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Hot Tub Tryst

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It was a warm summer evening, the type where the sun goes down and you just want to site outside for hours on end enjoying the stars. This particular night was a cloudless night, perfect for sitting in a hot tub enjoying some wine. Marina started up the hot tub and started walking inside to change into her bathing suit and to fill up her wine glass when her phone rang. Looking at it she recognized her friend Jiro calling her.

“Hello,” she answered.

“Hey there, what are you up to tonight?” Jiro asked in reply.

“I’m home alone for a change, about to go get more wine and sit in the hot tub. Want to join me?”

“Sure, let me get ready and I’ll be over in a bit.”

Hanging up Marina reached the inside of the house. Once inside, she put down her glass and headed toward the bedroom. Inside the bedroom, quickly reached her dresser and started digging through it, grabbing her swimsuit which is a modest two-piece with a floral print on it. Stripping out of her clothes, she tossed them into a pile on the floor and quickly stepped into the bikini bottoms, pulling them up over her shapely waist and adjusting it over her crotch so none of her pubic hair poked out the sides. She grabbed the top and put it around her neck, tying it in the back, adjusting her 32 F tits in the process to form some deep cleavage.

She looked at her reflection in the floor length mirror with a critical eye. Her long brown hair hung down around her shoulders, resting at the top of her tits. As her eyes moved lower, she briefly paused at her breasts, she always thought that they were her best feature, her nipples lightly poking through her bathing suit top. Running her hands over her breasts caused her nipples to harden a bit. She moved her hands lower over her stomach and her eyes moved lower to her long legs. She was 5’11” tall and her legs showed every inch of her height beautifully..

As she was walking out of the bedroom, she grabbed a towel and wrapped it around her waist. Walking into the kitchen, she opened the refrigerator and pulled out a fresh bottle of wine, using the corkscrew laying on the counter to open the bottle, she poured herself a glass of the sweet Riesling. As she was about to put the cork back on, she thought that Jiro might like some wine as well. Getting a second glass, she filled that one up as well and put the cork back halfway into the bottle. Tucking it under one arm, she picked up the two nearly full glasses and headed outside.

Once outside she set the glasses and wine down on a table next to the hot tub and tested the water temperature. Satisfied that it was warm enough, she removed the towel and put it to the side before sliding into the water, feeling the warmth rush over her body gave her a tingling sensation. Sitting back she closed her eyes, enjoying the warm water soaking into her bikini and loosening up her joints. Reaching over to the table she grabbed her wine glass and took a sip, the wine warming her inside while the water warmed her outside.

As she was relaxing, she heard Jiro drive up in his truck. The truck door was shut and she could hear his footsteps on the gravel, walking around the corner of the house and into the backyard.

“Hi” Jiro called out.

“Hello” Marina replied.

“Is the water warm?”

“Yep, it feels amazing.”

Jiro walked to the side of the hot tub and tested the temperature. Pulling his hand out, he dropped his towel to the side and reached to lift up his shirt, Marina’s eyes wandering over his body as he removed his shirt. He had on red swim trunks and she could barely make out the bulge of his cock. Her eyes moved up to his stomach and she could tell that he was well fed. Her eyes followed his shirt as it went up, wandering to the necklace he wore made out of chain mail. As her eyes wandered to his hands, she started to feel a slight twinge in her pussy as she realized how big his hands were. She always wondered if the correlation between hand size and penis size was really a thing.

Tossing his shirt onto his towel, Jiro stepped into the hot tub and laid back to relax. Letting out a sigh he closed his eyes for a bit but Marina didn’t close her eyes and continued to move them over his body. She started looking at his neck and moving up over his jaw and lips. After a couple of minutes she offered him the second glass of wine.

As they sat there drinking and chatting, it wasn’t long before both of them started to get a little drunk, the bottle quickly becoming emptied and they sat there under the moonlight talking. As Jiro reached to put the glass back on the table, he stumbled in the hot tub and fell forward. Reaching out with his left hand to stop himself from falling too far, he accidentally grabbed Marina’s left tit and tried to steady himself. Looking down, he realized where his hand was and in a nervous laugh he apologized and moved it off. Once he set his glass down, he sat back down only closer to Marina this time.

