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Sun, Son, and Sex

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Self Shot

Writers Note: All the characters featured in this story are over 18 years old. It involves consensual straight(ish) sex but, mostly, the sex is gay. If that’s not of interest, read something else. If you like this tale, I welcome your comments and constructive criticism. I will always respond to comment.


Shaun woke to the sound of his mother’s car, as she left for work. He could see the early morning sunlight streaming through the curtains. Lying on his back, he stretched out his naked legs and instinctively reached down to his morning-hard cock, wrapping his fingers around it with a gentle pressure, enjoying the aching sensation of arousal spreading through his body. He kicked off the covers and watched himself in the large mirror on the bedside wall.

He admired his own body. At 6 feet tall he was slim and toned, with olive skin, recently tanned during a spell of sunny weather that hit just as he finished Music College for the summer break. He watched himself as he held his cock, caressing it with slow, languid strokes. He took satisfaction in seeing the size of his manhood; eight inches of pulsing flesh. His arousal spread through his whole body, an exquisite aching of desire for release.

Alone in the house for the day, with his mother at work, Shaun decided to delay his orgasm and enjoy the solitude, for a longer session of self-pleasure.

Reluctantly releasing his cock, he traced a finger though the clear fluid that now coated his glans and hairless abdomen. Bringing his finger under his nose, he breathed in the sweet scent of his pre-cum and coated his lips with the sticky fluid, running his tongue slowly around, savoring the taste of his own juice.

Pushing himself from the bed, he stood facing the mirror and surveyed his body, his cock pointing angrily in front, pulsing and dripping. His pubis had little hair growth, but needed a shave, he observed. He lifted his arms and saw the regrowth of hair under his armpits. He’d never liked the body hair that had appeared late in his teenage years, and had taken to shaving himself smooth.

Leaving his room for a shower and shave, he stepped, naked, onto the landing and entered the bathroom. Under the warm, refreshing jets of water he ran his hands over his newly smooth pubic mound, and under his now hairless armpits, enjoying the smoothness of his young skin.

One hand strayed over his smooth, tight balls, pressing one finger against his perineum and then further, pressing gently at his tight hole. Leaning against the tiled wall he bent his knees a little so he could reach further, penetrating himself and massaging his prostate. His cock pulsed in response and began dripping fluid from its head, a groan of pleasure filled the silence of the house as his prostate-powered cum flowed continuously, washed away by the running water.

Shaun had become a master of his own body, like all young men, he was easily aroused and continuously on heat, but his interest in sensual explorations of himself was exceptional; perhaps because he was an introvert and had few close friends. The objects of his desire were seemingly out of reach, and almost certainly not interested in him, so instead, he retreated happily into his own private fantasies. The main focus for his desire was his uncle, his mother’s younger brother, Simon, a beautiful and fit twenty-five-year-old. Simon had doted on Shaun ever since he was a child; he had recently broken up with a guy and had been visiting more often since then, for the company of his older sister, Shaun’s mother, Abi.

Abi, driving to work along country lanes, lowered the window to enjoy the cooling breeze, relieving the heat from the sun. She was sorry to be going to the office on such a beautiful day, wishing instead she could spend the day with Shaun. Now he was home all day from college she wanted to be with him. She loved her son dearly, admiring his sensitivity and kindness. She did worry that he was a bit of a loner, but he seemed happy in his own company and had real talent in the creative arts. A fine musician, with a beautiful singing voice, he was also a keen artist, producing intricate pencil drawings of life figures.

Shaun only had one close girlfriend, Kate, who had latched onto him years ago, and never let go. Nothing romantic in their friendship; they were like brother and sister, in fact twin brother and sister as they shared the same birthday. Abi was relieved her solitary son had at least one friend his own age and that, as Kate was the polar opposite of Shaun, a tomboy, lean and strong, she ensured he got outside exercise, climbing trees and riding bikes. Abi had recently hosted their joint 18th birthday at their house, remembering with amusement her introducing them to Pimms and their attempts at tipsily singing Happy Birthday to each other. The only other guest was Simon.

Abi loved the way her young brother, Simon, looked out for Shaun. In the absence of a father, Simon provided a great role model of sensitive masculinity. illegal bahis As an introspective, artistic boy, Shaun was never going to be part of any gang of lads, so she felt grateful to both young Kate and Simon for providing the friendship and human contact that prevented him from disappearing into his own dream world. She often pondered if Shaun was gay, which was of no concern in itself but, like any mother, wanted him to be happy and safe.

