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Emergency Toilet

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The rain was battering the window of my office as I looked up at the wall clock, almost seven pm, I was a bit frustrated because I had intended to leave a bit earlier today.

I had tomorrow booked off to spend a long weekend with my girlfriend and had planned to leave about four but Patricia had called me and asked if she and her daughter could swing by the office and print out some forms needed for her daughters dance class.

It was not the best timing but apparently they were urgent and I guess it gave me chance to catch up on some boring admin tasks which I had been perpetually putting off.

They had been due to arrive about half six but so far no sign of them, which was pretty typical for Patricia who seemed to be always running late.

My thoughts turned to Patricia and I, things were going good, really good, We had been together about 18 months now, Patricia was ten years older than me at 45 but her Portuguese genes and healthy living obsession made her look much younger, we certainly did not present as an odd couple although she often joked around and called me her British toy-boy.

We didn’t live together but over the last several months we had spent pretty much every weekend with each other and several nights over the week and had even softly began discussing stetting up home together.

I was head over heels in love with her, not only did she had an amazing laid back personality but she was a knock out stunner with long brown curly hair, a breathtaking bosom and a bubble ass which most men would chop off their hand in return for enjoying one squeeze.

She doted on me, cooked me up the most delicious yet healthy meals and most importantly in my male mind of course, the sex was out of this world, she would literally do anything in the bedroom and enjoyed every second of it.

Over the last few months I become addicted to water-sports with her, every time she knew I was coming over she would drink a ridiculous amount of coffee which would then get recycled directly into my mouth before she would kneel down on the bedroom floor and deep-throat my cock until I pumped her mouth with sperm.

Sounds perfect doesn’t it? Me, an average looking guy meeting a Portuguese dream MILF who cooked, cleaned and blew my mind with kinky sex but, and in life there is always a but, things were not quite perfect because Patricia had a daughter.

Luci was eighteen and a half, when I had first appeared on the scene I had been very keen to build a relationship with her, to feel part of a family but Luci just did not seem interested. It wasn’t that she hated me, resented me or was jealous of her mothers attention to me, none of the usual cliches — she just seemed to have no opinion of me whatsoever, completely indifferent to my existence.

When I had first met her she had seemed immature for her age, obsessed with Minnie mouse and Disney in general and didn’t appear to want to socialise with many friends or get into the usual teenage trouble. Over the last six months however, since she had turned 18, I had noticed a rapid change in her both physically and mentally. Her breasts had suddenly bloomed and her ass was becoming unavoidably plump and juicy like her mother. She started wearing make up and most weekends we wouldn’t see her for dust as she jumped from one teenage party to another.

This metamorphism had not gone unnoticed by her mother who, in her character chilled out and humorous style, had joked a few times “When I get too old and dried up for you honey, I guess you could always marry Luci! At least we would keep you in the family!” Now I am a laid back guy too with an off the wall sense of humour but those remarks always made me feel a bit uncomfortable because at the end of the day I was still a relatively young man who naturally could not help but take the occasional lustful gaze at this blossoming young women. A girl who overnight had emerged from the shell of the geeky teen I had fist been introduced to. That, however is where it stopped. I wasn’t some sort of creep and I was besotted with her mother despite the fact that just a few years earlier her daughter was exactly the type of fresh meat I would have been bringing home from the club, fucking the brains out of and then sending on their way with a sore pussy and no follow up phone call.

But, we change, life and love changes us and we all grow up in the end, what really bothered me now was the fact that I had no meaningful relationship with my potential step-daughter, her father was long gone and I would have been happy to step in and fill the gap, perhaps in some way reaching an atonement for all the young women I had played as a younger man.

In Luci’s eyes though I barely existed and this bothered me, Patricia always said “Give it time, honey” but Luci was going away to University in September and I knew my opportunity to build any sort of connection with her was limited.

My ruminations were interrupted by the office intercoms shrill buzz, I picked eryaman orospu numaraları up the handset and there was the distinctive accent of my beloved MILF! “I’m on the fourth floor darling, just jump in the elevator by the main door” I said as I buzzed her in to the now empty complex.

