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She waited until she heard the shower stop and then lit the candles. The music in the background was soft and soothing and the air was permeated with the scent of rose oil and sandalwood.

They’d settled into their hotel room earlier in the evening and enjoyed a lovely dinner together as the lights of the city began to come on. Twilight had only just faded to deep dusk as they came back to this space, intent on some very intimate sightseeing. This was not a tourist vacation.

He dried off briskly, anticipating the night ahead. As he stepped into the bedroom area the warm glow greeted him and he was enveloped by the soft scent and sound. A large bath towel was laid out on the bed and she motioned to him to lie down on it.

He stretched out on his stomach as she rubbed a little oil in her hands. Running them over his back and shoulders, she pressed into his muscles, inviting him to relax. He took a deep breath and sighed as his body melted under her touch. The oil warmed him as her hands stroked his sides and arms. She neglected nothing, working the soothing balm into his legs and feet, stomach and chest.

The sight of his cock lying semi-relaxed between his legs excited her. Before he’d come out of the shower she had rubbed a little mint lip balm over her clit, which made it tingle intensely. The more she teased him with her slow, deliberate massage, the more she teased herself.

Guiding him onto his front once more, she began to massage his upper thighs. His legs fell apart as though of their own will, and she moved her hands to his ass, kneading and spreading it open. He felt his cock begin to stiffen with the knowledge of where her eyes were focused.

Not wanting to rush things, but still desiring to titillate him more, she allowed a well-oiled finger to drift between his ass cheeks, nudging against his tight hole. He moaned quietly and his hips moved to press against her. Leaning in, she cupped his balls in her hand as her tongue flicked the back of them, and slid upwards to his ass. He was hard now, pressing into the towel, aching for her to bury something, anything, deep inside him.

But he knew he had to wait. Not because she was going to make him, but because he wanted to pleasure her just as much. He knew what turned her on, and in the relative privacy of their hotel room, he intended to explore that knowledge.

Wriggling away as she continued to tease him with her tongue, he turned and took her in his arms, kissing her deeply. He began to peel away what little clothing she was in and then stopped. He took her night gown from the suitcase. It was a short summer nightie, with thin straps and a deep V neck. It had a dark pink skirt which faded to a very pale, rather revealing pink on top. He handed it to her to put on, and picked up the phone to order a bottle of wine.

While they waited for room service, he couldn’t help but tease her. Sitting her on his lap, he ran his cock along her wet slit and then between the cheeks of her ass. His fingers reached inside her night gown and tweaked and pulled tuzla escort at her nipples. She moaned and tried to rub herself on his stiff cock, but he kept it just out of reach of her tingling clit.

The wine arrived with a sharp knock. Lying back on the bed, his body out of sight of the door, but with a good view in the mirror, he gave her nipples one final pinch and sent her to fetch their bottle. She opened the door, and he watched the server struggle to maintain his professionalism. Her nipples were very visible through the thin night gown, erect and dark against the pale pink fabric.

Once she’d fetched the wine, and noting that the server thanked her even before a tip was offered, she returned to him on the bed. His cock was completely engorged, having enjoyed the show immensely. She slipped out of the nightie and left the wine on the dresser.

He wanted to dive in. To spread her wide and take her right then and there. But he resisted. Instead he kissed her neck and her shoulders and allowed his hands to drift down to caress her ass. She wanted to wrap herself around him and take him deep inside. As his fingers found their way between her thighs, he bent his head and drew a still erect nipple into his mouth. She moaned as his finger traced soft circles around her clit. He marveled at how firm it was. It didn’t yield to pressure, defying his touch and becoming harder with each light stroke.

Her breathing quickened as he guided her to the bed. He spread her legs wide and dipped his fingers into her wetness, slowly, so as to tease her. As his fingers moved in and out of her, his thumb caressed her clit. It was slippery and hard, and she writhed at his touch.

He took a nipple into his mouth and gently scraped it with his teeth. She drew in a sharp breath and moaned loudly. His fingers began to move more quickly, focusing on her G-spot and clit. He continued his gentle assault on her nipples, alternating between biting and sucking them. He loved to suck them. To feel them grow in his mouth. To play with them with his tongue and hear her gasp with pleasure as he nipped at them.

She was writhing, squirming with desire for release. But at the same time, she wanted to continue. His mouth moved downwards, and as he fingered her G-spot his tongue began to work her clit. He sucked and flicked it and felt it resist, like a small cock. He could feel the excitement in her body building. With each stroke of his fingers and touch of his tongue, she stiffened and then relaxed. He was pushing her to the brink, over and over, but stopped before she found release.

She wanted to grab him; to throw him on the bed and grind her body into his until he gave her the orgasm she burned for. Instead she chose to get even; to tease and torment him until he couldn’t take any more. They were each determined to break the other, and the night wasn’t going to end until their bodies were completely used up and worked over.

Kneeling on the floor, between his legs, she licked the entire length of his cock, over and over. With one swift motion, tuzla escort bayan she took all of it, wrapping her lips tightly around the base. He moaned as she squeezed and began to slide up the shaft, her tongue flicking the tip as she reached it. She teased and toyed with him for a while before standing up, leaving him deliciously frustrated.

