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Personal Trainer Lust Ch. 01

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Katherine looked at the clock on the nightstand. “Two o’clock and I can’t get her out of my head” she muttered to herself as her husband Rick lay sleeping soundly next to her. She lay in bed unable to sleep, her mind filled with erotic visions of Rita, the owner of the health club and her personal trainer. She and her husband had joined a few months earlier and the two of them quickly became friends. Rita had mentioned to her one day that a client had moved out of town and she now room for one more person to help with private individual personal training. Katherine accepted the offer right away and over the following months they began to have lunch each Wednesday after their morning exercise class and training session.

At lunch they discussed everything and anything they found interesting, from politics and clothes to the latest gossip they heard in the locker room. Her thoughts drifted back to the lunch the two of them shared earlier in the day. Everything seemed normal as they dined in the upscale restaurant overlooking the picturesque river below. That is until Rita reached out during their conversation and clasped her hand in hers as she whispered in a low voice about watching Laura and Joan in the locker room late last night. She told Katherine how she had walked in the locker room to begin closing the health club when she heard voices in the rear of the locker room. Peeking around the end of a row of lockers, Rita recounted how she watched the two them slip into a shower stall and pull the privacy curtain closed.

Katherine felt herself blush as she pictured the two businesswomen together in the shower stall. Laura was a tall blonde and Joan was at least a head shorter with short dark hair. Katherine had tried to picture them nude under the cascading water but she had only seen them in their workout clothes. She remembered asking herself how Joan kept her breasts in place during exercise class since they bounced up and down vigorously with each aerobic step. Laura wore a sports bra that seemed to keep her breasts firmly in place when she exercised. Katherine’s mind lingered on the thought of the two of them kissing and caressing in the shower as Rita continued telling the story as she held her hand.

Katherine was used to Rita touching her during her training sessions when Rita showed her how to loosen her muscles or use the free weight equipment properly. But when Rita held her hand at lunch, Katherine sensed there was something more on Rita’s mind. One hand held hers as if they were shaking hands while the other covered the top of her hand, slowly stroking it as she told her story of hearing their voices and then moans coming from the shower stall. Katherine at first thought it was innocent but the longer Rita held her hand the more Katherine became uncomfortable. Looking into Rita’s eyes, Katherine saw a sparkle that both excited and frightened her at the same time. Rita smiled as finished her story, telling Katherine how she exited the locker room before the two women finished their shower. The smile on her face that seemed to indicate she might want more than a casual friendship. The last time any woman looked at her that way, was her college roommate, Amy.

She had told her husband about her college affair with the fair haired, free thinking Amy. After college Amy took a job over a thousand miles away in California. They kept in touch by phone every few months and sent each other cards for special occasions and the holidays. Each year at Christmas when they received her card, he would tell her that some year for a birthday present; he would like to have her join them. Even though he laughed and said he was only joking, Katherine knew he would love to jump at the chance. It was now a tradition at Christmas when the card would arrive; he would teasingly request her as a birthday present. Katherine sometimes thought about his request but never quite had the nerve to follow through each year when his birthday rolled around.

She shifted on her side slightly not wanting to awaken her husband. Listening to his even breathing, she thought of the look in Rita’s eyes at lunch. They seemed to be searching hers looking for some type of response. She remembered telling Rita how shocking it was to hear about Laura and Joan but feeling a heat inside her begin to simmer. She found the story fascinating and wondered if Rita was telling her about it since she had only bahçelievler escort last week seen Rita naked in the shower room.

Now that image filled her brain as she felt her body becoming aroused from the mental picture playing in her head. Rita had large firm breasts with large aureoles and hard pointed nipples, a narrow waist that flared into hips supporting her shapely legs which joined together at her shaved puffy womanhood. She remembered Rita standing in a shower stall with the curtain open and her back to her, water dripping off her body as she toweled herself dry. The look that Rita gave her when she looked in Katherine’s direction was not one of shock but one of how proud she was of her body. Rita had turned slightly toward Katherine, showing her the outline of her totally nude body. Katherine remembered feeling somewhat intimidated and excited at the same time by this woman who stood naked before her. Another image flashed through her mind. This image was of her long ago lover, Amy, standing nude in the dorm shower dripping wet and motioning for her to come closer to taste her delicious wet body. She stifled a moan as the images flipped from Rita to Amy, both seeming wanting to pull her deeper into an erotic trance. The images in her mind became more sensual as the imaginary women seemed to whisper naughty things that fueled her fiery furnace. She heard them whisper naughty things in her brain about how they wanted to touch, kiss, and caress all her special body parts and how they wanted her to touch them in return as they joined together in sensual pleasure.

