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At eighteen, Gary thought he knew it all but his education was mediocre, his childish looks were quickly fading, his goals in life were mere questions and his sex life crested half his life ago. Soon after his nineteenth birthday, Gary realized his state of being had been little more than a frustrating search for an illusion.

During the final months of high school, Gary’s best friend, Jimmy had a girlfriend he talked little about and the reason was simple enough. The guy believed his sex life private and something he never discussed with anyone, even his best buddy. It only took Gary a few days to deduce his buddy was getting some on a regular basis, while Gary prowled the school halls only to find cock teasers and coeds he coined as; mister-baiters.

The summer after graduation, Gary finally got the opportunity to meet his buddy’s girlfriend but only after the secretive couple had explored each other to the point of having nothing else filthy to do with each other except visit the world outside their sacrament of lust. That day was normal enough for Gary as far as Saturdays went, he was making extra cash detailing a motorcycle and was busy polishing spokes with a strip of leather shoelace soaked in a polishing compound, but when he saw his best friend ride up on a scooter with two girls onboard he started to wonder if his best friend was getting more pussy than he deserved.

The girls were physical opposites. One was taller than the other by a few inches. One was a brunette and one was blonde. One had substantial breasts, one had subtle breasts, one had a heart shaped buttocks, one had an apple bottom, one had bedroom brown eyes, one had dreamy blue eyes but to Gary, both girls were definitely pretty. Although Gary had a passion for blondes, he understood why his friend was attracted to one of the girls when he noticed she couldn’t keep her hands away from the guy’s genitals. Gary thought it rather odd the girl was so open about her affection and he found himself chatting with her best friend, the short brunette with bedroom brown eyes. Her name was Susanna, but everyone called her Suzy, the icemaker.

Suzy was a demure girl and seemed aloof at times nearing the point of being indifferent to Gary but that day the foursome enjoyed the time together and nothing seemed out of place except Gary’s constant gazing at Suzy’s adorable physical features. Before sundown, the two girls and Gary’s buddy zoomed off down the street on the scooter leaving Gary to polish wire spokes, or so they thought.

As soon as the threesome was out of sight, Gary went to his bedroom, pulled his pants down and masturbated while visions of Suzy’s stiff nipples, the gentle curves of her vaginal folds and the tantalizing curves of her little round buttocks flashed in his mind’s eye. It wasn’t the first time Gary had the illusion of having intercourse with a hot looking girl, but Suzy had captured something deeper and this time Gary didn’t bother to open the special magazine he kept hidden under the mattress containing what he had come to appreciate as his illusion … the perfect woman.

Summer went by in a flash and a new couple could be seen walking the junior college halls together while offering the world around them signs only known to those who understood subtle public displays of affection. It took Gary nearly three weeks to get the chance to place his hand on one of Suzy’s breasts and feel the stiffness of one her nipples, and when he did his throbbing penis filled his pants with semen. Gary realized what was happening and he couldn’t cope with his premature ejaculations not realizing Suzy thought it an easy way to get through sex with a guy in the least amount of time possible.

Two months later, Gary and Suzy were married in a small chapel with a few relatives present partly for the opportunity to watch a virgin groom ruin his life and partly for the potluck food. The newlyweds went to a nearby motel, undressed each other completely for the first time then Suzy proudly announced she was on her period. Gary blew off their honeymoon as a way to hand over cash to a sleazy motel after Suzy convinced him a woman’s menstrual cycle was the ultimate barrier to consummation but four days later, Gary discovered his new bride was no innocent virgin. After settling in as a married couple both had to drop out of junior college and search for full time jobs gullibly inviting the beastly insanity of survival of the fittest to claw at their lives.

Suzy had no problem finding a secretarial position in a large manufacturing plant about an hour’s drive from their small rented home and Gary took the only job he could find as a package boy in a popular grocery store a few blocks away. Their life seemed at best a struggle of never ending issues with bills to pay and sex became monotonous missionary style for a few moments on Saturday nights when there was nothing to watch on the television.

A month later, Suzy told Gary she had to start working Saturdays because her employer was awarded a huge military contract and the plant was understaffed. Suzy reasoned they could use the erotik film izle extra money and Gary felt he could use the time alone to pursue his illusion.