Quickly the alcohol started to affect bursa escort the direction of their conversations, especially after the inadvertent fondling. They started talking about the hot women at Jiro’s work and the conversation moved onto a debate about breast size.

“It’s hard to gauge the size when they are always covered up. When they wear a bra and shirt, you start to lose an idea of how big her tits might be.” Jiro said.

“It’s really not that hard once you figure it out” Marina replied. “How big do you think mine are?”

Looking down Jiro started staring at her cleavage mesmerized. He moved his head around her tits to get a better look at them and noticed her nipple poking through the cloth. Sitting back up he said, “they probably are about a D cup.”

“Not even close, I’m an F.” Marina replied with the sound of pride.

“Well your swimsuit top is throwing me off. If they were just hanging free I would probably be a lot closer.”

Without thinking, Marina reached behind her and pulled the string, loosening her top. Then she brought her hands to her boobs, covering each one and slowly moved them up, taking the top with her. When she couldn’t lift her tits anymore, they dropped free with a plop in the water, her nipples sticking out about a 1/4″ from her boobs. From her nipples, milk started to drip out into the water, showing her excitement.

“Now what size do you think I am?” Marina asked.

Jiro couldn’t take his eyes off of her tits. He felt a familiar hardening in his swimsuit as he started getting turned on. Marina’s milk started to drip out quicker as she could tell her breasts were having an effect.

Stammering Jiro said, without taking his eyes off, “Yeah I guess you are an F.”

Giggling Marina replied, “well I’m glad you approve.”

Jiro looked up and squirmed in his seat. Marina could see his left hand moving below the water to readjust himself. Watching his hand slid under the waistband of his swimsuit, she could see the outline of his cock and thinking, she moved her right hand to her breast, idly playing with her nipple causing more milk to flow out.

“Are you having problems down there?” Marina asked with a smile.

“The water seemed to have shrunk my swimsuit a bit.” Jiro replied nervously.

Suddenly on impulse, he leaned forward and kissed her on the lips. He snaked his tongue over his lips and onto Marina’s. She parted her mouth, welcoming him in. Savoring the taste of the wine and her mouth, Jiro started moving his tongue around, intertwining it with Marina’s. His right arm moved around her shoulders and her neck, pulling her in closer. His left hand tentatively moved to her breasts and encountered her right hand. Pausing when he touched her, he felt her grab his hand and move it onto her right breast.

Taking that as a sign that she wouldn’t mind what he’s doing, he started rubbing it and squeezing the nipple. He felt the warm milk flow out of her breast and over his hand. He stopped kissing her and moved his hand up to his lips. Licking her milk off of his fingers he commented, “Yum that takes great.”

Jiro pulls Marina back into him and he starts kissing her more vigorously. Their tongues sliding in and out of each other exploring the depths, his hand exploring her body. Marina decided that she wanted to feel his body as much as he’s feeling hers so she takes her right hand and moves it to his chest. Running it along his chest, she feels his nipples start to harden as she pinches them lightly. From his moan, she learns that he likes that. She alternates between the two for a bit before moving her hand lower over his stomach.

The heat from the hot tub and the alcohol have lowered both of their inhibitions to the point where they are caught up in the lustful moment. Marina’s hand moves lower and lower until it reaches his swimsuit. Moving her hand over the bulge, she can plainly feel the size of his cock. Jiro moves his hips forward a bit to provide her with easier access. She moves her hand up and down his cock, feeling the length and size. As she is doing that, she tries to make the connection between his hand size. Satisfied that what she has heard is correct, she moves her hand around more. Feeling his balls, she grabs them and starts to knead them.

After some time, she moves her hand back up his swimsuit and to the waistband. Sliding her hand under the waist, she feels his hard cock. Her hand moves lower, grasping at his erect member as she does. Moving up and down slowly, she can feel him move his hips forward more so that she gets easier access.

His left hand stops playing with her nipples and starts moving down her stomach. Over her stomach and down to her waist. His hand follows the outside of her bikini bottoms and moves to between her legs. Marina spreads her legs invitingly and Jiro starts rubbing the outside of her pussy. He moves up and down her covered crotch, feeling her start to lean back in enjoyment. He breaks the kiss and lets her bursa escort bayan move her head backwards. As she does that, he starts kissing down her jaw and nibbles on her ear lightly.

