. I knew just the thing that would send her over the edge and I knew it wouldn’t take long.

My face was inches from her pussy as I heard her beg “Please Charlie!”

That was all the encouragement I needed. I sucked her clit between my lips while flicking the tip with my tongue. Her hips shot off of the bed as she reached her climax. I continued to stroke her g-spot and gently massage her clit with my tongue as I lapped up all of her juices so she could come down slowly from her high.

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