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Henry Goes Down: Origin Ch. 04

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“God, I want to suck your dick,” Katy said. “I can’t stand though, my legs have turned to jelly. Lie down.” Katy pressed me back with a hand on my chest. She crawled above me as I settled back on the cool but dry grass. She knelt between my legs and reached for my prick again.

“Wait. I’ve got a better idea,” I said.

Katy looked up at me. “What? You don’t want me to suck your dick?”

“Trust me, I want that. But turn around. Give me your pussy again.”

Katy shook her head at me, but with a grin on her face. “You’re going to be the ruin of me Henry boy. The absolute ruin.”

She moved quickly, urgently, Katy twisted around and threw her leg over my body. She shuffled back, giving me a magnificent view as her pussy and bent arse wriggled up towards me, until she was right over my face. I dived back in. I pressed my mouth into Katy’s pussy as she took my cock into her warm, heavenly mouth.

The feverish need was still there, was still burning in both of us. Although Katy had just come, she sucked me fervently, with fast bobs of her head, she felt even more excited than the last time she’d taken me in her mouth. I was no less enthused, I buried my face in Katy’s pussy, I kissed and licked and sucked her eagerly, I ran my lips and tongue all over her pussy, glorying in the feel of her, in the taste of her.

I forgot entirely that we were in a public place, as did Katy, it seemed, as we didn’t try to supress our moans of pleasure. Katy groaned around my prick in her mouth, I made my feelings clear too, moaning loud, as I slid my tongue across her sopping cunt.

I couldn’t see much in the moonlight, but I could see enough. I could see Katy’s thighs around my head, her pussy on the end of my lips and tongue, the heart-stopping curve off her arse cheeks above me. I pushed my face into her as I lapped at her, as I sucked on her lips. I reached up to grasp her firm arse, I squeezed her tightly, roughly, as she began to move above me.

Despite being so turned on I felt dizzy with it, I had enough control to avoid Katy’s clit as I licked her. I knew she’d be too sensitive there for direct contact, at least for now. I licked around that spot though, I licked her everywhere else, I soon had Katy grinding herself into my mouth again.

Katy had me gasping and groaning already too. She held me so tightly in her lips it formed a wonderful suction around the head of me that made my dick throb as she moved. She pumped my shaft with one hand, she tickled and lifted my balls with the other, she knew exactly what she was doing, but Katy wasn’t deliberate now either, she was fast, she was loud, she was frantic. Katy pressed herself onto me in time with her moans as I lapped at her, I realised I was raising my hips to meet her mouth each time she slid down me.

As good as it felt, as much as I wanted to come, I did my best to hold myself back. I wanted Katy to climax again with me, I wanted to give this girl as much pleasure as I could. I loved to hear her come, to feel it, and I knew good things would come of it. The more I could make Katy climax, the better I could make it for her, the more I hoped Katy would fall for me.

I licked Katy in long laps, spreading sensation through every part of her, but with each pass of my tongue, I inched closer to her clit. I slid a finger into her tight, slippery pussy, then a second. I pressed my fingers in and out of Katy in time with my licks, I felt her trembling as she knelt above me, as she lay on my body.

Fuck, Katy wasn’t letting up though. She moved faster as her own pleasure built, she took me deeper into her mouth than she ever had. She jerked me with a tight grip, she held my balls lightly in her other hand, she danced her fingers up and down like she was juggling them gently, it sent bolts of pleasure up through my body.

I moved my tongue closer and closer to Katy’s clit as we moaned and ground into each other in the moonlight. I licked her there with the gentlest of touches and Katy stiffened for a moment, her body tensed around me, but she groaned with it too. She didn’t pull herself away from my tongue, so I went for it. I slid it back and forth over Katy’s clit, only just touching her, the tip of my softened tongue gliding lightly but quickly across her clit and her groans deepened for me. I pressed my fingers deeper into Katy, I ran my fingertips across her g-spot to give her something other than her clit to focus on, to try and get Katy there before I came in her mouth.

Katy sucked me like she was losing control, she was loud, fast, she was wild. She mashed her pussy into my face, she rubbed her clit into me, I licked her with a firmer press, I licked her in time with her mouth around my dick. I rubbed Katy’s g-spot, but it was all too much for me, I was going to get their first. The feel of her mouth around my cock, her sinuous tongue, her pumping hand, her fingers under my balls, the urgent sounds she was making, her pussy in my face, it was all too much to take.

