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Seducing the GF on the Rebound

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Big Tits

Episode 83. Seducing the girlfriend on the Rebound (based on a true story)

We see an attractive woman in late 20s is in her simple apartment. She’s lying on her couch reading, barefoot, wearing tight blue jeans and a halter crop top. She hears a commotion from outside – a woman shouting and banging on her neighbor’s door. She opens the door and sees a beautiful young woman, 19 or 20, crying and banging on her neighbor’s door. She’s wearing a blouse and an extremely short, loose skirt and sexy heels. She keeps banging and shouting “open up you coward” and “open up, cheater.”

“Yetta, what’s wrong?” She remembers meeting Yetta once before and remembers that her parents came to America several years ago. She doesn’t remember if Yetta is from Latin America or southeastern Europe or maybe even Spain. But she admires Yetta’s long, dark hair and olive complexion.

Yetta turns when she hears her name but keeps crying and doesn’t answer.

“What’s going on out here?”

Between sobs, Yetta answers “my boyfriend won’t let me in. He’s with another girl.” She starts crying harder.

“Here, why don’t you come over here and calm down.”

Yetta nods and is walking towards Morgan. “I don’t remember your name.”

“I’m Morgan. We met at George’s party last month.”

At the mention of George’s name, Yetta’s crying intensifies again. When Yetta reaches Morgan, Morgan puts an arm around her and leads her into her apartment and closes the door. She guides her to the couch so she can sit. “Let me get you something to drink. What would you like?”

Yetta doesn’t answer, just cries. Morgan goes to the kitchen and returns with a glass of wine. “Here, this will calm you down.” Yetta drinks it quickly. As Morgan takes the empty glass, she notices that Yetta is sitting on one bent leg and her skirt is disarrayed, and Yetta is too upset to notice. She tries not to show a smile as she gets to glance at Yetta’s yellow panties for just a moment then goes to the other room and brings another glass of wine.

Yetta takes the wine and drinks half the glass quickly and is getting calmer. “Thank you. I’m starting to feel calmer.”

Morgan sits across from her at the other end of the couch. She can’t help but keep looking at Yetta’s panties on display. Yetta finishes the second glass. That’s when she notices her skirt, and she straightens it and sits more modestly. Morgan acts like she didn’t notice anything. Then Morgan smiles and takes the glass. “I think this is bilecik escort helping.” She leaves the room again and returns with another refill.

Yetta takes it. “I’ve already had enough. I’m not old enough to drink, and I’m not used to this.” But she takes the glass and drinks some more.

“I know, but I think it’s helping you calm down. And you can stay here tonight. You don’t have to drive home. Are you ready to tell me what happened?” Morgan sits next to her this time and has an arm around her and is tenderly stroking her arm and shoulder. Yetta’s blouse has bare shoulders.

“You know I come to see George every night.” She drinks some more and is leaning against Morgan. He’s my boyfriend, and we eat dinner together and, well, you know, he loves me. But when I got there just now, he only opened the door a little way and told me to go away and he doesn’t want to see me anymore. I saw two other girls in there.

Morgan’s voice is soothing. “Oh, Yetta, you are so beautiful. I bet you can come to a club with me, and you’ll have a new boyfriend by the end of the night.”

“No, I hate looking for boyfriends. I’m really shy, and I don’t like talking with strangers.” She finishes the glass of wine. She’s a bit intoxicated by now. “Morgan, the girls I saw just had their panties on and they were kissing.” She tries not to cry. “I want George because he’s such a good lover, and I get turned on just thinking about him. I always told him that I would do anything at all for him. I always undress for him when I get there so he can look at me all of the time and play with my body. I just want to turn him on and have sex with him. Why doesn’t he want me tonight?”

“Oh, dear, you are so beautiful, and he is so not worth it.” She has her hand on Yetta’s breast on her blouse.”

“I don’t want to go and search for another lover.”

Morgan is using one hand to hold Yetta close to her. Now, she uses the other to slowly caress her breast over the shirt. “Shh, don’t think of him. How does this feel?”

“It’s very nice. Just keep doing that.” Morgan continues for another minute. Yetta has her eyes closed.

“Are you ready to kiss me?”

She shakes her head. “I don’t kiss girls.”

“No problem. I’ll just do this some more.” She unbuttons Yetta’s blouse and lifts her bra over her breasts. The girls are still sitting side-by-side. Now she caresses Yetta’s bare breast and plays with a nipple. We see the nipple get larger, escort bilecik and Yetta is starting to squirm a little. Morgan says quietly, “I can tell you like this a lot. Are you ready to kiss me?”

