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This story came about from my fascination and, I guess you could even say fetish, for dominant daddies with large muscles and . . . weapons of mass destruction, so to speak. But there are still some soft and cute elements to it due to me being a hopeless romantic at heart. I wrote it purely for fun and with the intention of writing mindless smut, but constructive criticism is appreciated if you wish to give it. Just note that I’m throwing realism out the window here. I know how some people like to critique it when guys with giant dicks are written into the story.


I was almost two years old when my father took custody of me. My mother–who I now refer to as “the woman who gave birth to me”–decided keeping me was a bad idea, and couldn’t deal with the responsibility of raising a child. At least, that’s what my father told me her reason for giving me up was. Since then all I had were mother figures, but they were all women who’s faces are blurred together by now. These women consisted of mostly big-breasted, 20- or 30-something females who my father had dated at some point. I barely remember any of their names now, and I doubt even my father does either, there were so many of them. Over the years they started to decrease in numbers, though, until my father stopped dating all together around the time I hit puberty, and instead settled for one-night stands.

To the rest of the world, my father is known as Sage, the wrestler who was always ahead of the game during his prime, having won many championships. He’s long since retired from wrestling, though, after the embarrassment of losing probably the most hyped-up championship of his career. Although a long time has passed since that day, I can still see his loss haunting him just from the tired, defeated look in his eyes. They’re only glimmers, but for me they’ve always been easy to catch.

To me he’s simply known as Daddy; the man who chose to raise me when my own mother couldn’t, the man who has probably been the only constant presence in my life.

He also happens to be the man I’m in love with.

Uh-oh, the plot thickens. Didn’t see that one comin’, did ya? Oh, you did?

Well . . . yeah. What started as your average father-daughter love started to become intense physical and emotional attraction as I got older. This is something I’ve never felt towards any other male before, not even my first boyfriend. In a way I sort of dated Ian due to being in denial. I was trying to brush all of it off, because what I was feeling wasn’t normal. Wasn’t right. It almost worked, too, until Ian decided to break up with me due to the fact that I was “boring”. Yeah, he actually said that. But I wasn’t too heartbroken from that breakup since, to be quite honest, the feeling was mutual. My relationship with him did nothing to extinguish all those feelings I had for my father. In fact, they just became stronger and stronger, as if they were telling me that any method I tried to stop them would be to no avail. They weren’t going anywhere. So along the way I eventually gave up and became convinced that I was losing my mind.

My father for the most part seemed oblivious to all of it. He still had occasional one night stands with random women late at night when he thought I was too deep asleep to hear any of it. Well of course, he thought wrong. I heard their moans, their screams of pleasure, and I touched myself imagining that it was my voice instead of theirs. That it was me there in his bed with him. Most of the time there were tears streaming down my cheeks as I pleasured myself, because I knew that all I could ever do was imagine. That my stupid dreams would never become reality.

But now . . . things have changed. He no longer brings home women, and sometimes he stares at me longer than usual. Either this is all wishful thinking on my part, or . . . No. I can’t get my hopes up. I shouldn’t. And yet, these thoughts never go away. His new behavior started right when I developed curves. I’d always been a gangly little blond girl, but around the time I was sixteen I started to fill out more. My B-cup breasts became D’s, and my once flat-as-a-board butt also became fuller. At one point I even decided to dye my pale blond locks pastel pink, and they now fall down to my lower back in thick, slightly messy waves. The only thing that has yet to change about my appearance is I’m still as petite as I’ve always been at only five-foot-one.

Since my drastic makeover, I’ve had this inkling that my father might be . . . attracted to me too, from the subtle glances I’ve caught him giving me when he thought I wasn’t looking, and the fact that I’ve barely seen him with any women anymore, which is very unlike him. Even though he’s forty-six now, he’s still a gorgeous man. Six-foot-five, almost three hundred pounds of muscle, a number of tattoos on his arms and chest. His face is almost perfectly sculpted, with a strong jaw covered with stubble and high cheekbones. The hints of imperfection on it are result of his wrestling career, like pendik escort his slightly crooked nose. His eyes are a deep, mesmerizing shade of blue, unlike my grayish ones, and his dark brown hair is styled in a way that makes him appear a bit younger than he is; short, spiky and adorably messy. His looks had always made countless girls swoon, and he was well aware of that. Until now he was quite the playboy, and had a public reputation as a heartbreaker.

