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Riya and Rudra Ch. 05

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Chapter 5 – Making a Baby

He fucked me the entire night at regular intervals, plunging his engorged cock in and out of my tight cunt. He called me his whore pumping me full with his seed. He tugged at my breasts then suckled them hard, getting them ready for a pregnancy.

“Fuck your whore bhaiya, get her pregnant with your illegitimate sons,” I dug my nails into his back. “Make me your slut.”

We fell asleep in the wee hours of the morning. I was stirred awake around afternoon. His palm pressed against my womb, “I hope you’re pregnant.”

“Yes.” I kissed his neck. “I hope so too, for now we won’t get much time to make a baby, when mother gets back.” I croaked.

“Don’t worry, I’ll fuck you each night, until you are.” His arm came around me protectively. I kissed him and let myself drift again.

By late evening Rudra had brought mother back. We sat together drinking tea catching up on the conversation. “So how was your time together,” she asked and startled me.

“Ummm uhh, it was okay,” was my lame answer. Thankfully my brother wasn’t there or it would have made lying more difficult. “How was your stay there?” I inquired before she had time to get suspicious.

“The usual, it’s very difficult to get people to work for you these days. She began to complain about the hired help and a little while later retired to her bedroom for a nap before dinner.

I began to prepare dinner, while Rudra gave me company. I felt like a newly wedded wife. He kept pulling and tugging at my shirt just to expose a little skin, but without results. An entire day had passed by and he was getting horny.

“Wait for the night,” I whispered smiling.

“No,” “I want you.” He kissed the back of my neck. He pressed his hard on against my buttocks.

“Come up for a little while babe, ma is asleep.”

“No, I don’t want to get caught red handed at this late date, so be a good boy and wait for me in bed at night.” I coaxed him.

He rubbed his finger on my pussy over my kurta(Indian attire) and began to feel the contours of my swollen pussy lips. He inserted the middle finger between my inner lips, but that didn’t give him satisfaction. He tugged at my waist band and slipped his hand inside my salwar(Typical Indian attire) and my knees gave way. His skin against mine was all it took to arouse me to a fever pitch.

“Mhhhhh take me,” I breathed between gasps, “right here.” He pulled me behind the kitchen island, pulled my salwar down and slid his thick manhood inside my slick cunt.

“Ahhhh,” I moaned aloud before he dragged my mouth into his to muffle my cry. This would be difficult, staying with mother, hiding our relationship and satiating our sex drive. He bit into my neck banging me against the cabinets hard and fast, stretching my pussy on his engorged phallus.

“I love youuuuuuuuuu,” he came hard inside me and his eyes glazed. We lay panting clinging to each other, our sexes conjoined in an embrace of their own swapping love juices.

He raised his head and kissed my mouth again then helped me up with him. I dragged my salwar back up, put my hair into semblance and began to prepare dinner after he jammed the vaginal plug into my freshly ravaged cunt.

“I’m going out for a bit, don’t wait up for dinner and catch some sleep before I get back,” he winked then slapped my butt before leaving.

I woke ma from her sleep and we had our dinner in her room. I was exceptionally happy and she threw knowing glances at me but did not question me. The farm was doing well and she expressed her desire to put up there on a permanent basis with her recently widowed younger sister. I know it was good news as far as bhaiya and I were concerned but I felt worried about ma and her sister putting up alone there without any man taking care of them. I expressed my concern, but ma shrugged it away.

“I can take care of myself.” She said with growing excitement. “It would be like old times; we had so much fun back then, children these days don’t even know what fun is.”

“True ma but you no longer fall in that category anymore. What if you need immediate help or something? What will you do then?” I asked worriedly.

“Oh come on Riya stop it. I can always call Rudra if I need help with something, after all isn’t it an hour’s run from here.”

“Yea it is, but, I don’t feel right about it somehow.”

“You will, once we start living there, you will.”

That was the end of the discussion and both of us decided to retire for the night.

“Why did you shift upstairs?” ma inquired of me.

Oops! I wasn’t expecting this. Hmmm, let’s see.

“I’ve been having trouble breathing, so I thought perhaps the room has something to do with it. I’ve shifted upstairs to see if there’s any change.”

“Okay, in case you feel sick or something call out for Rudra.”

“Okay,” I suppressed a tell tale smile sneaking on my face. Immediately I turned around and began to climb.