“Okay. Do you think George will let me back if I kiss the other girls, too?” Morgan gently kisses Yetta and continues caressing her. Morgan is licking Yetta’s lips slowly. Their tongues touch and play softly outside their mouths and just barely within. It’s all very slow and gentle. Then Morgan moves her hand to Yetta’s thigh and is caressing it while they continue kissing. She reaches beneath her skirt, pushes the panties to the side a little and starts rubbing her pussy. It’s all still slow and gentle. Then almost like turning on a light, Yetta’s kissing becomes more assertive. She quickly reaches down and pulls down her panties. She still has her shoes on and struggles to get one leg out of the panties and they’re still dangling on the other ankle. She leans on Morgan face to face now so that Morgan has easier access to her pussy and is now kissing Morgan longer and deeper. Her body is shaking rhythmically as Morgan’s fingering speeds up. As she cums, she covers Morgan’s face in kisses and licking her neck and ears. Then she leans back on the couch.

“Morgan, that was wonderful, like a dream, I could love you. Will you do that again? I’ll take my clothes off for you if you want to see my body.”

Morgan is beaming. “Yes, I’d like that!”

Yetta stands up and takes off the other shoe. She takes the blouse and bra off and then pulls off the skirt. She poses for Morgan. “Do you like my body. It’s yours to do anything you want if you do that to me again.” She rubs her breasts with her hands and rubs them down her sides until they meet at her pussy and she rubs herself a little. “Or do you want to watch me play with myself first?”

Morgan is speechless at first. “I like your body very much. Let’s go get in the bed.”

Yetta turns around and starts walking to the bedroom. Morgan can’t move. Her eyes are wide. “Wait! Walk back this way. You have such a lovely ass. I want you to lean over and show me your pussy.”

Yetta does what Morgan wishes and she also pulls apart her pussy lips to give Morgan a good view. “George liked it when I did this for him.”

“I like it when you do that for me!” She is kissing Yetta’s ass and moving her finger in and out of Yetta. Then she has to rub herself with her other hand. She bilecik escort bayan takes the fingers out of Yetta and is sucking on them.

Yetta puts her own fingers where Morgan’s were. “You can watch me play with pussy.”

Morgan is frantically pulling down her own jeans. Her panties come down with them. “Here’s what I want you to do.” She sits on the arm of the couch. One leg is on the ground to balance herself and the other is stretched out. “Come eat me and make me cum!”

“How do I do this? Will you make me cum again if I do that for you?” Yetta gets on the couch and is licking Morgan. Morgan is wild with desire and keeps encouraging Yetta and telling her how great she’s doing. She pulls off her top so she can squeeze her own breasts while Yetta licks her until she has an orgasm. “Lift your body up off the couch a little.” Morgan slides below her so they can kiss again while Morgan wraps her arms around Yetta and is squeezing her ass and rubbing her hands up and down her sides. Yetta is turned on again. She kneels or sits up some so that she can rub her pussy on Morgan’s thigh. “Keep doing that, but move over so you’re rubbing your pussy against mine.”

The two girls trib until they both have another orgasm. After that, it’s Morgan who stretches out on Yetta and kisses her while Yetta is rubbing and squeezing her. The kissing is still deep and intense but slower, not in any hurry. Between kisses, Yetta asks “you said I can sleep here, right?”

“I’m counting on it. But I hope there won’t be a lot of sleeping.”

More kissing and then Morgan rolls off and stands up. “Let’s go to the bedroom.” Yetta stands up. “I can’t help it. I adore your body.” Yetta poses for Morgan, front and back. Morgan is rubbing herself again while watch Yetta. She kneels in front of Yetta and puts her hands on Yetta’s hips and is just rubbing up and down and staring at her. “Yetta, I would love it if you come to my apartment every day just like you used to visit George. You can undress for me, and I’ll undress for you, and we’ll have dinner and drink wine and have slots of sex every night.”

“Yes. I’d rather have you as a girlfriend than go looking for a boyfriend. Wait, that didn’t come out right. I would do anything to turn you on so you’ll be my girlfriend and have sex with me every night!”

Morgan stands up and is kissing Yetta vigorously again, and Yetta is fingering Morgan. Morgan lifts up a leg and wraps it around Yetta to make it easier to finger and has her arms wrapped around her for balance. Yetta is holding the leg with one of her hands. Then abruptly, Morgan stops and takes Yetta’s hand. “For real this time, hurry and get in the bed with me and eat me.” She runs to be bedroom, and Yetta runs with her. The scene ends after they leave the room.

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