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Keri Wants To Get Pierced

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I wrote this story a few years back, but never published it on this site before.

There is also a follow up story, which I will also post.


This story is about Keri, she just turned 18 was still attending high school. Poor Keri hadn’t had much luck in her young life. Her grandparents al died before she was born and her parents died in a car crash when she was only 4. Her uncle and his wife took her in. Then her uncle died in a plane crash when she was 6. Aunt Helen was her only Family left.

Helen sold most of their farmland to a neighbour, but kept the land closest to the farm and she started and organic vegetable business. It was a lot of work, so Keri spent a lot of time on her own once she got home from school.

Down the road from their property was a small clothing factory. Unfortunately the business was almost going under. Old Mr. & Mrs. Robertson had to fire the dozen people working for them. They still had a few clients left, which they manufactured for themselves.

At one point they had asked Keri if she would like to come work for them on Saturdays. Keri had always loved fashion so she gladly accepted the job. She started off by sweeping floors and packing orders, but after a few months the Robertsons started to teach her how to use the machines and actually make clothes.

Helen was always busy on the farm and after dinner she usually went to bed pretty early. Keri had a computer in her room and would usually stay up late surfing the web for new fashion ideas. She had already made herself a few outfits from leftover materials at the factory.

This one night she came across a piece on the influence of punk on modern day culture. One of the examples where some pictures of heavily tattooed and pierced ‘Suicide girls’. Keri was intrigued by the whole look of these women and started googling them.

The more time she spent looking at pictures of them, the more she knew she wanted to be like them. But getting a tattoo would be totally out of the question, let alone piercings like the stretched earlobes most of the girls had. Keri remembered asking Helen about getting her ears pierced a few years ago, but Helen wouldn’t have it.

I may not get away with stretched earlobes or any other facial piercings, but what about something that nobody can see? Keri started to research DIY piercing as she had decided to pierce her own nipples. She found a big needle at work and took some alcohol and bandages from the first-aid box. Now all she needed was some jewellery.

She found an on-line store that sold rock band t-shirts and all kinds of gothic clothing including piercing jewellery. She cunningly ordered a Nirvana t-shirt and some barbells. This way if the package arrived when Helen happened to be around, she had the t-shirt as a cover story.

The next day the package arrived. Helen was still out in the fields, so the cover plan wasn’t even needed. She opened the box and stared at the jewellery. She was really going to do this! She got all wet thinking about it.

She went into the kitchen to get some ice and the first-aid kit. Once back in her room, she locked the door behind her and looked at the clock. She had about an hour and a half before Helen was coming home, so she quickly got everything ready.

She used the alcohol to clean everything and the ice to get her nipples hard. Although they were already pretty hard from the excitement. She put a cork on one side of her left nipple and placed the needle on the other end. She took a deep breath, closed her eyes and pushed the needle straight though. It hurt like hell, but once she looked down at her illegal bahis breast with needle poking through it, so got such a rush that most of the pain quickly went away. She managed to get the barbell through the hole that was made by the needle. It had started to bleed a little, so she but a band aid over it.

Now she had to do the right nipple. It was a little harder as now she knew how much it would hurt, but she did it anyway. In just 10 minutes she was done and she felt great. It was like she had transformed from the little girl into a very sexy woman. Just as she was putting the first aid kit back in the cupboard, Helen came in to the house.

“Are you alright honey?” She asked.

“No I’m not feeling so well” she lied.

“I think I’ll take an aspirin and go to bed early.”

“Okay honey, I hope you feel better tomorrow.”

Keri went into her room and started to masturbate. Her nipples where to sore to touch, but her pussy got a real workout. She came quickly as the heath had been building up in her body all day. She fell asleep soon after that.

She woke up pretty early the next morning, as she has rolled over in her sleep onto her sore nipples. She took the band aids of and cleaned them with cotton wool and some alcohol. It stung a bit, but she knew that it had to be done to avoid infection.