But to me, he’s never been anything but sweet. He always brings such a comforting warmth whenever he’s near me, and I have not even an iota of doubt that he truly cares for me. Yet I know deep down that he’d never see me as more than a daughter, and all these fantasies I have of how he might reciprocate my feelings for him are just that–fantasies. Wishful thinking. Reality will always come pounding it to the ground.

I sigh as I lie in bed staring at the ceiling, having been lost in thought for what feels like hours now and I’m still wide awake. I decide to step out of bed and head to the kitchen to grab a glass of water. I’m wearing my usual nightwear that consists of a long t-shirt that reaches my mid-thigh and only panties underneath. As I’m nearing the kitchen I hear distant grunts and clanking coming from the direction of my father’s little mini-gym area. I turn my attention towards the clock on the wall. 2:46 a.m. He’s working out at this hour? That’s strange. Unable to resist, I decide to ditch the kitchen and follow the sounds.

When I approach the mini-gym, his back is to me, and I nearly fall over. He’s shirtless and barefoot, with a pair of track pants on. His body is glistening in the light and I can see the hard muscles of his back and arms flexing with each of his movements. I’ve seen him shirtless many times but it never ceases to steal my breath and weaken my knees. He must have sensed my presence, because he turns his head slightly and lowers his dumbbells. “Ammy?” he says as he turns towards me, his powerful chest heaving. “What are you doing still up, honey?”

“Couldn’t sleep,” I replied with a chuckle, trying to focus on his eyes when my eyes are fighting to travel down his chiseled body. “What are YOU doing working out at nearly 3 a.m.?”

“Couldn’t sleep,” he echoes with a grin as he stretches and walks towards me. “Figured a good work out would get me tired, but it only just pumped me up even more.”

Once again I feel as if his eyes slid down my body just the slightest bit. Dammit, I gotta stop this. “Isn’t that what usually happens with you after a workout?” I ask.

“Yeah, but I was hoping this time it would be an exception. Haven’t had a good night’s sleep in a while.” That flicker of sadness shows in his eyes again, and my heart cracks a little.

“Y’know, if there’s anything you wanna talk about, I’m here, Daddy,” I say to him, genuinely concerned. But I already know how he’s going to answer.

“I’m fine,” he insists, his smile seeming a bit more forced now. “Don’t worry about your old man, he can take care of himself.” He bangs on his chest and I giggle. “You really should get to bed though, babygirl, it’s really late.”

“Well I would if I could,” I say with a shrug. “But I’m completely wide awake.”

“Don’t make me drag you to your room and lock you in, young lady,” he says in a mock commanding tone.

“Can’t do that if you can’t catch me.” With a giggle I run off, purposefully not using full speed since I want him to catch me, even though I’m quite sure that if I did run at full speed he would still catch me anyway.

“Oh no ya don’t!” his voice booms out from behind me, and next thing I know my feet are completely swept off the ground, and I squeal and instinctively wrap my arms around his neck as he keeps running while cradling me in his strong arms.

“Ahh daddy slow down!” I’m giggling hard and burying my face into his neck. Even after a long workout he still smells so good. He always does.

He starts spinning around a bit. “Mayday, mayday! We’re goin’ down!” He plops down onto the living room couch, still holding me to his chest, and I’m still giggling, happier than I’ve been in a long time.

Soon I pull my face away from his neck and look up at him. We’re both grinning and looking into each other’s eyes. Slowly I become fully aware that my father is shirtless and holding me–holy crap. I’m slightly paralyzed because of this. The back of his hand caresses my cheek. “Can’t believe you’re nineteen already, babygirl,” he says in his low voice. I feel a rumbling in his chest as he speaks. “You’re becoming a woman right before my eyes.”

“I’m still your little girl, though, Daddy..” I whisper, hoping he doesn’t notice how my cheeks are burning and my heart is frantically trying to burst out of my chest. “I always will be.”

His smile would make any woman turn into a puddle. “My beautiful little girl…”

I suddenly realize how close our lips are. Merely inches apart. If I leaned in just the tiniest bit…

I’m not escort pendik sure who leaned in first or if both of us leaned in at the same time, but when our lips touch, all breath escapes me. I don’t even care that this is wrong anymore because this is what I want. What I need.