Abi thought she ought to speak with him soon, since he was now 18; if only to reassure him that she was always there to offer support and advice. At the same time, she knew he was reserved about discussing anything sexual and, since puberty hit, he’d become more self-conscious about her seeing his body.

At home, Shaun, now clean and refreshed, came out of the bathroom, still naked, and entered his mother’s bedroom. He loved the scent of her that lingered in the air. He enjoyed the feeling of being naked in her unoccupied room, a mixed feeling of love for her and the sensation of being naked and aroused in her private space. Not that he desired her in that way, or any woman, for that matter.

Abi had left her white silk kimono on her unmade bed. Shaun lifted it and buried his face in the smooth fabric, drawing in her scent.

Looking into her wall mirror, he felt drawn to see himself wearing it. He looked at himself as he put it on, his large cock pulsing and swelling. Shaun surrounded his erection with the soft thin fabric and began to stroke himself gently through it. This felt so good, and he could sense the buildup of fluid at the base of his cock. Lowering himself onto his mother’s bed he continued to caress his cock through the silk with one hand, the other hand rubbing his nipples. Close to orgasm, he noticed a small clear stain of fluid on his mother’s kimono. Phew, just in time, he thought. That would soon dry out, but if he had ejaculated fully, that might be difficult to cover up. He drew his hand away and allowed his cock to spring free of the material. The rush to orgasm subsided a little, so he felt he might just enjoy a little more time on his mother’s bed, riding the edge of his arousal, intending to finish himself off in his own room, before going downstairs for breakfast.

Shaun fingered his tight asshole, carefully avoiding too much pressure on his prostate that would definitely cause him to shoot his load. He thought he should move soon, back to his own bed where he could use his prized eight inch silicone cock that he had spent many hours experimenting with. He had bought it online some months’ earlier and used it often for training and stretching his ass, learning the joy of being filled, while imagining it was his young uncle’s warm flesh filling his greedy hole. As well as ass fucking, Shaun had schooled himself to deep throat with his massive flexible friend and, in the absence of a real man, he had nevertheless become a talented cock sucker.

Still prone on his mother’s bed, Shaun used one index finger to collect the fluid leaking from his glans, spreading it just under the head of his cock, glorying in the intense sensations created by such small, light touches. . A sudden and explosive wave of orgasm gripped his whole body and, realising he was about to ejaculate, he gripped the base of his cock to try and stem the tide; too late. He came, groaning loudly, as jet after jet of thick white cream shot across his mother’s kimono, over the bed sheets and another large glob landed unseen on her pillow. Shit! Shaun looked at the mess he’d made and felt panic. At least he had some hours to clean up before his mother returned. He’d have to make sure there was no sign he’d ever been in her room, if only to avoid having to lie or give an excuse for being in there, never mind explaining his cum all over her bed.

He grabbed the kimono and put it into the bathroom sink, soaking it in cold water. Thank goodness It’s a sunny day, he thought, hoping it could be made dry and clean before returning it to where he’d found it. He took a wet flannel and wiped away the pools of cum on Abi’s sheets, opening the window to help everything dry before she returned from work. He didn’t notice the large globule of his seed, now soaking into his mother’s pillow.

Once everything was drying, he relaxed, relieved to have completed the clean-up of his uncontrolled ejaculation. The day was heating up. He put on a favorite pair of cock-hugging mini-briefs and went downstairs, first hanging the drying kimono on the washing line outside. After coffee and toast, he decided to sunbathe. The rear garden was beautiful, and entirely private. Their two-bedroomed cottage was on the edge of a remote village


Shaun spread a large beach towel on the lawn, removed his briefs, and stretched out naked under the sun. Lying on his front, his firm, tanned buttocks enjoyed the gentle cooling breeze. He closed his eyes and began daydreaming, imagining himself in bed with his young uncle. After an hour or so illegal bahis siteleri of fantasizing he remembered his mother’s kimono. He stood up, enjoying being naked and erect in the open air. He took the washed and dried silk kimono from the washing line, and returned it to his mother’s bed. Returning downstairs he made a tall Pimms and lemonade and took it out to the garden. The buzz of alcohol soon made him feel drowsy. He lay down on his back and pulled a sliver of the towel over his exposed, still-hard cock, to avoid sunburn, and was soon asleep.