In my room, I went straight to the bathroom, brushed my teeth, took a quick shower and changed into a sheer black negligee. I loved the pendik escort way the soft fabric brushed against my skin and the way it accentuated the pale colour of my overly exposed skin. In a country like mine, amber hair and a pale complexion are considered a rare commodity. I have received many appreciating glances and compliments over the years, until lately, when bad health began to tell on my face.

I sat before the dark mahogany dressing table and began to appraise what I saw. I pinched my cheeks to lend them a little colour, applied a deep red lipstick, then began to brush my hair to perfect silk. It was long and flowing and I was a little vain about the way it curled at the ends around my waist. I dabbed a little perfume over my overripe breasts, specially the cleavage that my brother adored nuzzling into. When I was fairly satisfied with the way I smelt and appeared, I lay under the covers to take a tiny nap before he returned.

I hadn’t slept long when I was woken by his hand trying to get to me under the covers. In the end he simply lifted them and stood there in silent bewilderment at my appearance. I hadn’t dressed in quite a while for him during the night. A smile crept over my face, catching his reaction. I still had it in me…to stop him in his tracks with one look.

“Ummmm,” I purred sexily and stretched like a sleepy cat. Instantly his hand was all over my creamy breasts. He lifted one out of its prison, then the other before they were both jiggling freely in his hands. My nipples tautened and rose to attention. He touched my contours with his warm hands sending ripples of electric charges through my supple body. “Suckle my breasts,” I urged him and he attacked my them.

He took a mouthful of my breast then began to suck and bite, cupping it with both his hands to raise each peak. Every time he reached the nipple so, he stretched and pulled at it. My hands dragged him against my breast and my back arched to give him easy access. A smile spread across my face again; he was crazy about breasts. The very sight of them brought out the devil in him.

Once he was finished with them, they felt ablaze with all the pulling and tugging. I loved pleasing him and was glad to see satisfaction shine back in his eyes. His palm felt my belly.

“Each day from today onwards, I’m going to try and get you pregnant. It’s just today that I found out that pregnancy can be dangerous for a woman after her mid thirties and so I’ve bought you some books. Please read them so you know everything there is to about pregnancy,” he whispered vehemently. “Riya I’m not joking darling, stop smirking. I’m serious, I love you and I can’t lose you. Tell me that you’ll go through them.” He waited for my response.

“Of course I will, Rudra.” I smiled and kissed his Eric Robert lips.

Then I told him about ma wanting to live at the farm with her sister and to be true I think I did see a glimpse of relief beneath the cloud of worry on his face. “Did she say anything about when she’s planning to move.”

“No, but she did sound kind of enthusiastic.”

“Yea,” he smirked, “Of course I’m the one who’ll be caught between the two of you.”

“How long will it be to get me pregnant?”

“Not long at all, we begin right away.” With that he began to strip me off my negligee. ” Before your period, if I can help it.”

I helped him pull his shirt over his head and unbuckled his belt and pulled his pants down. My breath caught in my throat at the sight of his engorged penis. My baby making gun, I so wanted to feel it performing its duty inside my cunt. He cuddled me for a while under the covers for I had begun to tremble violently.

“Easy baby,” came his deep throated reassurance.

“I’m going to make a baby in you, that’s all, you want it know?”

I nodded my approval. “I can’t wait.” My voice trembled.

“I know babe. Neither can I.” “Seeing you pregnant with my baby is all I think about. My beautiful sister, carrying my healthy inbred baby.”

He liked referring to that. Perhaps this incest thing was a turn on for him, so he kept referring to inbreeding. No matter, I was ready to play along as long as he wanted me. That was my only concern. I couldn’t think of a life without him now.

“Make love to me bhaiya. I want to be your pregnant whore.” I gave him a slutty smile.

He bit into my mouth without another word, holding me hard against himself. My breasts crushed against his hard chest. I opened my fleshy thighs and felt his middle finger open me. He turned it around stretching my warm hole wide then aimed his hard on towards my vagina. Just as I held my breath he rammed it inside me with full force. After a few heavenly strokes he pushed a pillow beneath my hips, so it would help with the pregnancy.

Then began to batter me in earnest. He pumped my pussy and mauled my breasts. I had bite marks down my neck to between my breasts. I was beginning to have a liking for pain. I lifted my legs around his waist while he continued to ram inside me. This gave him deeper penetration and in my heart I began to pray for a miracle.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmm,Rudraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa,” escort pendik I felt my pussy leak its juices when I came shuddering in his arms.

“Riyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa,” he came with me and gave me a pussy full of semen.

We lay spent against each other, panting. It was two in the night when we stirred awake. He was still inside me and his penis had hardened again.

“I’ll give it a go one more time,” he whispered.

“Hmmm,” I whispered back.

He turned me around to lie on my stomach. “Now lift just your buttocks,” he ordered and I obeyed. Most of my head rested against the pillows, my thighs were raised on my knees while my buttocks jutted back at him. He was ready.

His hard on slipped easily inside me again, perhaps cos I was so wet from our mixed juices. He began with long strokes, which felt comforting after his ramming earlier. He would slide the entire length of his penis almost out then slide it back in . He did this a few times then gradually began to build his tempo.

Every time he rammed inside me it gave deeper penetration, and his balls rubbed against my clitoris heightening my pleasure. I groaned aloud inside the pillow when I came and within a couple of second he had dumped his load inside me as well. We slumped into the mattress, sweating and panting once again from our mutual endeavours. He took the vaginal plug from my bed side drawer and slid it inside me while he slipped out of my bed into his. This is the first time he had fucked me in my bed.

Thankfully by the time ma came to check on me early morning there were no tell tale signs from the night before. Ma is an early riser, she likes to get a head start each day, to pray early in the morning.

“How did you sleep?” she inquired of me.

“Okay, actually better than down there.” I answered fulfilling her query.

She nodded. “Tea?”

“Yes.” I smiled. Would it be alright for the baby I wondered. I did know that green tea was. Perhaps once I knew I was pregnant I would switch over.

I climbed down two steps at a time and began to prepare tea for the both of us. Bhaiya could do with a little more sleep. I smiled shyly.

I began humming a tune and ma gave me a curious glance but thankfully she didn’t question me. She was busy telling the beads of her rosary, chanting mantras. We shared a quiet cup of tea watching sea gulls fish for food, feeding their nestlings perched precariously over the cliff side. Soon bhaiya and I would have acquired a similar role. I smiled shyly again.

“What’s with you today?” Ma shook me out of my reverie.

“Nothing,” I said without thought, too scared my look might give me away.

“What nothing, you seem ecstatic about something. What is it? Tell me?”

“I told you ma, it’s nothing.” I tried to evade the issue, got up from my chair to put the cups into the sink.

“Have you found someone?” Her voice had such a childlike curiosity in it. It almost made me chuckle. Only if it hadn’t been for my secret.

“Maybe,” I began to play along.

“Tell me all about it,” she was thrilled. After an entire eon which parent would not be I thought.

At 65, under normal circumstances, she would already have been playing with her grandsons. My heart felt an ache beyond repair. She would never play with our child. It would not be possible. My child would not know his only grandparent. My eyes filmed at once and I turned my face away pretending to be busy with morning chores. I knew she was too old fashioned to accept the relationship Rudra and I shared.

She was still waiting. “If there’s anyone ma, you’ll be the first to know.” I tried to sound cheerful.

“I don’t know what I’ve done to deserve this from the both of you. I want to hold at least one grandchild in my arms before I die. Is it too much to ask of you two?”

Do you mean together or separately. I cracked a lame joke in my head. We’re both trying ma, came another one. “I hope you won’t have to wait too long ma.” It was more a prayer than a consolation to my mother.

I wiped my tears with the back of my hand, getting into my room. I had brought tea for him. I placed the cup on the bed side table and sat next to my sleeping love. My heart cheered a little watching my handsome brother sleep. He would find a way out, I knew he would. I ran my fingers through his silky raven black hair. My palm felt his cheek. “Wake up darling.” I whispered into his ear, then traced a line of kisses from his forehead to his neck. I rubbed a shaky thumb against his lips, then took them into my mouth for a deep kiss.

Immediately he opened his mouth and pulled me to savour the sweetness of my mouth. Our embrace tightened as he half lifted me over himself. We began to moan softly. He broke our kiss, we couldn’t get into this right now. Both of us had to go to work. He kissed my cheek and pushed me back at once to look into my face. ” Have you been crying.” He frowned.

Tears welled in my eyes and my lips drooped at the edges. I dipped my chin in despair.

“What’s pendik escort bayan wrong Riya?”