After about 2 weeks her nipples where no longer sore and she would masturbate as often as she could, mostly by playing with her nipples.

A few months after she had pierced her nipples, the novelty had kind of worn of. Some of the women she had seen online had double pierced nipples and a few even had heave gauge jewellery through their nipples. Apparently they had started off with the same kind of piercing that Keri had, but then had stretched them out by slowly increasing the size of the jewellery they wore.

Keri knew that she wanted to stretch her nipple piercings, but where was she going to get the bigger jewellery from? Ordering on-line was too big of a risk, what if Helen was to intercept her package.

Keri remembered that her uncle was into DIY and had a workshop in one of the barns. Nobody had been in the workshop since her uncle had died, everything was covered in dust. She managed to pry the door open and started to look for something she could use as jewellery.

She found a lot of jars full of nails in all kinds of sizes. Some of them were only slightly thicker than the barbells she had in her nipples. They were a bit rusty, but Keri managed to get the shiny again with some sandpaper she had found.

She removed one of the barbells from her nipple and tried to push the nail through the hole. It was really tight and stretching her nipple, but when she used some spit as lube the nail finally went through. She repeated the process on her other nipple and put her clothes back on.

On the way back into the house it became obvious that the points of the nails where kind of sharp and would prick into her boobs or her clothes. Keri fixed this by putting a small piece of cork on the tip of each nail. Her cleavage now had to pieces of cork floating in it. She quickly changed into a top with a less revealing neckline.

Every moment she could, she would play with her nipples. Moving the nails back and forth, stretching the holes in the process. After a week she went back into the barn and got some bigger nails. 3 months later and she had already stretched the holes in her nipples to 4mm (6 gauge)! She had to get creative and use and angle grinder to grind down the long nails into something a lot shorter that she was able to hide in her bra.

By now illegal bahis siteleri the summer vacation was almost coming up and the Robertsons had asked her if she could help out in the clothes factory during her vacation. They proposed a rather unusual work schedule of working from Friday until Monday morning. This way they could go out of town during the week, to look after their son’s kids. Keri didn’t mind, as long as she could earn some extra money. It also meant that she had most of the week free, more time to masturbate!

She had started to use a cucumber as a dildo. The weather was good for the crop and each week the cucumbers got bigger and bigger!

Keri used some of her earnings to get a quicker internet connection. Claiming that she needed it for school work. But it really was so she could look at porn videos whilst she masturbated.

Most of the girls in the videos she liked had a pierced clit and some even had a few rings through their labia. Keri started to fantasize about getting a piercing down there. Especially as she had run out of suitable material to stretch the holes in her nipples.

When she came into work the next Friday, the Robertsons told her that they had managed to secure a big order. So big that they actually had bought some new tools. One of the new tools was an air-pressure-powered shoelace eyelet gun. The coats they had to make where designed with a row of these eyelets along a panel on the sleeves. Purely decorational, but cool looking none the less.

Before they used to punch the eyelets in with a hand tool, this new machine meant that they could work a lot faster and more constantly. You could pre-set the amount of pressure it would work at, thus controlling the depth of the eyelet. Keri quickly got the hang of the new machine and spent the rest of the day punching eyelets into jackets.

When she got home she quickly had dinner and then excused herself, claiming that she was tired. Of course she didn’t go to bed, she started up her computer to watch porn again.

She was pleased to find a new suicide girl on the website, this girl had a lot of tattoos and piercings. But the most striking thing where the piercings in her labia. They weren’t the normal barbelled rings, but actual holes with jewellery in them that looked a lot like the eyelets she had been putting into fabric all day!

As soon as she saw them, Keri started to masturbate furiously and she came like she never had done before. She knew she had to have them.

The next day at work it was hard to concentrate. Luckily she had to do another task today, but she kept glancing over at the eyelet machine. She needed to figure out a way she could be alone with that tool.

During lunch she asked the Robertsons if she could lock-up late on Monday, so she could use the sowing machine to make a dress for herself.