Katherine felt her body responding to the mental images portrayed in her mind. She knew it would be very difficult to sleep and so without disturbing her husband, she slipped out of bed, pulled her silver vibrator from the nightstand and walked quietly out of the bedroom. She absently rubbed the vibrator over one of her nipples, hidden by her nightshirt, as she went down the stairs and out onto the back deck into the hot August air. The deck, built only last summer, overlooked her flower gardens and the pond beyond which was sometimes used by her and Rick to swim naked before making love in shallow end. The moon skirted in and out of the clouds, illuminating the landscape one minute then thrusting it into darkness the next as she sank into recliner lounge. She felt the hot humid night air strike her skin, making it seem wet and sticky as the drone of the air conditioning sounded in the background. Most nights when sleep eluded her, she would relax and fall asleep for awhile before waking and trudging back to bed. Her husband would only grunt when he felt her getting back into bed as he came to expect her night time excursions. But tonight was different. Her mind raced with hot erotic thoughts of Rita the red headed owner of the health club and Amy, the light brown haired college roommate with whom she had long ago shared a dormitory room and her bed. Watching the clouds move slowly across the sky, her thoughts returned to Rita and Amy.

As the nude images of Rita and Amy bounced around in her head, Katherine thought of how much the two of them were so much alike. She had envied Amy’s lithe body in college and now realized she had the same thoughts about Rita. Rita had helped her take off a few extra pounds and tighten her stomach muscles as her personal trainer. She had stood in front of the mirror only this morning looking at her small breasts wishing they were larger but happy that the small role of extra skin around her midriff was beginning to disappear. And it seemed lately Rita had noticed her body too, complimenting her on how great she looked. Now that she reflected on the last few weeks, Rita seemed to touch her more and her hands seem to linger a bit longer than usual during their training sessions.

Katherine’s mind wandered with erotic images of her and Rita in one instant and then remembering the times she and Amy had spent together touching and pleasing each other in the shower late at night when the other girls were asleep in their rooms. Amy would always beat her to the shower room and when Katherine arrived, she would smile seductively; inviting her into the shower with one hand as the other usually cupped her breast, pulling on her already hard nipple. The sensuous scenes playing in her mind only made her body ache more with desire. bahçeşehir escort She laid the vibrator by her side, running her fingers over her nightshirt imagining Rita’s fingers moving over her taut skin, slowly touching and caressing her until she wanted to squeal with delight. When she put her fingers to her lips, she pictured they were Rita’s fingers she was kissing and sucking so amorously. She imagined sucking the fingers on one of Rita’s hands deep into her mouth as the other hand barely touched her skin, gliding over her tantalizing flesh. Her own fingers moved to her breasts hidden by her nightshirt as she thought of Rita’s sensuous lips capturing her hard nipple between her teeth, licking, teasing, then pulling the hard nub between her teeth making her gasp for breath. As her mind raced from erotic scene to erotic scene, her fingers pulled up her nightshirt and slowly caressed her tight stomach before sliding down to her thighs and ass cheeks, feeling the familiar tingling in her body with each light stroke of her fingertips.

Her hand moved back and forth over the tight skin, feeling the goose bumps forming on the surface. The fingers moved as if they had a mind of their own, running up and down her thighs, over the tight stomach muscles to her breasts and then back down to her navel. She imagined her fingers were Rita’s gliding lightly on her skin, stoking the fire deep within her. Katherine closed her eyes tighter, concentrating on the tingling feelings coursing through her body. Her fingers slid down the front of her abdomen until she felt the soft tuff of hair outlining her pussy. Pushing them down further, she felt the wetness of her womanhood that had formed on her puffy lips. Rubbing lightly over the outer lips, Katherine sighed into the darkness as the heat inside her grew more intense. Switching hands, she brought the sweet nectar to her lips, licking the creamy substance, as her other set of fingers took up where the other fingers had been. Tasting herself brought back steamy images of her and Amy taking turns licking and pleasuring themselves late into the night and on lazy rainy Saturday mornings when all there was to do was enjoy each others presence. She had fallen asleep many nights in her dorm only to be awakened by Amy’s insistent lips on her pussy while her tongue slipped in and out of her womanhood, teasing her clit to life.

She thought she had buried most of those feelings after she had married Rick but now the red headed owner of the health club had brought them back to the surface. Pushing lightly, her fingers slipped inside the puffy lips hiding her clit. Her body tensed when one fingernail lightly scraped over the sensitive jewel. She sucked harder on her fingers, soaking them with her saliva as she teased her clit just like Amy used to tease it unmercifully. Katherine felt her hips pull back slightly as the sensations in her clit magnified from her own touch. Rita’s body and face jumped into her vision and Katherine now pictured herself kissing Rita’s hard nipples as her fingers explored her clit and pussy.