A few minutes later Patricia and Luci waltzed into my office. Patricia was looking stunning as always in a designer dress which proudly presented her tits and nicely clashed with her sheer stockings and as for Luci, wow, I hadn’t seen her for a few weeks and she had shot up further in height, dyed her brown curly hair blonde which was trussed up in pigtails and was wearing a pink crop top and extremely short pink skirt. She must have noticed my lingering gaze because she said “Sorry, just out of dance class, that is what I need the form printed for, dance trip needs to be back by tomorrow. Hope it is okay to visit your office like this?” She asked sweetly.

“Of course” I replied “You can visit my office anytime you like and dressed however you like” I blurted out, before realising I probably seemed too desperate to come across as chilled and hip.

Anyway we printed the form out and I offered them both a coffee. Patricia took her first sip of black coffee and stared at me, winking one eye, as she swallowed, this was a secret cue that I would soon be drinking the very same coffee out of her gorgeous pussy. I was gagging to leave now to take her home, rip the dress off, drink her golden nectar and then fuck her hard and Patricia obviously sensed this “Lets get going. Luci I can drop you at your friends house on the way” she said.

Great, Luci would be gone for the evening and I could spend the whole night having raw passionate sex with my older goddess.

Both girls finished their drinks and walked towards the door, I followed behind and was struck with the awesome sight of their asses wriggling, they could have been twins from this view, both sporting identical curvy booty’s. I wished that some of my co-workers had still been present to see me leaving with two beautiful women, before scolding myself at such taboo thoughts.

We got into the elevator and I pressed the ground floor button, the cabin started to move downwards and I felt my cock hardening as I knew piss drinking and sex was just a ten minute drive away.

Then it happened.


The elevator ground to a halt and the lights went out.

Luci screamed out loud and Patricia shouted “What the fuck just happened”.

“Oh shit, this happened to Mike in accounts a few weeks ago, I thought they had sorted it” I said as I fumbled to find my phone and activate the torch. Within seconds we all had our phone torches on and I could see that Patricia and Luci were looking genuinely freaked out.

“Don’t worry” I said as I furiously pressed every key. Nothing happened though, the elevator was clearly stuck. “Okay, I am going to call the police” I said and started dialing but my phone was completely out of reception. Patricia and Luci could not get any signal either.

A deathly quiet descended and for a few minutes nobody said a word.

I broke the silence “Right, there is not much we can do, Mary the head domestic will be in at 5am and will notice the elevator is not working, so its about 8pm now. We have around 9 hours in here, in theory if we spend 6 hours or so sleeping then we only have about an hour and a half either side to be in here.” I said in the most authoritative but reassuring voice I could muster. “You know, when you put it like that it doesn’t sound so bad” Luci said.

I felt warm inside, almost like a real father, the way I had framed it had clearly calmed her down. Patricia spoke up next “Yes, I guess its not too bad and we will have a story to tell in the future” she said with her trademark upbeat attitude.

Enjoying my new role as alpha male I continued “We have our phone lights but need to think about battery so whilst we are awake we do one hour with one light at each time” as I said this Patricia and Luci turned their flash lights off and I kept mine on.

“We are lucky because its quite a large cabin” I said “Patricia you can use your handbag as a pillow and your coat as a blanket” I looked at Luci, who had no coat “Luci you can have my coat and use your backpack” Luci looked at me and smiled, probably the first real deep smile that she had ever given me “Thanks, that is very kind of you” she said, and I noticed just a tiny hint of a small blush.

“Lets sit down” I said and both girls sat in opposite corners before I had finished the sentence, I guess the emergency situation had activated all sorts of primeval responses in their brains and they were following orders as if we were thousands of years back in a cave and I had just returned from a days hunting.

We all relaxed and started talking, Patricia suggested that we tell funny stories about things that had happened to us and the next hour or so was gölbaşı orospu numaraları taken up as we all recalled embarrassing or silly moments — Patricia had once turned up at the wrong funeral and played along, Luci had got her head stuck in a climbing frame in the school playground a few years ago, I had got so drunk as a teenager that I ended up declaring love for a big fat older lady on a park bench. These light hearted stories made us all forget we were stuck in an elevator and anyone listening in would have thought we were watching a comedy show as the laughter echoed around the metallic cabin.

