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Summer with Carly

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The summer after I turned 18 may never be topped. Now in my last year of college, I still find myself daydreaming of that small brown-haired girl who could always make me smile. Before that summer, I felt a little like a battery-operated toy that had yet to be flipped to the “ON’ position. Every girl I’ll ever be with has Carly to thank for how they are treated and loved by me.

Throughout high school, I’d had a few girlfriends but none that went very far. I was a decent looking guy and always attracted attention, but my anxiety issues always prevented me from taking things to the next level. The constant thoughts of not being good enough or wondering why a girl was with me made most of my relationships pretty short. I spent a lot of hours in darkened rooms playing PC games or writing web code for my friends.

Probably because of that, my Dad sent me off to stay with his brother on his farm in Iowa. He seemed to think a little sun and outdoor physical labor would be good for my health… and my skin tone. Uncle John was a good enough fella, but he didn’t have much to say. When he ‘interviewed’ me before taking me on as a hired hand, he only asked “You going to listen?” I said yes, and he replied “We’ll see.”

Two weeks after high school graduation, I was picked up at the airport by Aunt Karen and my cousin Carly. I saw Carly every year or two at family reunion-type events. Based on our similar ages (she was about 6 months younger), we always ended up talking to each other. I found it fascinating how many words she could get out of her mouth without taking a breath. Even so, I liked being around her and nodding when I was supposed to. I didn’t have much to say, but that was all right with Carly.

I couldn’t help smiling when I saw Carly standing next to my aunt. Her normal ear to ear grin was just the way I remembered. Her face had slimmed a bit since the last time I had seen her, but there was still a hint of the cute round shape that made her look so friendly. Her curly brown hair was a little longer, as it now brushed against her shoulders. The biggest change had come to her body though.

She still had to round up to be considered 5’2″, but the rest of her body had grown considerably. The white University of Iowa T-shirt she wore stretched across her chest was tight enough to make the O and W almost comically larger than the I and A. She was wearing impossibly short jean shorts and tiny little white tennis shoes with just a hint of sock poking out beneath her ankles.

I tried not to stare at her as I moved towards them, but she was making it difficult. She was already showing her usual excitement at just about anything in the world, bouncing on her heels as I reached them. Everything was bouncing. Even the few words I usually had to say were nowhere to be found.

Aunt Karen saved me with a huge hug. “Welcome to Hawkeye country Jacob!”

I responded with a weak “Glad to be here!” due to the strength of her grip.

As Aunt Karen released me, Carly put her arm around me and gave a tight squeeze. It was a friendly, innocuous gesture but it caused one of my arms to push deeply into one of her soft breasts.

“Welcome to a lot of corn and a whole lot o’ nuttin else, Jake!” Carly nearly shouted.

I have no idea how she always generated so much energy. It made me tired just watching her sometimes. I gave her my best, toothless smile and forced out a “Can’t wait to see all that nuttin’ Carly.”


We all walked to the parking lot with Carly leading the way. I’m pretty sure I learned the details of every single minute she had lived in the past month in that 15 minute walk. I couldn’t stop smiling as I walked with her. She was genuinely funny and the sheer volume of words and enormous amount of energy made me look forward to spending all summer here with her. It didn’t hurt that her jean shorts continually rode up her thigh requiring her to pull them back down.

Carly had played soccer for most of her life and it showed. Her thighs were thick with muscle which supported an incredibly firm ass. I fought off a strong urge to cup one of those perfectly shaped cheeks. Not only would it have been inappropriate, but more importantly I’m not sure I would have been able to let go.

Carly and I had seen each other several times since we passed puberty, but I don’t remember having any hormonal thoughts on those occasions. It was just nice to be around her for a couple of hours here and there. We were cousins and the unwritten rules applied without us even thinking about them.

Now, her openness and energy were a little too much temptation for me. I had never been anxious around Carly before. But Carly’s energy caused the tight ball of loneliness that had been in my chest for months to loosen as we walked. I couldn’t help staring at her; her brown curly hair, her deep brown eyes, how her bright red lips stood out against her perfect pale soft skin…

“Ugh!” I was so lost in my thoughts that I tripped over a curb and nearly fell on my face. I caught myself with illegal bahis the bumper of a large SUV, but not in time to save my knees from a good scrape.

