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How Had I Ended Up Here Ch. 07

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John gave Clare a kiss on the lips and headed out the door.

He had his meeting with Ciara this morning and practically raced to work.

He arrived early into the office and dug out his ’emergency bag’. It contained a razor, shaving cream, aftershave, and a spare change of clothes. He applied a generous measure of aftershave to himself and threw the bag back in the drawer.

He set himself to work, but got nothing productive done, his eyes and ears trained on his office door.

John finally heard a knock on his door and he took a moment to compose himself.

“Yes?” John asked.

The door opened and Ciara, John’s assistant entered.

Her appearance had changed in the last 24 hours. The black trousers were replaced by a black skirt that displayed her slender legs. Her sweater was gone, showing the blouse to be well-fitted and partially unbuttoned. She still wore her glasses, though her long brown hair was down, falling across her shoulders.

“Good morning, Ciara. Are you ready for your review?” John asked innocently, though he could feel his heart beat faster at her change in appearance. “Good morning sir. Oh, I feel I’m ready for whatever you have in mind,” Ciara flirtatiously replied.

“You mentioned an unconventional opportunity?” Ciara asked and stood at the far side of the desk.

“Yes, it’s an opportunity that I wouldn’t offer anyone else,” John said and stood.

Ciara cocked an eyebrow at that.

“Well sir, I’m privileged that you are considering me for it. What would it involve?” Ciara asked.

John walked around to where Ciara stood and faced her.

They could both feel the charge in the room.

“Well, there’d be longer hours,” John began, caressing Ciara’s cheek. She leaned into his hand, relishing the feel of his wedding ring on her skin.

“There’d be late nights,” John continued, slipping his right ankara escort arm around her waist. Ciara gently ground her crotch into his.

“Is there a lot of extra work?” Ciara asked sweetly, placing her hand on his chest.

“No, it wouldn’t be extra work. It’d be…more one on one exercises,” John murmured suggestively as he passed his hand across her skirt.

“Ah, so the benefit would be more job ‘satisfaction’,” Ciara guessed, as her hands drifted down his chest to his waist.

“Exactly,” John said as his fingers grazed the smooth skin of her right thigh.

Ciara shivered with anticipation at this.

“Sir, I’d be thrilled to take this opportunity. I could appreciate how your wife mightn’t understand this and I guarantee my utmost discretion,” Ciara promised.

“Ciara, I’m very happy to hear that. And she wouldn’t, but I feel that my drive to see you satisfied in work is a good reason to keep this to ourselves,” John whispered, as his hand passed under Ciara’s skirt and between her thighs.

John’s fingers found Ciara’s smooth lips and could almost swear he could feel the heat.

“You were right, you are ready,” John chuckled and pushed his fingers inside her.

Ciara gasped as John, her married boss pushed his middle and ring fingers inside her already wet pussy.

“I didn’t want there to be any delay or barrier to beginning this ‘opportunity’,” Ciara remarked as she leaned in and kissed John’s neck.

John pleasured her with his fingers while she kissed his neck and undid his belt. She opened his trousers and reached inside.

She gasped as John pushed his fingers further inside her, opening her further. John gasped as Ciara pulled down his underwear and wrapped her smooth manicured hands around his thick cock.

She started working his cock and kissing up towards his lips.

John pushed his fingers further into escort ankara her practically dripping wetness. “Oh my God,” Ciara cried. “I can feel your wedding ring inside me,” Ciara commented lustfully. The smooth metal felt exquisite against the walls of her pussy. She got a wicked idea.

“Well, I won’t take it off for these sorts of exercises,” John explained, he began to withdraw his hand as he realised she was ready.

Ciara felt this and clenched her pussy as he withdrew his hand.

John withdrew his slick hand to find his wedding ring was missing. Ciara looked at him with a mischievous smirk.

“You have no idea how good this feels,” Ciara confessed.

“Well how about I replace it with something larger?” John asked.

Ciara reached down and took the ring out of her pussy. It was coated with her cum.

“Ready when you are sir,” Ciara purred.

John grabbed her and lay her back on his desk. He lined his cock up with her pussy and thrust.

Ciara felt the first four inches of John’s cock bury itself in her wet snatch. She was taken aback by the size of him. Her mind was distracted from the fact his cock was bare as he opened her tightness deliciously.

Before a rational part of her brain could tell her of the risks she heard a darker, more passionate part of her brain whisper.

‘You’ve got him inside you. He may be married, but you could have more of a claim to him than his wife,’ Ciara heard her inner voice say.

‘You shouldn’t do this, he’s married,’ her conscience thought.

‘He’s married, and he decided I’m the woman he wants to fuck more than his wife. So I better make sure he comes back for more,’ Ciara thought wickedly.

She silenced her conscience and wrapped her legs around his waist.

“Sir, I don’t have a boyfriend. So you can do what you want,” Ciara said in a sultry tone.

John looked at her ankara escort bayan for a moment, registering her comment. He leaned down and kissed her neck, finishing with a soft bite.

“Mmmm. Sir, I know your wife is calling by in an hour, but I’d certainly like to be filled with satisfaction when I greet her,” Ciara moaned.

John increased his pace, claiming every inch of her tight pussy with each thrust.

“Ciara, I think you’ve got a surprising thought process for this opportunity,” John confessed, startled by the young woman underneath him.

“Well sir, I feel as your assistant I should service your every need. And I’d like to feel pride at having performed my duties when I meet your wife,” Ciara admitted breathlessly.

‘Also, the idea of making conversation with a woman as her husband’s cum is filling me sounds wickedly enjoyable,’ Ciara thought to herself.

‘God this girl is naughtier than I imagined,’ John thought to himself.

“And as my assistant you will be perfectly polite to my wife,” John affirmed.

“Of course, anything to keep her in the dark and to keep you fucking me,” Ciara moaned.

John felt himself close. He realised Ciara was the fourth woman he was pleasing. A redhead, a blonde, a raven haired and a brunette. ‘Got the whole set,” John grinned to himself.

“Ciara, I’m about to cum,” John groaned.

Ciara bit her lip with pleasure and to suppress her hesitation. She felt him explode deep in her cunt. His thick seed flooded her womb.

“Oh fuck that’s good,” John admitted. Ciara silently agreed, she was revelling in the feeling of a man’s seed inside her.

John practically slumped over her. Their lips instinctively finding each other and pressing together.

The lovers kissed hungrily for a steamy, before John stood up and helped Ciara to her feet.

“Well sir, I feel I am definitely up for this new opportunity,” Ciara grinned.

“You most certainly are,” John agreed breathlessly.

“You clean yourself up, your wife is due in forty minutes. I’ll be sure to greet her, sir,” Ciara added slyly and slipped out the door.

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