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The Cum House

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Fuck Hard

This letter is to welcome you as a full Member of the Cum House. Congratulations!

The Cum House is set up as a safe place to fully drain your balls of cum, and watch others do the same. The rules are simple. If you enter the front door, your clothes come off and put in the storage lockers, and your cock is out at all times. No covering up, and you’ll stay naked until you leave. If you come to the house, you cum. You can’t leave until you’ve nutted at least once. You’re free to stay as long as you want to watch other members blow their loads. If another member is about to cum, you must stay until he has finished his ejaculation. Helping is fully encouraged. You can work others cocks with your hands, mouth, or ass pussy. Most male members are bi, but some are hetero-flexible or gay, so there will be plenty of cock and ass available for both men and women members. Women are full members of the club, but they must also strip upon entry and keep all clothes off, cunt exposed, during their visit. They must also receive at least one creampie, vaginal or anal, before they may leave. Women must allow their pussy to be fucked and men must allow their cock to be jerked, sucked, or mounted by any other member, male or female. We have mostly male members at the moment, but have around a dozen female members that are real cumsluts that attend the house regularly and love to serve as filthy cum buckets for our male members.

There are regular members and “house managers”. House managers stay at the house for a week at a time and are usually regular members who want a sex vacation where they just stay naked, fuck, and cum for an entire week at a house filled with hard cocks and pussy. You can apply to be a house manager after being a member for three months and cumming at the house at least ten times. There is a separate guest house for house managers which is fully outfitted with separate bedrooms, cooking facilities, wi-fi, showers, and entertainment rooms so they can get some rest from the main house. The guest house is also a mandatory 24-7 naked zone, and sex is permitted. During slow times, if house managers get horny, they are free to help each other shoot their loads, or lazily jerk off in any of the rooms playing porn until other members arrive. They wear a pink armband and can help you with anything you need as long as they are not about to orgasm — in which case we ask that you wait until they have ejaculated and then ask for assistance, or find another house manager not in the middle of cumming.

Both pussy and ass fucking are permitted, and lube is supplied in every room. All approaching orgasms must be announced loudly so that others can watch. Cumming alone without a witness is discouraged and all ejaculation should be visible to others. Porn is playing in most rooms, and jerking is encouraged to stay erect. If you get another erection after ejaculating, you must shoot a new load before you can leave – the goal is to completely drain your balls when you come to the Cum House. Some of our regular members are sneaky and if you’re ready to leave, will make you get hard again so they can extract more cum from your cock. Be prepared to stay longer than you planned.

Toys are available throughout the house. Buttplugs, dildos, prostate massagers, vibrators, strapons, and Fleshlights are provided in all rooms to help work up loads, make clits hard and cunt sheaths wet. There is a Sybian located in the second bedroom for riding by any gender, but make sure that another member is present when you cum, otherwise it will not count towards your total.

Saturdays are ankara bayan escortlar “cum contest” days and you’ll get a wristband as a trophy for every cumshot you extract from another member or every time you make one of our female members orgasm. The member with the most wristbands at the end of the night is the designated “Cum Whore of the Week” and wins one month of free membership. House managers serve as referees and will need to be drained regularly throughout the day so they can focus on their monitoring duties. One of our house managers, Tim, prefers to fuck doggystyle while he observes, so if you like to get your prostate worked by a cock, find Tim on Saturdays when he is in a house manager rotation. You’re likely to find him slowly bucking in and out of one of our members in the rooms upstairs, but he may also be fucking one of our female members cunts. He’s not picky who he fucks, but likes to edge for hours and slowly fuck a wet hole while he watches for cumshots that qualify for a wristband. If he’s currently using another fucktoy, just present your pussy to him and he’ll switch to your hole without hesitation.

In addition to our Saturday contest, we also have regular “trophies” for members to earn every day which are displayed on the main board in the lobby. All trophies are scored and refereed by house managers. The trophies change over time depending on the kinks and fetishes of our members; we have recently added the following:

“Milk Maid” – extract 50 loads of cum with your hand or with prostate stimulation while the “cow” is on all fours.

