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Sara and Her Family Ch. 04

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As soon as Sara heard her mother leave the house, she jumped back out of bed, took off her clothes, and went down the hall and into Richard’s room.

“Wow Richard! I watched the whole thing! You made mom swallow your cum!”

“Not really Sis. She was startled at first when I held her head, but she didn’t try to get away. I think she really liked it! She was really using her tongue, lapping on my ball sack. Want me to eat your pussy now?”

“That would be great but I’m going to go see if I can do the same thing mom did to you to daddy!”

“Okay, sis! Good luck, and see you in the morning!”

Sara went back into the hall and down to her parent’s door. As usual, the door was slightly open. She pushed it open farther and entered. It was dark, but she could make out her dad’s sleeping form on the right side of the bed.

She got close to the bed and found the covers were barely covering her dad. She pushed them away gently to reveal his cock. It was not hard, but looked inviting.

She bent down and kissed the tip, then lifted her ankara escort daddy’s cock and slowly swallowed it to his balls!

Suddenly the bedside light came on and Sara looked up to see her dad looking at her, smiling.

“I’ve been waiting for you my dear! I was hoping you would come to me tonight!”

“Daddy! Why?” Sara asked.

“I know about last night. I saw you go into your brother’s room and watched you suck him off, then as you sat on his face and he ate out your pussy! And tonight on the couch as you squeezed my cock, I knew you were teasing me. The clincher was when you put your nipple on my cheek!”

“And you’re not mad at me?” asked Sara, now just licking her daddy’s hardening cock as she fondled his balls.

“No baby. I want you to have sex, and it’s best if you learn at home. Your mother and I talked about this a long time ago. We decided to help you when you and your brother reached the right age. You just started before we did. And you’re doing a fine job. Baby, suck daddy’s cock!”

Rodger reached over and escort ankara turned on the other bedside lamp and picked up a webcam, started recording, and set the camera on the bed post.

“Sara, I see you are already naked. You’re so beautiful. Let me see those boobs up close.”

Sara stopped suck her daddy’s cock and got up on the bed, straddling her daddy.” You want to fuck me daddy?”

“Not yet, baby girl. I want to play with your beautiful titties and make them nice and hard. Then I want to eat your sweet cunt as you suck my cock until I cum in your pretty mouth.”

“Oh daddy! Suck my nipples hard. Pull on my boobs! Put your fingers in my pussy! ” she said as she reached around and played with her daddy’s cock.

Sara then turned around and got in a 69 position, lowering her cunt onto her daddy’s face, and swallowed his hard cock. She bobbed up and down hard and fast as she felt her daddy’s tongue enter her vaginal opening for the first time!

“Oh yes daddy! Eat me! Suck my clit!” cried Sara, in between deep throating her ankara escort bayan dad’s fat cock!

Sara’s boobs were swinging across her daddy’s chest as she bobbed up and down on his cock. This made her tingle even more and suddenly she came hard on her daddy’s face! He pushed up hard and started shooting spurt after spurt of cum into her pretty mouth! Sara swallowed all of her daddy’s cum, licking his cock dry. Then she turned around smiling at her daddy.

“I want to do that again daddy. But you need to shave your public hair. I don’t like it hairy. Don’t you think my shaved pussy is better than a hairy one, daddy?”

“Yes my dear, I do. And tomorrow morning I will shave it all off. Your pussy tastes so sweet!”

“Are you going to tell mommy about me and Richard, and what we just did, daddy?”

“We’ll have a family meeting in the afternoon after your mother sleeps and is rested. She doesn’t have to work Saturday and since you kids are off from school, it will be a great time to talk. Now go back to bed. I think you’re going to need your rest!”

“Okay daddy. Night night.” replied Sara. She got off her daddy and left her parent’s room. She didn’t see her father stop the web cam.

Sara was having all kinds of thoughts. She couldn’t wait for the family meeting!

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