It’s fascinating how such big, rough hands can touch and caress so softly. I feel his hands moving from my waist down to my thighs and then back up again as our kiss intensifies. My own hands–small and dainty compared to his–are also busy, exploring the hard planes of his torso, feeling every muscle of his arms flex, the hardness of his washboard abs and thick pectorals, the broadness of his shoulders. I wrap my arms around his neck and pull him closer, unable to help but moan at how good it feels to have his massive body against my small one. My heartbeat quickens at the thought of being skin-to-skin with him.

Right when our kiss is about to reach the peak of its intensity, all too soon he breaks from it, leaving us gasping for air in each other’s arms. “No, sweetie, this… this is wrong,” he says, his voice cracking a bit and his eyes sad. “You’re my little girl, we’re not supposed to…”

“I don’t care anymore,” I finally admit, and a huge weight seems like it’s lifted off my shoulders. “I’m in love with you, Daddy… I can’t see myself being with any other man. I need you…” I feel tears stinging my eyes, and I blink them back. “I always dreamed that you’d feel the same but I.. I know you don’t…”

“Fuck, babygirl…” he says. “You dreamt right.” I freeze at those words. “I’ve always felt like I love you as more than a daughter, and then when you started becoming this….gorgeous woman right in front of me, I had…other feelings…” Am I seeing things or are his cheeks actually red right now? “I dated and screwed around with other women to try and get it outta my system, but….goddammit, I kept picturing you when I was with them.” He looks me right in the eyes, and I know he’s telling the truth. Holy shit I think I’m dreaming. “I want you, babygirl… I want you so bad, but..”

“But nothing,” I say, louder than I thought I was capable of, and he jumps a little. “I…want you too, Daddy…” I admit in a softer, desperate tone. “Can’t we just…please forget about all the right-or-wrong shit?”

“Fuck, it’s hot hearing you cuss..” he says in a deep, almost growly voice that makes my skin tingle. I can see the glimmer of hunger in his eyes, and feel the slightest tightening of his hold on my waist.

“Please, Daddy…” I whisper, leaning in close so our lips are close to each other again. “Please… I need you…” I put all of my desperation, love and utter need in my voice, all the pent-up feelings I’ve kept hidden for years.

With a low, rumbling growl he suddenly stands up off the couch while still carrying me, and I gasp a bit and instinctively cling tightly onto him, arms around his neck and legs around his waist. He’s taking me to his bedroom, it seems, and my blood pumps in excitement at how…lustful he seems, a side of him I’ve never seen before.

He kicks the door open and then lowers me down on my back onto his big, king-size bed, then he gives me another breath-stealing kiss. “If I’m gonna fuck you, I’ll have to do it right..” he growls out softly into my ear, and my insides turn to jelly.

His hands slide down and then pull my shirt up over my head until I’m wearing nothing but panties, having been bra-less this whole time. My soft, round breasts are fully exposed, the nipples already hardened into pink buds. He cups one of my breasts with his big palm. “Shit, baby, these are beautiful…” he whispers, expertly fondling my nipple with his fingers. I let out a shaky moan, sure that my panties are soaked to the T by now.

As if this wasn’t enough already to send me over the edge, he leans down and takes my other nipple into his mouth, suckling it and swirling his tongue around. I’m arching my back and moaning louder now, arms tight around his neck and fingers digging into his hair. I feel the hand that was fondling my nipple start to slide down, down, down until he reaches the soaked spot of my panties. “Mmm… You’re already soaking for Daddy, aren’t you…” he murmurs, flicking his tongue against my nipple and using his fingers to rub my still covered pussy up and down. I can only let out a whimper in response.

Suddenly his hand moves up slightly and reaches into my panties until I feel his thick fingers rubbing my entrance, and I feel like I might cum at any second. I never imagined it would be his hand touching me there, instead of mine, as it always had been for years. “Ohhh wow, babygirl…you’re so wet already..” he grumbles softly while tracing kisses up to my neck. The same hand he had used to rub me is now pulling off my panties until I’m left completely nude and trembling underneath him, his mountainous body towering over me.