Molten pleasure rose from deep urfa escort within me. Katy drew it up my dick with each fall and rise of her mouth, with the movements of her hands and fingers. I groaned and trembled beneath Katy as it came on, as it intensified, as it reached the end of my cock. I tensed every muscle I had to hold myself back, I licked Katy’s clit quickly, firmly now, but it was no good. It was too late.

The tension broke, my pleasure surged. Every nerve in my body sang out as my dick pulsed and twitched, as I came between Katy’s lips in glorious rushes of come. I groaned loud in relief, at the strength of it, but I didn’t stop licking Katy, I didn’t stop rubbing her g-spot.

I hadn’t thought Katy was that close, but as I came, as she jacked my cock, as she sucked me and swallowed everything that spurted out of my pulsing prick, she tensed for a heartbeat, then she was writhing and bucking into my face. She didn’t squirt for me this time, but Katy made the most wonderful yapping-moaning sounds around my dick as she came again, as we came together. As we juddered and shook, as we did our best to keep licking and sucking each other.

Katy rolled off me as her climax fell away, as my cock began to soften. She lay on her back next to me on the grass. We looked up at the stars with unseeing eyes, we kept glancing across at each other and smiling and laughing.

“This is nuts,” Katy said. “You make me come like no one else ever has.” Katy rolled over onto her front and lifted her head on bent arms to look at me. “Talk about star pupil.”

“Thanks. I bet I can make you come a third time too. You want to give it a try?”

Katy shook her head at me. “I can’t. You’ll end me. You’ll kill me.” Katy looked around at the public garden we were lying in. “That was hot too, doing it outdoors like this. Do you think anyone saw us?”

“I don’t know. I guess they could of. People come in here at night to drink and smoke. I didn’t notice anyone, but then, I wasn’t exactly paying attention.”

Katy laughed. “No, I guess you couldn’t see anything other than my cunt in your face, huh?”

I smiled at her. I loved it when Katy talked like that. I loved hearing such crude words coming out of her gorgeous face.

“Fuck, look at the mess I’ve made of you though, again,” Katy said. “Look at your face. And your t-shirt is soaked.”

“Guess it wasn’t a one off then,” I said.

Katy raised her eyebrows. “Guess not. Fuck, I can’t believe I can do that. I can’t believe I never knew I could do. You really are full of surprises Henry boy.”

We stared at each other in silence for a moment, then Katy rolled over and pressed her body into mine as we lay side-by-side again.

“What do you want to do now?” Katy asked.

“I can’t go back to Jam Cat,” I said, pointing at my t-shirt. “I don’t want to go home either.” I hoped Katy would take the hint, that I wanted to stay with her, that I wanted more.

“Me neither.” Katy snuggled up against me. “I think we’ll be pushing our luck if we stay here though. Anyone could jump over the gate and catch us.”

Good. Hint taken. Katy wanted to stay with me too. The night was still young, for both us. But where could we go to be together?

“You want to come back to my place?” Katy asked.

“What about Simon though? He’ll freak if he finds us together.”

“Fuck Simon. He’s my little brother. I don’t give a shit what he thinks.”

“He’s my best friend though.”

“Yeah, OK. I get that.” Katy rolled over again to look at me. “Right, here’s the plan. We hurry back to my place to get there before Simon does. You stay in my room all night.”

“No problem with that.”

“No complaints on my side either Henry boy. But we have to sneak you out early in the morning before Simon wakes up.”


“Good.” Katy hopped up to her feet. She dragged her dress back down into place and smoothed it as best she could as I got up too. Katy looked around on the ground for something. She bent and picked up a strip of bright pink material. Her underwear. I’d felt it earlier on Katy, but in the rush of what had happened, I hadn’t actually seen her knickers. I recognised them now though, that pink thong that had gotten me in trouble in the first place.

“Hey, isn’t that the thong that started all this?”

Katy looked at the underwear in her hand, then up at me. I saw the realisation dawn on her face. “Yeah. These are the knickers you were about to wank with when I caught you, right?”

“I wasn’t actually going to wank with them,” I said. “I was just giving them a sniff.”

“And that’s better? You little pervert.” Katy grinned at me though.

“Can I keep them?” The words fell out of my mouth before I could stop myself. Was that too weird?

Katy shrugged; she didn’t seem to mind. “Go on then. I’d say you’ve earned them.”

She handed me her thong, I bunched it up and pressed it into a front pocket of my jeans.

We strolled together to the gate and I helped urfa escort bayan Katy over it again. I got a flash of her bare behind as she threw her legs over the top of the gate. The way Katy did it, I was pretty sure it was deliberate.