Aunt Karen put her hand on my shoulder in concern, but Carly was laughing so hard no sound was coming out. I looked at her pathetically, praying she hadn’t noticed how distracted she had made me. I think I lost a good 2 minutes “noticing” her on the walk.

As always, Carly knew how to make me feel better. She reached under my arm to help me up and chirped “Let’s get walkin’ you lush. They shouldn’t serve under aged light weights on planes”.

I again felt the softness of her breasts pressed against my arm. She seemed to linger a few extra beats allowing me to feel her taught midsection press against my hip and her cheek against my shoulder. I shifted my stance to ensure the growing bulge in my jeans wasn’t noticed.

I turned red from the fall and Carly’s jab at my clumsiness, but was able to laugh at myself. Aunt Karen gave Carly a sharp look, but it softened quickly. There was no being mad at Carly. She comically held on to my arm for balance the entire rest of the way to their car. I could feel how warm and soft she was pressed against me. She was so close I could breathe in subtle traces of her apple-scented shampoo.

As we drove from the airport, talk turned to my plans to attend Indiana University in the fall and her plans to start at the University of Iowa where she’d be playing soccer. She hadn’t earned a scholarship, but the coach was excited for her to join the team as a walk on.

She was extremely confident she would earn some sort of scholarship once she got her chance to play. She told me she thought if she were 5 inches taller they would already have offered her the scholarship, but no one thought her short legs could get her down the field fast enough. I almost voiced the opinion that I found her short legs fine, but turned red at the thought.


After getting home we had dinner with the entire family. Uncle John was quiet as ever, but he did seem excited to have me around for chores. He let me know he would be generous and let me sleep in on my first day tomorrow. Generous meaning 6:30 AM.

By the time I unpacked my meager belongings the sun was almost extinguished, leaving a dark purple streak low in the sky and a million stars up high. I washed my face and headed to bed. I usually did a pushup/sit-up routine before going to bed, but I was pretty sure I would get plenty of opportunities to work out in the morning.

I pulled the comforter off the bed and slid underneath the sheet. It was still a bit warm from the summer day, but the sheet helped fend off a cool breeze coming in through the window. I settled in with my IPad to continue reading a Vonnegut novel I had started on the plane.

In turn Uncle John, Aunt Karen, and Carly passed by my room to say goodnight. As they retired and turned out lights, the house became darker and darker. The light in my room ended up being the only outlier. I shut off my light and returned to bed to continue reading.

I heard Carly shuffle around for a few minutes in the bedroom adjacent to mine, but then everything was quiet. I dove into my reading again and was lost for 15 minutes or so when I heard a creak of a window pane. I figured Carly was opening her window a little wider to pull in more of that cool breeze.

The sound pulled me from my book and caused me to think of Carly. Her smile never left her face throughout dinner. At one point in her chewing, she caught me looking at her intently and promptly opened her mouth wide while she continued chowing down. My look of disgust made her giggle.

I tried to avoid staring by looking down at my food as often as possible. Unfortunately, that meant Carly’s bare feet were right in my line of sight. Her feet were tiny, pale and completely unblemished. Her little toes ended in deep red polish which matched the natural color of her lips. I kept up with the conversation pretty well, but my gaze continued to go through a mechanical pattern of her eyes, her chest, her feet, her eyes, her chest, her feet…

I wonder if this is how fetishes start I thought to myself. I started to harden under the sheet thinking of how smooth her legs looked, how soft her small feet would feel… As I started to reach down beneath the sheet I heard a low sigh come from outside the window. I looked up guiltily, but no one was there.

I sat as still as possible, one hand on my ever hardening member, listening for another sound. A long, slow exhale was the next sound to break the silence. The first sigh I thought I might have imagined, but there was no doubting this. I quietly slipped out of bed and inched my way towards the window. Crawling on all fours seems laughable now, but at the time I thought it was the most ninja-like method of transit.

I leaned my elbows on the window bench seat which ran about a foot under the window ledge. The matching windows for both bedrooms were the kind which jutted out from the second illegal bahis siteleri floor, breaking up the smooth descent of the roof. The kind of windows which look like eyes when they light up at night. There was probably about 12 feet between our two windows.