Before any of us realised it was past 11pm and I suggested that we try and get some sleep, they both agreed and made up their makeshift beds in each corner before Patricia said “Darling, I have a problem. A big problem” her tone was serious now and it was a big change from the merry mood we had all got in “What’s wrong baby?” I asked, suddenly very concerned.

“I really, really, really need to pee” She said. I started thinking, I didn’t have a bottle or any container. Luci said all she had in her bag was a Tampax, perfume and her keys.

“I don’t know what to do” I said sadly, admitting defeat for the first time during this incident.

Patricia just stared at me and a sly smile began to form around the edges of her red painted lips, “I know what we can do” she said with a sudden giggle.

“No way” I said discreetly pointing at Luci who was now playing some candy crushing game on her phone.

Patricia fell silent and then she shocked me to my core.

“Luci, sweetie, Listen you are 18 now and I am sure you know the ways of the world, Dan and I have a normal active sex life and sometimes I piss in his mouth, he like it because it makes him feel close to me and I like it because it makes me feel powerful” I saw Luci’s eyes widen but she didn’t make a sound. Patricia continued “So right now, we are stuck in here for the rest of the night, my bladder is about to burst and the only logical thing to do is for me to piss in Dan’s mouth”

Luci was looking at her phone screen again and didn’t glance up “Whatever mum, yeah I know what you guys are like! Go for it its better than leaving a big puddle in here”

To say I was in an almost comatose state of shock should be a given, here I was with my beautiful girlfriend suggesting that she was about to piss in my mouth to her gorgeous teen daughter.

I sat there, frozen to the spot.

“What are you waiting for?” Patricia knocked me out of my trance “Just lay down like normal and let me do it” she said before turning to Luci “Luci, darling. Go and stand in the corner, it will take a couple of minutes because I will drip-feed it to him to make sure not a drop ends up on the floor.”

So Luci went stood up in her corner and turned her back to us and I realised that this was really going to happen, I loved being Patricia’s toilet in the bedroom, as a kink, as a fetish, but now I was going to be one born of genuine practical need and that turned me on at a new level.

I laid down on the floor and Patricia walked over to me, hitched her dress up and pulled down her black lacy knickers. Starring up in the glow of the phone light I saw that pussy I so adored, its meaty but pretty labia lips and its landing strip of curly brown pubic hair. Patricia hovered her pussy above my lips “Its coming” she gasped and it hit me how urgent her need was. The first spurt came out and the tangy bitter taste filled my mouth, I gulped it down, just like we do in bed, then the next burst, then the next. This process went on for about two minutes as I swallowed every little drop of her pee. Luci suddenly broke the silence “Can I turn around yet, mum?” she asked meekly “Not yet Darling, not quite empty yet” Patricia replied.

A few last dribbles of pee emerged and I caught them in my mouth. From the corner of my eye I thought I could see Luci sneaking a look but I couldn’t be sure and before I knew it Patricia was pulling her panties back up. “I love you, my toilet boy” She said. There was a moments silence then she erupted in furious laughter. The laughter proved infectious and Luci started to laugh as well as she turned around. I was still on the floor licking around my lips to ensure every bit of pee was swallowed.

“He’s very useful isn’t he?” Patricia said to Luci and Luci just nodded, seemingly lost in deep thought about how a boyfriend could also double up as an emergency toilet.

I did not say a word as I sat back up and slinked back to my corner.

“Time for me to sleep” Patricia said yawning “I’m going to pop some of those sleeping pills from my purse, the ones the doctor gave me when I had panic attacks after the divorce” She said and proceeded to bring two little pills to her mouth.

“There’s no way I could sleep in here otherwise” she said “I wouldn’t normally take them” she added, conscious that it didn’t fit her image of clean organic living.

“No gölbaşı azeri escort worries, seems like the perfect time to use them” I replied.

“I can sleep anywhere” Luci said “So I am going to get my head down now too” she rested her pretty little head on her backpack and closed her eyes.