At work, Abi looked out of her office window, the clear blue sky and bright sun looked so inviting. She made up her mind to take a half-day off, collected her things and took the short drive home, looking forward to joining her son for the rest of the day.

Shaun was unconscious, sprawled on his back, legs wide; his swollen cock barely covered by the towel protecting it from the sun; his arms stretched behind his head. Abi came through the deserted house and, guessing Shaun would be in the garden, she went outside and called his name. No reply. She then saw him, spread-eagled on the lawn and walked over to surprise him. She stopped as soon as she realised he was naked. She didn’t mind at all but wanted to avoid him being embarrassed in any way. She couldn’t help seeing his large erection, his glans poking out from under a small piece of a towel. Trying not to disturb him, she leaned gently forward and carefully lifted the towel to cover him up a bit more, to protect his modesty. As she did so, she couldn’t help admiring his cock. It was a long time since she had seen one, and never one of that size. She smiled and lingered, perhaps too long, surprised also to see his clean shaven pubis. She felt a little discomfort at her own inappropriate desire, so quickly replaced the towel to cover her son’s beautifully swollen member. Abi stood, still admiring her son’s body, and saw that his armpits were also shaved. That settles it, she thought; the boy must be gay.

Abi retreated to the house, to change out of her work clothes, intending to rejoin him in the garden. As she was undressing she noticed her kimono on the bed, where she left it earlier, looking unusually creased. She picked it up, noticing some very faint staining, so lifted it to her face, inhaling the unmistakable scent of cum. Noticing a wet mark on her pillow, she touched it to find it still sticky and, bringing her finger to her nose, she knew immediately what it was. Oh my god, she thought, smiling; Shaun’s been playing with himself in my bed. Not at all upset by him masturbating, her concern was that maybe he had a secret mummy fixation or, more likely, he’d been wearing her kimono. They really should talk. But no big deal, she mused. His happiness came first.

After a quick shower she returned to her room and looked at herself in the mirror. Looking good for forty, she decided; her slim body and small breasts gave her an androgynous look, topped off with short dark hair. She smiled as she looked at her waxed mons, realizing that she and her son had that in common too. Maybe Shaun was turned on by her boyishness, she wondered. Encouraged by Shaun’s nakedness, she slipped on the kimono, wearing nothing underneath, and returned to the garden. She felt a surge of arousal and moistening in her sex, at the thought of wearing the cloth that still had traces of her child’s cum within its fibers.

Abi approached him and said, “Wake up, sleepy head. Mummy’s home.”

Shaun woke with a start, pulling the towel around him to cover his nudity. “Sorry Mum; wasn’t expecting you yet. I’ll go and get some clothes on.”

“No need my love; it’s lovely to be naked in the sun. I’ll join you in a minute.”

Shaun couldn’t help notice his mother was naked under the kimono, feeling awkward as he recalled coming all over it earlier. He felt a mixture of shame and arousal, pulling his towel more firmly around himself to try and hide his erection.

“Let’s get the sun loungers out. I don’t fancy lying on the grass. I’ll fix us drinks and we can both top up our tans.”

“OK mum, sounds great!”

Shaun’s erection just wouldn’t go down. It softened a little as he opened the loungers, side by side, and Abi soon returned with glasses of Pimms, filled with clinking ice cubes and fresh mint leaves.

“Since you’ve come out ‘au-naturale’, mind if I join you?”

“It’s your house mum; I promise not to gawp!”

“Haha! I’m not worried Shaun; you’re hardly the lecherous type!”

Abi opened her kimono, removed it, and lay back on the lounger giving out a sigh of relief. Shaun finished his drink and did the same, keeping his towel firmly fixed around his waist.

“Hey, that’s not fair Shaun, why the towel?!”

“Crikey Mum, it’s you that’s the lech!”

Shaun turned his back to her, rolled onto his tummy and carefully removed the towel, keeping his erection hidden against his abdomen.

“OK, but no peeking Mum.”

Abi canlı bahis siteleri looked over at him in defiance.

“Nice buns, big boy!” she exclaimed, laughing.

Shaun laughed and blushed simultaneously.

“So Shaun, what are your plans for the summer?”

“I don’t have any, just relax here and try not to worry about my exam results, I guess.”

“What about seeing friends? Anyone special in your life? Tell Mummy all your secrets!”

“Ha! No Mum, no one special, and I don’t want that at the moment.”