He presses his lips against me softly and whispers, “I need to taste my little girl…” Then he proceeds pendik escort bayan to trace kisses down my body, stopping at my chest to give each of my nipples a suckle, and then continuing to move down my stomach until his face is level with my leaking entrance. “Ohh, that’s beautiful..” I hear him breathe out, and the feeling of his breath on my pussy alone nearly makes gush all over the place. He softly rubs along my slit for a while with his fingers, making me squirm and moan, until he suddenly digs his face into me with a deep growl. I gasp out loud and clutch tightly onto his hair, arching my back and crying out due to the skilled way he’s eating me, and the intensity of it. It only takes mere seconds before I’m bucking against him as if I’m having a seizure, having probably the best orgasm of my life. He continues licking and suckling me as my juices gush out, and I sag onto the bed, panting heavily.

Soon he lifts his head from my pussy with a smirk on his face and a hungry look in his eyes, his mouth and jaw wet with my juices that he had drank up. “Delicious, baby…” he says. His expression turns slightly darker, more…desperate. “Fuck, I can’t wait anymore..” His hands grip the waist of his pants, and I start to become aware of his enormous bulge. “I need to be inside you, babygirl… Right now..”

When his pants come off and his erection springs out, I melt into a puddle. It’s huge, in every sense of the word. Long, thick, veiny and standing straight and powerful, the tip of it wet with pre-cum. It looks so big that it intimidates me. Imagine how badly that would hurt if I were a virgin, which I’m thankful that I’m not. Although I’ve only ever had sex once, and the guy’s was probably only half as big as the massive pole that’s standing in front of me right now. I’m pretty sure that even though I’m not a virgin, there will be some pain involved, especially judging by the way he’d made all those women scream. I now know the reason.

In fast movements, he’s now hovering above me, his hands resting on the bed, one on each side of me. The hunger in his eyes is more prominent than ever, and my eyes go wide when I feel him starting to nudge his tip into me. “Wait, Daddy!” I gasp out, and my voice seems to snap him out of his lust. “I… I’m nervous..” I admit, my cheeks reddening.

He gives me a warm, loving smile and then leans down so our chests are pressed close together. “I won’t hurt you, babygirl… Just hold onto me, okay?”

The warmth in his voice is like a balm that makes my worries dissipate, but I’d be lying if I said that I’m not even a little bit nervous anymore. I wrap my arms tightly around his thick neck, comforted by the fact that I’m in his arms, completely skin-to-skin with him. “Okay, Daddy. Go…go ahead..” I spread my legs, tighten my hold on him and brace myself.

He slowly enters me, and I can’t help but gasp at how much he’s stretching me already, even with just his tip inside. He groans, leaning down to rest his face against my neck, kissing it softly. “Fuck, baby, you’re really tight… This might require a bit of…” He starts pushing into me more, making me slightly jump at the strange sensation. “…force.”

I’ve never had something so big inside me, stretching my limits as it probes deeper in. I can feel his muscles tensing and flexing against me as he concentrates, and I see a bead of sweat trickling down his forehead. His efforts are working, because despite how tightly my walls are clenching around him, he’s managing to push more and more of his shaft into me, inch by inch. I gasp and whimper each time, feeling filled already yet I know he’s probably not even halfway inside me.

He starts going in a steady rhythm, choosing not to push all the way into me just yet to let my walls adjust to his incredible size. But he still keeps trying as his pace quickens and he lets out grunts and huffs as if he’s doing an intense workout. I myself can barely help from moaning and crying out the deeper he reaches. I’m surprised that I feel little to no pain from this, and yet the pleasure is unbelievable.

“Almost there..” he says in a low growl, still continuing to push deeper and deeper into me until… We both throw our heads back and let out our own cries of pleasure as he fills me to the hilt, and I feel him so deep inside me that it should feel uncomfortable but instead it feels the exact opposite. “Fuckin’ hell, that feels good…” he murmurs, wrapping his arms around my waist as he keeps this position of impaling me, making my small body buck against him.

“Now… Now I’m gonna really fuck you…” he says, and his words spike up excitement in my chest. Before I could even reply, he pulls out of me and then plunges back in, making me actually scream from it, from shock and unbelievable pleasure. I somehow felt no pain from that. He continues to slam in and out of me in a slow pace yet with much force. I bury my face into his neck to muffle my cries.

My nails dig into his skin as he picks up speed yet still maintains the brute force of his thrusts, grunting and growling in animalistic passion. I’m gone now, having so many orgasms and barely able to think straight anymore, and my world is nothing but pleasure, ecstasy and pure bliss.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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