Within minutes Patricia was out for the count. I just sat in my corner, completely shell-shocked at having my mouth pissed in whilst her daughter was present. My cock was achingly hard in my trousers and I was hoping that once I was sure that Luci was fast asleep I could very quietly masturbate myself.

“Dan” the silence was shattered by Luci “I cant sleep yet” I flicked the flash light on again and it illuminated her face and the sleeping silhouette of her mother in the other corner.

“Well, your mum is completely in fairy land now, so I guess we can chat for a bit” I said, despite the weirdness of the past few minutes I realised this was my chance to bond with her in a wholesome way. “Dan, about what happened. Don’t feel embarrassed, I know you really love my Mum and I think its so sweet that you helped her out like that” she whispered “Oh, thanks” I replied somewhat awkwardly “I did look around a few times when she was using you, you know?” she asked coyly.

“I thought maybe you did but..” she interrupted me “It looked quite beautiful to be honest, you looked so devoted and a bit excited!” she giggled and I am sure I blushed red.

“I like visual depictions of beauty” she said and this led on to a long conversation about photography, which is one of my passions. I never knew that Luci shared this interest. Finally some common ground to work from I thought. I wont bore you with the conversation but we talked enthusiastically about different approaches to photography, street photography and the great Ansel Adams for about an hour and a half and even agreed to both go out somewhere interesting with our cameras in the near future.

“Okay, I’m definitely ready for bed now” Luci said, gracefully laying her head back on her makeshift pillow.

“Goodnight Luci, its been so nice to properly talk” I said “Night toilet!” she replied teasingly.

I just chuckled, contently and closed my eyes.

I fell into a strange and feverish sleep, dotted with dreams of cameras, pussies, panties and pig tails.

I woke up with a start as a bright light was shining into my eyes, my pupils adjusted and I could make out two big soft Bambi eyes peering at me “Dan, wake up” whispered a sweet teenage voice and I remembered where I was and that the voice belonged to my girlfriends lovely 18 year old daughter Luci “What’s wrong honey?” I asked her, half excited to use an intimate pet name toward her and half awkward “Oh, honey is it now?” she laughed and I just grunted, nodding my head.

“Dan, I need your help please” she cried “I need to pee so badly now too and I’ve been laying here for ages trying to hold it in, there is still another hour until your cleaner lady is meant to come and I just cant wait.”

She and I both knew what she was implying. My stomach looped the loop with nerves.

“I cant Luci, you know that” I said softly. “You can Dan, we both know mum is ultra chilled, she wouldn’t really mind and besides she is still knocked out” Luci said pointing at the sleeping beauty in the corner.

We stared into each other eyes and I made my decision “Okay, do it” I said as my whole body started to shake. “How do I do it?” she asked so innocently as if asking for help with a homework equation. “Just put your pussy above my mouth but give me time to swallow in between squirts like your mum did” I said “Okay, but I noticed mum was facing you and looking at you when you did it, I feel too shy for that so can I turn the other way?” she asked. “Of course” I said.

I laid down on the floor in the exact spot that her mother had used me earlier and Luci stood up turned her back to me then pulled her Minnie mouse panties to her ankles and slowly lowered her fleshy 18 year old ass towards my face, she sat down with a bit too much force and before I knew it my nose was making contact with her anus, it smelt musky with a hint of shower gel “Sorry!” she said moving her anus away from my nostrils.

“You need to move back a bit so your pussy is just above my lips” I told her and she did.

I was presented with the most amazing sight, her pussy was hairless and unlike her mothers was like a coin-slot, pink and tender looking. A perfect ripe peach. I stared at it, utterly transfixed for what seemed like eternity until the pee started to fall out and onto my tongue.

Her pee tasted so sweet with just a slight bitter aftertaste like candyfloss and lemons. Like her mother it was delivered in little bursts and not a single drop ended up on the floor. I drank in her aroma and essence like it was the most expensive Champaign on the planet.

I never wanted this moment to end, but of course it did as Luci slid her pink Minnie mouse panties up her shapely legs, leaving me on the floor with a belly full of her prime teenage piss.

My cock was diamond hard, I hadn’t had an erection like that since I was 18 myself but there was nothing I could have done about it, Luci did not say a word about my obvious arousal but surely she must have known.

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