The next Saturday Gary was alone in the small house for over ten hours. He had little to do except wash and detail his car, suck down a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with a can of soda for lunch, watch TV, take a nap, watch more TV, pull out the magazine he had stashed in a secret hiding place containing the foldout of a hot blonde with perfect breasts, a sweet smile, teasing eyes and a curvy buttocks, get naked and hump three pillows he fashioned into the hips and buttocks of a woman while trying desperately to imagine what the skin with tiny hairs on the subtle curves of a round white buttocks printed on high gloss paper would feel like if the crown of his stiff penis were gliding over the real thing. Suddenly, Gary found himself scrambling to hide the bed sheet and pillowcases he had painted with semen.

Two months went by and Suzy began working every weekend leaving Gary to his fantasy world. The extra money helped greatly, but Gary was going out of his mind with lust for the woman he married and couldn’t figure how to change things or new places to temporarily hide messing bedding.

One Saturday night Gary decided to be the aggressor telling his pretty bride he’d settle for a hand job followed by a blowjob but Suzy refused, using her exhausted state and her inexperience with oral as her leverage. The following argument was their first and Gary unloaded his rage on the woman scaring Suzy to the point of tears.

Oddly, the next morning Gary was awaken when Suzy started playing with his penis and he remained silent watching the young woman fondle the stiff pink rod like it was a foreign object. He thought things were going to change for the better, however a few moments later Gary was gazing at the curves of Suzy’s tight round apple bottom under her pajamas and panty as she stood at the bathroom sink washing Gary’s semen off her hands.

Gary came to the conclusion he had received no sexual satisfaction from his bride and he began questioning his marriage and his manhood. He called his best friend from a pay phone at work seeking some advice from experience then met Jimmy for lunch the next Saturday, and for the first time, they chatted about their sex lives. After listening to Gary’s sad story, Jimmy opened up about his escapades with the blonde explaining they had called it quits after running out of filthy things to do to each other. Jimmy explained it all in graphic detail as if it were a rant of revenge. It did nothing for Gary except make him horny for Mindy, the extremely cute blonde cashier he never had the courage to approach.

He thought it odd, his best friend enjoyed vaginal, oral and anal sex on a regular basis for nearly a year, and a simple blowjob was completely remote to Gary’s wife. After that day, Gary’s life slowly morphed into a constant search for a willing and wild sex partner casting discretion aside. He felt he could maintain the illusion he was married and faithful to the vows in front of Suzy while returning to a prowler’s life. Unfortunately nothing happened for several months and Gary began getting the impression he was simply unattractive and worse, he would live his life as an undesirable hermit with a permanent hard-on for beautiful blondes.

One Saturday morning, a few months later, while washing his car at the curbside in front of his rented home, Gary noticed the small Spanish style house directly across the street buzzing with activity. Gary giggled at first thinking it odd four young men were moving in with an older but attractive lady not realizing they were helping the woman move her belongings into the small house.

Gary began studying the woman closely and liked what he saw. First, she had long wavy light blonde hair nearing silver, she had an attractive face for an older woman and her breasts were huge but not pendulous. Gary thought she appeared to be slightly thicker than most females he had ever studied but realizing the impact age had on a women’s form he thought she was probably older by a few years but aged fairly well. The features affecting him the most were her smile and taunting eyes. Gary thought the woman’s smile reminded him of a girl he once knew and her pretty blue eyes reminded him of the way the girl admired him during their special moments together.

Washing his car became a slow motion waltz as Gary studied the woman move around ordering the men. By noon, the two pickup trucks and pair of station wagons along with the men drove off and the lady disappeared into the house. Gary shrugged the entire scene off as entertainment thinking he’d never see the buxom blonde again.

That evening Gary decided to make meatloaf and mashed potatoes with canned sweet peas for dinner and try to enjoy a nice evening with his bride, hoping there would be even the slightest chance the woman would loosen up a bit and have a playful and filthy time with genitals on their marital mattress.

Just before Suzy was to arrive home, film izle Gary heard a gentle rap on the door. At first he thought Suzy had come home early and had forgotten the house key again but when he opened the door, to his surprise the chesty blonde was standing on the porch and she began speaking as soon as the door was fully open, “Hi, hate to bother you, but you’re the only person in this neighborhood I’ve seen so far … can I borrow a stick of butter … I’ll pay you back on Friday after I get paid.”

