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Ryan and His Stepsister Pt. 03

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Since Ryan’s jerk off session in the laundry room with Maddy, he hadn’t touched himself in days. Maddy had told him not to do so after discovering his cum stained sheets and he did not want to disappoint her. He was hoping that she would tell him to jerk off in front of her again. He was even hoping and praying that she would show him her tits. God, did he want to see them!

He liked the way she looked at him as he jerked off. There was an evil domineering smile on her lips that he found to be so fucking hot. It turned him on to know that she saw him as something to play with. He wanted to be her personal slave which he found to be so exciting. He had always thought of himself as being dominant but Maddy completely upended that. He wanted to do anything that she told him and it excited him.

Ryan’s cock was constantly hard during these masturbation-free days. It was impossible to keep his mind off of what happened in the laundry room. He had stood in front of his stepsister and jerked off! His cock kept twitching at the thought of it.

While at school, his cock would twitch as he daydreamed about Maddy. His musings were never about fucking her. For some reason, his brain would not allow him to even imagine it and it made him think that Maddy truly had control over both of his mind and body.

Ryan would think about Maddy watching him play with himself and her small beautiful lips. He would wonder how it would be to have her kiss him. He knew that Maddy would never allow him to kiss her but he wondered. Were her lips soft and how did her tongue taste?

He had seen her kiss Bradford many times and it had always been her who would do the kissing. Sometimes, she would tuzla escort grab Bradford and kiss him deeply as they watched a movie in the living room. Ryan would find it amazing that his stepsister would take control like that over Bradford.

His stepsister had always been controlling and a total asshole to him and even his friends. She was more human with her own friends and even Bradford. It had always made him mad how evil she was to him. She always treated him like shit and he never knew why. He never did anything wrong to her but it seemed that just because he existed, she resented him.

Many times throughout the years, he had tried to make peace with her but she would turn it against him. So, he had said fuck it and gave her back the same treatment. But now, things were different. He welcomed the torment and abuse especially with his pants below his ankles.

Ryan did not see much of Maddy during that week which was very disappointing. He had never wanted to be around her or even look forward to seeing her but he craved her attention now.

One night, Ryan was watching a movie on his tablet when he saw an actress who looked similar to Maddy. His cock started to get hard and he paused the movie to get a better look at the actress. She didn’t look like Maddy really per se but he had Maddy constantly on his brain and every brunette looked like Maddy now.

His hand went to his bulge and he started to massage it a little. I’m going to just lightly touch it, Ryan thought to himself. He looked at the actress then closed his eyes and thought of his stepsister as he rubbed his hard cock.

There was a mean laugh at his door and his eyes popped open in fear. Maddy pendik escort was standing in his doorway. She had that same evil smile on her face as she looked at him.

“Were you just jerking off even though I told you not to?” Maddy asked him with a sneer.

“No! I was just–” Ryan said quickly.

“Don’t lie to me, you piece of shit. You were playing with yourself,” Maddy said. She stepped into his room and closed the door behind her.

“I was just massaging it! I swear I have not masturbated since you told me not to,” Ryan said. He looked at his stepsister with his face getting red with embarrassment.

“Why should I believe you? You were just playing with yourself,” Maddy said. “You are a filthy lying shit!”

“No! Maddy, please! I didn’t!” Ryan pleaded.

“Don’t raise your voice at me! What did I tell you about that?!” Maddy shouted at him.

Ryan’s eyes lowered. “Sorry, Mistress. It won’t happen again. I promise that I did not masturbate since you told me not to. Please, believe me.”

Maddy let out an evil laugh. “You are a liar. You have been jerking your pathetic cock.”

“No, Mistress. I have not,” Ryan said.

“Shut up!” Maddy shouted at him.

Ryan’s mouth snapped shut. How could he get her to believe him?!

“Get off your bed. I want to check your sheets,” Maddy said with that evil smile on her lips. Ryan quickly got up.

“Get down on your knees and face that wall,” Maddy said as she pointed at the wall opposite his bed.

“Yes, Mistress.” Ryan walked to the wall and got down on his knees and faced it.

“Bow your head,” Maddy said.

“Yes, Mistress,” Ryan said before bowing his head.

Maddy walked aydınlı escort over to his bed and began checking his sheets. “Hmm, no cum stains. Let me check under your bed for any used tissues or socks.”

Ryan heard Maddy moving about behind him. He had cleaned his room last week and there was no way that there were any used tissues to be found. But, what if he missed one?!

“Ok, nothing here. But, maybe you have been throwing away your mess,” Maddy said from behind him.

“No, Mistress. I promise that I have not cum since the laundry room,” Ryan said.

“Turn around and face me, you fuck,” Maddy said.

Ryan turned around on his knees and looked up at Maddy. She seemed to tower over him as she looked down at him with a smile.

“Are you telling me the complete truth, my slave?” She asked him.

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Ok, I believe you,” she said. Ryan felt a wave of relief wash over him. He did not want to disappoint her.

“Close your eyes and open your mouth,” Maddy said with a sneer on her face. “I’m going to give you a little treat.”

Ryan closed his eyes and opened his mouth. Maddy spat into his mouth. Her spit hit his lips and his tongue.

“Swallow it,” she said.

Ryan swallowed her spit with his eyes closed. It tasted slightly salty. His cock was getting hard again.

“Open your mouth again,” Maddy said.

Ryan opened his mouth and Maddy spat into his mouth again. Some of her spit landed on his nose. He swallowed her spit again.

“Good boy. How do I taste?” She asked him.

“You taste good, Mistress. Can I have more, please?” Ryan asked her hopefully. Please say yes, he thought.

“No, that’s all you get tonight. Tomorrow I have plans for you,” Maddy said. Ryan felt excited at this. What did she have in mind?

He heard his door close and he opened his eyes. Maddy was gone. He gently wiped her spit from his nose and put it in his mouth.

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