Marina lets out a slow moan in ecstasy as Jiro starts kissing and lightly sucking on her neck. His left hand moves up to the top of her bikini and starts to slip in. He feels her bush as he moves lower. He kisses down her neck, to her collarbone and keeps kissing lower until he gets to her breasts. Moving over her right tit, he kisses around her nipple, feeling her milk drip out, and starts kissing lower. He grabs her nipple in his mouth and starts sucking on it, enjoying the flow of milk. His left hand moves lower and lower until it is right at the top of her slit. He takes his middle finger and slides from the top down over her pussy. As he is moving it lower, he starts to spread her lips. His finger brushes her clit and sends shock waves of pleasure through Marina.

His hand moves down more and he can feel the heat of her pussy in the hot tub. His finger starts moving up and down her hole, releasing more and more of her juices. Finally he slides one finger in and starts moving it in and out, fucking her with his finger. Marina is lost in the ecstasy of the moment, she starts moaning louder, “fuck me with your finger, that is so fucking good” she starts moaning out.

Marina’s hands have stopped all of their movement, her right hand still grasping his cock in mid stroke. She just leans back enjoying the feeling of Jiro milking her tits and fingering her pussy. He starts moving faster and faster in and out of her pussy, pausing every once in a while to rub her clit. After 15 minutes of this, Marina suggests that they head inside where there’s more room.

Reluctantly Jiro pulls his fingers out of her pussy and takes his mouth off of her nipple. He dribbles a little milk as he leans back. Marina leans forward and licks her milk from his mouth. She also pulls her had out from his swimsuit and starts to stand up. Getting out of the hot tub, she grabs her towel and quickly dries off the extra water while Jiro gets out and does the same. She grabs her bikini top and doesn’t bother putting it on again since it would just come off anyway.

They make their way into the house and to the bedroom. Before they get too far inside, Jiro swings Marina around and starts kissing her strongly, pushing his tongue into her mouth. They stumble backwards onto the bed and fall down their lips still connected. Jiro’s cock starts rubbing on her leg as he moves his hips up and down. Their kissing makes her pussy ache for his fingers, mouth or more. As Jiro is kissing her, he rolls her over onto her back. Taking his left hand, he moves both of her hands above her head. Using his left hand to hold both of hers, he starts to kiss along her jaw and down to her neck.

Kissing lower he lets her arms free and he starts sucking on her tits again, producing more milk. There is nothing she can do to halt the flow of her milk as it just starts spraying out all over both of them. He starts kissing lower and down her stomach. He reaches the top of her bikini bottoms and roughly pulls them down, exposing her trimmed pussy for him to see. Salivating, Jiro moves lower and starts kissing her pubic hair. He kisses lower and his goatee starts to rub against her slit.

Her pussy starts leaking in anticipation and he kisses lower, getting to the top of her pussy lips. He snakes his tongue out and tastes the outside of her. She tastes exquisite and he moves his mouth lower. His tongue touches her clit, again sending waves of pleasure through her. Her hands move down to cup her tits and to squeeze her nipples. Squirting milk out of each one, she angles one towards her mouth so she can taste it.

Jiro moves his tongue around her clit rapidly, each time he touches it she moans more.

“Please baby, please stick your tongue in my hot wet pussy. I want you to fuck me with your tongue. Please fuck me.” Marina kept saying over and over.

Moving lower, Jiro licked along the outside of her pussy. He started at the left side and licked up from the bottom of her ass to the top of the slit, right along where her leg and pussy meet. Next he switched over to the right side and did the same thing. Next he took his tongue and lightly licked the outside of her lips, careful not to open them up. He moved up and down, the entire time just lightly licking.

Marina started begging harder, “I want you to eat me out, I’ll do anything. Please stick your tongue into my wet pussy. I’m fucking leaking, waiting for you to taste me. I want you to eat me, baby.”

Jiro moved his tongue closer to her lips, he pressed it against the opening. Without much pressure, Marina’s lips separated. Jiro’s tongue dove into her depths, licking at her juices, savoring the flavor. Marina let out a louder moan as she felt his tongue probe her depths. He brought his left hand down to where his mouth is and wet his thumb escort bursa with her juices. Without moving his lips, he pressed his thumb against her clit and started rubbing. While rubbing her clit, his tongue started to explore the sides of her pussy, enjoying the taste and the texture of her inner walls. He started slurping her juices and between that, his tongue deep inside her and his thumb rubbing around her clit, Marina couldn’t hold out much longer.