“Like Clockwork” – cum at the club every day for three months without missing a day.

“Dirty Display” – fuck yourself in the ass with a dildo, face down ass-up in the air, in front of an audience of more than five members. Don’t stop until you cum hands-free for your audience. If you fail to announce your cum you must start over with a bigger dildo.

“Self Suck” – give yourself a blowjob to completion. Lips must be on frenulum during cumshot in order to count.

“Sperm Donor” – cum while being milked 5 times in one visit.

“Helping Hand” – jerk another member’s cock to completion while he is fucking a pussy. Must be holding the shaft or balls when the member orgasms inside the pussy.

“Stomach Cum” – jerk to completion and cum on your stomach and chest with at least two people watching.

“Fuck Toy” – you are tied to the spreader chair on your back, legs spread and knees up, exposing your cock and ass pussy. You are available for free use as stress relief by any member and will stay in the chair for 2 hours or receipt of 20 creampies, whichever comes first.

“Pegged” – get pegged to completion 5 times.

“Mother Fucker” – fuck and creampie Maggie, our gilf House Mother.

There are also both digital and traditional photo boards near the the trophy board where members’ best cumshot photos are displayed on a rotation system. Please submit your photos to one of the house managers on duty if you’ve got a new photo you want displayed.

Thursdays are the one day of the week where the “no clothing” rule is suspended. Panties, lingerie, leggings, stockings, bras, and pantyhose are all permitted on Thursdays, by both male and female members. They can stay on or be taken off completely, your choice. We have a freshly-laundered selection of erotic lingerie available for our members’ use near the front locker area if you do not have your own. We regularly add new stock to our communal wardrobe based on current members’ sizing, so please check back weekly if you are interested elvankent seksi escortlar in cross-dressing play.

A few of our regular members are quite special and worth noting.

Jacob is a horny 22 year-old and a great cocksucking cumslut who will greedily eat your load if you announce you are about to blow. Say “I’m about to cum” when he’s nearby and he’ll have his mouth on your cockhead almost immediately to receive your jetting sperm down his throat. He’s fully shaved and smooth and also likes to have his tight, slender body sprayed with sperm, so let him know where you want to orgasm in advance. He will suck you while you are watching porn in the couch room, so if you’re between orgasms and just want to be suckled, let Jacob know you want to be serviced and he’ll get your flaccid penis hard with his wet mouth as you watch a video. Remember that if you get hard again you must pump out a load of cum before you can leave the house.

Anne is a slightly plump mature Asian that comes by the club regularly and is always wet and ready for cock. She likes to be creampied deep, right against her cervix, and then drip and feed that cream into another guy’s mouth while he jerks his cock for her. She loves it if he can make himself spray up his chest while cleaning out her hole. Watching that cum shoot up in ropes while her pussy is licked turns her on and she almost always orgasms when that happens. If you like to creampie thick Asian sluts, like cuckolding play, or get horny for cleanup duty, make sure to be at the house when Anne is around. She also loves to watch guys fuck and suck each other while she masturbates, so she comes by on busy evenings during the week to get herself off before she takes her required creampie to allow her to leave.

Janice is a young European slut with big tits and a thick butt who prefers to take loads in both her pussy and ass, but will also deepthroat and swallow sperm. She likes snowballing cum into the guy’s mouth that just shot off while she mounts his still hard cock. She usually has a cunt-contracting orgasm while riding cock and snowballing fresh cum in a deep tongue-filled kiss. If you like to fucklick, Janice is worth searching out since she likes to ride cowgirl style and watch a guy lick the shaft of the cock fucking her or sucking her clit while she gets pounded.