“Surely a boy of your age wants somebody, even for the odd fling?!”

“The people at my college are just not my type. I’ll just have to wait until I get to University I guess.”

“And what is your type Shauny?”

“Oh I’m pretty picky Mum. I demand my lovers to be stunningly beautiful, witty and highly intelligent. If you know anyone like that, just send them my way!”

“Haha! I may keep those for myself!” joked Abi, who then changed the atmosphere by asking, “Boys or girls, or both?”

Shaun was stunned into silence. He’d never envisaged talking with his mother about his sexuality. They were both introverts, keeping to their own internal worlds; always loving and affectionate with each other, but never prying. He was sure his mother had had a couple of female lovers during his childhood; old friends who came to stay, sharing her room.

The alcohol and warm sun was loosening them up.

“Boys,” Shaun whispered, then, louder, “Boys, men. I’m gay.”

“Oh my love, thank you for sharing that. I’m sure you’ll have no difficulty meeting other gay guys once you get to Uni. You’re a great catch for anyone!”

“It scares me a bit though. I mean, meeting someone, like that. I’ve never so much as kissed anyone, except you and Kate, which hardly counts.”

“You kissed Kate?! How sweet! Tell me about that.”

“Just experimenting; we gave up on it pretty quickly and, anyway, she’s a lesbian, so…”

Abi interrupted, “I’m not surprised at all, and Kate is more of a boy than you!”

“Ha, thanks!”

“I’ll bet she has no trouble getting girlfriends, she’s pretty assertive,” Abi conjectured.

“No, she’s actually terrified of making a move on anyone. We both share that.”

“Yes, it’s harder if you’re gay or lesbian. Not so many fish; and it’s difficult to tell if they swim in the same direction!”

They fell into silence, disturbed by Abi’s mobile ringing.

Abi picked it up. “Simon, Hi! Yes, come as soon as you like. We’re in the garden.”

Abi put the phone down.

“That was Simon,” she explained.

“No shit, Sherlock, and let me guess, he’s coming over?”

They laughed and then Abi voiced a thought.

“Speak to Simon Shaun. Let him know you’re gay. He may have guessed but he’d be honored to hear it from you. He loves you like a brother and might be a great source of advice. Who knows, he’s not so much older than you, he might be able to fix you up with some nice boys!”

“I think I’ll need another drink if I’m going to speak with Simon about that stuff.”

“I’ll get some more then,” Abi offered. She got up and returned soon after with a large jug of Pimms and three fresh glasses.

“Mum, hadn’t we better put clothes on before Simon gets here?”

“No need, he won’t mind at all, unless you do. We’ve been on loads of naturist beaches over the years. He’ll love it!”

Shaun sat up to pour the drinks, his cock now relaxed, so he removed the towel.

They heard Simon’s car arriving. He let himself in and came directly to the garden.

“Hi there sweethearts!” called Simon, who stopped, stared and then said,

“Well, no one warned me there was a new dress code. I’d better join you both!”

As Simon began removing his clothes, Shaun quietly pulled the towel back across his own lap. He looked at Simon with lust as his T-shirt was being pulled off, exposing the muscled torso of the object of his many masturbatory fantasies. Then Simon removed his shorts, leaving just tiny briefs, filled with a package that had also been the subject of Shaun’s nocturnal speculation. Simon peeled them off slowly, revealing his large, flaccid but beautifully formed cock and scrotum. No pubic hair, Shaun noticed, hungrily licking his lips.

Abi poured drinks all round, and they chatted casually until Abi changed the tone.

“Hey Simon, Shaun has something to tell you.”

“Oh, do tell Shauny, what news do you have for me?”

“Christ Mum, thanks for that. Mum and I had a few drinks and it kind of came out between us that I was gay. God, this is so embarrassing!”

Simon sat down next to Shaun, placing an arm round his waist.

“Shaun, not embarrassing at all. Delighted you have confided, though I’d already guessed. Who’s the lucky boyfriend then?”

“No boyfriends I’m afraid. Just a lonely, queer virgin here!”

“Well, you won’t be lonely for long. Guys will be queuing up for a taste of you!”

Shaun felt the warmth of Simon’s skin against him, his waist gripped by his uncle’s strong hand.

“I’m not so sure Simon; I’d feel pretty scared even if they did. I don’t think I’m able to just jump into bed with someone I am not already really close to.”

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