Gary had never been in such close proximity to very large breasts, especially undulating breasts with huge thick nipples under a shirt with severe transparency and he felt his face blushing. He wanted desperately to look down at the lady’s massive chest and rub his penis on her erect nipples, but he forced his focus into her big blue eyes. His mind went blank for a moment then he snapped out of it when he realized his penis was rising and could blow in seconds. He wasn’t sure what to do or say until the lady broke his trance and asked, “You okay dear?”

Gary grinned a little then said with a slight quiver in his voice as he nodded his head, “Yeah … I think I do have two stits,” then Gary cringed and corrected himself as he tapped his forehead with the heel of his hand, “I mean sticks … in the fridg.”

The Lady giggled a little as she said with a grin, “You’re cuter than a puppy,” as she gently pressed her finger into Gary’s stomach just below his navel then pulled her hand back to her side.

Gary didn’t know what to do next. He liked her gentle touch and knew she was aware he had an erection in his shorts then he completely forgot his wife would be pulling into the drive in a few minutes as he begged in his mind like mental telepathy for the woman to suck his stiff penis. He felt a flush of heat rush his face and he asked with a quiver in his voice, “Want to come in and help me find the butter?”

The lady placed her palms on her hips and cocked her head to one side, then asked as she glanced down at Gary’s bulge then looked back into his eyes, “Do you really think that’s such a good idea sweetheart, with that going on down there?”

Gary wanted to yank the lady through the doorway, slam the door shut, lock it, rip her blouse open and stick his erection between the beautiful flesh balloons and let his penis do what it was about to do in seconds anyway.

“Um, yeah, I guess you’re right, you better wait here, I’ll get a stit, damn it … I mean stick … a stick of butter,” Gary said, then he turned and before he took a step forward he closed his eyes to tattoo the vision clearly on the walls of his mind of the pair of white blobs of flesh hiding behind shear white material and praying there wasn’t a wet spot on the front of his shorts.

After gently placing the chilled stick in the lady’s hand she looked into Gary’s eyes and said with a soft voice, “You’re such a sweetie, maybe we could have coffee sometime and just chat,” then she waited for Gary’s response, and when he didn’t respond, she turned and said, “Come over any time darling … thanks,” then as she sashayed away Gary examined her buttocks wiggle under the material of her slacks.

‘Holy shit,’ Gary thought as he felt his penis throb in his shorts, ‘am I really thinking what I think I’m thinking?’ then he went to the bedroom to change his shorts.

That night after Gary burned the meatloaf, under baked the potatoes and spilled a cup of warm peas on Suzy, the closest he came to sex was watching Suzy dry off her wet naked body after showering before she slipped on her bra, then her panty, then pajamas then promptly entered the bed, rolled away from Gary and whispered, “Goodnight Gary.”

Gary was fully awake and so horny he had to get some relief. After an hour of contemplating how he would get Suzy’s pajama pants and panty off then mount her so he could slip his erection into her, he gave up, pulled the sheet off his sleeping bride, knelt next to the young woman and masturbated while visions of two massive breasts with stiff fat nipples danced in his head. Gary’s ejaculation was so powerful he nearly fell off the bed and thinking Suzy might have felt his motion and wake he remained uncomfortably still. After a few minutes, Gary sat up in bed, studied his limp penis and the drying semen on his bride’s pajamas then the curves of his bride’s round curvy buttocks while thinking the beautiful curves closest to him where light years away. Over the following week Gary concluded he had to make a hard decision about his sanity for the first time in his life.

The next Saturday morning was the usual madness of Suzy showering in a rush, doing her makeup, dressing then gulping down two cups of black coffee while Gary remained clear of the spaces she occupied by scooping up a bowl of cereal. Just before his bride dashed out the door giving Gary with a quick peck on his cheek she tossed a strong feeling of guilt at him as if it was his fault she had to work all the time.

That morning, Gary never noticed Suzy’s forest green car back out of the driveway and race seks filmi izle off down the pavement. His eyes were focused on the wooden entrance door of the quaint Spanish style house directly across the street while visions of what the occupant might be doing with her breasts flashed in his mind.