Pushing two fingers downward, her legs opened wider, giving her hand free access to her wet womanhood. Her mouth clamped down harder on her fingers when the two fingers moved slowly but surely up the slippery channel. Arching her back she moaned Rita’s name into the still humid night as her pussy clenched around her fingers. The sweet nectar inside her furnace coated her fingers, making them slippery and easier to move in and out. Katherine sighed heavily as her fingers explored her love canal, picturing Rita, then Amy kissing her and fucking her with their fingers and not hers. She wanted one of them right now! She wished that magically one of them would appear at her feet and begin to kiss and caress her whole body until she had a shattering orgasm. Her body ached with desire at the thought of Rita standing naked under a shower in the health club with a sensuous smile on her face. She wanted Rita to rub her soapy body against hers … feel her nipples poke into her skin as her fingers danced all over her slippery body.

Her hand moved from the moist womanhood along the sensitive skin until it reached her clit, making her body again arch upward as the touch of her own fingers sent tiny shocks of electricity through her body. Taking her fingers from her mouth, she pulled her ataşehir escort night shirt up over her breasts, putting her hand over the damp skin and lightly touching one of her ripe hard nipples. She closed her eyes tighter when her fingers lightly grazed around the nipple before grabbing the rigid nub, pulling and pinching it a little before massaging the whole breast in her hand, squeezing it tenderly. “Yes Amy make love to my breast as only you knew how to do” she whispered into the darkness.

Katherine’s fingers toyed with the sensitive clit, rubbing directly on it then around it, feeling her heated desire rocket skyward. The other hand alternated between each breast, tracing the outline of one swollen breast, pulling the aching nipple between her fingers, and then pinching it lightly as she moaned with desire.

The images in her head jumped from Amy to Rita, her body wanting to find satisfaction from the sweet torment she was putting herself through. She wanted Amy to pleasure herself on her womanhood and Rita to feast on her breast. The harder she rubbed her clit, the more intense the sensations became, causing her to shift in the lounge chair. Her hand on the breast became more insistent, rubbing harder and pinching the tip of her sensitive nipple with more authority. Her thighs began to tremble and involuntarily squeeze together, capturing her hand between her thighs. Her back arched off the lounge chair with each wave of passion coursing through her body.

Grabbing the silver vibrator and turning it on, she rubbed it slowly over her wet puffy pussy lips, remembering the night she and Amy purchased it and then spending the entire night pleasuring each other. She felt the familiar tingling in her pussy as she lightly rubbed it over her sensitive clit, moving it to the opening of her channel. “Ohhhh … yes” escaped her lips as she guided it into her waiting tunnel. Visions of Amy pushing it deep inside her consumed her mind as it slid deeper inside her. She wiggled her ass remembering how Amy would wet one finger and penetrate her ass at the same time she assaulted her pussy. Each remembrance of their passionate lovemaking brought about new more intense sensations throughout her body.

She needed release from this sweet pleasure and realized that she had passed the point of no return. Amy’s naked image consumed her mind as she imagined her finger fucking her ass and pussy at the same time, bringing her closer to a shattering climax. Her body reacted to the erotic mental images, her pussy beginning to convulse around the vibrator sliding in and out of her hot wet tunnel. She tried to hold off as long as she could but the thought of Rita fondling her breasts and Amy fucking her was too much. With a groan of sensual pleasure, her thighs tightened around her wrist as her clit throbbed uncontrollably. Grabbing a breast in her hand, she wanted to scream out her pleasure as her womanhood yielded to the intense pleasure. Gasping for breath, Katherine’s body tensed one last time when she shoved the vibrator deep within her, holding it as her body succumbed to the orgasmic explosion inside her. She pulled her other hand from her breast and began to rub her clit furiously. As wave after wave of pleasure rolled through her body, her fingers tried to stay on the sensitive clit but the intense sensitivity of the hard jewel made her body buck back and forth with each touch of her fingers.

After what seemed an eternity, her body sank into the lounge chair sapped of all its strength for a moment. Katherine opened her eyes, listening to her labored breathing and thankful that the air conditioning was humming to drown out what she was sure were cries of pleasure. Watching the moonlit leaves in the trees sway softly in the breeze, she quietly wished for a strong breeze to help cool off her heated body and wondered what Rita’s intentions were at lunch today. There had been an awkward silence when she pulled her hand away before they resumed their lunch and chatting about everyday issues.

Katherine lay on the lounge chair for awhile thinking of Rita and the desire that she seemed to stoke inside her. And Amy’s image surprised her also. It had been so long ago since they were in college and while Katherine thought about her sometimes, it was not until Rita opened some of her hidden desires that the hot searing desire surfaced again. It was awakened in her body again and she wondered if she would have the courage to confront Rita if the opportunity arose. She smiled in the darkness as she got up to join her sleeping husband in bed knowing he had slept through her little sexual mental escapade. As she lay in bed, sleep finally overtook her as she dreamed of Rita and the hidden desires that she had brought out in her today.

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