“Ma wants to have grandchildren, she was wondering why I was humming in the morning and thought that I had finally found someone to be with. She said neither of us had given her any grand kids and that It was high time. Will our baby never know her bhaiya?” I began to sob.

“Don’t be absurd, Riya. I’ll find a way. Stop crying. I’ll find a way, okay, of getting them to meet.” He kissed me again until I had fairly sobered down. “Take a shower now, my sugar lump(that was his pet name for me that flooded back so many memories) and I’ll join you in a bit.

While I undressed for a shower I heard him go down stairs. I had finished by the time he came back. With our doors locked he came into my room and grabbed me from behind, sliding the robe off me until I was standing naked before him. We were standing before my mirror. Our gaze met in the the reflection. His were brimming with lust. Lust for his sexy sister.

He admired me in the mirror. My breasts though huge were firm and perky and did not droop at all. He cupped them below with his palms, pulled them up and then let them go several times. His hands then began to travel down my belly while he kissed my back all the way to my spine. He kissed my buttocks rubbing them gently. It was so erotic watching him do things to me in the mirror. Next his two fingers disappeared between my thighs into my freshly cleaned folds and he dragged the vaginal plug out, smeared with our juices. When he gently pulled it out, a sticky silken strand of our mixed juices wove its way into existence.

“Oh baby.” I heard him moan over my head. “I want to fuck you hard.” He began to breathe roughly. I pushed my buttocks into his erection and heard him groan. My own heart thudded.

“Fuck me.” I breathed unevenly.

“What are you two doing? You’re late,” ma hollered and snapped us out of our heaven.

We moaned our disappointment and bhaiya was left with no other alternative but to push the cold, sticky vaginal plug back inside its warm home. He went in to take a shower, the door of the bathroom open, so he could watch me dress.

I arranged an extravagant display.

I took out a beige satin saree with a proper blouse. I was after all a University Professor of Anthropology. I could hardly go out looking like a hooker. I wore a lacy bra pretending to have difficulty stuffing my huge breasts inside the small cups, which I’m sure squeezed at least a couple of groans from my brother. I saw his hungry eyes rove over me. I slipped on my matching thongs leaving not much to the imagination, then wore my petticoat and began to drape my saree.

Once I was done with the pleats, I threw an appraising look into the mirror and let the rest of the material flow freely over my shoulder. I took out a pair of earrings that I had got at one of the emporiums a few years ago, touched up my face lightly, coiled my hair into a neat bun and placed a string of pearls around my slender neck. I took out a pair of my most comfortable wedges and I was ready to go.

By the time bhaiya got ready I had got my stuff ready for the Univ. and in no time we were at work.

My face flushed every time I remembered the morning. It was like experiencing a mini orgasm. It was only twelve when I received my first text from him and I was pleasantly surprised.

“I want you.” He texted. I smiled.

“Then fuck me.” I responded.

“Do you want me cumming alone.”He replied and my smile grew wider.

“Absolutely not, in fact it should be rendered a crime.” I wrote back.

Every one around me had noticed me messaging. I usually never text anyone for there was no one, so this was kind of a surprise for everyone. I quickly changed my brother’s name to el monstruo. I smiled my cat with a canary smile. It would keep everyone guessing. Perhaps an internet affair they would think. But now my secret was safe.

“What do you suggest we do?” he texted back.

“What’s on your mind will work for me.” I sent a grin.

“What time are you free?” he asked.

“I’m free and leaking.” I texted back.

“Stop it,or would you rather someone found me humping a chair?” He was desperate.

“Okay sorry. Pick me up.” I took a leave pretending to have an asthma attack which is why my brother was coming to pick me.

Within ten minutes we were taking a turn on NH26 into the main city. Rudra kept a suite in the city for meeting up with clients, which is where we were headed. No one asked us questions at the reception even when I was apparently wheezing. We took the lift and we dared not look at each other. We had to wait till we reached the door and then we could give way to our desires.

Tring the alarm sprang to life when our elevator reached our suite. The moment we were inside we sprang at each other. We tore our clothes until we were naked and then he pressed me against the mattress below him. There was no foreplay, my wheezing didn’t register either, all that mattered was his desire to be inside me. He took out the vaginal plug then rammed inside me without warning and began to breathe roughly, brutally pushing his engorged penis inside my love hole. I loved the way he was hurting me and my lungs began to protest, bursting with desire.

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