Jiro could tell that she was close and he started going faster, his right hand moving up to her tits to squeeze them in the process. Her juices flowing out over his mouth, down his chin and into his goatee. He keep licking at her pussy and she started a low moan. That moan quickly got louder as she started her orgasm.

“Fffffuuuuuuccccckkkkk. Fuckfuckfuckfuck, you’re so fucking good at that. I can’t fucking hold back anymore. I’m going to cum.” Marina started screaming out. “I’m cummmmminggggggggggg!”

As she got louder, Jiro buried his face into her pussy, inhaling the scent and tasting the juice. Her tits started spraying milk up into the air, further than before. With a final wail, she collapsed into her post orgasmic bliss. Jiro pulled his tongue from her engorged pussy and started to move backward. As he was sitting up, he looked down at the mess they had made.

Milk was still squirting out of her tits, onto her chest and the bed. Her pussy lips were swollen from the orgasm and he could see the sheen of saliva and juices mixed. The juices had spread down her ass onto the bed and there was a large wet spot that her ass was sitting in. Jiro leaned forward and slid up her chest, the milk causing him to stick slightly to her. He reached her face and her hands swung up and roughly pulled his face to hers.

With an animalistic passion, Marina started shoving her tongue in his mouth. She didn’t care about anything else other than fucking his brains out. She could taste her juices on his mouth and that just made her hornier. Her hands moved down his back and started pulling off his swimsuit. As she pulled it down, his cock sprang free. She pushed him over so she could repay what he did to her.

As he was laying on his back, she started kissing down. Moving her hands to his nipples, she pinched them and that caused him to suck in his breath in pleasure. Moving down, she got to his cock. She finally got a look at it and it caused her pussy to start leaking more. It stood just over 6 1/2″ long and about 1″ wide. She could see the precum glistening on the head.

Her right hand grasped the shaft while her left hand moved to cup his balls. She lowered her mouth to his penis and flicked her tongue out. She tasted the salty precum as she started to move her head down. Her mouth started at the top and she sucked in the head of his dick. Her tongue flicking across the hole. She slowly moved her head lower, trying to fit him all in her mouth. Her left hand kept rubbing his balls while her right hand slid down lower.

She got about halfway down before stopping and sliding back up. Once she was at the top, she started moving down once again. She repeated this motion, moving her right hand with her mouth the entire time, stroking his prick with each movement. Jiro started groaning in pleasure, his right hand moved to her head and rested on the top. She started moving down and tried to open her throat. She managed to suppress her gag reflex and took his entire dick in her mouth. Her nose was pressed against his pubic hair and her lips were touching his balls. Jiro groaned in pleasure, louder this time. She pulled his dick from her mouth and started kissing up and down the shaft. She didn’t want him to cum just yet.

Kissing lower, she took her tongue and ran it along his balls, feeling them retract and move around. Her right hand slowly stroking his dick while she licked and sucked on his balls. Every time he seemed close to cumming, she would stop what she was doing and change it up. She rotated between sucking on his dick to licking his shaft to licking his balls. He started to beg as much as she did every time she stopped.

“Please let me cum, I really want to cum.” Jiro started saying.

After she had tortured him enough, she put her mouth around his dick and started going up and down quicker. Normally she doesn’t like to swallow but she was so horny that she would do anything now. As she was sucking on his dick she could tell that he was starting to cum. He started moaning and his breathing was getting quicker. Finally with a final grunt from Jiro, she took most of his dick in her mouth as he started to cum.

She felt the hot drops of sperm hit her tongue and the back of her mouth. The salty taste took some getting used to but she found that it wasn’t a horrible taste. As he started to slow down, she took his sperm and swallowed the entire load, milking his cock dry. With a final exhale, Jiro collapsed on the bed and Marina pulled his rapidly deflating cock out of her mouth.

She moved up the bed and laid down next to him, resting her head on his shoulder. Her right hand idly tracing random shapes on his chest. She was still horny and wanted to fuck him but was prepared for him to fall asleep satisfied.

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