The air was still warm as we walked together through the star-filled summer’s night. Katy’s parents’ house was less than fifteen minutes away, but she hurried me, she we wanted to make sure we beat Simon home. He’d most likely stay at Jam Cat for a couple more hours, at least, but you never knew. And it’d be devastating to find him already at home and not be able to spend the night in Katy’s room. I was dying to get my hands and mouth on her again, I was dying to find out where this was heading, what would happen between us.

As rushed as we were though, as quickly as we needed to get back to her place, I was aching to kiss Katy. She was the most beautiful girl I’d ever seen, she was perfect. Katy always looked even better after she’d come too, her eyes shone, her skin glowed, I swear her hair looked even more lustrous. She was radiant now. I couldn’t stop thinking about Katy not wearing any knickers under her summer dress too, and how loose the skirt of it was, how easy it’d be to put my hands up her dress.

That though played over and over in my mind. My hand up Katy’s skirt, her wet pussy against my fingers.

Over and over. And god, she looked so good.

My cock hardened as we walked, even though I’d come only a short time ago.

I stared at her bare legs, at the skirt of her dress. No knickers.

I tried, but I couldn’t shake those thoughts. My dick throbbed against my thigh. I couldn’t resist any longer.

We were walking along back streets, it was late, no one was around. I grasped Katy by her shoulders to stop her. I span her to face me and pressed Katy back against the wall behind, beneath an overhanging tree.

“Woah! Henry, what are you…”

I silenced Katy by pressing my lips into hers. She froze for a heartbeat, but she kissed me back. I moaned as I kissed Katy to show her how much I wanted her, I wrapped my arms around Katy. She sighed for me as our lips came open, as our tongues met.

Katy responded in kind as she felt my urgency, as I moaned, as she realised how turned on I was. We kissed with mounting need as I ran my hands over her body, as I pulled her into me, as I grasped and squeezed Katy’s breasts through the front of her dress. I slid a hand down the front of it and into her bra, Katy moaned as I rolled her nipples between my thumb and fingers.

I skimmed my other hand down Katy’s back, down further, then up the back of her dress. I stroked my fingers over the backs of her thighs, I grasped her bare, smooth arse cheeks, I was rough, I clutched her so hard Katy groaned for me. My fingers slipped between her buttocks, I rubbed her pussy from behind with two fingers, I felt how slick she was still.

Katy moaned with growing feeling as we kissed, she found the bulge of my cock, she rubbed me enthusiastically through the front of my jeans. But then she put a hand on my chest and pushed me back.

“We can’t,” Katy said. “We need to get home.” Her eyes looked unfocussed though, like she was as dazed by the sudden rush of desire as I was.

“I know. But I can’t help it. I need to kiss you. I need to feel you.”

I said it with raw need in my voice, I saw the effect my words had on Katy. She took her hand off my chest, she wrapped it around the back of my head and pulled me into her. We moaned together as we kissed urgently. I moved my hand around from Katy’s behind to the front of her, she stepped her legs apart for me as I rubbed her pussy with the flat of my hand. She moaned louder as I slid a wettened finger up between her lips to tickle her clit.

Again, I touched Katy with the softest of strokes, to make sure she could take it after coming so recently. And even though I was so turned on my hands were trembling, I was more deliberate now than when we’d been together in the public garden. I wanted her to feel as desperate as me. I focussed on stroking Katy’s clit in the way she loved best. I got her squirming against me, I got her legs quivering, then I dropped my finger down and slid it into her pussy and right onto her g-spot.

Katy groaned against me, she pulled my mouth into hers with her hand on the back of my head, she rubbed and grasped at my dick. I moaned loud to really drive home how turned on I was, I squeezed her breasts, I played with her nipples as I stroked her g-spot, then I put my hand up the back of her dress to grope her full, muscular, fantastic arse.

“We can’t, we really can’t,” Katy pressed me away from her again. “Fuck. You’re making me dizzy. We need to get home, now.” Katy pulled my hand out from under her dress, she held it as she dragged me after her as we hurried back to her place.

It was no good though. I was too hot for Katy, too overcome with lust and need. I sucked my finger, I tasted her pussy on escort urfa me, I needed more. I stopped Katy again, I pressed her up into a fence behind her. I kissed her fiercely, I ran my hand up her bare thighs and back under her dress. Katy moaned and pressed herself into me as I tickled her clit. She grabbed my cock again in the front of my jeans.