I looked out the window and could see the driveway, leading out a couple of hundred yards to an empty county road that passed by the house. A large moon made everything in the yard easy to make out, though with a bluish hue. The driveway was encroached upon by the knee high corn which had been planted for miles around the farm house. I could see their produce stand next to the road as a large dark shape. Past the road was another field of corn which ended a mile or so out in a line of trees.

I heard two more sounds outside the window which sounded very much like a short, deep inhale followed by a long, slow exhale. I slowly inched forward to see more on my left side and spotted a small white foot planted on a blanket out on the roof. The toes on that foot ended in a dark polish. I knew in the light of day that polish would perfectly match the color of Carly’s naturally red lips.

I stared at that foot, my heart in my throat, wondering if I should say something. Then I noticed Carly’s sleep shorts with little Iowa Hawkeye emblems slide down to the ankle which sprouted from that amazingly beautiful foot. The sound of inhale and exhale occurred again followed by a barely audible grunt.


I heard a wet, sticky sound after another grunt. Her knee became visible as her legs spread. Now her beautiful foot which led to the gorgeous pajama-shorts-ringed ankle was connected to an ungodly sensuous bent knee. Her legs must have been spread very wide to be sitting at this angle comfortably.

She’s masturbating!!! I thought to myself, then quickly follow up with a thought of No shit, you idiot!

My cock was rock hard and trying to press its way out of the elastic top of my athletic shorts. I obliged and took it in my hand while leaning forward a bit to get a better view. I placed a knee on the window seat and began leaning forward. I could now see the muscular thigh of her right leg. I wasn’t sure if I could lean forward any farther without being seen.

If you’re worried about being caught, you shouldn’t be looking you pervert, my mind chastised. Just then I heard a loud metallic smack followed by a panicked Carly shout-whispering

“Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit”

Her phone was sliding down the roof beneath her feet. I froze in place and saw the phone slide to a stop at a point where the roof transitioned to a section with less pitch. It was still a few feet from the gutter but well out of either of our reaches.

I held my breath trying to figure out what to do. The two best options seemed to be kneeling down below the window sill or having a stroke. Before I could decide, I heard Carly shift on her blanket. Her head came into view as she crawled on all fours down the roof.

Oh my god was all that my brain could communicate to the rest of my body. My lungs weren’t doing their job, my heart had stopped altogether, and my legs seemed ready to simply quit on the spot. Over and over Oh my god repeated as if it were a prayer my brain was saying to jump start the rest of my body.

Her curly hair was pulled up into a bun with a few loose strands hanging down by her face. She was wearing the pajama baby doll top I had seen earlier, but it was pulled up over hear enormous breasts. Seeing those large globes defy physics as they refused to hang down will probably be the last thought I have on this earth before I die. Based on my heart’s inability to pump, I figured that last thought may not be too far away.

Then her ass came in to view. Her shorts were still wrapped around that gorgeous ankle which connected to that beautiful foot. Her smooth, tight ass took on the bluish hue of everything else in the moonlight, but I could make out the darker shade of her tiny ass hole. My already-stopped heart basically told me it was done for the night as soon as I glimpsed her gorgeous ass swishing side to side down the roof.

She stretched out for the phone and was able to slide it towards her with a couple of fingers. She picked up the slim device and checked it for damage. I could barely make out the screen image, but it certainly looked like a woman with a cock in her mouth.

This is your brain…Stroke option selected; it was a good life, with any luck the Hindus are right and you’ll get another chance I thought. This beautiful, sweet creature was LOOKING AT PORN!!!

Unfortunately, the near total shut down of my nervous system at this point left me at a disadvantage. She was now going to return back to her spot with phone in hand. PORN phone in hand my brain corrected me. If she turned to the left, she would avoid looking in my direction. If she turned right, she would be staring right at a bluish-hued version of me holding my hardened cock.

She turned left. I finally took a breath. I’m pretty sure permanent damage was done by the canlı bahis siteleri lack of oxygen to my brain over those several minutes. She quietly crawled back to her spot. I soon saw her leg open up again and the sleep shorts take up their position on that glorious ankle.