Steve is a big cocked top that gets hard easily and shoots giant loads of thick semen. He is a horny bisexual man and will fuck anything on demand. He is great to watch fuck our smaller male or female members. Steve usually pulls out and jerks to cum as he spreads his legs and gives watchers a great view of his shaved balls while spraying his ropes of spunk, almost always on the little member’s ass or cunt he just fucked. He usually comes by on Fridays and oils up his cock and stomach as soon as he strips off his clothes and stays that way the entire time he is at the house. Watching him fuck Anne or Janice is fucking hot and will make you ready to pop your load as they really provide a good show of their shaved genitals as they pump and rut towards their visible, wet orgasms.

Maggie is our “House Mother” and is a skinny, attractive granny in her sixties with small saggy tits, a nice ass, and a fantastic pussy. She loves to take hard cock up her shaved gilf cunt and milk loads of cum while others watch and jerk. She is a real slut and will spread her labia and display her wet hole for anyone who shows the slightest interest in her crotch. She is fully bi and loves to eat pussy while getting pounded doggystyle. It is bayan etimesgut escort a rite of passage (and a house trophy) to creampie Maggie, but it is one of the easiest trophies to achieve since she will likely mount you shortly after she meets you for the first time. She really knows how to make guys cum with her tight, gripping cunt so you will definitely end up ejaculating inside her.

If you want to be penetrated and used freely, there is a fuck box in the third bedroom that allows you to be strapped in and locked with your hole exposed and thighs spread ready for multiple poundings. There is one button inside the box that allows you to ring a bell, announcing to others in the house that you need a cock up your ass or pussy, and a different button to let the house managers know you need to be unlocked from the box. This box is for male or female members. An alternative to the fuck box is to simply get down on all fours in any room, ass up in the air – guaranteed that you will be mounted in less than a minute most days. If you want to suck or jerk another member, do it. The rules stipulate that anyone entering the house must permit sucking and jerking. You may also mount any female member at will as the rules similarly dictate free-use pussy. These rules are to promote complete freedom and help extract loads much easier.

If you want to film your orgasm, make arrangements with John, one of our regular members. He has a 4k 240fps HD rig with extra lighting and loves filming pulsing cocks as they shoot ropes of cum. He also likes filming contracting, clamping cunt holes. He’ll do slow motion shots of your load spurting from your cock slit and of your contracting anus, taint, or vagina and send you a nicely edited version for your masturbation pleasure. His only payment for filming is that you make him cum after he’s filmed your own nut, and of course he gets to keep a copy of the video for his personal jerking entertainment. He’ll be hard as fuck after filming you cum and will badly need to empty his load, so make sure to allow sufficient time to get him off. You can also make him cum at the same time you do, or have a buddy time it. The only risk with that is that John’s camera work may suffer a bit if he is shooting jets of cum right at the moment you are. If video quality is affected by his ejaculation shakes, he’ll usually stay at the house and video your next orgasm.

If you enjoy being filmed or watching others on video in real-time, there are HD cameras mounted on the ceiling of every room and a voyeur video room on the main floor showing all rooms’ cameras on a big screen TV. This helps you locate a hot fuck or cock about to blow so you can go and watch in person. Or you can simply jerk together on the wall-to-wall cushions in the voyeur room while watching others get off.

Fees are due annually, but alternate arrangements can be made to earn credits towards your annual fees by serving as a fuck pig, cum bucket, slave, cleanup boy/girl, or guest-house sissy/slut to serve our house managers (particularly making them empty their cum by sucking them under the table during breakfast or lunch, or supplying them with an available pussy, especially when they wake up with a morning erection). If you are interested in earning credits, please inquire with management. We have a large variety of roles and credit opportunities available for true sluts.

Before your first visit, please save up your load for a few days and avoid masturbation or viewing any porn so you can truly experience a full multi-orgasm ball draining. We guarantee that your first naked jerk, suck, and fuckfest at the Cum House will make semen pump out of your urethra in thick wads like you have never felt before.

Congratulations on your membership, we look forward to your arrival and hope you enjoy your time and gut-wrenching orgasms at the Cum House!

The Management

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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