We kept it up like that as we made our way back to Katy’s parents’ place. We’d walk twenty meters, then I’d grab Katy and kiss her again and thrust my hand up her dress. I’d tease her clit, finger-fuck her, rub her g-spot, I’d caress and grasp the rest of her body with my other hand until Katy was gasping and trembling for me. She’d kiss me madly, grope me back, then she’d push me off her. We’d walk for another thirty seconds, then I’d kiss her again, get my hand back up her dress.

The fifteen-minute walk doubled in duration, then tripled. By the time we made it back to Katy’s parent’s house, she was breathing hard and unsteady on her feet. Adrenaline and hormones were surging through me, my whole body thrumming with need, my dick so hard it hurt.

Katy fiddled in her bag for her keys, she took too long for me. I pushed her up against the front door and kissed her again. I didn’t slip my hand up her dress this time though, I dropped to my knees at her feet instead. I grabbed her dress and lifted it; I ducked my head under it.

“Wait. The neighbours can…”

Katy stopped speaking, her words replaced by a low groan as I pressed my mouth to her pussy. As I kissed her frantically, as I slid my tongue over her wet, warm, smooth lips in long, quick laps.

She moaned and leaned back against the door as I got my tongue on Katy’s clit. She raised her hips and pressed herself into my mouth, she put her hand on my head through her dress and pulled me into her. I flickered my tongue across her clit, I reached up and slid a finger into Katy. I fucked her with it quickly, in time with my tongue.

Katy gasped and moaned above me, she sounded desperately turned on, just as I was. Her thighs trembled so hard as I licked her, as I fingered her, she rocked against the door behind her. Katy moved her hand on my head though, she pressed me away from her though.

“Oh fuck, Henry, you fucking bastard,” Katy groaned. “We can’t. The neighbours will see us. Get inside. Quick.” Katy turned and got her keys into the door. She twisted her hand, the lock came open, Katy shoved the door open and dragged me inside. I kicked the door shut behind us as I grabbed Katy again.

I got a hand on Katy’s pussy as I kissed her, I grabbed her arse with the other. I slid my finger into her, I wriggled it inside her pussy to tease her that spot inside her. Katy was sopping wet now, it was running down her thighs, she was panting for me, moaning low as I moved my finger inside her. I wanted that pressure to build up within Katy again.

Katy’s knees buckled though, I caught her as her legs gave way and held her up. I half carried, half dragged Katy over to the foot of the stairs. I set her down on the third step from the bottom. I pushed her legs open, I pulled her dress up to expose her, I dropped to my hands and knees between Katy’s thighs.

“No, we need to get upstairs. Simon could come home. He might even be home.”

Katy didn’t fight me off her though as I kissed and licked her bared pussy. She sat back, she opened her thighs wider for me, she raised her hips to give me better access. I slid two fingers into her, I lapped at her clit as I rubbed her g-spot.

“Fuck that feel so good,” Katy groaned. “Fuck, Henry, we need to get upstairs to my room.” Katy rallied her resolve, she pushed my face away from her pussy with a hand on my forehead.

“I know, but I can’t help myself,” I said as I got up, as I leaned in and kissed Katy. I kept my fingers in her cunt, I kept them moving over her g-spot. I pulled the straps of Katy’s dress down and off her shoulders as we moaned and kissed, as she tasted herself on my lips. I pushed her bra straps down too, I dragged the cups of her bra down and away from Katy’s breasts. She groaned loud as I grabbed her, as I rolled a nipple under my thumb as I squeezed her, as I moved my fingers faster in her pussy. I dropped my head to lick and suck on her other nipple.

The lust in Katy’s moans made my cock pulse, she was gasping and trembling, but she pushed me away from her again. “We have to get upstairs.” Katy laughed though. “Fuck, I’m so turned on my whole body’s tingling.” Katy grabbed me and kissed me, then shoved me away again. “Upstairs. We have to get to my room.”

Katy rolled over, she crawled up the stairs in front of me on her hands and knees. Her dress was up, her gorgeous, wonderfully curved bare bottom was on show to me, her flushed pussy visible beneath it. What was Katy thinking? There was no way I could resist.

I scrabbled up the stairs behind Katy on my hands and knees, I moved faster, I shoved my face into her pussy from behind, I kissed and licked her madly.

Katy moaned, she laughed uproariously. She tried to pull herself off my face, but I pressed my mouth back into her again. She kept laughing as she wriggled, as she climbed the stairs, as I followed behind, kissing, grasping her arse, burying my face in her pussy, as I slid a finger back into her.

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