“Of course dear, as a matter of fact I think it’s about time we gave you a key to the place so you can use it wherever you like.” Result!

Come Monday Keri was fully prepared. In her bag where supplies for the afternoon: band aids, alcohol and a numbing creme she had bought at the grocery store/pharmacy.

The creme was supposed to have a numbing effect on bruised skin. She had already applied it to her labia before she went to work and it sure worked. Her vagina kinds felt like it was a sleep.

At 11 o’clock she went to the bathroom and put some more of the stuff on her lower lips. She couldn’t wait until the Robertsons had left. They finally did shortly after 1 o’clock.

Keri watched as their car drove off in the distance and then locked the canlı bahis siteleri door. She quickly stripped naked and got out all of her supplies. She picked some stainless eyelets from storage and setup the machine so it would leave about 6mm (1/4 inch) between the flanges of the eyelet.

She then used a pen to mark 4 evenly spaced spots on each of her pussy lips. She sat on the floor with her legs spread and she put a small piece of wood in her mouth. That way she had something to bite on, should the pain become too much.

The machine was loaded with the 2 pieces that soon would cut through her flesh and fuse together into 1 eyelet. This was it, no way back! Keri line up the tool with the first mark, took a deep breath and pressed the trigger.

A sharp pain went through her body, damn it hurt. But the end result looked so sexy, that she soon forgot about the pain.

“Better get the rest done quickly before I chicken out.”

Within 2 minutes Keri had 8 stainless eyelets in her pussy. She cleaned everything with the alcohol she had brought. Amazingly there was hardly any blood.

She put on her dress, no panties this time and made her way home. An icepack helped to numb the pain and should prevent any swelling.

The next few days it really hurt when she moved, so she stayed in bed for most of the time. She told her aunt Helen she had the flu. She was so busy with her vegetables, that she didn’t notice what was really going on with her little niece.

All the time she spent in bed, was also spent on-line. During her research into eyelets she came across another method of making them.

They would start with a piece of metal pipe and the used 2 specially shaped cones in a press to fold the edges of the pipe over into the flanges of the eyelet. Keri remembered that she had seen some small gauge stainless steel pipes in her late uncle’s workshop.

Once she felt a bit better, she went into the barn and found the pipes and even some of drill bits that might have the right shape to press the edges. She quickly cut of a small piece of tube and clamped the tube plus the bits in a vice. She slowly closed the vice further and low and behold, the edges of the tube bent over into perfect flanges!

Keri experimented with a few different lengths of tube, in order to figure out the right size to end up with a snug fitting eyelet in her nipples.

She took her top of and lubed up the first but of pipe. It went into the hole in her nipple pretty easy and Keri the aligned everything in the vice. It was kind of hard to turn the vices handle with one of her nipples in the vice, but she managed to fold the edges of the pipe over. She now had a 5mm eyelet in her right nipple!

Whilst she just had started to slowly tighten the vice on her other nipple, something unexpected happened.

The door went open and Helen walked into the workshop.

“O my god, what are you doing!”

Keri freaked out, she was stuck with her nipple in the vice and she had just been sprung by her aunt! She tried to hide what she was doing, but it was too late.

She figured she’d finish what she had started and the quickly get her nipple out of the vice. She didn’t know what to expect from Helen, but she feared the worst.

Rather surprisingly Helen seemed to be intrigued by Keri’s nipples.

“I’m sorry, I don’t know what possessed me to do this.”

“It’s alright dear” she said, “I think you look beautiful!”

Keri was gob smacked, Helen wasn’t angry!?!??

All of a sudden Helen ripped of her blouse and bra to reveal her pierced breasts.

“I wonder if we can stretch mine just like yours?”

Keri decided it was time to show her decorated pussy to her aunt and stripped completely naked.

“Oh my dear, it looks like we are going to have some fun together” said Helen as she moved her mouth towards Keri’s left nipple.

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