With her going back to business and my cock leaking pre cum everywhere, I had to give myself some sort of relief. I had lotion (for my dry elbows, I told my mom when packing) in my bag, but I didn’t want to make any noise with the bag or the eventual stroking with the lotion. I looked quickly around and grabbed the cotton boxer briefs I had worn that day. I wrapped them around my cock and gently stroked to make sure it would work without giving me an uncomfortable Indian burn. Success!

I slowly dropped my shorts, and quietly put both knees on the window seat. I was farther forward now and could actually see Carly’s hand disappear between her legs. I slowly stroked my cock with the boxers hoping this would last forever. I could hear the wet sounds of her fingers plunging into herself and pulling out to spread the wetness on her clit.

She was starting a rhythm of pushing in quickly and pulling out slowly. Once she pulled out she made several circles with her fingers and then pushed back in. I could hear her breath come in sharply and go out slowly. On one stroke, she pulled back out enough for me to see her middle two fingers glisten in the moonlight.

I could hear her muffled grunts as she must have been squeezing her lips very tightly together. Her knees rocked upwards, pulling her feet off the blanket. The taught muscles of her belly lifted her hips in rhythm as she plunged her fingers deeper.

I was trying not to make any sounds, but my breath was very rapid at this point. My leaking precum made the boxers I was holding a mess. I dropped them and went to work with my bare hand. I stared at her rocking legs and strained to hear the sound of her breath.

I was nearly bent over double kneeling on the bench sheet, my cock staring straight at me as I tried to match Carly’s rhythm. The wet sounds of her fingers burying deep within her wet pussy made it difficult for me to hold off my orgasm. I leaned forward trying to see more of her, but those large tits were hidden by the angle.

Her inhales and exhales were sharp and quick. She groaned through clenched teeth and her legs froze in mid rhythm as she pushed as deep as she could. I heard the moan catch in the back of her throat as her beautiful right foot twitched in the air. Her whole body tensed as she came.

I stiffened, leaning forward to balance myself with my left hand as I grabbed my cock hard for the final few pumps. My cock finally burst, sending my first shot of cum out on to the window sill. I pulled back trying not to make a mess and the second and third shots splashed against my chest. A final shot hit low my stomach and dripped down to the base of my cock.

I tried to catch my breath as quietly as I could. I stood up from the window seat, cock still oozing cum onto my hand. My legs were wobbly as I reached for the tissues on the night stand. I stood there for a moment using a tissue to make sure my cock didn’t drip on the floor. I still felt the pleasure of the orgasm and aftermath as I stood there with my hand gently squeezing and then loosening my cock.

I heard a happy, satisfied sigh come from outside the window. I could swear I heard a giggle as well as she shifted and moved back into her window.

As soon as I had cleaned myself up, I slid back under the sheet and almost immediately fell asleep. Almost, I say, as my mind tried to remind me of that last giggle. I forced it to be quiet and drifted off.


I awoke the next morning with Uncle John standing at my door asking me if I was going to sleep all day. The clock on the night stand read 6:29 AM. I quickly dressed and ran downstairs to the kitchen. Aunt Karen placed scrambled eggs and a few sausage links in front of me. I could get used to this.

“Where’s Carly?” I asked

Uncle John choked on the coffee he was drinking as he started to laugh. “The princess doesn’t wake up till 8” he said with flair.

“Oh, leave her alone” Aunt Karen said. “No one hits the stand until 9 anyways.” The stand was the produce stand I mentioned earlier. In addition to the corn, they had several other small plots of berries and vegetables they sold down by the road. The stand was about the size of a double wide trailer and did a decent business at various points in the year. Several other farmers and women who made crafts sold their stuff there. Apparently, running the stand was Carly’s job in the summer.

After a quick breakfast, Uncle John walked me around the farm showing me how to use the equipment to water and fertilize the fields. He showed me the various garden plots and told me my duties in each one of them; to weed or harvest or whatever else they needed. I also got the rundown on the chickens and my jobs with them. There weren’t a lot of chickens by farm standards, but the several dozen eggs they produced each week were sold to a fancy grocery store in town. Finally, he showed me the barn where I’d handle cleaning equipment, prepping the produce for sale, and unloading supplies that came in on occasion.

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