On the night table was their box of toys and assorted goodies. She donned a pair of gloves and grabbed a bottle of lube. If he was going out of his skin before, she was going to make him crawl right out of it now.

Moving back between his knees, and drawing him closer to the edge of the bed, she had him lie back and pull his legs up. Open and vulnerable, he watched her take the bottle and drip the thick liquid onto a gloved finger. She pressed it against his tight hole, teasing it. He felt the cool lubricant run down to meet her finger as she poured some over him. She worked it in gently, a little at a time, being generous with it and slow with her finger. Very slow. He felt the desire again to push against her, to bury her finger deeply inside of him. But she was having none of it. Instead, she pulled back, using that hand to apply lubricant to the palm of the other. Setting the bottle aside, she grasped his cock with her now slick hand and began to stroke him. He moaned and his cock, which had relaxed a little, stiffened again. Pumping his shaft slowly, she worked her finger inside of him easily. He drew in a breath as she gripped his cock tighter, the slick glove working up and down with little friction. Her finger found his g-spot and started to massage it. The faster she stroked his cock, the more his prostate swelled.

Her finger deftly coaxed waves of pleasure out of him as her hand slowed down. Her warm grip was all he felt on his cock now. Everything else was coming from within. He closed his eyes and focused on the sensations inside of his body. He could feel pressure building with each stroke of her finger. Deep inside of him, she was coaxing a sensation that he could not describe. He began to move his hips involuntarily, matching the rhythm of her movements. The head of his cock began to glisten as pre-cum dribbled out, as though she’d turned on a tap. A gentle stroke from her hand and he was ready to explode. She felt him stiffen, felt his prostate engorge, and she stopped.

Slowly withdrawing her finger, she smiled at him and reached for the box. She grabbed the prostate massager, and slipped it into his well lubed hole. He wanted her to fuck him with it. To let him cum, hard. But she wouldn’t hear of it. As he lowered his legs, he felt the massager press against the base of his cock and into his prostate. It stimulated him enough to tease him, but not enough to make him cum.

Understanding the game, he stood up, pressed his lips to hers and quickly thrust two fingers deep inside of her. He fingered her furiously while kissing her hard. They leaned against the wall, his cock pressed against her slit, swollen and throbbing. He wanted to fuck her. But that wasn’t the game escort tuzla they were playing.

He laid her back on the bed and reached for the toy box. Finding a supple dildo with a slightly curved tip, he grabbed it and wasted no time slipping it inside of her. She moaned as he repeatedly pulled it out and thrust it back in again. Then he began to penetrate her with it, fast and shallow, rubbing the upturned tip against her g-spot over and over. She squirmed as her body raced towards orgasm. She tried to get there before he could stop, but she failed. He pulled the dildo out and reached for another toy.

He rubbed lubricant into the plug. It had three large beads and a wide, flat base. Making her open herself as she’d made him, he teased her hole with the first bead, pressing it against her, but not letting it penetrate. He repeatedly leaned the toy into her flesh, slowly opening her, until the bead slid in on its own. He let it rest there a moment, dripping more lube on the next two bulges in the toy.

Working slowly, he pulled the first bead out and slid it back in over and over. She moaned each time, squirming and waiting for him to insert the next one. Pressing gently, the second bead was coaxed inside of her. Her body took it willingly and wanted more. Without pausing, he worked in the last bead, slowly and deliberately and began to pulse the toy gently inside of her, not removing it, but moving it slightly, teasing her before moving on.

He made sure the base was fully against her skin before letting go. With the plug snugly in place, he turned his attention to her clit. It was softer now, but not for long. Dragging a finger along her very wet slit, he began to gently coax her nub to harden. She started to squirm, and felt the pressure from the plug in her ass. It filled her completely. Or so she thought.

He shifted his body and his cock found its way to her opening. He rubbed her clit faster as the head of his shaft plunged into her, opening her body and filling it beyond what she thought it was able. The sensation was incredible. He reached down and pulled the plug out of her ass, just a little. He could feel the difference inside of her as he moved it. Developing a rhythm, he fucked both of her holes, while keenly aware of the toy that was still inside of his own body.

The intensity was incredible. She was overwhelmed by the feeling of having both holes so totally filled. He could feel the massager gently grinding against his swelling prostate with every thrust. Taking a vibrating egg, she pressed it to her clit. As she neared orgasm, she begged him to just fuck her, hard. He quickly shoved the toy back inside of her, grabbed her by the hips and thrust into her body over and over, as deeply as he could. Her legs were resting on his shoulders. Her body began to tremble as wave after wave of pleasure welled up within her. She came hard just before he exploded inside of her. Feeling her body twitch and shudder sent him over the edge. He had never felt anything as intense as the orgasm he experienced. It took everything he had to stay on his feet as his cock throbbed with each pulse of his prostate.

Pulling back slowly, his cock completely spent, he held her legs there a moment and watched his cum drip from her wet hole.

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