After a few moments, Gary sat down and contemplated his life. He had no reasonable way of making a decent living because he had always hated school. The only reason he ever went to school was because of the pretty coeds there and he engulfed himself in their beauty. As far back as he could recall he always wanted to be near beautiful girls and inhale their essence not realizing they felt uneasy the way he studied them. He never understood how girls could be so cruel by shunning a boy who sincerely adored their beauty and treasured the fact they were alive, full of life, and to Gary, the most powerful force on planet earth.

For some strange reason he suddenly felt a chill thinking one day young girls would look at him as a dirty old man not realizing his passion for the awesome power of youthful female beauty had affected him his entire life. Gary snapped out of his antipathy long enough to gain the confidence to visit the lady across the street, sit down with her, have a few cups of coffee and simply listen to maturity and hopefully she’d understand his frustration and could possibly explain to him why it was so difficult to find a beautiful girl, willing to be his filthy sex partner.

Gary had no idea what to wear but he figured a pair of shorts without briefs and a simple pull over would do, not thinking he could repeat his prior embarrassing performance. He was so numb when he walked out of the house he never locked the door and walked mindlessly across the street, stepped up to the lady’s front door and pressed the doorbell button. After hearing the chime he waited with an empty mind for something to happen. When nothing happened except getting butterflies in his stomach, he looked down at his bare feet and asked, “What the fuck am I doing?”

In defeat, Gary turned slowly around and stepped down the pathway to the sidewalk nearly missing the sight of an older station wagon slowing down in front of him. When he looked up the lady was in the stopped car leaning toward the passenger side then she said aloud, “Looking for me honey?”

Gary paused for a moment and decided he would let whatever was to about to take place happen, and he wasn’t about to halt anything from that moment forward. He smiled a little then said with a crack in his voice, “Yes ma’am.”

“Let me park the car, you can help me take the groceries inside,” the lady said then the car suddenly lunged forward with a squeal, turned into the driveway then stopped with a jerk. Gary stood numbly on the pathway as he watched the lady exit the car then step to the rear, open the hatch then motion for Gary to come to her.

As soon as he was near the lady his nostrils filled with the odd scent of her perfume and he noticed she was wearing a bra under her bellowing light blue blouse. Her thighs were larger than most he had seen and her calves were very curvy and show-white, and her shoes appeared to be some sort of heeled sandal with the strap nearly covering red toenails. He had never seen the shoe design nor had he ever before seen a girl dressed the way she was dressed. He wanted to ask the lady if she was married and if it was okay to be with her in her house and talk but he never got the opportunity. Suddenly Gary found himself in the lady’s kitchen watching her bulbous buttocks wiggle under the smooth cloth of her white pleated skirt as she organized the contents of the grocery bags on the counter. Then suddenly she turned toward Gary and said, “Why don’t you make coffee dear, everything you need is over there, tap water is fine.”

A half hour later Gary was sitting at a small round glass top table studying the lady’s eyes, nose and lips then the curves of her cheeks and chin wondering why his penis was numb and his hands didn’t have the urge to reach out and cup the round blobs before him. His blank stare was broken when the lady picked up her cup of coffee, held it in her hands with her elbows on the table then asked, “What’s your name sweetie?”

Gary looked down at the steeping cup of black coffee in front of him and nearly whispered his response, “Gary.”

Then the lady reached out with her right hand and said softly, “Hi, Gary, pleased to meet you finally, I’m Elaine, my friends call me Lane and I believe I own you a stick of butter.”

When Gary looked down at Lane’s hand he instantly compared the differences between a young girl’s hand, a young woman’s hand and an older lady’s hand. Her skin was so white it appeared to be bleached with the bones, the wrinkles and veins protruding seeming to indicate they had experience. The color of her fingernails didn’t match her toenails but none of it mattered as their hands touched. Gary felt an incredible spark fill him and he sensed he was being transported into a world he had never known he could venture into with such ease. Her skin was so soft it felt like silk in his hand and a cordial invitation to enter a sexual world with her seemed plausible. He blinked as if to clear his mind then he spoke softly, “Hi Lane, pleased to finally meet you too.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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